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My Cat Ate Plastic Bag

What If Your Cat Ate A Small Piece Of Plastic

My Cat Eats Plastic Bags!

Did your cat only swallow a small piece of the soft plastic bag? If so, it may not be as much of an issue. However, if it is a kitten, then even a smaller portion can do damage. Thus, it is all relative you may want to take a kitten to the vet immediately.

Small pieces of plastic may be able to pass through your cat a bit more easily. It is a good idea to check their feces to determine if this has happened. If you happen to see a small piece of plastic protruding from your cats anus, dont attempt to pull it out.

If you do this, you may risk tearing the piece of plastic. Instead, take your cat to the vet to let them handle it they will be able to remove it while keeping the plastic intact. You should do the same if the plastic appears to be stuck in their mouth or throat as you cant tell where it may be causing an obstruction.

How Do I Know If My Cat Ate Plastic

If your cat has eaten some plastic that has got stuck in his stomach or small intestine, then food and water might not be able to pass through. This blockage and irritation will cause food to be vomited back up again. Your cat may also stop being able to pass feces or alternatively may have diarrhea or blood in his stool due to the inflammation in his gastrointestinal tract. You may notice small pieces of chewed plastic in the vomit or stools.

Cats with blockages are usually off-color and wont want to eat or drink much, as well as becoming progressively more lethargic. Some cats might even collapse completely in severe situations.

Abdominal discomfort may be seen, your cat might be looking at his stomach more often than normal and may adopt a different way of positioning himself to try and get more comfortable. He may react or cry out if you touch his abdomen. If your cat develops peritonitis, then he may also start to get a high temperature due to infection.

Other conditions can present with similar symptoms, such as pancreatitis or inflammatory bowel disease. So unless you know for sure that your cat has consumed something he shouldnt have, your vet will probably need to run some tests.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Blockage In A Cat

If you suspect that your cat has an internal blockage you may be wondering what symptoms to look out for.

Some symptoms of a blockage in a cat include loss of appetite, low energy, stomach pain, swollen stomach, or problems relaxing. If you notice any of these symptoms there is a chance she could be suffering from an internal blockage. And, I would suggest you take her to the vets to get her checked out.

So, now you know what symptoms to look out for if you suspect a blockage in your cat.

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Should I Wash Out My Plastic Bags To Keep My Cat Away

Yes, it is a good idea to wash out plastic bags. This is because your cat may be eating them because of the smell. Meaning, if it was an old food bag, they may be attracted to the smell.

Therefore, if you clean out the food smell each time, it will reduce the chance of your cat even being interested in it.

Also, itâs worth mentioning, some cats do not intentionally eat plastic bags. They may do it accidentally while licking or biting the excess food on the bag.

This is why, some people say, itâs worth cleaning these bags even if they are intended for the trash. Why? Because your cat may raid the garbage for the smell otherwise.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Eating Plastic

Why Do Cats Eat Plastic? Facts &  Prevention

Whilst it can be amusing to see him playing with elastic bands, plastic sweet wrappers, or tinsel dont encourage this as your cat may accidentally swallow them. You should try and get your cat to play with appropriate cat-safe toys instead. Monitor these toys for any signs of wear and tear and replace them if they are becoming broken.

Keeping your cat mentally stimulated and well-exercised will help keep boredom at bay and reduce any destructive behaviors. Invest in puzzle feeders or interactive toys to help keep them amused, and provide lots of positive interaction through regular play and grooming.

If your cat is a particular fan of a certain kind of plastic, like beads or hair bands, then always keep them well out of reach. Make sure trash cans are well secured so that your cat cant access and always clean up any rubbish or wrappers rather than leaving them lying around the house.

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What Happens When A Cat Swallows A Thread

As the cat swallows thread, it can wrap around the tongue and pull against the tongue with each swallow. If that sounds uncomfortable, consider what can happen if a needle is attached to that thread: it may pierce the stomach or intestines multiple times and keep the thread from passing through the digestive tract.

