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Can Kittens Eat Cat Treats

Finding The Best Kitten Treats For Your Needs

These beautiful cats eat traditional food

There are some important factors to consider when deciding on the best treats that will meet your needs and your kittens needs. These include the following:

  • Variety Veterinarians recommend that you provide your growing kitten with a variety of food flavors and textures from a young age. This allows your kitty to realize that food is not just dehydrated nuggets or the opposite, all wet food.
  • Nutrition No more than 10 percent of your kittens diet should come from treats. Even so, the treats they get should provide them with the nutrition they need during this crucial growth period. Empty calories are not only bad for people!
  • Ingredients The best treats on our list have a real meat source as the first ingredient. They are free from grains, additives, artificial flavors, and other unnecessary ingredients.
  • Taste Some kittens will eat anything, while others might prefer salmon over chicken. Getting to know your cats preference will ensure you are providing them with treats and foods they enjoy eating.

What Treats Are Safe For Kittens

Pet parents want to start teaching their kittens to be house-trained as early as possible. Treats are an essential part of training as your little furballs see them as incentives to learn the behavior that you’re teaching.

When your kittens have been weaned and they already have teeth, you can introduce them gradually to solid food and treats. Of course, it’s best to choose nutritious treats for your pets so that you can instill good behavior and at the same time, contribute to their nutritional needs for optimum development.

Here are some of the most recommended healthy treats that have been specifically formulated to meet their dietary requirements:

At What Age Does A Kitten Become A Cat

When a kitten turns one, they are generally considered adult cats. By this point, your kitten would have gone through their rapid growth stage, which begins once they are weaned and lasts until they’re around six months old. Theyll also have gone through the adolescent stage, which lasts until 12 months old.

Until they reach their first birthday, your kitten will require a very specific diet that is suitable for their tiny teeth, mouth, and stomach and filled with all the right nutrients that will help them develop properly.

As with all animals, there are some exceptions, which include larger breeds like the Maine Coon. These cats tend to reach maturity between 18 months and two years of age.

But how do you know which kitten food to try?

Mindy Bough, CVT, senior director of client services for the Midwest Office of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals , doesn’t recommend feeding the generic or store-branded kitten foods to your little feline. “Research has determined these kitten foods provide excellent health,” explains Bough.

Always read the label to ensure that they comply with regulatory standards and that your kitten will not require additional vitamin or mineral supplements. If completely necessary, these should only be given if recommended by your veterinarian.

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How To Choose The Best Kitten Treats

When choosing any treats for a kitten, you need to be thinking of the nutritional value that they offer. Kittens are baby cats and need to be fed the right diet to make sure that they grow up as strong and healthy as possible. Feeding a kitten a treat that is a poor supplement to their everyday dinner is not the way forward.

The first thing to consider is the recipe. Make sure that you take a look at the ingredients list. Typically, the more natural ingredients you find in the line-up the better. To kick off you should try treats with plenty of real meat or fish in. If the main ingredient is either of these that is a good sign.

Also try those with no added preservatives, colors, fillers, and meat or fish by-products. Cheaper treats generally have less real ingredients and more filler such as flours and grains. Some cats are sensitive or intolerant to grains, so if your cat seems to be struggling with a treat, try a grain-free option to see if it makes any difference.

Should treats be wet or dry, soft or hard? Wet treats are usually more tasty and natural, soft treats are easy to chew, so good for young kittens, Dry lasts longer and is great for their dental hygiene. Try what seems best for you and your cat and if this doesnt work try something different.

Whole Life Just One Ingredient Freeze

Can my kitten eat adult cat food?

Whole Life Just One Ingredient Freeze-Dried Cat Treats is our pick for the best treats for kittens for the money. It contains only one ingredient. 100% freeze-dried chicken. Its freeze-dried to maintain freshness and helps to retain important nutrients. There are no chemical preservatives, and its naturally low in fat but is very high in protein at 80%, providing your puppy with plenty of fuel for energy and building strong muscle.

The downside to Whole Life is that the freeze-dried pieces crumble into a powder if you try to break them up, and they are quite large. Our cats like to throw them around and chase them, but they wont always eat them.

To conclude, this is our best value pick for best cat treats for kittens.

Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes is our premium choice kitten treat and is another single ingredient food. The ingredient contained in this food is bonito, a type of Japanese fish. This food is packed with protein at 76% and includes a high taurine level, which is a helpful nutrient for cats. There are no chemical preservatives and very few calories, so you can feel good about treating your cat.

The downside to Cat-Man-Doo is that its very smelly, and the smell will transfer to your hands. Some cats go crazy for this food, and if you have any smell on you, the cats will be relentless.

