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Bringing Home An 8 Week Old Kitten

Prepare Your Home Before Introducing Cats To Each Other


Before you bring home your kitten, you have some work to do. Keeping in mind that cats arent usually keen on sharing, plan to double all of your cat supplies. Dr. Fry recommends adding two more litter boxes , extra scratching posts, an additional cat bed, double the amount of cat toys and a second set of food and water dishes in a separate feeding area.

While cats always enjoy vertical space, its especially helpful when introducing cats to each other. Vertical space is very important to cats, says Dr. Fry. They like watching from above, so you should have a tall condo for each cat. For additional spaces, consider cat window perches or wall shelves, keeping in mind that your senior cat may have trouble jumping and would appreciate some lower lookout points.

Youll also want to prepare a temporary room for your kitten that has everything hell need as you slowly work to introduce him into your home.

When Can Kittens Be Adopted Heres How To Know When To Bring A Kitten Home

Many creatures need the care and support of their mothers in their earliest weeks, and cats are no exception. At most shelters and rescues, kittens can be adopted starting at 8 weeks. Breeders will often wait until the kitten has been with their mother for at least 12 weeks, with many breeders waiting until 14 weeks.

Thats because there are many perks to sticking around their furry family members. One of the biggest: socialization. When kittens stay with their mother and other littermates, they learn how to play appropriately and how to communicate with other cats, says Bruce Kornreich, Ph.D., DVM, DACVIM, director of Cornell Feline Health Center at Cornell Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, New York.

In other words, this is how cats learn to be a cat. For instance, mothers and littermates help teach their kittens the difference between a hard bite and a soft one. If a kitten bites their littermates, a lot of times their littermates squeal or meow, and then they run off, says Marci L. Koski, Ph.D., a certified feline behavior and training consultant and owner of Feline Behavior Solutions in Vancouver, Washington. Thats a lesson: OK, I cant bite that hard or when I do this with my claws, it hurts. Mother cats will also walk away when their kittens play too rough.

Kittens also pick up other valuable behaviors from their momhow to bury their waste, how to hunt for prey and how to groom themselves, Koski says.

Introducing The Litter Box To Your Kitten

A top concern of many new kitten parents involves the litter box. Luckily, this behavior is instinctual, and most cats pick it up on their own, but some might need a little help.

Although most kittens are litter box savvy when they are adopted, some may need a little encouragement or a refresher course, says certified cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger. These little ones should be gently placed in litter boxes after eating, and always praised and reinforced when they are successful.

Ensure successful litter box behavior by:

  • Providing several boxes in areas that the kitten can easily find
  • Keeping the boxes clean
  • Preventing other pets from harassing your kitten when she uses the box
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    Health: Following Up On Kitten Vaccinations And Flea And Worm Treatments

    Prior to adoption, all kittens and cats from RSPCA South Australia have received their first set of vaccinations, and are therefore protected from serious diseases including Feline Enteritis and Feline Respiratory disease.

    Theyve also been desexed , so this is something you neednt worry about.

    But, we do recommend that you administer a flea and worm treatment on your cat monthly. We use Bayers Advocate flea and worm treatment on all canines and felines in our care, which can be found at our RSPCA PetVille store,or any of our shelters. To make it easier for you to keep your kitty flea-and-worm-free, we give everyone who adopts a feline from us a voucher for a discount on a 6-pack of this treatment. Being a responsible pet owner has never been so simple, right?

    When it comes to vaccinations, some kittens are rehomed before they are ready for their second set. If this is the case, we will give you a vaccination certificate at the time of adoption and advise you to make arrangements with your local vet.

    After your kitten has received their second set of vaccinations at three months old, its important to remember that they require booster vaccinations every 12 months. Vaccinations are vital to protect your cat from severe infectious diseases, while preventing them from passing anything nasty on to other animals in the area.

    Like the other steps in this post, its all part of being a responsible cat owner!

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    How Often Do I Need To Feed My Kitten

    Siamese Kitten

    Kittens are energetic with small stomachs, so it is best to feed them little and often. When your kitten first arrives, aim to check their food and replace it four times a day as well as providing plenty of fresh water. As they get older, youll get used to the amount that they eat and when. Cats older than six months should be fine if theyre fed twice a day while older cats may only need their food topping up once a day.

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    Reasons Your New Kitten Might Not Be Eating

    There are lots of considerations to make when getting a new kitten – and what to feed them should be a major thought!

    A tasty meal can help your kitty feel settled, happy and give them the energy they need to grow and play all day! When you first adopt your pet, its often best to find out what food they are already used to eating, and serve that for a while to minimise changes and stress while they settle into life with you.

