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Best Dog Breed With Cats

Previous Experience With Cats

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Are Good with Cats ( So Cute! )

Dogs that have gone after a cat or other small animals in the past will most likely do it again. However, dogs become more accepting of cats if they are raised among them. If you plan to have both dogs and cats, try to bring them into the home at the same time. Growing them together will prevent territoriality and drive a mutual bond between the two.

And Why Breed Isn’t Everything

There are a ton of different types of dogs, each with their own unique characteristics.

And if youre thinking of adopting a dog, youre probably wondering if there are certain dog breeds thatll fit in your life better than others.

In order to find the best dog breed for you, you should make sure your possible pups personality aligns with your lifestyle, as well as the people, animals and places in it.

Some purebred dogs are predisposed to have the physical characteristics youre looking for, but every dogs personality is different, which is a super important consideration to make when adopting a dog.

The Dodo rounded up everything you need to know about finding the best dog for you, so your next dog can fit in perfectly with your family, home and lifestyle.

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Which Are The Best Dog Breeds For Cats

Do you have a cat and wondering if you should get a dog? Check out our list of the best dog breeds for cats! Weve got all the information you need to make the best decision for your feline friend.

Dogs are known to be loyal companions, and we think they make great pets for cats. Scroll down to see which breeds are the best for cats and learn more about each one!

Best Dog Breeds That Are Good For And That Get Along With Cats

The Best Dog Breeds With Cats

Maybe youre already the proud pet parent of a precious little furball, but youre longing for more furry love. Or maybe you want to get a guard dog for your house or apartment, but youre not sure if the canine will fit properly with your finicky feline.

Both those situations beg the question: is there some ultimate dog breed which will suit life with a cat?

Cats and dogs are natural enemies. They have different nutritional needs, different behaviorisms, and you cant train them to be obedient using the same strategies.

However, this doesnt mean that cats and dogs cant get along. On the contrary you can see plenty of pictures and videos of canines and felines acting friendly and being affectionate towards each other regardless of their predatory instincts and their usual natural intolerances.

Interestingly, some dog breeds are more prone to becoming friends with cats than other breeds.

Heres our list of the best dog breeds for cats to get along with.

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Best Cat Breeds For People Who Own A Dog

Cats and dogs will always be locking horns, so keeping both of them in the same home can be a real problem, especially if your cat can’t handle being near a dog at all.

Luckily, some cats can get along just fine with their canine buddies and they will even love to cuddle, play, and sleep in the same bed.

If you want to adopt dog-friendly cats, you are in for a treat! We compiled a list of some of the most practical cat breeds that will definitely come in handy.

How To Find The Best Dog For Your Cat

While these beloved breeds are certainly a place to start, Radosta emphasizes each individual dog is different, and it’s possible for any dog to get along with the household cat, if owners do their due diligence.

“When pet parents are searching for a new dog, they should inquire whether the dog has lived with or currently lives with any cats, or if the dog has been introduced to any cats at the breeder or rescue facility,” says Alison Gerken, DVM, clinical behavior medicine resident at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service. “If the dog has a history of being aggressive toward, chasing, picking up, or fixating on cats, then the dog is probably not suitable for a home with a cat.”

You know your cat better than anyone, so trust your instincts as to what she can handle.

“Much like human beings, no two dogs or cats are alike,” Radosta says. “Search for the right personality regardless of the breed or mix of breeds and then teach your pets to get along.”

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Are You Thinking Of Adding Another Addition To Your Family If Youre Considering A New Pup But Your Clan Already Has A Feline Member Its Worth Considering Which Dog Breeds Have The Potential To Be Good With Cats As Some Breeds May Not Be Very Suitable For A Household With Felines

That being said, its always worth noting that every individual from each breed will be different and will possess different behavioural traits. So, you can never guarantee a pup from a certain breed will have a particular characteristic. Therefore, we would always suggest introducing your pets to each other properly ideally at a young age and monitor them closely. You should always make sure your cat has the space to get away from your pup if they want to, as cats are generally less sociable than dogs, and will need time to themselves especially if they feel overwhelmed or threatened. For more advice on this, its best to speak to your vet.

