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Components To Look For In A Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Best Top Entry Cat Litter Box Reviews | Best Rated By Users

All top entry litter boxes possess similar qualities, but there may be some features that you havent considered yet. Here we list some important components that youll want to think about before making your final purchase:

  • Size: Like traditional litter boxes, top entry litter boxes are available in a variety of sizes. Generally they are large enough to accommodate all size kitties, but we suggest comparing measurements if you need to buy a litter box for a large cat.
  • Shape: There are two general shapes for top entry litter boxes rounded and rectangular. The shape you choose depends on which will fit your cat the best and your own design preferences.
  • Lid: Top entry litter boxes typically come with a textured lid which acts as a litter mat. They are meant to reduce tracking. Every lid has a different style and entrance shape.
  • Special features: Many top entry litter boxes come with additional special features such as a litter scoop hook, bag anchors or built-in handles. These helpful features may not be necessary, but they add convenience.
  • Design: Top entry litter boxes can look pretty standard, but some boast a modern or elegant design. If you keep your cats litter box in an area where guests can see it, you may consider a nicer looking option.
  • Upgrade Pick: Modkat Flip Litter Box

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $80.

    If you want a more attractive option and youre willing to spend a lot more to get it, the Modkat Flip Litter Box is your best choice. It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered, and its easy for both cats and humans to access. And its simple to clean, thanks to the custom-fit liners. But the added features make the Modkat box only marginally better than the cheaper open boxes we recommend. Also, the tarpaulin liners need to be replaced every few months, and the box itself costs around $70.

    No one wants to look at their cats poop palace, so its understandable that you may try to hide it in out-of-the-way places. But keeping yours in a more public area may do your cat a favor . Some cats cant, or wont, use a litter box thats in a far corner of the houseor near loud appliances. If your litter box is going to be out in the open, it might be worth getting one thats a little nicer to look at.

    The Modkat is amazing, said Justin Yost, a Wirecutter engineering manager. We bought it three years ago and its, like, the perfect solution. our cats love to play in their box, insist on peeing on the side walls and dig all the way to the bottom. I can barely tell that the litter box has aged at all, and I have no doubt it will last decades at this point.

    If your litter box is going to be out in the open, then it might be worth getting one thats a little nicer to look at.

    Modkat Top Entry Litter Box

    Also included in our list is the award-winning Modkat top entry litter box. A highly recommended product, it features not only a modern and stylish look but also a well-thought-out design that virtually eliminates litter tracking.

    This Modkat product has a top-entry locking lid that functions as a built-in, walk-off mat to keep litter off your floors. The box measures 16 x 16 x 15 with an entry diameter of approximately 9. This product from Modkat also comes with a reusable liner that measures 16 x 16 x 10.

    Like its other competitors, this Modkat litter box provides cat the privacy while using it. It can comfortably accommodate even large cats with its roomy interior.

    Why Youll Love It

    • Perfect for fur babies who like peeing to the sides since its seamless base prevents urine from leaking.
    • Multiple colors are available. It comes in red, black, and white.
    • The modern design looks great in any home interior.
    • It features an easy-open swivel lid. Any litter left on the cover or the lid will drop into the box when the lid is opened.
    • It comes with a rip-resistant reusable liner that fits neatly inside the box. It is easy to use and lasts for three months.
    • It includes an ergonomic litter scoop that can easily be stored on the sides.

    Minor Drawbacks

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    Put The New Litter Box In Exactly The Same Spot The Old Litter Box Used To Be

    This, again, is to help a cat associate the new litter box with the spot Im supposed to go in.

    Its once again easy to implement, though chances are if youve got a new litter box, you were going to place it in the same spot the old litter box was anyway, so I probably didnt need to tell you to try this.

    Self-evident, but in case you were going to move the litter box at the same time as you switched to a new product, hold off until your kittys gotten used to the new box and then move it after a few days of successful litter usage.

    How Much Does Pretty Litter Cat Litter Cost

    Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

    A single 6-pound bag of Pretty Litter retails for $22 on the company website. Depending on how many bags you purchase at one time, you may receive a discount.

    For example, two bags cost $40 and three bags costs $60. Expedited shipping is always free.

    Pretty Litter frequently offers discounts and promotions, plus you can contact the company via email to ask about bulk discounts. Even so, Pretty Litter is fairly expensive.

    Its also worth noting that one bag may not be enough to fill a large litter box and may not last the full month in a multi-cat home.

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    Best For Small Spaces: Modkat Top

    If you are short on space, a litter box that has a top-entry design to keep your home or apartment clean is essential. The Modkat litter box includes a reusable liner and scoop without taking up a lot of floor space in your home. The fewer litter box accessories and tools you need to find storage for, the better! The lid also swivels to allow for easy emptying and cleaning without the need to spread out all over your home.

