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Best Dog Breeds For Cats

Best Dog Breeds For Cats

Abandoned Puppy Doesn’t Dare Cry, Worried That New Owner Won’t Take Him In

We’ve gathered the best dog breeds for cats that will ensure your pets get along great

Knowing the best dog breeds for cats can help ensure your home is a harmonious one. Dogs and cats can live together, despite the cultural cliché that they fight like, well, cats and dogs.

However, there are certain dog breeds that may not be the best choice for cat families. Herding breeds like the German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd, would likely drive a kitty crazy with their continued attempts to round them up, as would any dog that has a high prey drive. But don’t fret, there are plenty of gentle and sweet-natured breeds that thrive on cat companionship.

There are certain dog breeds for cats that are preternaturally disposed to being a good cat companion, but keep in mind that almost any dog can learn to coexist with a cat, provided they are given the right training and are socialized at a young age. Individual personalities also come into play, with older cats often doing best with docile dog breeds and active cats pairing well with spirited dogs.

When you’re ready to introduce your furbabies, remember that slow and steady wins the race. Let them spend short, supervised periods of time together in a safe space, and keep your dog on a leash to let your cat get used to them. When you feel comfortable and confident that the two can relax around each other, you can then leave them unsupervised – but start off with shorter periods of time.

Iii How Long Does It Take Cats To Get Used To Dogs

This period varies depending on the individual pets involved. Some cats will need just a few days to get along with a dog.

Others may take a month or more to accept or even put up with each other. Be patient when you bring a new dog home. It is important not to force your pets into close contact before they get used to each other.

How To Introduce Your New Dog To Your Cats

Getting your animals used to one another may take time, but you need to make sure your pets get along before you leave them unaccompanied. Whether youre a cat owner considering adopting a new dog or youre just struggling with cats and dogs that wont get along, here are some tips for introducing your animals. And remember that cats form stronger, longer-lasting first impressions so try not to spook them from the get-go.

It can be a good idea to consult with your vet or a trainer before adopting a new dog, as they can give you advice tailored to your personal situation.

Keep them in separate rooms for a while Cats and dogs that havent grown up together cant be around each other right away, especially unsupervised. Keep them in separate rooms at first, and then swap their bedding after a few days. Stroking them both without washing your hand in between can also be a good way to get them used to each others scent. Using Feliway products and dog-appeasing pheromones can also help keep both animals calm during the introduction process.

Look out for warning behaviors Keep your eyes peeled when introducing your cat and dog for any signs of aggression or distress . Noticing these early is crucial so you can address and correct them before leaving your pets together unsupervised.

Lengthy dog and cat introductions may be time-consuming, but necessary for a harmonious household.

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What Makes Some Dog Breeds Better With Cats Than Others

According to Purely Pets, some breeds have traits that incline them more to see cats as part of their social group and not to be harmed.

Some breeds, like the Beagle, Maltese, Poodle, Pug, and Sheltie, are naturally social and enjoy the company of another pet. Although most dogs enjoy having another dog around, many will enjoy a cat as a companion as well.

Cats make excellent companions for dogs when their owners are out of the house. Since many smaller breeds tend to have separation anxiety, the presence of a cat can help your dog adjust. The two animals will likely become fast friends for life.

Some larger breeds with more easy-going temperaments also get along well with cats. Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers have naturally mellow personalities.

The 17 Best Dog Breeds For Cats

The Best Dog Breeds With Cats

Looking for the best dog breed to introduce to your cat? These are the dog breeds and traits that coexist peacefully with cats.

Introducing a new pet to the household is always a little nerve-racking. Dealing with a clash of personalities with a new roommate is normal, but when you’re two different species, things can get even more complicated. While cats and dogs’ personalities are determined by a lot more than their breeds, it is a helpful indicator about what traits a dog or cat may be more prone to display. If you’re looking for a new dog but want to do your best not to turn your cat’s whole life upside down, look no further. We put together the best dog breeds for cats.

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Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

20th July, 2020

They say that some of us are dog people and some are cat people. But what if you really cant choose between the two?

In that case, it could be time to start searching for a canine companion for your marvellous moggy. Weve put together a list of 15 breeds of dog whose arrival in your cats life should not make the fur fly.

Remember disagreements can occur between pets, and can even lead to injury. Purely Pets insurance may help you meet the cost of vet fees if your animals should start to fight like, well, cats and dogs. Good luck!

