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Good Cat Food Brands Wet

Bha Bht And Ethoxyquin

Best Wet Cat Food Brands: What I Feed My Cats and How I Organize Them

These chemical preservatives have been linked to organ disease, cancer, and skin problems. Its easy to avoid BHA and BHT by selecting foods preserved with mixed tocopherols .

Ethoxyquin is more stealthy while its often not added to pet food itself, it can sneak a ride in with fish meal.

Because of the risk of dangerous preservatives entering the food at various points on the supply chain, its important to choose a transparent, communicative company that closely monitors their suppliers.

A Companys Recall History Can Tell You A Lot

Use your own judgment to evaluate the circumstances of, and response to, any given recall. A company with a history of constant recalls, deception, and secrecy is not one that you can trust. Theres no need to dismiss a company based on a single minor recall, provided that they responded to it swiftly, honestly, and effectively.

Best Cat Food: Our 2022 Top Rated Healthiest Cat Food Picks

When your cat is hungry, he lets you know by meowing incessantly or by inserting himself into whatever activity youre trying to do that doesnt involve feeding your cat.

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When youve finally had enough, you head to the cupboard or the pantry to pour your cat a bowl of food. Its something youve done hundreds of times, so you dont really think about it. You dont really think about what youre actually feeding your cat.

The truth of the matter is that all cat foods are not created equal.

Cat food manufacturers are businesses just like any other, and their number-1 goal will always be to make a profit. This isnt to say that all cat food companies are bad, but there are certainly more than a few of them out there that dont deserve a second glance.

But how do you know which cat food companies you can trust and which ones you cant?

Unfortunately, its not easy. If you want to be confident that youre feeding your cat a high-quality product that will meet his nutritional needs in the healthiest way possible, youre going to have to do a little bit of homework. Youre going to have to take matters into your own hands and learn how to identify the best cat food brands on the market.

Lucky for you, were here to help!

In this article, well give you the background information you need to pick the best cat food for your cat, AND well throw in some of our own personal recommendations to get you started.

Lets get to it!

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What Cat Food Ingredients Should I Avoid

Before buying your cat food, itâs always a good practice to read the label and stay clear of any potentially harmful ingredients. Some examples are:

  • Chemical preservatives, e.g. ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxyanisole which may increase risks of cancer
  • Thickening agents, e.g. carrageenan which could potentially increase risks of cancer
  • Fillers, e.g. grain products which may cause gastrointestinal upset

Blackwood Adult Cat Food Chicken Meal With Brown Rice

Best Wet Cat Food !

Best grain-free dry cat food

Made with all-natural chicken protein and brown rice, Blackwood Adult Cat Food has all the right nutrients for your furry friend. The best part is that it does not contain fillers such as soy, corn or wheat.

Blackwood does not use artificial colourings and flavourings, so itâs safe and healthy for your fur baby. If you want a high-quality, grain-free cat food for an adult cat, this is a good brand to look into.

Type: Dry cat food

Price: Mid-range

Suitable for: Cats aged between 1-7 years

Nutrition: 30% protein, 17% fat, 10% moisture, 3% fibre

Where to buy:Lazada

Suci & Bersih: Unable to find details

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Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken In Chicken Consomme Canned

Buy Online : $2.42/6 ounce canThe Tiki Pets Company is known primarily for producing gourmet wet foods for both cats and dogs. The Tiki Cat line of products features whole, human-grade shredded or sliced meats and seafood, available in nearly twenty different flavors. In addition to being protein-rich, these formulas are cooked in a flavorful broth to preserve the moisture content of the raw ingredients. The Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken in Chicken Consommé recipe features shredded chicken breast meat simmered in a flavorful chicken consommé and supplemented with vitamins and minerals as needed to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. This formula offers 18.5% crude protein and 2.3% crude fat with 0% crude fiber. These percentages translate to dry matter values of 84% protein and 10% fat. The beauty of this recipe is that it contains a minimal amount of main ingredients and that it is not just grain-free, but carb-free. The chicken used for this ingredient is also sustainably sourced and free from both hormones and antibiotics.

Which Is Better: Dry Or Wet Cat Food

Dry cat food has a lower water content while wet cat food has a much higher water content . Dry cat food is what many pet owners call âkibbles”. Wet cat food on the other hand, contains pieces of meat and is usually packed in a can or sealed pouch.

In general, dry cat food is cheaper and easier to store as compared to wet cat food. However, our feline friends usually prefer the taste of wet cat food due to its moist texture. Plus, wet cat food has a great source of nutrients as well!

It is generally recommended to feed your cat with dry cat food as a staple diet and provide wet cat food every few days as a treat. This way, you can ensure your cat receives the nutrients it needs while also not putting too much pressure on your wallet.

