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How Long Is A Cat Pregnant For In Weeks

Week Ten: Day 64 Onwards

Kitten Care : How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

If your cats pregnancy makes it as far as ten weeks without delivery, you may simply find yourself playing a waiting game! Some cat breeds, particularly oriental cats such as the Siamese, generally make it a few days into their tenth week of pregnancy before delivering. If there is still no sign of the kittens by the end of the tenth week, however, you should consult your vet for advice and to check that nothing is wrong.

What Changes Should You Make To Your Cats Diet During Pregnancy

During her pregnancy, your cat needs food thats formulated to support growthor, in other words, kitten food. Queens should be fed kitten food during the entire pregnancy and while she is nursing her kittens, says Dr. Christman.

But the biggest change in your cats diet during pregnancy will have less to do with what she eats and more to do with how much she eats. During pregnancy the female cats food consumption increases and will reach approximately 1.5 times her level before she was pregnant, says Dr. Christman. At the end of the nursing period, her food consumption may exceed twice her pre-pregnancy amount.

How Can You Tell If A Cat Is Pregnant

Vahrenwald says the easiest way to tell if your cat is pregnant is when she looks heavier, but that might not be noticeable until she’s only two or three weeks from her due date. Even the more advanced methods take awhile, and can be expensive. Two of the nine weeks of a cat’s gestation period are gone by the time an ultrasound can determine pregnancy. And a cat pregnancy test won’t be effective unless your cat has been pregnant for nearly a month.

Your best bet to find out if your cat is really pregnant is to visit the veterinarian and get advice for next steps from there.

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Caring For Your Pregnant Queen

Its rare, but in the earliest stages of pregnancy, your cat may have “morning sickness” that might show up as a lack of appetite or vomiting. If that keeps happening, take them to the vet. With the surge of hormones and changes to their uterus, they may show signs of fatigue. This phase will eventually fade after those first few weeks pass.


Just like many other females in the animal kingdom carrying a bun in the oven , your cat may need extra food and calories while they are;expecting.

Theyll eat about 1.5 times their;normal diet as their;pregnancy draws to a close, so make sure they have;constant access to their;normal fare. Your vet will probably recommend that you feed your pregnant cat kitten food or food that’s labeled for pregnant and lactating cats throughout their;pregnancy and during the period they;nurse;their;young one.

Viruses can spread to kittens before theyre born, so keep up with your cat’s vaccination schedule. If your pregnant cat is due for their;regular vaccination and deworming/flea treatment or needs medication, check with your vet first to make sure the treatment is safe for them. It is best to vaccinate prior to breeding, as most vaccines are not safe to give during pregnancy.

How Long Is A Cat Pregnant What To Expect

Pregnant Cat Week By Week Pictures

If you have reason to believe that your cat is pregnant, there is no reason for concern. Your cat will know exactly what to do when the time comes, and there will be little you can do besides getting in the way. However, its common to have quite a few questions, including how long your cat will be pregnant. Keep reading while we answer all your questions so you and your cat can feel more at ease during this delicate time.

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Monitor Nursing And Lactation

Colostrum is the first milk that the mother cat produces for her kittens. It is imperative that the kittens receive an adequate amount of colostrum because it contains vital nutrients and immunoglobulins that are necessary for proper immune system maturation.

Newborn kittens should be nursing every one to two hours, so your cat will likely be with them constantly;for the first week or two.;If you think that your cat may not be producing milk, or isnt letting the kittens nurse, contact your veterinarian right away.;

Use caution when approaching the kittens, as some mothers may show aggression to humans;or other household pets if;they;perceive a threat.;

Avoid giving medications and vaccines while your cat is nursing.

If your cat becomes ill, call your veterinarian immediately and make sure to let them know that she is nursing so that they can prescribe safe medications if needed. Contact your vet if you your cat does any of the following:

  • Stops eating

  • Becomes very lethargic

  • Has redness and swelling in any of her mammary glands

How Many Kittens Make A Litter

The number of kittens per litter;varies.;One two or up to five kittens enter the world at once, sometimes even six! This depends on the breed as well as on the mating ritual:When did the female mate and with how many partners?

If the cat decides to mate again during the first three weeks of the gestation period, further fertilisation is well possible.

For that reason, kittens of the same litter often vary a lot from different fur and eye colour through to individual stages of development at birth.

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What Months Do Cats Go Into Heat

Cats will usually go into heat 6-9 months after they are born, but it can be as early as 4 months and as late as 12.; Cats like to have between 14 and 16 hours of daylight to mate, and this light can be natural or artificial, so it can happen nearly anytime. In North America, the typical breeding season runs from January to October. Cats only need a few weeks off after giving birth until they are ready to go into heat again and can have multiple litters per year.