Best Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Top 10 Worst Dog Breeds for Cats

Malcolm MacGregor / Getty Images

If you wish to share your home with both cats and dogs, look for a dog breed that’s typically friendly with felines. While it ultimately comes down to the individual dog , certain breeds have tendencies that help them get along with other species. For example, many working dogs were bred to watch over and protect their family members, including other animals. And some hounds, especially scent hounds, were bred to work closely in packs, so they are usually friendly with other furry family members. Sporting dogs, such as retrievers and spaniels, typically get along with anyone, including cats. And toy dogs were mostly bred to be loving companions even to other species.

Here are 10 dog breeds that often get along with cats.

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Introducing Dogs And Cats To Each Other

When introducing cats and dogs to each other, the first thing to consider is both animals body language. The cats ears are pinned back if they are displeased. On the other hand, if the dog has a strong prey drive, try not to let them near a cat. Luckily, there are many ways to introduce a dog to a cat. If the first one didnt work out for them, you could always try a different option.

Keep in mind that the best option in introducing dogs and cats is to slowly expose them to each other. It is best to have two people present while doing the activity to ensure no harm to both pets. Also, a proper location is essential for their first meeting. Getting to meet them face to face is also an option. While this option may be a good strategy, you can always try a different one that works for them.

The Best Dog Breeds For Families With Cats

Friendship doesn’t always come easily to a finicky feline, especially when the potential pal in question is a drooling dog eager to explore his new home and get up close and personal with his more reserved roomie. Unfortunately, not every home will be a harmonious fit for Fluffy and Fido, but dual dog/cat lovers need not fret. Cat owners wishing to add a dog to their home just have to be willing to put in the time to find a cat-friendly dog for their existing feline family member. The best dogs for cats are those with relatively relaxed personalities and a willingness to learn desired behaviors from their owners.

“The personality traits which help dogs get along well with cats include gentle nature, low energy, low prey drive, low drive to chase, trainability, easily motivated with food , and low drive to bark,” says Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, board-certified veterinary behaviorist at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service.

Though every dog and cat is different, the best dog breeds for cats on our list tend to display many of the desired traits to fit right in with even the fussiest of felines.

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Hunting Instinct Behaviors To Watch Out For

You may have noticed that some of the breeds in this list were originally bred to be hunting dogs, some for small game. How does that affect their ability to live with cats?

While the breeds listed above are known to be cat-friendly, some may have difficulties curbing that instinct to chase or play more roughly than they should with their feline counterparts. Some behaviors to watch out for are:

  • Stiff posture or stalking movements
  • Aggressive chasing, or treeing of the cat
  • Whining, barking or other sounds of distress
  • Fixed staring or hyper-awareness

If you notice your dog reacting to the resident cat in these ways, its recommended to discourage the behavior and break your dogs concentration to focus on something else. It could also be a good idea to get the help of a certified trainer to get some tips on how to mitigate the discomfort or instincts being triggered by the cat.

In addition, how your cat is reacting matters too. Watch out for these cat distresswarning signs:

  • Tail aggressively thrashing
  • Hissing, growling, or yowling

If you observe these behaviors, its time to give your cat and dog some space. It may even be a good idea to go back over the introduction period, giving them both time to cool down over the course of several days. This can help reset behaviors and help them associate positive feelings with the other pet.

Worst Dog Breeds Around Cats

What Dog Breed Gets Along Best With Cats

My personal observation is that almost any dog is willing to accept cats in his environment, as long as the cat is willing to accept him. When I owned Siberian Huskies, even they would leave the cats alone because my cats were able to move around our garden and remain aloof. Terriers have a bad reputation when it comes to cats, but I have often spoken with owners of Westies and Cairn terriers that get along fine with mellow cats.

The sighthounds might be an exception to the rule, since they have been bred with a very strong prey instinct, but I have heard stories of retired greyhounds that do okay with cats in their house. It is important that the cat does not run and act like prey some dogs never seem to understand the concept that all pets are part of the family.

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The 17 Best Dog Breeds For Cats

Looking for the best dog breed to introduce to your cat? These are the dog breeds and traits that coexist peacefully with cats.

Introducing a new pet to the household is always a little nerve-racking. Dealing with a clash of personalities with a new roommate is normal, but when you’re two different species, things can get even more complicated. While cats and dogs’ personalities are determined by a lot more than their breeds, it is a helpful indicator about what traits a dog or cat may be more prone to display. If you’re looking for a new dog but want to do your best not to turn your cat’s whole life upside down, look no further. We put together the best dog breeds for cats.