But do note that the cheaper option is not necessarily the best option for your cat! Here are some pros and cons between dry and wet cat foods:

Dry cat food

  • Convenient and easy to store
  • Can be left out for long periods of time
  • Less suitable for cats with low daily water intake

Wet cat food

  • Delicious and will make your cats happy
  • Good source of water and nutrients

Now that we understand the differences, letâs get into the exciting part – top cat food brands in Malaysia! We have arranged the brands from budget-friendly cat food to top-tier premium cat food.

Please note that this article is not sponsored nor do we recommend the products listed. We suggest that you do your own research to make an informed decision for your cat.

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Best Wet Cat Food For Diabetic Cats

An appropriate diet can help a diabetic cat to reverse the effects of this deadly disease. Therefore, it’s important to clear your choice of your diabetic cat’s diet with your veterinarian to make sure it will work for your cat. Cat Life Today’s top food pick for diabetic cats is the veterinarian-approved Royal Canin Feline Glycobalance Morsels in Gravy.

  • Guaranteed analysis: 9% protein, 1.5% crude fat, 2.0% crude fiber, and 83% moisture

  • First five ingredients: water sufficient for processing, chicken liver, chicken, pork liver, pork by-products

  • A case of 24 3-ounce cans is about $39 and requires a veterinary prescription

Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food


When it comes to pet food, and more specifically cat food, there is no brand that is quite as well-known as Purina. They are easily one of the most trustworthy brands out there when it comes to cat food and they are usually a pretty safe, if a bit pricey, bet when it comes to finding good cat food .

The way that this product is setup is simple. You get a pack of 24 cans, with 3 different flavors .

The flavors are fairly diverse, which can be a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, the different flavors may appeal to especially picky cats that get bored of things quickly. On the other hand, if your cat really likes one flavor, but hates the others, then you have essentially wasted 2/3rds of the pack.

In terms of quality, the name really tells you what you need to know about this food. The Fancy Feast food uses high-quality pieces of meat and other ingredients to produce a delicious food that appeals to a wide variety of cats. The meat or fish is contained in a gravy to help make it even more palatable.

One added benefit of going with food from a big name brand is that it means that you dont have to worry about things like ingredient purity. While it isnt a big concern, some pet owners get naturally worried when dealing with lesser known brands since they are less in the spotlight and have less of an image to protect, so slip-ups might be a bit more common.

  • Probably a bit pricey for some.

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The Best Wet Cat Food Contains The Right Amount Of Animal

Fat is the second-most important macronutrient in your cats diet. Cats require moderate amounts of fat to stay healthy.

Ideally, that fat should come from animal sources, so the best foods contain ingredients like chicken fat, salmon oil, beef fat, and krill oil. These ingredients contain an array of fatty acids that are easily utilized by your cats body.

Our Top Picks For The Best Cat Food Brands

There are dozens and dozens of cat food brands on the market, each with their own variety of products. Choosing the best cat food brand is not necessarily about picking the most expensive product it is about finding a high-quality cat food you can consistently afford.

Weve put together a list of our top 6 picks for the best cat food brands at different price points to give you some options.

  • Made By: Champion Pet Foods
  • Manufacturing: USA & Canada
  • Recalls: No cat food recalls to date

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The Best Budget Adult Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food doesn’t have to cost a premium to be nutritionally complete and balanced. The budget wet cat foods we recommend are significantly higher in protein than the 26% AAFCO minimum recommendation for healthy adult cats without kidney problems.

Both the percentage of protein a cat food contains and the sources of that protein are important, said Swanson. Animal-based proteins typically provide the 10 essential amino acids and levels of taurine a cat’s diet requires. Other animal- or plant-based proteins are sometimes added to meet nutritional needs.

Like pricier wet foods, these budget options also contain 78% to 82% moisture which helps to keep a cat feeling full for longer while providing them with an additional source of hydration. Whether your cat prefers to eat only wet food or you feed it as part of a diet mixed with kibble, these recipes are a reliable option.

We Looked For Foods That Kept Plant Protein To A Minimum

Best Natural Cat Food

While its unclear exactly where each source of plant protein lies on the digestibility spectrum, we do know that protein from peas, potatoes, and other plants is less efficient than that from animal ingredients. While a single prey animal offers all the amino acids a cat needs, plant ingredients need to be combined with animal protein and synthetic additives to recreate that mix of amino acids.

Furthermore, many cat guardians report that their cats have less waste when theyre eating a diet composed primarily of animal-sourced protein.

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What Are Aafco Standards

Since its establishment in 1906, the nonprofit Association of American Feed Control Officials has set nutritional guidelines for pet food in the United States. AAFCO is not a regulatory agency, but the regulatory FDA is an AAFCO member with a non-voting advisory role. AAFCO does not test, approve, or certify pet food brands. Instead, it defines the ingredient, labeling, and testing standards that establish whether a pet food is nutritionally complete for animals at different life stages.

A cat food that meets AAFCO’s minimum standards is considered complete and balanced at one of two life stages: growth and reproduction, which includes kittens and pregnant or lactating females, or adult maintenance, which is intended for cats over a year of age.