    This litter box is pricey but still gets rave reviews from testers. The main complaint is that if pee does get below the reusable liner, you will need to take everything out to clean the box. Because of the liner and lid, its not hard to do but does add to the chore of keeping the litter box clean. If your pet tends to keep their pee on the litter, you wont have this issue very often.

    Best Splurge: Curio Modern Cat Litter Box & Litter Liner

    Material: Wood | Outer Dimensions: 21.75 x 15.75 x 20.25 inches | CatEntrance Size: 7.5 x 7.5 inches

    • Nesting lid makes it easier to scoop

    • Made of real wood

    • Modern design with optional patterned finish

    • Can’t store anything on top

    • Expensive

    The Curio Modern Cat Litter Box & Litter Liner may be a splurge, but consider it an investment in a quality piece of furniture, rather than a litter box enclosure. Unlike most of the others on this list, the Curio is made of real woodpremium walnut europlythats been pre-finished so that it resists stains and moisture, just in case your kitty misses. The real wood is also naturally moisture-wicking and comes complete with ventilation cut outs, so the inside stays fresh and dry. And rather than a front door, it has a nesting lid so you can take it off to gain full access to the litter box for easier scooping.

    This litter box furniture comes in four finishestwo of which have a snazzy patterned side so you can level up your decor while simultaneously hiding your litter box.

    Material: Wood | Outer Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 28.9 inches | CatEntrance Size: 7.9 x 7.9 inches

    • Made of eco-friendly engineered wood

    • Repels moisture

    • Comes in two sizes and four colors

    • Might be a tight squeeze for larger cats

    • Can scratch easily

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    A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites Of 2022

    20.47 x 16.14 x 14.56 inches
    Weight 4.85 pounds

    The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box is our pick as the best overall top entry litter box. It features a grooved top that helps knock loose litter off your cats paws as its leaving the box, and rounded corners make it easier to scoop when its time to clean. The scooper comes with it, and its available in many colors to suit any d├ęcor.

    We enjoyed reviewing the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box. The only thing we can complain about is that many users report that the sides didnt lock correctly, which could cause the box to become unstable.

    23.2 x 15.4 x 15 inches
    Weight 4.12 pounds

    The Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box is our pick is the best top entry litter box for the money. It provides your cat with a huge area to do its business and the non-slip top to offer more stability a knock away loose litter as a cat is leaving. It has an extremely attractive design for such a low cost, and its quite durable.

    We love the large size of the Frisco Top Entry, but the entrance hole was a little too small for some larger cats, and if its not large enough, the cats wont use it.

    16.1 x 20 x 15 Inches
    Weight 3.99 pounds

    The only thing we dont like about the PetsPro is that the litter tray is a little shallow, so you wont be able much in it. Another problem is that if you dont push the tray all the way in, it leaves a small gap, and if the cat pees in that direction, urine can get on the floor.

    • Shallow litter tray
    • Can leak urine

    It Prevents Litter Tracking

    Top Cat – Top Entry Litter Box by Moderna

    Litter tracking is one of the most common complaints cat parents make. Tiny grains of litter often stick to tufts of fur and little paws, which means your kitty probably tracks litter all over the floor after every trip to the john. You may find litter pebbles in your shoes, on your bed, or even nestled between your sofa cushions. Ever had to brush cat litter off the bottom of your bare feet before putting on socks?

    No amount of diligence with a dustpan and broom can ever really sweep away the detritus a cat can carry throughout your open house. While some specific litter types, including heavier litters such as newspaper pellets, may not track easily, cats are almost certainly going to emerge from the box with some litter attached. A top-entry box, however, can nearly eliminate litter tracking by keeping all the little gains contained under the lid. Plus, with the top-entry Modkat, the lid doubles as a walk-off mat, catching any stray kernels.

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    Best Disposable Litter Box

    Made from recycled paper and infused with baking soda, Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box holds up against leaks and odors for 30 days.

    Pros: Recycled materials, leakproof and tear-proof, infused with baking soda to keep smells at bay, comes in 2-pack, lasts 30 days, ideal for temporary use or travel

    Cons: More challenging to scrape stuck-on clumps than in a plastic box, generates a lot of waste when used long-term

    Whether you’re looking for a sturdy stand-alone litter box or a liner for a plastic box, Nature’s Miracle disposable boxes are an excellent worry-free option. Even after a full month of use by my two cats, the bottom of the pan was fully intact. Nowhere had urine even started to penetrate the recycled paper material.

    Nature’s Miracle currently makes two versions of their disposable litter box: regular and jumbo. Unfortunately, the style we liked best, the 23-by-18-inch triangular corner box, has been discontinued. The next best option for comfortable toileting based on the recommendations of Sung and Quagliozzi is the 21-by-14.5-inch jumbo-size rectangular box, which is sold in packs of two

    Nevertheless, both guardians who are ultra-fastidious with regard to their litter boxes and those who need a reliable temporary box will find a great solution in the Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box.

