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Kittens For Sale Dallas Tx

We Can Have Our Pet Nanny Fly Your Baby To You Under The Seat If You Cant Get To Dfw

Dallas City Council votes to ban sale of cats and dogs at pet stores

We are centrally located 8 miles from Dallas/Ft Worth airport and can fly your Texas Ragdoll anywhere without much discomfort. We are offer Pet Nanny services for $50 anywhere in the Dallas metroplex and we can fly your baby out to any major airport in the United States for an additional fee. You are responsible for the airfare and the fee for taking the baby on the plane, and we will pay the pet nanny. They will have safe passage and our personal care every step of the way til they are safely delivered to you. This service is less expensive the farther out you plan, so please let us know in advance. Call or text inquiries to 682-262-7355.

We sell Ragdolls in All Fifty States! And we can have a Pet Nanny carry them to you.


The Perfect Social Cat For Your Family

Maine Coon cats are already some of the most social cat breeds, our breeders and kittens are even more so.

Our Maine Con kittens for sale are all constantly exposed to multiple generations of kids, grandkids, and even a great grandchild! If you are looking for a playful, snuggly fur ball youve found it.

Your Maine Coon Cats Health Is Guaranteed

Just like other breeds, Maine Coon cats can have health issues. Our cattery has seen it all and is prepared for anything.

We have a dedicated building for quarantining babies and mamas so that their health is never in jeopardy.

In the rare case, that an a health problem arises we offer a 6 month health guarantee on all Maine Coon kittens for sale.

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How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Cost In Texas

Ragdolls Cats in Texas Can Cost the Highest in The Country. Priced Starting at $500 for Young Adult Cats, expect to pay up to $2000 for Spayed/Neutered Ragdolls with a 5 Year Genetic Health Guarantee Against HCM. Breeder Quality and Show Quality Ragdolls are in excess of $3500 For International Champion Pedigrees. Buyer Beware of Low Priced 10 week Old Kittens Advertised on Google Search Paid Ads, Craigslist, and Facebook, As These are 100% Fake. Kittens Being Advertised Outside of Texas Should Be Avoided.

We are Located Near Dallas, Houston, Austin, & San Antonio. We will meet you in person with your Ragdoll Kitten when it is ready for Adoption.

I Raise Ragdoll Kittens & Cats Intended For a Lifetime Filled With Joy for Families or Anyone Who Wants to Experience the Exceptional Companionship of a Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Kittens will be spayed or neutered at my veterinarian, vaccinated twice, any other age appropriate veterinarian work, and litter box trained when adopted. My adults have been DNA tested for health issues like HCM and all my kittens and cats are free of Felv/Fiv.

Located Within Driving Distance To:Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas Hill Country Including Austin & San Antonio, and Southeast Texas Including The Houston area.USA and World Wide Airline Shipping or Hand Delivery of your baby to you Is Available.

One Of The Largest Catteries In Texas

Savannah Cats For Sale

The Posh Maine Coon Cattery was started roughly 8 years ago and has quickly grown into one of the largest catteries with Maine Coon kittens for sale in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and even Texas. Becky, the owner has always loved animals and has always bred animals including, dogs, birds, cats, and even flying squirrels. Once, she became a Maine Coon breeder, her heart was struck and she never went back.

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Judge’s Antisemetic Views Tainted Murder Trial Of Texas 7 Escapee Prosecutors Say

If there are violations in the last two years, I ban the breeder from working with our store, Suk said.

But animal activists, many wearing yellow T-shirts, insisted the Dallas Petland store has recently purchased animals from puppy mills, where conditions are inhumane.

We have to put our foot down today to make a difference in this horrific problem, said Tommy Habeeb with the Forever Family Rescue Foundation.

Customers with good and bad experiences purchasing puppies from Petland spoke to the city council.

But after the long list of speakers, the Dallas City Council vote in favor of the new law was unanimous.

The Dallas Petland Store is in Council Member Gay Donnell Willis District 13.

Nine other cities in Texas and more than 400 across the country have the wisdom to ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores, Willis said.

