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Can A Neutered Male Cat Still Get A Female Pregnant

Why Does My Neutered Cat Still Look Like They Have Testicles

How to tell gender of neutered male vs female adult cat (short hair and fluffy)

When a cat is castrated, the testicles are removed but the scrotum isnt. This means sometimes they look like they still have testicles after their operation. Over time the scrotum will shrink and become less noticeable. If you notice swelling or redness in your cats scrotum after their surgery, contact your vet for advice.

Does Spaying Hurt Your Cat

Well, not really, because your cat will be given anesthesia during the surgery and appropriate pain medication post-surgery. Male cats recover in about a day, but female cats need an extra few days of care and medication because their neutering procedure is a bit more invasive. However, both procedures are relatively easy and safe, so no need to worry!

Can Cats Get Pregnant While Nursing

It is no myth that cats have amazing fertility. After youve finished reading this article, Im sure youll be stunned how easy it is for cats to get pregnant, how frequently they can give birth, and how large a number of kittens they can give birth to. It truly is mindblowing!

The reproductive cycle of female cats works in such a way that they are able to go into heat almost as soon as they have given birth. This means that they are perfectly capable of mating and conceiving during their nursing period.

Below, you will not only read about the details of cat pregnancy and nursing but also about cats reproductive cycle in general; including their peculiar mating habits, whether or not they have periods, what they do when they are in heat, and even some information on spaying and why it can be necessary.

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How To Stop The Heat Cycle Of Cat After She Becomes Pregnant

To stop the heat cycle of your cat after she becomes pregnant, contact your vet and get your cat spayed or neutered.

Dont believe the urban legend that all cats must have at least one litter before being spayed. This is simply not true, and you will end up with more kittens to care for or find loving homes for.

Yes, theyre adorable, but theyll all be capable of becoming pregnant or fathering additional kittens in a matter of months.

Get your cats fixed before the population grows, even more, to break the cycle and limit the number of homeless cats.

Consult your veterinarian to determine the best time to spay or neuter your mama cat and her kittens, and keep them all indoors, away from any potential love interests, until they are all spayed or neutered.

Their Nipples Look Different

Can a female cat be spayed when they are in heat or ...

Like human bodies, a cat’s body has to also prepare itself for a baby. That means that your cat’s nipples will look differently if she’s pregnant. They’ll probably look more puffy and engorged, and may be a darker color. This is fairly easy to notice if you have a cat with light color fur. If you have a cat with a thick coat of dark hair, it may not be as easy to take note of.

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Pros & Cons Of Spaying & Neutering Cats

Its time to start thinking about spaying or neutering your cat. But, you are not quite sure if it is the right thing to do. If youre wondering whether you should just leave your cat as nature intended, consider the positive and negative aspects of spaying and neutering before making your decision.

Spaying The Positive Side

Spaying removes the risk of pregnancy.

Pet overpopulation is a serious problem and by allowing your cat to have litters, you are adding to the problem. Finding homes for your new family additions is not as easy as you may think. Even if you choose to keep the kittens, you will have the additional cost of vaccines, parasite control, toys and food for several pets. In addition to costs, the health of the mother can be in jeopardy during delivery. Some new mothers can have serious complications delivering kittens and can even develop health problems during nursing. All these potential problems can be avoided by spaying your cat.

Spaying makes for a calmer cat.

Without the drive to mate, your cat may be quieter and wont be prone to cat calls and the incessant need to seek out a mate. The spayed pet no longer attracts males and their annoying advances and serenades. Spayed cats are also easier to get along with. They tend to be more gentle and affectionate.

Spaying keeps your cat healthier.

Spaying The Negative Side

Spaying means sterilization.

Spaying may cause weight gain.

Neutering The Positive Side

Neutering removes the risk of pregnancy.

Can A Neutered Male Cat Still Impregnate

TLDR: My male cat is neutered and my female cat just had a single one baby kitten. Can the surgeries fail or theres a 1/10000 chance to still get pregnant from a neutered cat?

I had my male cat neutered last year, even after surgery he still showed some sexual behavior toward the female cats on the house. I had read that this was normal because he was active before surgery so I paid no mind to it.

Lately when my female cats get in heat he tries to hump them to no avail, but sometimes he seemed to “hit” and the females started rubbing themselves on the floor like they do. I did not worry because he has been doing this for a year an no baby kittens.

Today my female cat delivered a single baby kitten, she did had a small bump and I was getting worried she might be pregnant but if she was for wathever reason it would be at most 1 month pregnant. The baby kitten looks exactly like my male cat.