What Should I Be Wary Of

Its not unusual for pets to be on edge with each other when they are meeting for the first time. Additionally, their natural instincts might kick in, especially when they feel threatened or vulnerable. You should watch out for:

  • Scratch wounds or signs of fighting after youve left them for a while
  • Stiff posture with raised hairs in cats and dogs
  • Low growls and hisses when encountering each other
  • Raised ears, dilated pupils, and unusual hypersensitivity in your pets

If you recognize these behaviors, then it might be best to separate them and slowly desensitize them with each other. Better yet, consult an expert dog and cat trainer who can help with the transition.

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The Best Medium To Large Dog Breeds For Cats

If you have the space for them, these larger dogs will make great playmates for your kitty:

  • Beagle: Beagles tend to be sociable and friendly toward people and pets alike. Although they might make a game of chasing your cat, they aren’t likely to cause them any harm. Beagles are sweet dogs who love to cuddle with anyone who’ll let them, but they also tend to be hyperactive. While they don’t bark much, they bay loudly, making them a poor choice for tight spaces but great for homes with big backyards.

How To Prevent Cat And Dog Fights

Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners

As a pet lover, the last thing you want is to see your beloved kitty injured, or your canine clawed. So it pays to put some effort into helping your animals get along with one another.

Often, its best to introduce a kitten and a puppy to your household at the same time. If they grow up together, theyll learn to get along naturally.

If you already have a cat, take an honest look at its temperament. Could it really cope with a new addition to your family? If yes, then go ahead but cautiously.

First, you need to choose the right dog. Weve listed some suitable breeds above, but you should also learn everything you can about your prospective pets personality, particularly if its an older animal.

Then you must handle the introductions correctly. Keep your pets separate at first, while your new addition gets used to its surroundings. Then gradually introduce them to each others scent by stroking them in turn.

After a few days, let the animals see and sniff each other, keeping them separated by a stairgate and always ensuring that both pets have a safe place they can retreat to.

Once they are comfortable with each other, you can allow them to be in the same space, but dont leave them alone until youre sure there will be no disagreements.

Going forward, take your puppy to training classes so it learns how to behave and obey your commands.

Keep your cats food and litter tray out of reach of the dog, and make sure both animals have private spaces just for them.

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The Best Dog Breeds For Cats

Its important to note that any breed of dog can get along well with cats.

While some breeds may be a bit more predisposed to having good relationships with cats than others, a dogs personality and individual social ability are the most important things when it comes to making sure your pets become BFFs.

A dogs attitude influences the cat/dog dynamic, Ulbrich told The Dodo. Strategic socialization to the cat is very important when introducing the dog to the home.

That being said, there are also some dog breeds that on average have natural personality traits that allow them to get along with cats pretty well.

Some of these breeds include:

  • Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Bulldogs are very kind and well-tempered dogs, Ulbrich explained. Labs and are very sweet and inclusive dogs that also adapt very easily to whichever family setup they get thrown into.

If your cat is a little on the bratty side, some breeds are also less likely to get bullied by him.

Cavalier are quite sassy, and cats dont intimidate them much, which can be good if you have a feisty cat in your home, Ulbrich said.

And some breeds are simply used to getting along with other animals including your cat.

Beagles are pack dogs, which usually makes them a bit more relaxed other animals, Ulbrich said.

Inappropriate Dog Breeds For Cats

While it may seem that everything will be fine as long as you introduce your cat to a young, playful, and tolerant puppy, breed actually plays a significant role in the cat-dog relationship. As mentioned above, cats and dogs are natural enemies. While some dogs, regardless of their breed, wont have a problem befriending a kitten, there are several canine breeds which are quite lethal to felines.

Guard dogs have one main goal protect the home and the owner at any cost.

This also means attacking any type of possible menace, including a harmless young kitten.

Sleigh dogs like Siberian Huskies and Malamutes are also ill-tempered and wont get along with a cat the way a Labrador puppy would.

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Which Breeds Of Cats And Dogs Get Along

We’ve all heard the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs,” but that doesn’t always have to be the case. I have treated a lot of corneal lacerations over the years because people think that any old dog is suited for any old cat, but if you put care into the type of dog or cat you select, there are plenty of great pets out there willing to share their beds and blankets with other species.

Below, you’ll find . . .

  • a list of dogs that may get along with cats,
  • a list of dogs that usually don’t,
  • and the three cat breeds that are most likely dog-friendly.


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