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Litter Robot Reviews For Multiple Cats

Do Cats Like The Litter

It’s hard to tell we have multiple cats | Litter-Robot Review

In short, most usually. They love it as much as we humans do, but for different reasons. At first, many cats will be intrigued by the Litter-Robots cycling process, which draws them in. Amys cats, for example, started using the Litter-Robot within the first two hours of bringing it home. One reader also claimed her kitten jumps in as soon as the Robot starts cycling and wont get out, thats how much it enjoys it thankfully the Litter-Robot stops cycling as soon as it feels weight inside, so he cannot get hurt.

Readers Comments:

Why Do Cats Refuse To Use The Litter Box

There are a number of reasons why your cat may refuse to use the litter box. Lets look at some of them:

  • Accessibility The litter box is not easily accessible to them. If the litter box feels like too much work to reach or if access to it is obstructed in any way, your cat may simply refrain from using it.
  • Cleanliness Cleanliness is another important factor for cats. If the litter box is not clean enough or isnt frequently thoroughly cleaned, your cat may simply not choose it for its needs.
  • Litter There should be at least two inches of litter in the litter box. If there is less than this, your cat may not like it and consider the litter box as a viable option. The scent of the litter may also be a deterrent for your cats, so make sure you offer your cat a wide variety of litter options, to check which one best suits it.
  • Odors Make sure to also check the Litter-Robot waste drawer if its full for too long, odors will start becoming less than pleasant. Thankfully the Litter-Robot drawer full sensor will let you know when the time is due. This also quickly addresses the Litter-Robot troubleshooting blinking blue light.

Setting Up The Litter

If you are ready to free yourself from scooping, the Litter-Robot will be a gamechanger! As the best self-cleaning litter box for multiple cats, the Litter-Robot detects when your cats have gone to the bathroom.

It then goes to work to cycle out the waste, sealing it in the compartment belowmaking cleanup a breeze. After you order your unit, you will follow these steps to get it set up:

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Litter Robot Ii Review

In this review, I will describe all the features of the Litter Robot Classic II and how it works, how to clean it and much more. This Classic model is the first version of three. The top models of all the Litter Robot versions is the Litter Robot 3 and its Wi-fi powered version, the Litter Robot Connect that offers many new features and which design has been improved with advanced engineering.

How Does The Litter Robot Perform

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

Nugget actually took to the Litter Robot quite quickly.

Nugget, being the champ that he is, quickly adjusted to the Litter Robot. I put some treats around it, and he was more than willing to jump inside. Once I was convinced he was comfortable with it, I took his old litter box away, and within 10 minutes, he went to the bathroom in the Litter Robot for the first time.

As promised, the machine cycles each time the cat uses it, but for the first week or so, it had some issues. Each time Nugget used it, I would get push notifications saying there was a Cat Sensor Fault, and when you open the app, it says the weight in the Litter Robot is too heavy. Sometimes the issue would correct itself and the cycle would run, but other times I had to manually reset and cycle the machine.

However, this stopped happening after several days, so I think the problem was that I had too much littler in the globe. Theres a max fill line and I thought the litter level was below it, but this seems to be the most logical explanation.

I was putting too much litter in the globe, and it was causing issues.

In regards to my concern that Nugget would make a mess, so far its been minimal. He does track some litter out on his feet, but there havent been any large piles of litter like we’ve experienced with open-air litter boxes.

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Boxiecat Clumping Cat Litter

Weight 1 cup: 283 gDust when pouring: Almost noneSpeed to clump: HighFirmness of clump: Firm and well sealed, however, it creates little small clumps sometimes.Odor control after a week: MediumScattering: LowEasy to pour: Yes

My experience with Boxiecat:

I have been using this cat litter for about 3 weeks with the Litter Robot and I waited long enough to do a valid review about how it works. I bought the 16-lb bag, but you can find a 28-lb bag as well. The first impression I had is that the texture of this cat litter is great, you can see and feel its natural and without chemicals that are bad for our cats in the long run. Also, I was impressed when I poured this cat litter into the Litter Robot because I didnt see any dust.

Boxiecat in general works well, it creates solid litter clumps that rotate into the waste drawer with no problem. Also, the rubber bottom of the Litter Robot doesnt get yucky with pieces of clumps stuck on it, I took a picture of how the rubber bottom looks after 20 days and it doesnt have pieces stuck on it. Only the normal sand is attached to it a little. Take a look at the picture:

Boxiecat Video Review with the Litter Robot

Is The Litter Robot Worth It

We dont recommend buying an automatic litter box because, generally, theyre expensive, theyre loud, their scoops can get gunky or clogged, some models take 30 minutes to 1 hour to scoop, the litter beds are tiny, and the sensors dont work for cats that weigh less than 5 pounds.

