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How To Use Cat Litter Pellets

Behavioral Benefits Of Pine Litter

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Since their litter box stays cleaner, behaviourally, cats will be more inclined to go into the litter box to do their business. It allows you to be out of the house for a couple of days and be comfortable that they have a relatively almost self-cleaning litter box for a couple of days before you come home and dump out the dust and scoop the poop.

Whereas before, when I was using the regular clumping litter, I would be worried if I were out of the house only for a day or two as the cats might have left me a surprise somewhere!

What If My Cat Doesnt Like Pellet Litter

Aside from making the transition as slow as possible, there are a few other steps you can try if your cat wont use pellet litter.

Just remember, while many cats like pellet litter, some will not.

Heavier cats , senior cats, and cats who have been declawed may have a particularly tough time adjusting. The coarse texture of the pellets may be uncomfortable on their paws.

Older cats may be resistant, especially if theyve used clay litter for their entire lives. Some cats may prefer a granular texture, closer to that of the dirt or sand theyd use in the wild. Other cats may just not like pellet litter, for no apparent reason.

And thats okay!

Dont force it.

If your cat doesnt like pellets, consider trying an alternate plant-based litter with a more familiar texture. Granular paper litter, wood shavings, and walnut shell litter are just a few of the many plant-based alternatives to pellet litter. They share many of the same health and environmental benefits, while offering a softer, fine-grained texture.

Does That Make The Trash Can The Best Option

Yes, the trash can is almost always going the best option for disposing of used wood pellet litter. The risk of toxoplasmosis to people and other animals is too high to justify any of the options.

While you could make an argument for composting or flushing litter thats only been exposed to urine, its not a very compelling one.

Thats because toxoplasmosis is transmitted via anything that has come in contact with cat feces, including transmission via your cats paws. Just because you dont Ia cat poop sitting on a pile of pine pellets it doesnt mean that they havent been exposed throughout your cats normal litterbox routine.

Instead, it makes more sense to consider the entire litterbox compromised and just stick with the trashcan. But you can rest easier knowing that the wood pellets arent going to be sitting in the landfill for the next 100 years!

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Are Horse Pellets Safe For Cats

In general, wood pellet litter is safe for cats. And plenty of owners uses them instead of regular litter with no problems. Thats why there are so many wood pellet cat litter brands on the market.

But what about horse pellets?

Since this horse bedding is made from wood fibers, its relatively safe for cats. But, keep a couple of things in mind to ensure your cats health:

  • Check if the type of wood pellets contains any harmful additives. You want 100 percent natural wood, preferably pine, cedar, or oak.
  • Ask if the equine pellets are kiln-dried to remove phenols. Phenols are dangerous for cats since your cats liver cant break them down. In large amounts, they can be deadly.
  • Ensure that the wood is not treated with any chemical additives.

Since manufacturers or customer service wont always be very forthcoming with their answers, you should mention youre buying the bedding for cat litter to avoid misunderstandings.

Sifting Cat Litter Box

Wood Pellet Cat Litter Scoop

If youre like me and hate scooping litter the traditional way, you might be interested in purchasing a sifting cat litter box.

However, you have to be careful to get a box that is designed for pellet litter. Some sifting boxes are specifically designed for clumping clay litter and the holes are too big for pellets. The dust and the pellets alike will fall through the holes and leave you feeling frustrated.

A good option is purchasing the Breeze Litter Box System. This system comes with special mineral litter and pads. DITCH THEM! I personally had a bad experience with their litter and pads. In my opinion, they smelled awful. Also, they are overpriced and not worth buying on a regular basis. However, the box is very nice.

Here is a great video about how you can upgrade the Breeze Litter Box System and create the perfect sifting litter box for inexpensive wood pellet litter.

You can purchase the Breeze Litter Box System on Amazon by .

Or if you love a good ol DIY project, considering making your own sifting litter box. This just required a drill and two plastic bins.

Watch the video below for full instructions.

Of course, there are some other options out there. Just make sure when you purchase a box the holes are not too big for your pellet litter!

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Runner Up: Yesterdays News

The very appropriately named Yesterdays News is another great option and our runner-up! Made from recycled newspaper, this is one of my favorite options not only because its made from recycled materials which really takes the eco-friendliness up a level but also because it comes in pellet form.

It looks and acts almost exactly like a traditional wood pellet litter- which is what I love about it. Just like wood pellets, this litter will break apart into flakey dust when its urinated on so youll still need to work on your reverse scoop technique.

But if thats a deal-breaker for you, theyve also released a clumping version as well.

While its rare for cats to eat litter, although Ive seen several kittens give it a try, since this product is made from paper theres almost no risk of toxicity if cats do ingest it. If youre chosen the non-clumping version, its likely to pass through your cat without a problem.