  • Some cats dont like them
  • Many broken pieces in the bag

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Can You Give Cats Dog Bones

If you cant find the perfect chew for your cat, check out some dog chews. Most dog chews are safe for cats too, just a bit larger and harder. Always look for single-ingredient animal materials instead of biscuits and dental bones. They are often filled with grains or starches, which are harder for your cat to digest.

Why The Excessive Intake Of Treats Is Unhealthy For Your Cat

The packaging of the delicious treats might say complete and balanced diet, but in reality, they are junk.

Treats contain excessive amounts of calories, which can cause various health issues to your cat.

If the cat is only feeding on treats, that might lead to liver failure or fatty liver. Sometimes, we forget the real purpose of treats.

We see our cats enjoying the treats on their good behavior, and we assume that a little more wont hurt.

It should not be fed more than 10 to 15 calories per day.

Mostly, treats contain pleasant-tasting ingredients that are addictive and affect your cats eating habits.

Being a cat owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your cats eating habits.

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So Youve Welcomed A New Bundle Of Fur To Your Family Congratulations Now That Youve Settled The New Arrival Into Your Home Youll Be Wondering How You Can Help Them Grow Up Healthy And Strong

They might be tiny now, but theyre going to grow and quickly! Within six months, theyll have reached 75% of their adult body mass, which is why feeding them a nutritionally-rich kitten food now is so important.

To help them during this important time, the Purina Pet Care Team have some helpful tips to help you choose the best kitten food.

What Can Cats Eat As A Treat

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When it comes to a healthy cat diet, its almost impossible to make it ideal. Whether you use wet or dry cat food, there are always some drawbacks in formulas these can be ingredients, artificial components, flavors, or texture. Each cat has individual needs, and covering them all with mass-market industrial products isnt always the right decision.

Besides, cats are carnivores they eat raw meat and dont need grains. This is what many owners forget about when buying kibbles with wheat and corn. As a result, their beloved pets suffer from allergic reactions, stomach upset, sensitivities, poor digestion and metabolism, excessive weight, and so on. Ideally, a feline diet should consist of what these hunters ate originally prey and fish. You can help your cat and create an ideal menu for it.

Have you ever tried to make your own cat food? This option would be perfect, and its not as complicated as it seems. Actually millions of people are already cooking homemade cat food, homemade kibbles, and even homemade kitten formulas themselves. However, some other meals can serve as treats for your cat.

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Video Answer: Homemade Cat Treats Tuna Cat Cakes

An occasional bite of dog food won’t hurt your cat. But dog food is not a substitute for cat food But cat food is specially formulated for a cat’s needs, which include more protein as well as certain vitamins and fatty acids. A steady diet of dog food can cause your cat to be severely malnourished.

An occasional bite of dog food won’t hurt your cat. But dog food is not a substitute for cat food. They do have many of the same ingredients. But cat food is specially formulated for a cat’s needs, which include more protein as well as certain vitamins and fatty acids.

If you have a dog that is already lactating, putting the kittens in with her litter and having them nurse alongside the puppies is the next best thing to having their own mother.

It’s not unheard of for a non-lactating dog to start to produce milk for an orphaned nursing animal when the need arises.

“Older” puppies and kittens are a lot easier than tiny baby kittens, and still young enough to grow up together.

Plus many adult cats and dogs can not only learn to get along but love each other too.

Then a friend who works long hours was unexpected given this baby puppy at work.

Inaba Churu Lickable Creamy Puree’ Cat Treats

These nutritious lickable treats can be given to cats of all ages. They are made with high quality chicken and tuna meats. These treats are low in calories but have high moisture content. They don’t contain any grains, preservatives, and artificial flavors. That’s why they are safe for your kittens.

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Blue Buffalo Bursts With Savory Seafood

First 5 ingredients: Deboned Salmon, Brown Rice, Tuna Meal, Barley, Pork Fat

Treat your kittens to these amazing cat treats that are crunchy on the outside and bursting with flavor on the inside.

Letting your cat nibble on Blue Buffalo Bursts Seafood Cat Treats is the perfect way to say how much you love him. With this treats rich flavor and dual playful texture, your cat is sure to go crazy for treat time every day.

This tasty treat features deboned salmon as the first ingredient along with brown rice, tuna meal, barley, and pork fat for its top ingredients.

Your witty kitty knows when something is fishy with his treat, so, its important that you get it right from the start. And good thing that you cant be wrong with Blue Buffalo Bursts Seafood Cat Treats.

Made in the USA and packed in resealable pouches or seal-tight jars, you can take these goodies anywhere you go with your kitten.

Whats more, each crunchy, savory, and creamy bite is free from poultry by-products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, or flavors.

What About Calcium And Phosphorous

What Can Cats Not Eat?