    But what can you do if your new furry friend seems off their food? There are lots of reasons that your kitty might turn their nose up at a delicious dish, such as stress, illness or otherwise. However, as kittens are so small – and need lots of energy to stay healthy – its important to quickly identify why your kitten has lost their appetite and seek veterinary help if they dont eat for 24 hours or more.

    Its Been A Few Hours No Mom In Sight

    The kittens appear to be abandoned, what can you do to help?

    Once you remove the babies, you must keep them at an appropriate body temperature. Using a box with clean, soft towels, and warming bottles make a nest and place the kittens in the box. Keep them away from drafts and out of humidity. They need a room that stays close to 90 degrees for the first two weeks of age, then the temperature can be lowered to 80 degrees. Unweaned kittens need round-the-clock care and monitoring.

    The kittens will need to be bottle fed with milk replacer every 2-3 hours and kept warm and dry.

    • 1 4 weeks old: will need to be bottle-fed kitten formula.
    • 5 weeks and older: can be offered canned food for KITTENS ONLY but they may still need to be bottle-fed. Canned food must be creamy texture with no chunky food or big pieces. Please try to find the best quality canned kitten food from the pet store.
    • If you, a neighbor, friend, or relative are able to take on this responsibility, you can give these abandoned kittens a shot at life! If your schedule does not allow for it, there may be resources in the community to help. Be aware that most local shelters do not have the staff to feed kittens around the clock and mortality rates in these kittens are very high.

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    Compile A Shopping List

    Kittens dont travel light so be prepared to spend some pennies to make sure they will have everything they need to make themselves at home. Some of the essentials you will need to purchase include

    • food and water bowls
    • litter tray and litter cats dont like sharing. So make sure you have at least the same number of litter trays as cats, plus one extra.
    • kitten food ideally the same initially as what they are used to. Then if required, you can change them over gradually to a food of your choice.
    • cat bed but be prepared for them to prefer your bed!
    • toys ensure they are suitable for kittens with no parts that could come off
    • cat carrier ought to be well ventilated and sturdy
    • cat brush groom them every day to strengthen the bond between you and to keep their skin and fur healthy
    • scratching post to save your sofa!

    Feral Mom Returns Do Not Fear

    Bringing Home Our 8 Week Kitten – Kitten Life Vlog

    Leave the family outside, and provide food, water, and shelter. The mother will likely move the kittens, do not worry. If she knows this is a safe place with a stable food source, shell return with them. If you are able to commit, the kittens should be taken away from their mom when theyre able to eat on their own . When you bring them inside, handle them often to get them used to human socialization. The kittens should be fixed and adopted out around 8-10 weeks of age. If you cannot foster and socialize the kittens, leave the kittens outside! Dont socialize a kitten that you cannot place they will learn survival skills from their mother that will give them their best chance at outdoor survival as a feral cat.

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    How Can I Help My Cat Accept The Carrier

    You probably got off to a good start with the pet carrier by following the recommendations for bringing your new kitty home. Continued crate training will come in handy over the kittys lifetime. There will be trips to the veterinarian or vacation travel or times of home confinement that require short stays inside the pet carrier.

    To foster positive feelings about the pet carrier, start by leaving the carrier in the cats feeding quarters with the door open. Place toys or his food bowl inside the carrier to entice him inside. A pleasant experience and the freedom to come and go as he pleases will give your cat a better view of the carrier.

    “A pleasant experience and the freedom to come and go as he pleases will give your cat a better view of the carrier.”

    After he becomes comfortable entering and leaving the carrier of his own accord, close the door briefly while he is inside. Each time, try to leave the kitten in a bit longer before allowing him to exit. Contrary to your instincts, never allow the kitten out when he cries or scratches at the crate or he will associate those behaviors with escape. Instead, wait until the kitten is calm and quiet, praise him and allow him to exit.

    How Often To Feed Kittens 8 Weeks Old

    Tiny cats possess stomachs. He will get diarrhea if you give your kitten too far to eat when you give him his food allowance, and he can find fat in a couple of meals.

    Which usually means that kittens have to be fed little and often. Four meals per day are needed by A eight week old kitten. Breakfast, tea, lunch and supper.

    Here is a good illustration — that is actually the routine that my kitty Tomtom was around for the first couple of week

    • 7:30’m 1/4 of a 3.5 oz can of Lucy’s kitchen only beneath an oz
    • 11 am 2 heaped teaspoons of Thrive Kitten food — this is slightly less than half a 2.5oz can so approximately 1 oz
    • 2:30 pm 1/4 of a can of Lucy’s kitchen
    • 7 pm 2 heaped teaspoons of Thrive Kitten meals

    When you your self have read our guide to feeding your kitten you’ll feel more confident — but try to not be worried, it isn’t hard to find this right.