Choosing The Best Dog Breed For Your Cats

If youre looking to add a dog friend to your cat family, youll want to look for breeds that have incredible personalities, which can help foster a good relationship with your feline fur babies. Its not always easy, but if you choose the right breed and follow a few simple steps you should be well on your way to a happy dog- and cat-filled home.

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How To Get Any Breed Of Dog Or Cat To Get Along

Still, you might be wondering if its impossible to get a dog who isnt one of the above-listed breeds to develop a good relationship with your cat.

Not at all, especially if you get a kitten and a puppy at the same time, Ulbrich explained. Or introduce them at a relatively young age.

According to Ulbrich, even breeds that get an unfair rap can get along well with a cat.

I had the joy of introducing a pit bull puppy to a kitten not too long ago, where we focused on socializing, home management and healthy boundaries during training, Ulbrich said. They now sleep in the same bed.

As long as you focus on those things and make sure your pets personalities are relatively aligned, then any breed of dog can be the best breed for cats.

Whats The Best Way To Introduce A Cat And Dog

Funniest Cats And Dogs Videos ð – Best Funny Animal Videos 2022 ð? #2

iCatCare considers introductions between cats and dogs something that needs to be done with essential aspects kept in mind to ensure harmony.

Some important things to consider are how well you keep your dog under control, the dogs age, and the breed.

The dog breeds that tend to be less cat-friendly will require a few extra steps to make the introduction go as smoothly as possible.

Before you introduce a dog to your cat, make sure the cat has a safe space it can go if it starts feeling overwhelmed. Make sure the cats food and water, bed, litter box, and toys are in this area, along with the cat tree and a place to hide.

Regardless of whether the dog is a cat-friendly breed or not, the two pets should remain in their separate areas at first. Although this may seem like an extreme measure, initially keeping the animals apart will prevent fights and injuries.

Consider giving your cat some extra playtime and other interactions when the new dog arrives. Your cat is less likely to feel as though its place in the home is threatened with the dog. The cat will associate the dog with good instead of bad things.

One of the first things you should do is get the cat and dog used to each others scents. Rub each animal down with a separate cloth, then allow each to sniff the cloth you wiped the other with. This step will familiarize them with each others scents.

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Are You Thinking About Getting A Dog But Youve Already Got A Cat

It can be a tricky decision adding a pet to a home where theres already another canine or feline companion whose been ruling the roost.

You could decide to get a kitten and a puppy together so they grow up together and hopefully get along without any problems.

If youre adding a dog to a home with a cat, you may want to consider hiring a dog trainer or dog behaviorist to make a smooth transition.

In this article, were going to take a look at some of the best dog breeds for cats.

Well hear from 13 experts, ranging from dog trainers to veterinarians, dog behaviorists to experienced pet owners, to hear their suggestions for the best dog breeds for cats.

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Dog Breeds To Approach With Caution

Dog breeds with a strong prey drive can pose a danger to cats, says The Cat Site. These include hunting dogs who’ve been bred to track game, including most sight hounds and terriers and sled dogs, like the Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky.

Herding breeds, such as German shepherds, Australian shepherds and border collies, don’t pose a real danger to cats, but if they possess a strong herding instinct they might try to corral your kitty, who may not appreciate being bossed around.

While it’s important to know about the potential conflicts certain dog breeds could present, every dog is unique. Who knows? Maybe your kitty and a terrier would make the best of friends.

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The Smartest Dog Breeds Were Pitted Against Each Other One Came Out On Top

How quick-witted is your canine? Scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland might have an answer.

In a study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, Saara Junttila and colleagues put 1,002 dogs through a series of intelligence tests to assess the performance of 13 different dog breeds.

The series of ten tests, known as smartDOG, were developed by one of the study’s co-authors, Katriina Tiira, to examine exploratory behavior, impulsivity, social cognition, spatial problem-solving, logical reasoning and short-term memory.

“We expected that breeds would differ from each other in most traits, and they did,” Tiira told Newsweek. “This was well visible for testers doing the smartDOG testing in practicebreeds had typical cognitive profiles in the test.”

“It was a bit surprising that memory and logical reasoning were not affected by breed,” she told Newsweek. “It might be that these traits have not been selected for in different breeds, or that environmental effectssuch as training history, test situation and previous lifetime experiencesmay influence these traits more strongly than breed.”

One of the best performing breeds across the test series was the border collie. This is consistent with previous research by Stanley Coren, author of The Intelligence of Dogs and professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Psychology.