    The Best Cat Litter Boxes In 2021

    Best litter box overall: Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Litter Box, $28.05 on ChewyThe versatile Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Litter Box is spacious, affordable, and easy to modify for sensitive cats.

    Best litter box for multiple cats:Sterilite 41-quart Storage Box, $10.98 at WalmartThough not traditionally marketed as a litter box, the Sterilite 41-quart Storage Box offers expert-recommended size and simplicity at an affordable price.

    Made from recycled paper and infused with baking soda, Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box holds up against leaks and odors for 30 days.

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    Do Not Switch Litter At The Same Time As Switching To A New Box

    If your cat is used to a specific litter, he or she will associate the smell of that litter with his/her place to go to the bathroom.

    It would be very difficult indeed to get a cat to accept both a new litter box and a new litter at the exact same time.

    Especially if that new litter box is a little tricky, like a first transition to a top-entry litter box would likely be for a cat.

    Try to keep as much as possible the same besides the new litter box. It should really help kitty make a quick and easy transition.

    Buy A Plastic Storage Box

    Frisco High Sided Cat Litter Box, Gray, Extra Large 24

    We start with a cheap plastic storage boxwith a heavy emphasis on the cheap aspectfor two reasons: First of all, we’re trying to combat big spending, remember? But more importantly, it needs to have a flimsy lid so the rest of this project is easier on you. These can be obtained from your favorite retailer for less than $10the one I used for this demonstration cost me $4 at my local Target.

    You can pick whichever size you’d like, but remember, it has to be tall enough to fully engulf your cat. The one I used for the accompanying pictures is sized at 16-gallons, and it works great for my two cats.

    Make sure the outlined is centered on the lid.

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    What We Didnt Like:

    • Fairly expensive compared to other options
    • Non-stick coating can scratch over time
    • High sides may be challenging for kittens and older cats

    Buy on Chewy Buy on Amazon

    A great litter box is worth spending a few extra dollars, but if youre on a budget and just want something that gets the job done, the Van Ness High-Sided Cat Litter Pan is a good choice. Affordably priced around $10, this litter box is generously sized and has high sides to reduce scatter and spray.

    This high-sided litter box is made from a lightweight plastic with a high polished finish to help resist stains and odors. The back of the litter box is 8.5 inches high, but the front has a lowered entryway to make it easier for your cat to get in and out of the box.

    Inside the litter edges, rounded corners help prevent litter from getting stuck in the corners. The open design is very cat-friendly, and the litter box comes in several sizes. The plastic materials are prone to scratching over time and the litter box may be a little unwieldy to move when full of litter, but its an economical choice for budget-friendly cat owners.

    Final Thoughts On Top Entry Litter Boxes

    The top entry litter boxes are a modern and intelligent way of maintaining your pets litter without disturbing the home environment. Most households desire to keep a cat at home but they cannot keep up with the day to day cleaning needs.

    Open sandboxes or trays can keep you from keeping your home clean and leave you helpless. The top entry litter boxes help you keep your home clean and odorless. It provides your cat with considerable privacy for defecating and urinating.

    I used different top entry litter boxes but the one which remains my favorite and I am currently using is the Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box as this one is easily cleanable , affordable and the most stylish of them all!

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    Overall Is Pretty Litter Cat Litter A Good Choice

    In testing Pretty Litter with my own two cats, I found it lived up to its promises pretty well. Not only did it offer strong odor control, but the color-changing health monitoring system performed predictably in my experiment. When I was finished, my subscription was easy to cancel.

    I did find that one bag of Pretty Litter didnt last a full 30 days, but I was using it in a multi-cat household.

    The crystal litter did a great job of absorbing liquid and it made solids easy to scoop, so I am confident in saying that one bag would probably last a full month in a single-cat household.

    Overall, Pretty Litter is a pricey product, but the health monitoring system makes it worth it. If budget is your primary concern, however, you might be better off with a cheaper crystal cat litter.

    It Looks Nicer Than An Open

    Petco SoPhresh Top Entry Cat Litter Box Tub Review

    Your cat wants a functional litter box that’s safe, clean, and simple to use. As a human, you probably want all that, too, but you also hope for a stylish litter box, something that will be an excellent asset to your decor.

    Modkat started when Rich, one of our co-founders, wanted a new litter box. He had two cats named Mika and Sashi and they needed a new litter box that worked great and complemented the look of his Brooklyn apartment. Rich searched exhaustively but came up empty handed. In defeat, he complained to his wife until she said, You’re a designer. Why don’t you just design one?

    The very next day, Rich presented the idea to Brett, his then-partner in a design business. And thus Modkat was born. You can listen to Rich and our other co-founder Brett tell the full Modkat story on this podcast.

    Most cat litter boxes offer either functionality or style, but at Modkat, we blended the two into one sleek litter box.

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