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Cat Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

How Do Pet Insurance Companies Know About Pre

Pet Insurance For Cats With Pre Existing Conditions

Some pet insurance companies require a full health examination from your veterinarian before theyll insure your pet. But in most cases, theyll simply ask you if your pet has pre-existing conditions. Be honest in your response, as misleading your insurer could result in the cancellation of your policy.

What If A Pre

The condition or injury that was pre-existing must have no recurring symptoms or treatment for at least 12 months to be considered cured. A cured condition is a temporary condition or injury that is resolved for at least 12 months and may be considered for coverage in eligible states . Knee or ligament conditions and chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma or cancer cannot be cured.

Buying Cat Insurance For Cats With Pre

Just because your cat has a pre-existing ailment does not rule out the possibility of receiving pet insurance, nor does it rule out the possibility of obtaining insurance altogether. Even though your pet has a pre-existing ailment, you should still enroll him or her in pet insurance. If your cat develops any other sickness or is involved in an accident while not covered, you could face large out-of-pocket expenses to provide your pet with the care they require.

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Is Pet Insurance Expensive

The cost of pet insurance depends on many different factors. First and foremost is your pets age, size, and breed, which can affect the likelihood that they will become sick or require veterinary attention. Your monthly premiums will also depend on the annual limit, deductible, and reimbursement percentage you choose when you sign up for coverage. Finally, of course, each company sets its own pricing. Among the top pet insurers we reviewed, costs for a two-year-old dog started at $11.95 a month on the low end of things.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre

Cat insurance for pre

Theres essentially no pet insurance provider that will provide coverage for all pre-existing conditions. This makes sense because otherwise, you could wait until your pet gets sick with an expensive ailment and then go out and buy pet insurance and have a portion of the costs covered.

Many pet insurers refuse to provide any coverage for a pet with pre-existing conditions, other than accident-only policies.

Finally, some insurers are even more generous when it comes to providing coverage and will cover illnesses related to pre-existing conditions that can be cured if your animal has been symptom-free for a certain period of time.

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Does My Pet Need To Be Examined Before Enrolling

To help identify pre-existing conditions and assess the overall health of your pet, some providers may require proof that your pet has had a full medical exam prior to enrolling in their pet insurance. They may also ask for past veterinary records. The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program does not require a veterinary exam or any medical records for enrollment.

Do Any Pet Insurance Policies Cover Pre

In general, pre-existing conditions are not covered by most pet insurance plans, but there are exceptions. It all goes back to what the insurance company defines as pre-existing.

Here are some of the most common types of illnesses and conditions, when they are considered to be pre-existing, and how that affects whether theyre covered or not.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It

You can never predict what will happen to your dog or cat.

Insurance professionals and veterinarians can tell you, however, that if your pet sustains an illness or injury, the vet bills can be astronomical. And as many as one in three pets in Canada require emergency care during their lifetime.

Accidents like dog bites, fractures or eating something that they should not have, like LEGOS, can cost thousands of dollars to treat. A ligament repair in dogs can cost $3000 to $7000. That figure does not even include X-rays, anesthesia and follow-up care.

There are also breeds of both dogs and cats that are more susceptible to certain illnesses or injuries. If you own one of these purebreds it can mean more frequent and more expensive veterinarian bills.

So is pet insurance worth it? If you want to ensure that your animal gets the best care available, and save money while doing so, the answer is a resounding yes.

What Is Pet Insurance

Bought By Many Pet Insurance – Sweep TV Advert – Pre-Existing

Pet insurance in its simplest form is health insurance for your pet. Estimates show that one in three pets will need some form of emergency care during their lifetime.

It is no secret that all pet owners want to keep their four-legged friends happy and healthy without draining their bank accounts in the process. The trend of pet insurance is something that more and more insurers are recognizing as a need. It is a powerful tool for financially protecting pet parents from those high vet bills.

Just like for humans, the cost of animal medical care is rising across the board. It is not uncommon for pets to require diagnostic procedures like labs and x-rays, treatment plans, and associated medications to treat pets. This can add up quickly, especially for purebreds or older animals.

Are you considering insurance for your pet? Compare and shop for the best pet insurance above.

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What Is A Pre

Pet insurance can help to reduce the veterinary care costs that you face during your pet’s lifetime. But when your pet has a pre-existing condition, pet insurance gets complicated and may no longer be the best option.

Pre-existing conditions are significant problems or conditions that your pet has before you enroll him in an insurance program. For instance, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and some other very common pet ailments are considered pre-existing conditions. If you know about these conditions, you’re obligated to disclose them to the insurance company.

Each pet insurance company will have its own specific list of which conditions it excludes, but most insurance companies will consider the following to be pre-existing conditions:

  • Diabetes

Even injuries can be considered to be pre-existing conditions.

Pet Insurance Plan Exclusions

We’re all about helping protect your pet from unexpected accidents and illnesses and you from the financial burdens of their treatment.