The study, however, did not aim to rank different dog breeds.

How Do You Read A Pets Body Language To Spot Trouble

Best And Worst Dog Breeds To Live With Cats

According to Paradise Pet Resorts cats and dogs often use different types of body language. Its a lot easier to spot trouble if you know the cues.

Pet owners who have never had a cat and dog sharing the same space may miss some aspects of body language that signal trouble. By knowing when each of these animals is acting agitated, you may be able to prevent problems leading to fights.

A dog that has its mouth closed may be feeling upset or tense about a situation. Also, watch for panting, which is another common sign of canine stress. If the dog is showing visible signs of stress, you may need to cut the interaction short.

Sometimes, a wagging tail on a dog is a sign of aggression, not friendliness. Holding the tail pointing up can be a sign that the dog might chase the cat. If the tail is in a non-relaxed position, be prepared for possible trouble.

A stiff body posture in a dog is never a good sign. Sometimes, a dog will stiffen up if it is getting ready to chase or attack another animal. If your dog feels intimidated by the cat, which is possible with smaller breeds, it may also stiffen.

Watch the cats mouth to see if it opens much when the dog is around. Sometimes, a cat will snarl and show its teeth without making noticeable noise. If the cat starts hissing in the dogs presence, that is a signal for the dog to back off.

According to Jean Marie Bauhaus, cats can be aggressors just as easily as dogs. A common mistaken assumption is that the dog is the trouble-maker.

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Is Training My Cat To Act Like A Dog Possible


Cats are intelligent creatures, and their behaviors can be influenced with patience and training. Many people have taught their cats how to perform tricks, fetch toys, and even listen to commands like come here. Felines will also quickly learn to associate a specific behavior with the sound of a clicker. Since cat behavior is so malleable at a young age, many people wait until adopt a shelter cat month to find their next dog-like cat.

According to behavioral biologist, Karen Pryor, she states, For todays city cats, often living out their entire lives confined indoors, clicker training can provide valuable mental and physical stimulation it enriches the cats life and can help the cat to be healthier, happier and a more responsive companion.

Whether youre in the market for a dog, or a cat that acts like a dog, takes the steps necessary to ensure a long and healthy life for your new friend. Cat insurance get provide your furry friend coverage in case of an accident or illness. Get a free Prudent Pet quote today!

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Breeds Of Cats That Act Like Dogs

The cultural assumption that cats are distant pets that lack affection compared to dogs is not as black and white as we think. Animals develop individual characteristics based on their environment and interactions with people. However, due to selective breeding, many of the following breeds develop a proclivity for close and frequent human contact.

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Ivwhat Are The Worst Dog Breeds For Cats

Every dog is different, but some dog breeds will take much longer to get along with cats. These breeds are both small and large.

They are of particularly high energy drive, and this may not be the best choice for homes with cats.

In addition to being highly territorial, these breeds can be very aggressive toward cats when not closely monitored.

They include:

Dont miss out on the full list of worst dog breeds for cats from our comprehensive article. We have also explained in details why each dog is unfriendly to cats.

With careful introductions and supervision, even these dogs can learn to live peacefully with felines.

The best way to ensure your cat is safe is by keeping your dog under control at all times, whether youre home or away.

Start by training your dog to sit and stay. Make sure they learn your commands because this will help to restrain them from attacking cats. You can use dog treats to reward them during the training sessions.

If your pup feels that their territories have been encroached into, make sure to pet your dog in the right way to calm them and pass your affections.

Its also important to go on walks with your pets regularly so that they can learn each others personalities.

There Are Always Exceptions

This Dog Was In Pain Before We Gave Her A Groom

Before we wrap up, let me just remind you that there are exceptions to every rule.

While the above are generally the best and worst dog breeds for cats, generally is the important word there.

Some terriers get along great with cats, while some sporting dogs cant stand them.

Unfortunately, there really isnt a magical dog and cat compatibility rule-book that spells everything out for us.

In my experience , its usually easier if you introduce a puppy to your existing cat, rather than a kitten to your existing dog.

However, regardless of how you do it or what breed you choose, youll still need to remain vigilant for a long time.

Never leave cats and dogs alone together until you are 100000% sure that theyll be okay.

It took a long time for us to trust our previous dogs alone with the cats, and we will never be at that point with Freya.

What are your thoughts on these best and worst dog breeds for cats? Share below!

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