The Litter-Robot III Open Air is the best automatic litter box out there, but we still dont recommend it. Its the size of a small armchair30 by 25 by 27 inches and weighs 34 poundsso its hard to find a place for it in your home, and that large size also makes it difficult to clean. The 14-by-14-inch litter bin is smaller than the size experts recommend, which should be at least 22 inches long. At $450, this machine jammed or malfunctioned more than we expected from a pricey piece of equipment. The 18-month warranty requires you to mail back the entire robot , and extending the warranty for another 18-months costs an extra $100.

We prefer a large standard litter box, like the $10 Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box because it never malfunctions and requires no gadgetry maintenance. Plus, its important to regularly scoop the litter box yourself to track the health of your pet. You may miss blood in your cats pee or worms in its stool if you only check the waste when its time to empty the litter trapper on your automatic litter box every week or so.

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So Helpful For An Elderly Cat Owner

We got this for my grandpa as he moved into an assisted living facility. He is 89 and his beloved cat was allowed to move in with him as long as he could care for her . Since bending down and thoroughly scooping a litter box was a challenge for him we got him a Litter Robot and it has been so helpful!We dont have to worry about any odor or him struggling to clean the litter box. We can monitor how full the waste tray is remotely via an app on our phones to make sure we get over there to clean the tray out on time. An added bonus – he enjoys showing off his fancy gadget to his new friends, they have nicknamed it the spaceship.

Thinking Of Ordering A Litter


The Litter-Robot company recommends 1 robot for every 3-4 cats.If youre thinking about buying a Litter-Robot, they have a 90-day, full refund return policy. You just have to pay shipping back . It also comes with an 18-month warranty. You have the option to purchase an extended warranty for an additional 18 months , which I purchased.

The Litter-Robot is not cheap and is currently $499.00 USD . So before ordering, I fully researched it and recommend you do the same. I read a gazillion reviews and watched as many testimonial videos as I could find. The Litter-Robot currently has 4.5 out of 5 stars on their website . If youre interested in ordering one, you can check out their how it works page as a starting place.

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What Exactly Is A Litter Robot

Simply put its an automated system for cleaning up your cat poop box. Its a covered litter box consisting of a big sphere on top of a box. The box is what contains a compartment for the waste to fall into, and thats lined with a plastic bag which is the only thing youll be dealing with. No more poop scoopin for you my friend!

But if youre keen to know the mechanics and what makes it so special, heres how it works

The Litter Robot Open Air Iii: A First

Several days after shipment, the Litter Robot arrived on the porch.

If youre like me and struggle to differentiate between left, right, and upside down, youll be delighted to find that the Litter Robot arrives completely assembled and ready for use. Just remember to take the ridged rubber mat out of the globe and slip it onto the 7 kitty step. The cardboard protective separators also need to come out so that you can start operating the Litter Robot.

The Litter Robot comes ready to run with a waste drawer liner installed, plus two extra liners for future use. You can purchase replacement liners from the company or use any 8-13 gallon garbage bags. Plastic grocery bags work, too.

Along with the machine, the package contained an instruction manual, informative materials, and a fun sticker.

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How The Litter Robot Works

The sphere is what your cat will actually walk into and do their business. Once a cat is inside of the sphere, the Litter Robot has sensors that pick up on the weight of your cat and its this sensor that will trigger again once your cat has finished doing their thing and has left the box.

Once your cat leaves, the Litter Robot will get to work in 3, 7, or 15 minutes whichever you choose .

Thats when the magic happens, and the clean cycle begins.

The sphere portion of the Litter Robot will begin to rotate and essentially it will sift the litter through a sort of netting. Whatever doesnt sift through the netting is dumped as waste into the bottom compartment. Goodbye poop! The sphere will turn and resettle the litter so that its ready for its next use.

Never Scoop Litter Again


The Litter-Robots automatic sifting process separates cat waste from clean litter and deposits it into a carbon-filtered drawer below. All you need to do is empty the waste drawer when its full and add litter as needed. No more scooping, hassle or messjust an always-clean litter box your kitty will love!

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The Light Was Always Flashing

For some reason, the LR3 always indicated with a flashing light that the drawer was full, even if we just emptied it. When the Litter-Robots sensor indicates that the drawer is full, it will halt cycling until its reset so the drawer doesnt get overfull. This makes sense, except when youve just emptied the drawer and the robot still thinks its full. We followed the troubleshooting steps on the Litter-Robot website, but that didnt fix the issue. By the time this started happening, we had decided to stop using it because of Tobi, otherwise I would have contacted customer service.

Best Cheap Litter Box For Multiple Cats Automatic

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Automatic Litter Box

Cleaning The Box And Its Components To easily clean the whole box when theres a need for it, on the sides, youll find located handles that are easy to lift for exactly that. Another thing that will make cleaning of the box much easier is the rake that can be removed to clean if much more efficiently.

Provided Supplies And Accessories Cleaning the rake will be done with a provided scoop. The scoop has gridded front edges that fit perfectly into the rake to scrape off any excess litter from it. You will Also get 4 waste containers that you can seal off and 4 carbon filters. These two are disposable parts and will need replacing over time.