Cat Pregnancy Symptoms: 4 To 8 Weeks

How long are cats pregnant?
  • Your cats belly is swelling! There are a few important notes surrounding this symptom. First, avoid touching your cats belly you dont want to cause them discomfort or injure the babies . If youre still not convinced that your cat may be pregnant, its time to get a professional involved. Thats because belly swelling is a common symptom for a few different cat ailments. Obesity is a big concern, along with organ enlargement, masses that might be revealed as tumors, and even parasites. A veterinarian will be able to rule out these, and other ailments.
  • Your cats nipples will also continue enlarging, turning a bright shade of pink. Your cat might start licking away the fur around the nipples, an instinctive behavior designed to make feeding easier for future kitties. At this point, you could also see a milky fluid coming from the nipples.
  • As time goes on, your cats appetite will likely increase, adding slightly more weight to support the pregnancy. While its good to make sure your cat has all the nutrition she needs to support her kittens, try not to overfeed your cat.
  • Due to increased pressure on her bladder, your cat might have accidents outside of the litter box.
  • Your cats behavior may noticeably change. As labor gets closer, she may become extra affectionate. Or, alternatively, she may become less tolerant of handling and other pets in the house.
  • Shell grow more restless the closer labor approaches as well.

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Cat Pregnancy Stages: A Week

  • Fact Checked

It seems as though cats get pregnant easily and often. Neutering and spaying your pets are very important in keeping the population under control and reducing how many kitties end up in shelters, on the streets, or euthanized.

Plus, cats that have been neutered or spayed are often healthier. However, things happen, and cats do have kittens, whether you plan for it or it just happens.

When your pet is conceiving, you may be wondering how long your cat will be pregnant, and what the cat pregnancy stages are from week to week. Hopefully, this brief guide will help give you some ideas on what to expect when your feline is pregnant.

What Does A Pregnant Cat Need

Your cats body is changing a lot during pregnancy and the needs therefore are different from those of a non-pregnant female.;What should you be aware of? What could potentially be harming for mother and offspring? How can you make the gestation period;as pleasant as possible for our animal?

Provide enough light and airfor the mother-to-be.;Exercise in moderation is always a good idea.;However, high jumps are to be avoided as well as cat fights, which can not only cause stress but are potentially dangerous for your cat as well.;

No need to pamper your cat or treat it like a porcelain doll, but try to avoid stressful and unfamiliar situations.;;

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Weight Gain And Appetite

Your cat will gain weight;but she will not really begin to show until the last few weeks. That is also when her appetite will increase the most, and now is not the time for watching her weight . Remember, she is not only eating for one anymore. She may be eating for several!

Cats have been known to get morning sickness and cravings, just like people, but if you find your cat;eating dirt, or anything else that is not food, check with your vet. She may have a condition called pica, and may need supplements due to a nutritional imbalance or mineral deficiency.

What To Expect During The Delivery:

Pregnant cat in agony after being dropped in hot tar ...

Generally, cats can handle things themselves so ensure that you dont make your cat feel stressed or threatened by being too close. Just observe and intervene if you are needed, otherwise let mama do her thing.

What To Prepare:;

Preparing for a cat delivery is very similar to a human one, its all about being organised.

  • Make sure you have all of your vet details and have your pet carrier nearby in case of any complications or emergencies.
  • Prepare towels or old cloth/blankets to help clean off the kittens if they need it. Plus blankets will need to be replaced post-birth in the nest.
  • You could also be extra prepared and buy kitten milk, in the event your cat cant feed properly but as long as you know where to get it from, you can probably wait until you know you need it.

The First Signs of Labour

Your cat could be going into labour if she is exhibiting some of these signs:

  • Vomiting
  • Excessive Grooming
  • Refusal To Eat

*If you notice any bleeding prior to labour, this needs emergency medical attention and could indicate something is wrong.;

Length of Labour

Stage 1: 12-36 hours

Stage 2 : 5-60 minutes note that some cats can rest during active labour so it may seem longer but this time assumes that your cat is experiencing contractions.

Stage 3 : 0-10 minutes after the last kitten

*From stage 2-3 you shouldnt expect it to take more than 6 hours total.*;

How Long Between Kittens?

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How Is A Cat Pregnancy Diagnosed

While you can be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that your cat is pregnant, youll need a trip to the vet to confirm for sure.

Veterinary examinations should be carried out as soon as you suspect your queen is pregnant, says Dr. Christman. There are a few different ways your vet may confirm your cats pregnancy according to WebMD:

  • Enlargement and pink color of the teats and mammary glands
  • Ultrasound
  • Abdominal palpation of the uterus, individual fetuses, and fetal membranes
  • Ultrasonic detection of placenta and fetal heartbeat
  • X-ray of the abdomen

Its also important to check in with your vet to make sure your cat is thriving and hitting all the benchmarks of a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Christmas recommends at least one check-in during a cats pregnancy to make sure the mother cat is an appropriate weight, meeting nutritional requirements and overall healthy.

