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Best Flooring For Cats And Dogs

Why Laminate Might Not Be The Best Flooring For Pets

Best floors if you have pets

Even if you buy from the best laminate flooring brands, youre inviting disaster if you buy a non-waterproof laminate floor. The best flooring for dogs simply has to be waterproof.

Additionally, the protective coating that makes laminate scratch resistant can also make it slippery. Your dog may have a difficult time moving easily on laminate floors, so the trade-off may not be worth it. You can, however, try a textured type of laminate so that your dog can get some traction.

Finally, as with any other composite, laminate isnt always the most eco-friendly flooring choice. Some products like Armstrong laminate flooring arent even sold in the US anymore because of chemical issuesso be sure to shop for non-toxic laminate flooring only.

What Flooring Is The Most Scratch Resistant

Laminate flooring is the ideal pet friendly flooring when it comes to resisting scratches and dents. This is due to its durable print layer on the surface of all planks, allowing it to withstand scratches and dents to a greater extent when compared with other options. Particular surface finishes and types of laminate flooring will also improve concealment of scratches if they do occur. However, waterproofing should be a more important factor in making your decision. Hybrid flooring gives you the perfect balance of waterproofing and durability to hold against pet urine and increased wear and tear.

How Do You Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

LVP is relatively easy to install, meaning the cost to install vinyl plank flooring is very appealing. You have multiple options, so you can go with whichever sounds easiest to you and whichever will best suit your needs.

Basically, there are two main methods:

  • Glue-down vinyl plank flooring .
  • Floating vinyl plank flooring .
  • What is a floating floor? Its a floor that isnt attached to the surface below it. And there are two main types of floating vinyl floors:

  • Loose lay vinyl plank flooring .
  • is type of LVP installation. This method uses special grooves in the side of each plank to join the floor together, creating a seamless surface.

    Are there some disadvantages of floating floors? Yesbut almost all of them can be solved by using a proper underlayment for vinyl flooring rather than putting them directly atop the subfloor.

    Note:peel and stick vinyl plank flooring isnt generally the best flooring for dogs. Its more of a temporary fix and wont stand up to running puppies for long.

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    Porcelain Or Ceramic Tile Flooring

    Similar to stone, porcelain or ceramic tile floors are is a good choice in terms of wear and tear for pets. It wont scratch easily. If pets dont manage to make it outside before relieving themselves, the urine wont damage the condition of the floor as it would with hardwood. However, much like stone, the surface is hard and uncomfortable for pets to lie on, but rugs will help.

    Select A Carpet With Great Stain Protection And Consider A Polyester And/or Solution Dyed Products

    Best Flooring Options for Dogs &  Cats (Pet

    Polyester and solution dyed products hold color better. Most carpets these days come with stain protection. When the stain protection is applied before the carpet is tufted , that is ideal is it is part of the fiber and protects you from root to tip. As mention above, be careful when you get your carpet cleaned or clean it yourself. Many of these methods extract some of the stain protection.

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    Proper Care And Maintenance Tips

    Regardless of which flooring option you go with, you will need to take care of it. Proper cleaning and maintenance are an essential part of having floors.

    For carpet, regular vacuuming is required. You will also need to spot treat any stains, accident areas or spills. You should also invest in regular steam cleanings and carpet shampooing to keep the carpet clean, deodorized and fresh.

    For hard flooring surfaces, a sweep and damp mop are generally all you need. Some floor types will require special cleaners to protect the surface layers. You should also avoid true wet mops on floors that arent waterproof.

    If you have flooring that is attached to the subfloor with glue or adhesives, steam mopping should never be performed. However, damp mops and dust mops are ideal for most situations. If you have accidents, spills or messes, they need to be cleaned up or treated right away, no matter how proof the flooring is.

    Attitude Floor Cleanerpet Safe

    Key Specification:

    ATTITUDE floor cleaner is a biodegradable floor cum surface cleaner that is made up of minerals and plant-based ingredients like Saponin . Typically, it has that citrus aroma which is pleasant to your pets. Also, it is dermatologically-tested and hence does not cause any irritation or itchiness. Because it does not contain any irritating or synthetic fragrance.

    ATTITUDE claims the safety of the product by assuring people that kids can walk barefoot on the floor. Also, its a pet-friendly floor cleaner, completely safe around kids and pets.

    Usually, it is best suited for tiled floors and wooden floorings . And, for the best performance, mix one-fourth of the cleaner with 4 liters of normal tap water and rinse the floor after use. After all, in case you come across a tough stain, pour the liquid directly on it and rub it with a mop.