Turning On The Box To Clean Automatic cleaning will start after a motion sensor detects motion. The rake will scoop up solid litter and place it inside the container. To prevent odors from spreading outside this automatic litter box for multiple cats the container can be sealed off and it can hold a carbon filter inside.

Operating Modes This cheap self-cleaning litter box has 3 different operating modes. These are on, off, and clean. You can set it to run for 7 days straight without the need to scoop out litter. Litter will scatter on the floors as little as possible because of tall sides and a paw ramp that cleans the cats paws.

In Short:

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What Is The Litter Robot 3 Open Air Connect

Now it’s time for our Litter Robot III Open Air With Connect reviews! The Litter Robot 3 Connect is a Wi-Fi enabled version that links up with your phone or mobile device to give you access to the machine.

Then you can easily monitor and control one or multiple units remotely while you’re away!

Using the convenient app, compatible with later versions of Android and iOS devices, you can check the waste drawer level, get push notifications and custom alerts, and monitor your cats usage.

You can also manage your settings, including adjusting the cycle time, activating the lock out feature, turning on the night light,or putting the machine in sleep mode.

Its a great way to keep tabs on everything and ideal for multi cat households with additional units. You can have them all on one account and all family members can have access to it.

Other than the remote monitoring capability, both units are essentially the same as far as how they operate.

However, unlike the regular model, which is only available in bisque, the Litter Robot 3 Connect comes in beige or grey. It costs just under $500, so its $50 more expensive than the previous model, but it offers much more functionality!

Take your time to think it over by reading other reviews to help you decide if its a better option for you.

The Litter Robot Connect 3 gets very good reviews overalljust like the regular version’s ratings.

Rest assured, the company is completely aware of these negative reviews and concerns.

People With Mobility Issues Or Disabilities

Cat Reacts to $500 Litter Box! Litter Robot III Review

Ive heard from many people who find it difficult to clean out their cats litter box because theyre in a wheelchair, have back problems, or other mobility issues. Once the Litter Robot is set up, it does all the scooping for you. That said, the Litter Robot isnt a complete solution for people with limited mobility. Youll still need to thoroughly clean it at least once every three months.

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How To Choose The Best Self

As with classic litter boxes, there are a lot of different sizes in self-cleaning litter boxes. In order to make the best possible choice, always make sure to choose a size of a self-cleaning box that is suitable for your cat. Just take the measurements of your kitty and compare them to the dimensions provided by the manufacturers of self-cleaning cat litter.

But beware of one thing: as much as it is not recommended to buy a litter box that is too small, for obvious reasons of comfort, the reverse is also true. Because if your litter box is too large, it will be more difficult to handle it and it will cost you more in the long term in terms of litter costs .

Finally, make sure your pets weight is appropriate for the litter box you plan to purchase. For example, if a self-cleaning box is made for a cat weighing 12 pounds or less, you will obviously have to choose another model if your pet weighs more than that.

Was The Littermaid Easy To Assemble

Yes. The packaging had 4 pieces to assemble together: the litter box, Comb arm, the ramp, and the waste bins. I assembled the 4 pieces in 10 minutes. It was ready to use 5 minutes later after I added the litter.

1) Clip on the comb: This is actually easier said than done. It feels sort of like you will break the comb as you attach it to the arm. Do not force it and break the arm or the comb.

2) Attach the waste cover: The waste cover attachment is much easier than the comb attachment and does not feel like you will break something

3) Insert the waste receptacle: The waste receptacle and receptacle lid attach on 2 different grooves with the lid moving with the waste cover and the receptacle remaining stationary.

4) Affix ramp: Im not sure the ramp actually does that much. My cats barely ever actually stepped on the ramp, and it never needed cleaning.

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Finally The $449 Dollar Question Is The Litter Robot Price Worth It

A: A resounding yes. When my partner and I first got the Litter Robot, I was set to hate the machine just because of the price. I hated it when we ordered it online, I groaned about the Litter Robot shipping, I complained about how big and heavy it was when it arrived, but two weeks into using it and I was crazy about it.

I could not stop raving about it to fellow cat parents. Remember when I mentioned that the worst part about owning a cat is cleaning the litter box? That is because I hate it. I felt that it was a chore that was dirty and really disgusting, but with the Litter Robot 3 Open Air, it was such a breeze that the argument on who cleans the litter box has been put to rest in our house.

I am now the proud litter box cleaner and I love it.

Our home is so much better now with the Litter Robot. It smells better and our guest would not even know we had cats because that awful funk is now gone.

The final verdict on the Litter Robot? Yes, it is worth the price and so much more. And your cat deserves the best litter!

The Litter-Robot has more advantages than disadvantages. Some of the downsides is that it can be very expensive for some it can be quite difficult to deep clean as you have to disassemble and reassemble it but you would only have to do at least once this every 3 months it can feel a bit cramped inside for larger felines and you may have issues with the sensors for inconsistently detecting lighter cats.


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