Councilman Jesse Moreno said he once had a bad experience purchasing a puppy from a store and does not want other people to have that chance.

We will all still have the opportunity to get new dogs and cats from our local shelters or find breeders after doing research, Moreno said.

Councilman Omar Narvaez said he appreciated the remarks of store employees who seem sincere in their desire to be good to animals and customers. But, he was persuaded by the information from animal activists.

I will be supporting this ordinance because it’s the right thing to do, Narvaez said.

Petland owner Suk said he will be forced to close.

Maine Coon Cats In Every Color

Our Maine Coon Cats are often available in some of the rarest colors in the breed.

Dont see a color that you are looking for? Send us a message and we can reserve the next one that comes up.

A Maine Coon Cat IsA Perfect Companion For Your Family

If youre looking for a maine coon kittens for sale in texas, consider adopting a from Posh Maine Coon cattery. These adorable kittens are known for their friendly personality and playful nature, and they make great pets for families with children. In this blog post, well provide more information about Maine Coon kittens for sale. Well also discuss some of the benefits of owning a Maine Coon kitten, so if youre thinking about adding one of these cuties to your home, keep reading!

Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world. They are known for their large size, long fur, and friendly personality. Maine Coons make great pets because they are very playful and enjoy spending time with their owners. They also have a strong hunting instinct, so they can be great at catching rodents or other pests around the house. Our Maine Coon kittens for sale are some of the largest and most healthy in all of the US.

Maine coon cats are one of the most social cat breeds. They love to be around people and other animals. They are very playful and love to play fetch and chase games. They also love to snuggle and be around their family.

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Welcome To Ragdoll Blues

Beautiful pic Susan! Thank you!

Lyndal G thank you for such a beautiful update! My kittens are blessed to have you for their mommie!!!

Ragdoll kittens love their buddies!! They are TERRIFIED of Collars! Please get them a friend and do not use a collar. Use a HARNESS if needed to place on a leash

Kittens are fully vaccinated and wormed before going home. All kittens are raised underfoot and not in cages. They all sleep in my lap and in my bed. I love them as a family member!

I feed both wet and dry food. Lifes Abundance..Human grade Organic meats and purified water.

I am available by phone, text or email. I respond immediately and you do not have to feel like a second class citizen as you wait days for a breeder to return your call. I value my clients and treat you professionally and with the respect and service I would want. I do follow the Golden Rule! I will be glad to guide you with the years of advice both as a Registered Nurse and as a Breeder.

Your Comfort delights my soulPsalm 94:19

Thank you for such beautiful pictures of your babies Kathy! I love to see my elegant babies all grown up and happy in their new homes!

Thank you for your participation and sharing your beautiful babies with everyone!

We Breed Selectively To Produce Beautiful Fluffy And Friendly Ragdolls Of Only The Best Quality In Health And Temperament All Of Our Babies Are Raised In Close Contact With Our Family And They Are Treated With Round The Clock Care And Love Until They Are Ready To Make The Big Move To Your Home Our Kittens Are Exposed To Normal Household Sounds And Even Dogs So That They Are Well Socialized Before They Leave We Believe This Naturalistic Approach To Raising These Ragdoll Kittens Is Reflected In Their Temperament And Our Buyers Agree They Love Their Humans When Your Babies Go Home They Will Be Happy And Healthy Plus Very Comfortable With Being Loved They Will Adjust Quickly & Easily To Your Home And Will Be Your Little Buddy For Life

North Dallas Horse Training and Boarding farm for sale, DFW Texas

Our boy Wally, a Mitted Seal Colourpoint at one year old was fed nothing but TLC cat food, a complete dry cat food they can eat from kitten to cat. We recommend you keep them on the same food for their whole lives as we have done. It builds their immune system, gives them a great coat and promotes good overall health. We encourage all of our families to check out their website and order ahead!

See our Caring for your Ragdoll page for all the links!!

Wally is happy to watch nature shows or sports with us day and night

Wally is the king of the TV Tray!