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    Cat Friendly Carpeting Carpets That Work Well With Cats

    Cats are a very important part of the household, and my customers know I love cats . I own 2 catsor maybe I should say, they own me and allow me to pay the mortgage. Cats are wonderful, but sometimes they can do number on carpets, so its ideal to select a carpet that will co-exist well with your cat. What types of carpets are best for cats?

    Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page

    The most common issue with cats are that the carpet pulls . But,, there can also be issues with hair balls, vomit, spraying and urine. Once you have spraying and/or urine in the carpet, its nearly impossible to solve short of removing the carpet. Thats because of 2 things. First, cats can smell much better than we can. Second, usually, these items penetrate beneath the carpet into the carpet pad and the backing, so even the best carpet cleaning will never fully solve the issue. You need to remove all evidence of the smell and start fresh.

    Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

    The Best Flooring for Dogs (and Other Pets) | Ask BuildDirect

    I want you to completely forget about everything you have known about vinyl floors in the past. They are the fastest-growing market segment in the flooring industry today!


    Because they have come a long way in terms of looks, style, technology, and overall performance.

    They are now the go-to choice for many contractors and homeowners alike regarding furnishing homes, apartments, townhomes, retail stores, and many other applications.

    They come in many different styles, but the most popular right now isluxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles .

    Vinyl flooring for dogs brings a lot of advantages. They are:

    • Resilient
    • Waterproof.

    Water, pee, vomit, drool, or feces wont do a darn thing to them.

    I have installed plenty of this stuff all over Dallas-Fort Worth in both commercial and residential settings, and its worked out just fabulous for the client.

    Its not all sunshine and rainbows, however.

    While putting vinyl plank flooring in your home may be great for you and your dog, the value of your home will not increase in any way. Just do your homework first, but if this is not an issue, then this is an excellent floor for any dog.

    Luxury vinyl flooring comes in two categories:

  • SPC
  • WPC
  • I highly recommend going for a WPC over an SPC because it has more give and not as hard on the joints. Stone composites are specifically made for commercial applications, so theyre considerably harder underfoot.

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    Natural Stone Or Tile

    Stone and tile floors are some of the most sought-after when it comes to our pets. There are a lot of benefits to having these harder, colder floors in our homes. There are several negative aspects as well, though.

    While stone and tile are easily 100% waterproof , that isnt everything. However, your home can flood and stone or tile would most likely remain undamaged. The problem is that they are smooth.

    For animals who run around the house or like to play around, the potential for slipping and falling are greater. Rounding a corner can easily result in larger dogs having their rear legs go out from under them and slamming their hips into the hard surface. For older pets, this can mean serious injury.

    The floors stay cold, though and this can help your pets stay cool. They will love to lay and stretch out on the colder surface to cool their bellies and paws.

    Tile is easily stained though, with or without pets. Colored foods and liquids, muddy footprints, and other staining items like sprays and chemicals, can all leave their mark. For this reason, natural stone and tile floors are higher in care and maintenance than other floor types.

    One of the biggest drawbacks, though, is that these floors almost always require professional installation. Unless you are heavy into DIY projects, the cost of installation may put you over budget.


    Carpet With Darker Colors

    If you have a cat that regularly has accidents or claws at the carpet, a darker-colored carpet may solve both of your problems, at least aesthetically. Lighter colors dont hide pee stains or claw marks well, but darker colors do. While they wont stop your cats from peeing or clawing on them, they can hide these eyesores and make for less maintenance on your part.

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    Pros Of Laminate Flooring For Pets

    • Can be slippery for paws: To make your laminate floor more pet-friendly, choose an option that has a textured or embossed finish which can help prevent your pet from slipping. If youd rather have a smooth laminate floor, an area rug will help your pet feel safer and more at home.
    • Not as durable as hardwood flooring: While laminate is made to look like hardwood flooring, its not quite as strong. Though laminate is progressing more and more in the way it is constructed making it more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

    Pet Friendly Flooring A Comprehensive Guide

    Want the best pet

    You can find a pet in one in two homes in the UK, which equals to around 20 million pets owned in the UK alone. That’s a huge amount of lucky animals living with individuals, couples and families in their homes.

    As lovely as it is to have a furry friend, we all have to weigh up the pros and cons prior to making that lifetime commitment of being responsible for an animal.

    With pets in the home, your choice of flooring becomes even more important. Why? Dogs and Cats are just as hard, if not harder, than people on soft furnishings and flooring surfaces. So how can I protect my flooring from any potential pet damage?

    We may not be able to provide you with any advice on puppy and kitten training however when it comes to protecting your home we can help you ensure that you have the best pet friendly flooring so youre not forking out for a new floor in a few months time!