The Healthy Paws plan does not cover the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • The examination fee
  • Pre-existing cruciate ligament injury has a bilateral exclusion. If the cruciate ligament on one leg is injured prior to enrollment or during the 15-day waiting period, then the cruciate ligament on the other leg is excluded from coverage. This is the only bilateral exclusion.
  • Preventative care
  • â Preventive healthcare including vaccinations or titer test, flea control, heartworm medication, de-worming, nail trim, and grooming.
  • â Parasite control including but not limited to internal and external parasites for which readily available prophylactic treatments are available.
  • âDental health care, however if injury to teeth is caused by an accident, the plan does cover the cost of extraction and/or reconstruction of damaged teeth.
  • â Spaying and neutering.
  • â Anal gland expression.

The plan does not reimburse the costs, fees or expenses associated for elective procedures, boarding, behavioral modification, training, therapy or medications for behavioral modification. Please see for more information on exclusions.

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How To Determine What Pet Conditions Are Insurable

As a pet owner, you may struggle to identify what qualifies as a pre-existing condition and what your pet insurance plan will cover. For this reason, pet insurance companies like Embrace and Pets Best run medical history reviews on a pet.

Medical history reviews are designed to pinpoint any conditions that your policy wont cover. Youll know exactly what expenses youll be responsible for.

The medical review will take place after you apply for a policy. Once the review is complete, the insurers will often give you the option to cancel if you feel the coverage isnt sufficient for your pets needs.

How To Choose The Best Cat Insurance For Pre

What Are Pre

To help you find the best pet insurance plan for your cat, here are a few tips to keep in mind if your cat has pre-existing conditions:

  • Compare multiple providers: As every insurer has a different policy, its a good idea to shop around and compare prices to get the best coverage for your cats health needs. For some insurers, coverage limits may change as your cat ages and other insurers may increase your policy deductible.
  • Waiting period: If your cat has an accident or illness during the waiting period, this is likely to be excluded from your coverage. Waiting periods can differ between health conditions. For instance, accidents may have a waiting period of three days, while dental illnesses can have waiting periods of six months. Its best to look for policies that have a shorter waiting period.
  • Buy insurance for your cat earlier rather than later: You can help minimize the costs of health issues if you purchase pet insurance for your cat while they are young. Any new conditions, including chronic illnesses, can be covered according to the terms of your policy.

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What Are Curable Pre

Each insurance provider that offers to restore coverage for pre-existing conditions does so on a case-by-case basis. That means that all situations are different. However, generally a pre-existing condition is considered cured if your pet is symptom-free for at least a year. Diseases like upper respiratory, bladder, urinary tract, and ear infections are likely to be reinstated. Many of these companies also restore coverage for symptoms without a formal diagnosis like vomiting and diarrhea.

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Pet Insurance And Pre

Pet insurance plans usually do not cover pre-existing conditions. These are injuries or illnesses that come up or show symptoms before your plan goes into effect or during a waiting period. Here are a few examples:

  • If your dog tumbled down the steps and fractured a paw before you enrolled in pet insurance, expenses for X-rays and other treatments related to the break would not be covered. Also, future related expenses for the same condition would not be covered unless the condition becomes eligible for coverage as a cured condition.
  • Pet insurance providers may define and handle pre-existing conditions differently. Please read the policy carefully so you know what to expect.
  • For example, an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan states that a condition will no longer be considered pre-existing if it’s cured and free of symptoms and treatments for 180 days, with the exception of knee and ligament conditions. If a knee or ligament condition occurs before the coverage effective date or during a waiting period, any future ones wont be covered.

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Is There A Pet Insurance Plan That Covers Everything

No pet insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions, and most plans wont cover the taxes, grooming, or boarding. Aside from that, you can obtain a plan that covers just about everything else. For example, a policy with strong accident and illness coverage combined with a pet wellness plan will cover a large percentage of almost all your potential veterinary expenses.

Is There Any Way To Get Coverage For A Pre

How pre-existing pet insurance works with Bought By Many

Every insurance company is different so you have to do your research. Some insurers may handle pre-existing conditions differently than others but companies that do cover pre-existing conditions usually only do so on a limited basis under their most expensive plans.

You might think its unfair that you cant get coverage for your pets pre-existing condition but, remember, pet insurance is designed to protect you from the things that might happen in the future, not problems that youre currently facing. Insuring pre-existing conditions would be very expensive for everyone and encourage people to delay getting pet insurance until problems started to develop.

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Best For Multiple Pets: Aspca

  • Coverage types: Accident, illness, and wellness
  • Starting price: $150 per year
  • Deductible: $100 to $500

The ASPCA covers dogs and cats and also offers a 10% multi-pet discount, making it the best choice for homes with multiple furry family members.