Are this surgeries not 100% guaranted to work? Was the surgery not done correctly?

One thing Im sure is she DID NOT EVER leave home, Im extremely over protective and live in an apartment in Mexico so the streets are not safe for pets and my neighbor its an ass and openly tells me she poisons street cats that I usally feed.

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How Long Does Pregnancy Last In The Cat And What Are The Signs

After the female cat becomes pregnant, her body slowly changes over the next 63 days as the fetuses grow. However, theres very little outward change in the first weeks of the pregnancy, and the first sign owners may see is a pinking of the nipples, which also become more visible. Shell then gradually put on weight, and as the day of birth approaches the milk glands begin to fill.

The females hormones also bring about changes in her behaviour and shell start to look for a good nest site in which to hide her kittens. Without the protection of a human home, the safety of her kittens is far less certain. In the wild, the site needs to be dry and well hidden, as it will be vital to the kittens survival. The female may even select several nests so that she has safe alternatives should any danger threaten her original site.

In a home environment owners may notice nesting behaviour . The cat will look for a quiet, safe and often dark place to have her kittens. Owners may want to provide her with a cardboard box or bed with bedding if it becomes clear that this is the cats choice of site to have her kittens. The bed should be suitable for snuggling into but should not be able to wrap the kittens within pockets or folds. Cats choose to have kittens in all sorts of places cupboards, under beds, in sheds etc some even on their owners bed.

How Old Do Kitties Have To Be To Be Neutered

How to Help a Female Cat in Heat?

Kitties should be bred as soon as they are no longer being bred, or when their peak reproductive health is over, which occurs at around age 7 or 8, according to Maxs House. Cats can be neutered at only a few months old, although you can put the operation off until about 5 or 6 months of age without problems.

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Advantages Of Spaying Your Cat

  • No unwanted pregnancies, no kittens that cant be taken care of
  • Lower chance of developing breast cancer
  • Lower chance of contracting a uterine infection
  • Lower chance of developing feline leukemia and aids
  • No unwanted heat-related behavior such as wandering away from home or spraying urine to mark her territory.

Also, pregnancy is hard on older kitties so even professional breeders spay their cats once theyve reached 5 years of age.

You might have heard that it is good for a female cat to give birth at least once before being spayed. This is absolutely not true. On the contrary, pet health officials recommend spaying before kittens reach sexual maturity and experience their first heat.

It really is amazing how fertile cats are, right? Never underestimate the likelihood of an unspayed female cat getting pregnant unless she is the only cat in your house and never ever goes out.

After kittens reach sexual maturity and go into heat, they do not care who they mate with. Much to our shock, cats do not have limitations when it comes to their mating habits so they can mate with their siblings or parents whoever is around and available. So neutering is a very smart idea unless you want heaps of kittens every breeding season!

Is It Ok To Get A New Cat

Cats dont like change in general. Sure, you may get lucky and find that your cat is thrilled to have a new friend, but there is a better-than-average chance this wont be the case. That doesnt mean you shouldnt get another cat, but it does mean youll have to be realistic with your expectations and take the time for proper introductions.

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Will Neutering Make My Cat Fat

No, neutering your cat wont make them fat. However, afterwards, your cat may not need as many calories to maintain a healthy weight. Make sure your cat is fed an appropriate amount of a complete diet thats right for their life stage so they stay slim and healthy. In fact, you can buy special food for neutered cats, which have the correct balance of nutrients and calories for them. If youre concerned your cat is putting on weight after neutering, talk to your vet or vet nurse about the best ways to keep them an ideal body condition score.

Can Cats Mate While They Are Nursing

Neutered Cat Sex and Humping Behavior

The answer is yes, cats can mate while they are nursing. Lactating will not keep a female cat from going into heat. In fact, just 2 weeks after giving birth, female cats can go into heat again. If there is a sexually mature unneutered male cat around, it is quite possible for them to mate and for the female cat to conceive again.

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Dark Patches Of Fur In Siamese And Related Breeds

The skin temperature is important in determining the hair colour of some cats . This means that when a patch of hair is shaved the new hair may grow back a darker colour. However, this is only temporary and, as further hair growth occurs, the dark hairs are replaced by normal lighter coloured hairs.