To meet the minimum AAFCO standard, an adult cat food must contain at least 26% protein, 9% fat, and essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Food for kittens up to a year of age and pregnant or lactating adults must have a minimum of 30% protein, 9% fat, and higher levels of vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorus than adult maintenance foods.

Other Wet Cat Foods We Reviewed

This limited ingredient formula is also grain-free to cater to cats with sensitivities to complex ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Contains Omega 3 and 6
  • No corn, soy, or wheat
  • Turkey is the main ingredient

Cost: $35 for 24

This canned wet cat food by Instinct has just one animal protein to limit your cats chances of having digestive troubles.

Key Features:

  • Made with sustainable, natural proteins
  • Contains natural Omega fatty acids

Cost: $33 for 24

These wet cat food trays are packed with complete nutrition for felines to support the digestive system and their overall health.

Key Features:

  • Convenient trays for single-use feeding
  • Added vitamin supplements for wholesome nutrition
  • Safety tests are conducted on every food batch

Cost: $40 for 24

This wet cat food is all natural, right down to its broth and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals from its chicken.

Key Features:

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Are Prescription Diets Good For Cats

There is no law saying that prescription foods can be sold only with a veterinarians prescription. They are not drugs or medication. Theyre food.

Quoting the FDA/CVM Communications Staff Deputy Director: Prescription diet is an industry-coined term and holds no legal meaning.

In many cases, prescription foods are perfect for the condition for which theyre marketed. Some prescription cat foods, however, are no better than the average food sold on a grocery store shelf.

A particularly ironic example is prescription dry food for urinary tract health. Because dry food can promote urinary tract disease, this marketing slant adds insult to injury. The final word on prescription cat food is that it can be both good or bad. Stay skeptical and evaluate each product on an individual basis. If youre unsure about evaluating prescription food options on your own, your veterinarian can help you.

A History Of Recalls Coverups And Scandal

Wet Cat Food Reviews

Some cat food brands are plagued with problems. Some facilities have done poorly in FDA inspections. Others have been implicated in crime. Recalls can happen to the best cat food brands, but good brands always handle them gracefully. In contrast, a bad cat food brand becomes even worse when things go wrong. Instead of issuing a recall and being frank about what happened, unscrupulous brands attempt to cover up the problem.

Secondly, recalls shouldnt happen more than once every five years. If your cat lives for fifteen years, and you continue to feed them they same food, they could be exposed to a recall three times or more. Thats gambling with your cats health.

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Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken Feast In Gravy

Cats are just wild over Fancy Feast. Experts point out that this relatively inexpensive brand has some offerings that are high in protein and low in carbs, such as this grilled chicken and gravy recipe thats 55% protein.

Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken Feast in Gravy

This recipe leads with grilled chicken.

Another option from Wellness, this grain-free, protein-powered paté comes in single-serve pouches, perfect for the choosy feline who wont tolerate leftovers. Real duck and chicken top the list of ingredients.

Wellness CORE Tiny Tasters Duck Paté Pouches

Real duck takes the lead in this convenient, single-serve pouch.

Best Wet Cat Foods In 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

While it might be great fun choosing beds and collars for your cat, nothing is more important for their health and wellbeing than the food that you choose for your furry friend. If youre considering switching cat foods or are deciding on a brand for your new kitten, youve probably noticed that this market is completely flooded with a huge range of options.

It can feel a little overwhelming, especially if youre not sure how you should go about deciding whats going to be the best choice for your cat. Luckily, weve done the hard work for you and selected the 10 best wet cat foods on the market in 2021. Our reviews will take you through each of these in detail, so by the end of this article, youll have no trouble deciding which is best for your cat!

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Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain With Venison & Smoked Salmon

Best overall dry cat food

Let your cat experience a Taste of the Wild with the Rocky Mountain recipe, complete with real pieces of deer meat and smoked salmon. With protein content of 42%, this cat food brand has one of the highest protein content you can get.

This is one of the few brands that cats of all ages and life stages can enjoy. Aside from protein, itâs highly packed with nutrients to improve your catâs heart and digestive health. While this brand is more on the pricier side, it is a highly recommended, nutritious option worth considering.

Type: Dry cat food

Price: Mid-range to expensive

Suitable for: Cats of all ages

Nutrition: 42% protein, 18% fat, 10% moisture, 3% fibre

Where to buy:Shopee | PETTO

Suci & Bersih: Unable to find details

How Do I Choose Wet Cat Food

10 Best Cat Food Brands From Taobao: Wet &  Dry Food  Blog ...

Each cat is different and so are their nutritional needs. Hence while selecting your wet cat food, remember to keep in mind your cats weight, any existing health issues and your budget. Our list gives you various options to choose from accordingly. Remember to always consult your veterinarian before changing your cats diet.

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