You can read more reviews and .

What I Love About It: It has everything I love about wood pellet litter but uses recycled newspaper instead to really amp up the eco-friendlyness.

What I Wish It Had: Youre missing the natural pine smell that you get with traditional wood pellet litters. While thats a pro for some folks, it does mean that this litter box isnt quite as effective at managing odors.

Pros Of Using Horse Pellets For Cat Litter

In general, wood fibers are a great choice if youre looking for something cheap, easy to use, and disposable.

1. Better for the Environment

As I already said, horse bedding pellets are made from wood fibers. As such, they wont take long to decompose when you throw them out and wont pollute the environment.

Moreover, producing this type of horse bedding doesnt hurt the planets as much since the material comes from recycled wood.

2. Less Dust

Have you noticed a big cloud of dust every time your cat digs in the litter box? So much dust isnt good for the health, especially if you or your cats have allergies.

Fortunately, wood-based formulas are one of the best dust-free cat litter brands, so you dont have to worry about breathing dust when you pour it from the bag.

3. Less Tracking

Cats leave tons of dusty pawprints all over the house with traditional clay clumping brands. But since wood litter generates less dust, its perfect if youre looking for non-tracking cat litter brands.

4. No Additives

Most wood-based beddings and litters are all-natural products without any artificial fragrances. As such, its less likely to trigger your cats sensitive sense of smell.

Moreover, some types of wood have antimicrobial properties, which allows them to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

5. Cost

Natural cat litter made from wood or corn is more expensive than regular clay brands. However, horse bedding is cheap, especially when you buy in bulk.

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How To Store Breeze Pellets After They Have Been Washed

After you have washed your breeze pellets, it is important to store them properly to ensure they retain their freshness and quality. The best way to store pellets is in an airtight container, such as a zip-top bag or a jar with a lid. If you are using a zip-top bag, squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing the bag.

You can also store pellets in the refrigerator or freezer but bring them back to room temperature before using them. When stored properly, pellets can last for several months. With proper storage, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean pellets all season long!

Feline Pine Original Unscented Non

Funny cats fall in water #shorts #joyandmedia #viralhog #cat #cats

If youre happy to try a non-clumping pellet litter, why not try the Feline Pine Original Unscented Wood Cat Litter? As the name suggests, this is a conventional non-clumping pellet litter made from pine fibers. All the wood is reclaimed from lumber production, making it a great eco-friendly option.

Each of the wooden pellets acts like a tiny sponge, absorbing all urine rapidly. This ensures nasty ammonia smells are captured before it is too late, providing effective odor prevention. With the natural pine scent that many people love, this further ensures your home stays smelling fresh.

Alongside relying only on natural fragrances, youll also be pleased to know there are no added chemicals or synthetic substances. This means you can have confidence in the litter you use, knowing that it is 100% safe for your cat. Being dust-free, it also wont cause any respiratory issues while also helping to keep litter tracking to a minimum.

The main downside of this litter is that it is not flushable or compostable, and instead has to be disposed of in the trash. For a litter that is trying so hard to be environmentally conscious, this could be an issue for the more eco-friendly owner. With that being said, the litter is biodegradable and the manufacturer still claims that one bag of this litter is equivalent to 114lbs of clay!


  • Highly absorbent and effectively locks away odors
  • Soft and gentle on your kittys paws


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Shred Newspaper And Junk Mail

Before the rise of commercial cat litters, cat owners have been using plain newspaper as the place of business for their indoor cats. Even vets suggest lining the litter box with used papers after declawing your cat.

How to make it

Its pretty easy to prepare a homemade cat litter using newspapers . Just follow these steps.

How to make paper litter:

  • For best results, shred the papers in long and thin strips.
  • Soak the shredded pieces in warm water and dish soap. Leave them soaked until the water turns gray and the consistency is like that of oatmeal.
  • For even better results, soak the papers long enough to take away all the ink. You dont want any leftover ink messing with your cats paws.
  • Drain the gray water. Replace it with clean water for another period of soaking. This time, dont add soap.
  • Drain the second batch of water.
  • Put on your gloves. Sprinkling baking soda on the wet pieces of paper. Knead them and squeeze out the liquid.
  • Get a screen and spread the now-crumbly but still moist paper over it.
  • Set the screen up for air drying or sun drying. When the crumbly pieces of paper are completely dried, theyre finally ready for use.

Is Wood Pellet Cat Litter Safe For My Cat

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a suitable litter for your cat is if it poses any health threats for her. Unfortunately, cats regularly ingest their litter in small amounts because:

  • Most litters create dust when disturbed i.e when your cat digs it up to bury her feces. Your cat inhales these dust particles. This dust also settles on her coat and is ingested when she licks herself clean.
  • Most fine-grain litters stick to your cats paws. When she licks her paws to clean them, the litter granules inevitably end up in her system.