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    How Do I Ensure That My Cat Is Well Socialized

    The prime socialization period for cats occurs between two and twelve weeks of age, so much of the cats socialization will have taken place while he is still with his mother and siblings. During that time, the kitten is very impressionable. If he has good experiences with people, dogs, or other cats, he will likely continue to accept them. If he has no experience at all, or unpleasant experiences with any of them, he may become apprehensive or adverse to them. Therefore, during the period of socialization, we encourage you to expose your cat to as many types of social situations and influences as possible. Use positive reinforcement and make your kitty feel secure during the introduction of any new experience.

    With a little work and patience, you will quickly become your new kittys best friend and hopefully, you will gain a great friend, too.

    Contributors: Debra Horwitz, DVM, DACVB, Gary Landsberg, DVM, DACVB, DECAWBM, & Lynn Buzhardt, DVMEdited by: VCA Inc. This article has been modified from its original text as supplied from LifeLearn and may not reflect any views of, or is certified to be accurate by, LifeLearn.

    Introduce Your Cat To The New Kitten

    BEAUTIFUL SIAMESE KITTENS 8 WEEKS OLD for Sale in Bardonia ...

    When you bring your kitten home, allow your cat to sniff it while the kitten is in a carrier or your arms. Go directly to the room previously designated and set up for your new kitten and allow the kitten to explore. The litter box, food bowls, bed, and some toys should all be easily accessible. Do not let your older cat have unsupervised access to the kitten.

    At night, when you are not home, and whenever you are unable to supervise the kitten and your older cat, keep the kitten in its designated room with the door closed. As your cat gets curious, it may stick its paw under the door, sniff under the door, and listen to the kitten. Do this for about a week, depending on how your cat is acting with the changes. Dont forget to provide a lot of attention to your older cat after playing with your kitten. Itll need your attention and support and the scent of the kitten on your clothing will help it get used to the newcomer.

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    How To Help Your Kitten Sleep Well

    After playtime, your kitten will likely participate in one of her other favorite pastimes: sleeping! Eight- to 12-week- old kittens can sleep 20 hours a day, but it depends on their activities, says Marilyn Krieger, certified cat behavior consultant and author of Naughty No More! Highly energetic kittens may sleep longer.

    To help your kitten establish sleep patterns, play with her an hour or so before bedtime. This helps use up her energy to sleep through the night but still gives her time to come down from the revved up energy of playtime.

    What Does A Kitten At 8 Weeks Do All Day 8 Week Old Kitten Behavior

    Most folks know that kittens are energetic, and you’ll be able to devote a lot of capital on kitty toys! However, what do kittens really like to play with? And what exactly do they do daily?

    Well, perhaps the greatest portion of your new kitten’s time will be spent sleeping. Cats sleep a lot but an 8 week old cat does sleep much of your day, as well as your kitty will likely be asleep for at least 18 hours out of each 24.

    When your kitty is awake, he’ll enjoy having fun with toys, and for a ‘quick purchasing experience’ we have put together a collection of our own kittens’ favorites.

    I have also written a thorough report on this best toys for kittens that you may discover helpful. It is of course biased by my kitten’s opinions!

    As for where your kitten should sleep, whenever you can, he’ll probably chose some spot, or your own lap next to where you devote a great deal of energy.

    If you wish to buy him a comfy bed of his own, he may enjoy a kitten cave.

    It was Tomtombed for its first month or two of his lifetime.

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    Setting Up Your Kittens Space

    Before collecting your kitten, youll need to set up a designated space for them to settle in. Pick a quiet area away from busier areas and make sure they have the following items nearby.

    • An area for food and a separate one for water
    • A litter tray placed away from their food area
    • A place to hide a cardboard box or cat igloo will do
    • Access to a high spot kittens love to look around from up high. A sturdy shelf is perfect
    • A suitable space to sleep, either with blankets or a cosy bed
    • A scratching post
    • A few kitten-safe toys to keep them entertained – a fishing rod is ideal
    • remember to secure any areas in the room you don’t want a kitten to enter – from cupboards to secret hiding holes!

    How Long Until Your Kitten Adjusts To Their New Home

    Bringing home new kittens | Kittens’ first day home

    Given your kitten has no social problems or previous trauma, they should adjust to their new home within seven to fourteen days. Youll want to take any measure you can to help your kitten adjust by making their space feel secure and comfortable. If your kitten continues to be skittish or lash out then it may be time to talk to a specialist.

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