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    Why Bamboo Might Not Be The Best Flooring For Pets

    All our gushing about bamboo doesnt mean its without faults. For one thing, bamboo doesnt do very well with moisture. A minor accident here and there may be fine if wiped up quickly, but too much water will cause terrible damage.

    The quality of bamboo flooring can also run the gamut. To ensure that your floors are scratch-proof, youll need the right kind. The best bamboo flooring is strand woven bamboo, whereas horizontal and vertical plank bamboo floors are a little less heavy-duty.

    Again: bamboo can be some of the best flooring for petsbut you need to make sure to get the right kind.

    Wood With A Rustic Look

    Another thing to consider when selecting the best hardwood flooring for dogs and pets is the style of the floor. If your furry pal is prone to scratching, you may want to choose engineered flooring with a rustic look. This can be a floor with a delustered finish that already has some texture or stressing on it. When you pick a floor with a rustic style, any scratch marks your pets make will blend in, because your hardwood already appears worn.

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    A Guide To The Best Flooring For Pets

    When it comes to choosing flooring for our homes, you don’t want to spend lots of money on a new floor to end up regretting it days, weeks or months down the line when you realise you had unfortunately made the wrong decision.

    As much as we love and care for our pets, they can wreak havoc with new carpets and scratch floors with their claws. It’s not their fault of course, but it’s important that they are factored in to your decision when choosing a new surface.

    In this guide we are going to look at the best and worst kinds of flooring for our pets, considering the pros and cons of each type of flooring for each pet including practicality, comfort and cleaning ease.

    Ruffwear Dirt Bag Seat Cover

    Is hardwood good with dogs, cats, or other large animals? Capell Flooring

    Protect your vehicle seats from wet or muddy paws with this seat cover made of durable waterproof polyester fabric. Its easy to install and attaches securely to the seat. Seatbelt access points provide use of seatbelts and harnesses.

    Side flaps protect seats during entry and exit and a zippered pocket can be used to hold leashes, treats, and pick-up bags, then conveniently stores the cover when not being used.

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    Which Type Of Wood Flooring Is Best For Dogs

    If real wood is the most important thing to you, then engineered wood with a thick protective finish is the best option. It will cost you extra but can save you refinishing costs in the long run.

    Theres no great answer to this question. Wood and dogs simply arent a great combination. However, this is your best option if wood matters to you. And your resale value will thank you.

    Engineered Hardwoodthe Only Type Of Wood Flooring For Dogs

    If you have your heart set on buying hardwood floors, make sure theyre engineered rather than solid.

    Lets get this out of the way: engineered hardwood is notfake wood flooring. It is 100% real wood and is one of the most durable wood flooring options you can find. So then, what is engineered hardwood, exactly?

    Engineered hardwood planks are made of 2 layers: a hardwood veneer on top of a layer of high-performance plywood. This differs from solid hardwood planks, which are precisely thatsolid hardwood all the way through.

    Solid wood is prone to warping and bending when it gets wet engineered wood is less so.

    Additionally, engineered wood almost always comes as prefinished hardwood flooring. This is very important, as prefinished wood floors are much more durable than finished-on-site wood floors .

    Finally all waterproof hardwood flooring options are made of engineered wood. And if you want the best flooring for dogs, youre going to want something waterproof.

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    Which Vinyl Plank Floor Variety Is Best For Pets

    If you look through the best vinyl plank flooring brands, youll find each floors core layer is an essential factor to consider.

    Youll find flexible vinyl plank flooring, EVP flooring, and a whole lot more. The important thing to remember: rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is generally more durable than flexible core luxury vinyl flooring. And that generally makes it better flooring for dogs.

    Additionally, there are many different types of rigid vinyl plank floorsSPC flooring and WPC flooring being the most popular.

    Note: While SPC is more dent-resistant, dogs tend to prefer WPC because its a bit softer.

    Best Flooring Options For Dog And Cat Owners


    After the excitement of owning a new pet winds down, its time you start answering some practical questions, such as, How do I keep my furry friend from destroying my floors?

    Due to the popularity of having fur babies, this question plagues thousands of people across the country. Currently, 48 percent of homes in the United States own dogs, and 38 percent own cats. While they are adorable, having pets means you run the risk of them damaging your flooring via scratching, shedding, and having accidents.

    However, just because you have a pet doesnt mean your homes appearance has to suffer. There are plenty of pet flooring options that can withstand the wear and tear that pets dish out without staining, turning dull, and becoming scratched.

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    Types Of Flooring To Avoid

    Regardless of the type of flooring you end up choosing, they all require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking pristine. This is especially true for dog owners, who are no strangers to dirt and debris being tracked inside the house, as well as pet hair and dander, and general wear and tear. Follow the tips below to keep your floors looking and feeling clean.


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