When ingesting cat litter accidentally, it can cause health issues. Traditional clay-based clumping litter contains sodium bentonite, which threatens the well-being of your cats digestive tract when ingested excessively. Not to mention that your cat is much more likely to ingest clay-based litter because it has fine-grains that create more dust and stick a lot more to your cats paws when compared to pellet litter.

However, you can rest assured that wood pellet litter is one of the safest options among all types of litter. Pellet litter in general produces little to no dust. Low dust makes your cat less prone to developing respiratory problems. Wood pellet litter also doesnt stick to your cats paws, which diminishes your cats chances of ingesting the particles by licking her paws.

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Made With Natural Ingredients

Wood pellet litters are a healthy alternative to traditional clay cat litters. They earn this title by featuring all-natural ingredients rather than chemical additives, clumping agents, or synthetic fragrances.

You’ll often find these unwanted ingredients within clay litter types. It’s why their prices tend to be much lower than plant-based and wood pellet litters.

If you want to learn about the various cat litter types, check out this guide: The 7 Types Of Cat Litter Every Cat Owner Must Know

How Do You Clean A Wood Pellet Litter Box

DIY Sifting Cat Litter Box for Wood Pellets

Because wood pellet litters dont clump and instead dissolve into sawdust when wet, its strongly recommended to use either a sifting litter tray or sifting scoop. To clean the litter box, scoop solids as normal, then sift to separate sawdust from unused pellets. Toss the poop and sawdust, then top off with fresh pellets to the desired level.

Scoop and sift at least once a day, more often if you have multiple cats. Wash the litter box with warm water and a mild detergent at least once a month.

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What About The Dangers Of Pine Oils And Phenols

The majority of wood pellet litter is made of pine and if youve done any research on pine pellets youve probably read about pine oils and phenols.

Its a confusing subject in large part because there are so many brands of wood pellets litters out there. When many people talk about these concerns, theyre referring to the pine pellets or wood fuel pellets that you can pick up at tractor supply stores. These are usually a mix of woods, but pine is typically the most significant component.

Its important to note that these products are not made specifically made for cats and as a result, youre not going to hear anything from the manufacturer about the appropriateness for cats. Its just not something theyre going to comment on.

Trust me, Ive tried.

While researching this article I emailed a few companies and the reply looks something like this:

We can only recommend this product for its intended and labeled use. We cant recommend any other use to our customers nor can we take any responsibitly if the purchasers use our product for something other than whats intended. I hope that helps and thank you!

Not exactly the most helpful, but I understand.

So lets take a closer look at these two concerns why you should be aware of them.

The Risks of Pine Oil in Pine Pellet Litter

While the first thing we probably think of when it comes to essential oils are things like potpourri, essential oils are really just any natural oil.

The Risks of Phenol in Pine Pellet Litter

Why Should I Switch Over To Wood Pellets As Cat Litter

  • Clumping litters, if ingested when licked off paws, can create gastrointestinal obstructions
  • Clay is obtained by strip-mining, which is bad for the environment
  • Clay does not absorb odors well. Pine smells good. Everyone always tells me, “I can’t even smell that you have cats!”
  • Clay is heavy, and cleaning litter boxes can be a difficult chore. Wood pellet litter turns into a light, fluffy powder after the cats have peed on it. It’s very light and easy to clean.
  • Soiled clay litter cannot be composted. Scoop poop from wood litter, and you can use put the litter in compost or around plants you don’t bond with often.
  • Wood pellets are cheap. You can buy the wood stove type very inexpensively, or you can buy Feline Pine brand litter, which is a little more steeply priced but is still very economical.
  • Poop can be thrown in the toilet and flushed . Wood pellets don’t clog up your toilet in small amounts.

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Are Wood Pellets Safe For Cats

Energy Pellets of America makes wood pellets from recycled shipping pallets. The shipping pallets used in our production process are not chemically treated, which means they are 100 percent natural wood. No binding agents are used in our pellets. They are formed with heat and pressure in a pelletizing mill. This process means our pellets contain no chemicals that could be harmful to your cat.

Additionally, our animal bedding pellets are used in barns, stables and animal habitats across the country. Our pellets create a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment for livestock and other animals.

Will It Work In An Automatic Litter Box

Pet Pro (How to Use) Animation Film

In most cases, wood pellet litter isnt a good fit for automatic litterboxes. Thats because most automatic litterboxes use a sifting mechanism that just wont work with wood pellet litter and most of them are built around the use of clumping litter.

As the folks at LitterRobot explain, No, Feline Pine pellets are too large to pass through the sifting screen, which prevents the litter sifting system from working properly. Feline Pine clumping is also too fluffy to effectively pass through the sifting screen.

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