  • Multiple pet discount

  • Covers dogs and cats

  • Visit any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. or Canada

  • Doesnt offer unlimited benefits

  • Not directly administered by the ASPCA

  • Wellness benefits subject to per-treatment limits

ASPCA partners with Crum & Forster Insurance to offer pet insurance for dogs and cats. There are two plans availableone that includes accident and illness coverage and an accident-only plan. You can start using your coverage after a 14-day waiting period, but you can use preventive care coverage the day after enrollment begins.

ASPCAs Complete Coverage policy includes the following coverages:

  • Accidents

ASPCAs Accident-Only Coverage policy exclusively pays for accident-related injuries and treatment, such as:

  • Torn ligaments
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization

In addition, pet owners can add a preventive care coverage rider to either policy to get coverage for vaccines, dental cleanings, routine screenings, and more.

Getting care for your entire household of pets is incredibly easy through the ASPCA. Simply visit any licensed veterinarian in the United States or Canada, and save a copy of the bill. Once youve paid, it takes only a few minutes to snap a photo and upload it to ASPCAs free My Pet Insurance app.

Pet Insurance Alternatives That Cover Pre

Some pet owners might want to stay away from typical pet insurance coverage and opt for alternative plans. Pets with a long medical history might benefit from vet discounts or wellness plans. These offer more flexibility when it comes to finding coverage while still offering to cover expenses from vet visits.

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How To Determine Which Pet Conditions Are Insurable

As a pet owner, you may be perplexed about what constitutes a pre-existing ailment and what your pet insurance policy would protect you against. As a result, pet insurance firms such as Embrace and Pets Best do medical history checks on the pets they insure.

Medical history evaluations are intended to identify any conditions that are not covered by your insurance coverage. You will be aware of all of the expenses for which you will be accountable.

The medical evaluation will be conducted once you have applied for coverage. Once the assessment is complete, most insurers will give you a choice to terminate your policy if you believe the coverage is insufficient for your pets needs.

Will Pet Insurance Cover Pre

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Pet Insurance for Your Cat

There are no pet insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions. If a condition is diagnosed before your pet insurance kicks in, youll need to pay out-of-pocket for the treatment of that condition. This includes congenital conditions that have already been discovered.

However, some plans do cover curable conditions after a certain waiting period with no recurring symptoms!

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Can My Pet Be Insured If It Has Pre

Yes it is possible to be insured with Vets Choice if your pet has pre-existing conditions.

Where any pre-existing conditions have been identified, the vet may advise that these conditions are now fully cured and no longer relevant to the ongoing health of the pet. These conditions will no longer be excluded from cover for any future treatment and waiting periods for these conditions will also be waived, this is contingent upon receipt of a signed Health Check form from your vet . The only conditions that we are not able to cover are permanent conditions.

The following incurable or non-treatable conditions are not covered under your Vets Choice policy unless they occurred post you joining vets Choice.

  • Current conditions for which the animal is receiving ongoing treatment
  • Chronic conditions if known/diagnosed or identified – as listed on the Vets Choice PDS Arthritis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart Conditions, Gastrointestinal Conditions, Skin
  • Degenerative conditions such as joint or ligament deterioration, again if known/diagnosed.

We will cover the above as long as the pet owner and or their vet were not aware of them prior to them joining Vets Choice. In many instances we are able to cover against previously experienced conditions.

Which Pet Insurance Covers Dental

Pet dental benefits are more common on more-expensive premium plans. One popular Canadian insurer covers it up to $1000 per year on its top plan. Trupanion provides optional cover that reimburses up to 90% of animal dental care.

Not all plans will cover annual dental treatment such as exams or cleanings. Pet insurance may only cover dental treatment directly related to a covered injury or accident. Depending on the insurance provider, some preventative treatment may be covered under a wellness benefit add-on.

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Best Pet Insurance Companies Of 2022

  • Starting price: $99 per year
  • Deductible: $0

While Pet Assure doesnt fall under the standard pet insurance umbrella, its low cost and flexibility make it our top pick for owners of all types of pets.

  • Covers all types of pets

  • No annual limits or deductibles

  • Not subject to waiting periods

  • Pays for pre-existing conditions

  • Limited to in-network veterinarians

  • Covers only 25% of costs

  • Prescriptions not covered

Pet Assure offers plans for a single cat, a single dog, a family plan for up to four animals of any size, and an unlimited plan for all pets in your household. Best of all, theres no waiting period before you can use your coverage. All of Pet Assures plans come with discounted veterinary services, including treatments related to:

  • Accidents
  • Pre-existing conditions

Pet Assure insurance is pretty affordable, plus there is no deductible. You can save some money on your policy if you choose the annual billing option. These are the rates for each insurance plan:

  • Single cat plan: $9.95 per month
  • Single dog plan: $11.95 per month
  • Family plan: $16.95 per month
  • Unlimited plan: $21.95 per month
  • Deductibles: None


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