For more information on reserving one of our gorgeous babies, call/text 682-262-7355

We respond to texts and emails throughout the process so you can be assured your baby is progressing. We send pictures to you frequently of your Ragdoll baby so you can watch them grow.

We use filtered water for all of our cats and kittens and recommend you do the same once they are home.

Our breeder Sires and Queens are all TICA registered. We send out blue slips to you once we receive proof of spay from you. Neuter can occur anytime after 4 months but we recommend doing it much later for proper growth.

We offer an additional $200 discount when buying a 2nd kitten because they are much more fun in pairs! This can be applied to a future litter as well. Ask for details.

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We Take Your Kitten’s Health Seriously

Cat-Loving, Highly-Skilled VetsGood veterinarians are hard to find but we think we have found the very best. We wish to thank Dr. Charles Kerin, Dr. Toby Wallis, Dr. Brad Abraham, Dr. Greg Myers and the absolutely wonderful staff at Parker Road Veterinary Hospital in Wylie, Texas, for their unfailing wisdom, guidance and kindness.With their help, we are confident that the kittens we place are beautiful, well-socialized and above all, healthy. If you are in the area, we highly recommend that you arrange for continued regular vet care for your pet, so that it enjoys a long and happy life as a cherished member of your family.

Windysweptt Napoleon And Himalayan Persian Kittens

Windysweptt Napoleons and Himalayans specialize in the Napoleons and Himalayan Persian kittens. They are located in the south of Dallas, TX. Their rooms are equipped with a separate area for their beloved animals. Additionally, their kittens are dewormed and provided with a one-year health guarantee against serious genetic flaws.

There are two options for adopting their cat: either send a $100 litter deposit and pay the remaining balance once the kitten arrives, or wait until the litter is born and reserve a kitten with a 50% deposit. Unfortunately, they dont ship their kittens worldwide..

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More Ragdoll Kitten Adoption Information

My Kittens Are Raised In My Home. Ragdoll Cats Are Curious, Intelligent, and Sociable. Each individual kitten will have a unique personality just like kids in a classroom. Ragdoll cats are playful and long lived.

I am a breeder of traditional blue eyed Ragdolls. Colors include seal and blue. I also have non traditional Fun and Unique Colors. Patterns or colors include flame, tortie, chocolate, lilac, fawn, and cinnamon. With my adult breeders, I can have a wide range of colors and patterns.

UsaDolls is centrally located in the heart of Texas. I am located 3 hours south of Dallas, 2 hours northwest of San Antonio, less than 2 hours from Austin and Houston. Hand delivery is available to the Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio metropolitan areas and in-between.

I have also shipped my kittens to all over the Unites States, and locations outside the USA. Recent locations have been Baltimore Maryland, San Diego and San Francisco California, Phoenix Flagstaff Arizona, Bozeman Montana, and Naples and Tampa Florida.

Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions Has Been Working Since 2006 To Find Good Homes For Cats And Kittens And A Few Dogs

Himalayan &  Persian Kitten Breeder in Dallas

Due to the pandemic we have developed a safe and easy appointment based adoption system. Now, more than ever, you can make a difference.

We have adoptable cats and kittens on display at Petco Casa Linda, Petco Carrollton, Petco Prestonwood, Petco Richardson, Petco Las Colinas, and Petco Mesquite all the time. You can view them there and then reach out to us to find out more and if there is a match, set up a meeting.

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Persian Kitten For Sale In Texas: Persian Cat Breeders In Texas

There are many Persian kittens for sale in Texas. The state has some of the top cat breeders in the country. If you are looking for a Persian kitten, you will have no trouble finding a breeder in Texas who can provide you with one.

The Persian is a popular cat breed, which is quite popular among cat lovers. You should have no problem finding a breeder in Texas who can provide you with a Persian kitten. However, if you dont want to go through the hassle of roaming throughout Texas looking for CFA-recognized catteries, we have listed 11 Persian cat breeders that sell healthy kittens in Texas. Go through the breeders websites for desired Persian kittens.


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