Growing kittens have to build bone and muscle very rapidly, so they require increased levels of calcium and phosphorous in their diets compared to adult cat foods. Its important to remember though that the ratio of both of these minerals is very sensitive and needs to be kept within a narrow margin of safety.

Commercial kitten foods will have formulated the diet to meet these nutritional requirements for growth and consequently, supplements should never be added. If calcium supplements are added to a commercially prepared kitten food there is a large risk of inadvertently causing bone, tooth, and other growth deformities.

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Human Foods That Should Be Given With Caution


Avocados pit, skin, and leaves contain persin which causes poisoning in some animals such as rabbits, goats, and birds. Even though theres no clear evidence that avocados are poisonous to cats, it might be better to stay on the safe side and not feed it too often to your kitty. The avocado flesh, which can be given in very small amounts, is also quite high in fat.


You can safely feed a small amount of peeled peach but too much of it might cause stomach upset and diarrhea due to its high sugar content and because its difficult to digest. Be sure to remove the pit as it contains small amounts of cyanide and can present a serious choking hazard.


Many cats like the taste of potatoes and some cat food manufacturers even add these veggies to their products. Potatoes are rich in Vitamins B and C, as well as potassium. However, raw potatoes contain solanine, a toxin that can be very dangerous for your feline friend. The good news is, solanine disappears while cooking, so you can safely feed moderate amounts of peeled and cooked potatoes. Avoid feeding fried potatoes due to the high-fat content and be sure to serve them plain.


If your pet has kidney issues or digestive tract problems, spinach should be avoided altogether. This is because it contains calcium oxalates that can cause stone formation in the urinary tracts.

However, healthy cats can safely consume small quantities of this green leafy veggie which is packed with vitamins and minerals.

When To Start Feeding A Kitten Adult Food

Kittens might look grown up by six to eight months, but theyre still kittens on the inside! Their bones are still growing stronger, and their bodies will keep filling out.

Keep feeding them their nutritious kitten food until theyre about 12 months old, when they can make the switch to adult food. Take a look at our guide to feeding an adult cat for more information.

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Tiki Cat Stix Tuna Grain

Tiki Cat Stix Tuna Grain-Free Cat Treats is another great option treat. It has animal protein ingredients based on tuna and eggs. Containing 88% moisture based on tuna broth, this flavored broth helps your kitten get adequate hydration. This product is great as a treat or as a meal topper its natural tuna and chicken flavors are irresistible heaven for picky eaters. The presentation is perfect for traveling, with convenient packs of individually-wrapped single servings. The formula is grain-free and smooth texture, loved by kittens.

Unfortunately, the total protein content is of this treat is only 9%, which is why it comes last on our list.

What Should Cats Eat

Cats eating POPEYES Chicken …

According to The Spruce Pets, there are three main types of cat food dry, canned and raw. Each of these is different from the other, in addition to being distinct from dry, canned or raw dog food, which can be high in carbohydrates and contain less protein.

Many experts now recommend wet cat food because it aids in the process of hydration, but The Spruce Pets suggests speaking with your veterinarian to determine your cats optimal diet to meet its unique needs.

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Wellness Core Simply Shreds Chicken Topper

This gravy-rich food topper isnt marketed as a treat, but weve discovered it works like one! If your kitty is exploring textures and flavors, you can entice and reward them with a little spoonful of this all-natural snack. Its made with just three healthy ingredients: chicken, chicken broth, and water. If your kitten loves wet food, this will be the perfect treat.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Crunchy Kitten Treats

If your kitten is a crunch monster, theyll go wild for this treat. Inspired by wild cat diets, it features chicken as the first ingredient. These small dry treats are easy to dispense and perfect for training rewards. Try them out in the 2-ounce bag, or get the 12-ounce jar for convenience.

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Best Budget Pick: Wellness Kittles Grain

The Wellness Kittles Grain-Free Crunchy Cat Treats are budget-friendly and safe for kittens and cats so you never need to worry about purchasing an expensive specialty treat. They are made with salmon, peas, potatoes, chickpeas, chicken meal, herring meal, cranberries, and blueberries. There are plenty of nutrient sources in these treats. Each treat is just over 1 calorie, something to be aware of as your kitten grows into a cat.

These are crunchy treats and best for kittens who are past the teething phase. You can cut them in half to make them easier for your kittens small mouth but most reviewers preferred to just wait to start their kittens on these treats until they had the teeth to chew them effectively. Fortunately, the crunchy texture helps support dental health so you know that your kitten is developing healthy habits from the beginning. The cranberries included in this formula also help with urinary health, a common problem as cats age.

There are multiple flavors of Kittles available from Wellness Natural Pet Foods. We recommend purchasing a couple of flavors in a small package to see which your kitten likes the best.


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