How To Prepare For The Birth

During the last week of pregnancy, place the kittening box in a warm, quiet, draft-free room which is off-limits to children and other pets. She should be encouraged to sleep in this box.

Food, water, and a litter tray also need to be placed in this room.

Line the kittening box with old newspapers which can easily be changed or an old blanket. Make sure that the blanket isnt going to snag the kittens claws. Change bedding daily.

Do not let the pregnant cat outside in the final week or two of pregnancy.

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I Think My Cat Is Pregnant Right Now What Should I Do

If your kittys pregnancy took you by surprise, dont worryyou certainly wouldnt be the first pet parent thats happened to!

The best things you can do now are to confirm the pregnancy and talk to your vet about your kittys care.

Signs your cat might be pregnant, include:

  • Enlarged mammary glands or nipples.
  • Weight gain and a larger belly.
  • Mild vomiting, loss of appetite, or lethargy.

Some of these symptoms may not be obvious. And, they could be symptoms of a health problem that needs to be treated.

So, its best to make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

If youd prefer to terminate the pregnancy, your vet can also talk to you about spaying your cat during pregnancy. For this option, the earlier you talk to your vet, the better.

Watch The Mating Behaviour

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant – Spotting the Signs of a Pregnant Cat – Pregnant Cat

Rolling about, setting off distinct fragrances, loud mewing and maybe even tail and bottom pointing upwards all are symptoms to say: Its mating season!;;

This means the cat is on heat and ready to mate.;Some cats even loose their appetite during this period.;Normally, this randy phase lasts until a suitable mating partner is found, then its back home again.

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Rponse Exacte : 58 72 Jours

Les chats sont l’un des animaux de compagnie les plus aimés au monde. Ils sont mignons, moelleux et adorables. Si vous êtes un parent de chat, vous devez être intéressé par le temps qu’il faut à un chat pour mettre bas les chatons.;;

La gestation des chattes est connue sous le nom de reine. Une fois que votre bébé chat est capable d’accoucher, vous pouvez officiellement l’appeler reine ! Quand les reines sont en chaleur, et si elle participe à un accouplement réussi, alors dans deux mois environ, vous pouvez vous attendre à de beaux chatons.

Will My Cat Remove These Membranes

The queen will usually remove these membranes and sever the umbilical cord. If she becomes tired, or is inexperienced and fails to do so, you can gently tear the membrane from the kitten’s nose and mouth. Immediately following the removal of the membrane the kitten should start breathing, move around and find a nipple and begin suckling.

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Understanding The Signs And Stages Of Pregnancy And Advice On Caring For Your Pregnant Queen

Cats can become pregnant very easily. Pregnancy can occur whenever a female is in heat, which takes place several times a year from spring to autumn. The average feline pregnancy lasts between 60 and 65 days. As female cats are able to become pregnant from 4 months old , it is recommended to have your cat spayed as close as possible to this age to avoid adding to the unwanted cat population. However, if you are planning to breed your cat, this is what to expect when she is expecting.

Will My Cat’s Behavior Change During Pregnancy

Week By Week Cat Pregnancy Timeline

During pregnancy, the cat’s behavior alters very little, although some cats become more loving, and a few become aggressive. During the final week, the queen may search for a suitable kittening bed or nest. The pregnant cat should be confined indoors at this time. It is important that you are able to monitor your cat closely to witness any complications.

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How Long Are Cats Pregnant And What Happens During Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered how long female cats get pregnant for compared to humans? And what really goes on when a cat becomes pregnant?

Well, the short answer is that female cats are pregnant for around nine weeks. During this time period, a cat might also show visible signs of change, including putting on weight, having a swollen abdomen, and even morning sickness.

Heres what you need to know about how long female cats are pregnant for and what exactly happens to a cat during pregnancy.

Pourquoi Une Chatte Est

La grossesse du chat peut être divisée en trois phases principales. Les deux premières phases durent environ un mois, tandis que la troisième dure environ une semaine. La première semaine de gestation du chat comporte deux phases. Au cours des deux premières semaines, presque aucun symptôme ne peut prouver la grossesse. Ces changements subtils sont principalement comportementaux. Les deux semaines suivantes de cette phase donnent des indications sur la grossesse. Des changements physiques commencent à se produire.;

La deuxième phase implique des changements physiques majeurs. Cette phase est assez importante car la croissance maximale des chatons se produit dans cette phase. Queen commence à manger plus de nourriture. En tant que parent de chat responsable, il faut commencer à lui donner des aliments plus nutritifs au cours de cette phase. Au cours des huit premières semaines de gestation, les chatons sont complètement développés.

La dernière phase est la phase de pré-travail et de travail. Cela peut durer jusqu’à une semaine ou plus. En tant que parent de chat, vous pouvez commencer à aider la reine à s’installer dans un endroit calme, adapté aux chats et sûr. La reine donne généralement naissance aux chatons sans presque aucune intervention humaine. Il y a peu de risques de complications pendant la grossesse chez le chat.

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