When Should You Have Your Cat Fixed

Each pet is unique and your vet will be able to offer advice on when you should have your cat spayed or neutered. However, we typically recommend spaying or neutering kittens at around five to six months old. Adult cats can also be spayed or neutered.;

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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Do Pregnant Dogs Still Bleed

Female dogs bleed when they come into heat.

Female dogs do not get menstrual periods like humans, as some people mistakenly believe; they come into “heat,” or “season,” once or twice a year – the three to four days in their cycle when their unfertilized eggs ripen.

Dogs get pregnant while bleeding.)

Do Cats Go Through Menopause

Postoperative Care for a Male Cat Neutered at Pets In Stitches

No, unlike human females, female cats do not go through menopause. They can technically give birth all through their lives once they have reached sexual maturity. However, as cats get older, things like giving birth and nursing become more and more straining on them and their fertility may decrease. If they get pregnant when older, their litter may diminish in size.

However, as long as she is not spayed, signs of being in heat in her estrus stage will continue as always.

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When To Take A Cat To The Animal Hospital

Such cats may be difficult to treat, many times requiring covering all windows and doors or placing the cat in a dark room to calm down. Many times right after taking a cat to the animal hospital, owners would call us because their other cat at home would start attacking the sick cat.

Such cats may be difficult to treat, many times requiring covering all windows and doors or placing the cat in a dark room to calm down. Many times right after taking a cat to the animal hospital, owners would call us because their other cat at home would start attacking the sick cat.

Some Reasons For Mounting Behavior In Neutered Cats

For most cats, this type of behavior stops after being neutered. The behavior may not stop immediately after castration surgery though. It may take weeks and in some cases, months or even years. After being neutered, there is a dramatic reduction in testosterone levels but the hormone is still present just as a reduced level of progesterone will still exist in the system of the female cat.

Even after being neutered, the male may become stimulated enough to try to mount a nearby female cat in heat due to her scent. A neutered male can even display mounting behavior toward a spayed female. Veterinary behaviorist, Nicholas Dodman, has suggested this may have something to do with the fact that the female doesnt smell like a male. Since intact males can detect the odor of a female in heat from a distance, the fact that the female, although not giving off the scent of being in heat, may have enough of a scent to trigger the male.

Cats neutered at an older age may be more likely to engage in mounting behavior as well.

High levels of social stress may trigger mounting behavior just as it can trigger urine-marking behavior.

Mounting behavior in neutered cats can also be an attempt at reinforcing status.

If you allow your neutered cat outdoors he may encounter an unspayed female and her scent may be enough to trigger the behavior.

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What To Expect When Your Cat Is Nursing

After the queen gives birth, the period of nursing starts. The new-born kittens depend solely on their mothers milk for about 4-8 weeks long. You dont need to control the length of this period because mama cats milk production will cease naturally.

While nursing, mama cat should continue eating kitten food. You may switch back to her usual pre-pregnancy food/portions after the kittens have completely weaned. Make sure you do it gradually over a couple of days just like you did the first time you switched her food.

The mother cat should lose the excess weight she has gained during her pregnancy by the end of nursing. If she appears to keep the weight on, take her to your vet for an examination. If she had contact with unneutered sexually mature male cats during her nursing period, she may be pregnant again.

While transitioning to solid food, kittens will imitate their mother when eating. Therefore you may need to soften her dry food so that the kittens will also have a smooth transition to solid dry food.

The nursing period doesnt require a whole lot from you because the mama cat takes care of everything necessary. Just make sure that they have a safe, relatively isolated, and comfortable spot in your home during this period.

After the kittens have weaned, take them to your vet because they will need to get their standard immunization vaccinations starting from 6-8 weeks to about 16 weeks of age.

What To Expect When Your Cat Is Pregnant

The Behavior Of Neutered Male Cat Mounting Spayed Female ...

The sentence you are about to read is not a joke: A pregnant cat is referred to as a queen, and her actions during pregnancy are called queening. So now you know how to treat your cat during her pregnancy: like the queen that she is!

Cat pregnancy lasts about 60-70 days .

Here are some things that you should expect and pay attention to during those days:

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Can My Kitten Get Pregnant

Its quite well known that cats are prolific breeders. Although they are all individuals, cats will start to reach sexual maturity as early as four months of age. For some, it may well be much later and occasionally it can be earlier.

Around this time, they start to demonstrate behaviours associated with mating and courtship; these can include mounting and neck biting in tomcats, or, in queens, calling and being receptive to male cats. Unfortunately, if the necessary care isnt taken, this does mean that a kitten as young as 4 months could become pregnant.


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