Why Cats Eat Plastic

Cats are enigmas. Why they do anything is a mystery cat-parents love to ponder, mostly because the majority of your cats quirks are ridiculously cute. But eating plastic?

Not so cute.

In fact, its downright hazardous.

Thats why, as a good cat mom or dad, its up to you to get to the root of the cause and help your fur baby choose healthier options.

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Why Do Cats Try To Eat Plastic


It’s a familiar scene: you hear a rustling from another room, and when you peek in to investigate, you see your feline friend chewing on a plastic bag, again. You’re probably wondering why your cat likes to eat plastic and how you can divert your kitty’s attention away from the potential dangers that go along with it.

Is It Dangerous For Cats To Eat Plastic


Short online answer: Yes. Longer online answer: Ask your veterinarian.

Every situation can be different. In most cases, if a cat eats a plastic bag or other form of plastic, there are several risks:

  • Choking hazard or digestive tract obstruction, if a cat swallows small pieces of plastic. Grocery bags often have small bits falling off them and cats have backward-facing barbs on their tongue, which prevents cats from spitting out objects. You will learn more about foreign-body ingestion here. NOTE: The fact that a cat has eaten plastic bags for years and has never choked is not a guarantee of safety. Very few cats choke twice in their lifetime.
  • Suffocation hazard if a cat crawls inside a bag and cannot get out. While adult cats might be strong enough or intelligent enough to get out, kittens are at extremely high risk.
  • Strangulation hazard if a plastic bag has handles. In this situation, a kitten is also exposed to greater danger because of its weaker coordination and greater curiosity, when compared to those of adult cats.

Some might also point to plastic toxicity, but that should be a concern only if your cat consumes a large amount of plastic every day. However, without toxicity, there are enough risks to consider preventing your cat from chewing on plastic. Besides, sometimes cats chew on valuable objects, such as shower curtains.

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Residual Scents Of Food Items

It’s common knowledge that cats have excellent senses which allows them to pick up faint smells from considerable distances. Because of that, the pets would be attracted to pretty much everything that emits scents of foodstuff including plastic wrappers. Of course, your fluffy friend is not going to feel satisfied with sniffing the wrappers. After checking around for a bit, the pet shall lick, chew and in some cases gobble down the plastic wrappers. That is how the average household cat ate plastic wrapper for most of the time.

One Of My Three Cats Has Died This Week

My girl keeps to herself but Spyder and Jack always hung out together . What signs should I look out for that might cause worry? I know grief affects animals too. Is there anything to be concerned about?

So sorry to hear that Jack has passed away. It’s a very difficult time and yes, we think that cats can grieve too. The signs to look out for would be a change in eating habits , pacing, appearing to ‘search’ around the house for the missing cat, crying, becoming clingy with the owner, less playful etc. Keep an eye on the interactions and use of space in the house to see how Spyder and your girl behave following the loss of Jack.

Cat relationships can be quite complicated. Give both cats their own set of resources , split out around the house so that there’s no competition for resources. If you think Spyder is grieving, try to keep the routines the same as well as the usual level of attention. It can be very tempting to lavish cats with extra love especially when owners are grieving themselves, but cats can find this change in behaviour confusing and unsettling. Wishing you all the best.

Veterinary note: Please note that we are unable to give specific advice on your cat’s health or any change in behaviour observed. For more behaviour advice, please visit where youll also find The Behaviour Guide which discusses a variety of topics on cat behaviour. Consult your vet if you have a specific concern about your cat.

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How To Get Your Cat To Stop Eating Plastic

If your kitty is already exhibiting pica, the first thing to do is take him to the veterinarian. Discuss your kitty’s diet and bowel movements with your veterinarian, and be sure to bring up any other signs that would be considered out of the norm some examples are vomiting or coughing. Your veterinarian will do a fecal test and a physical examination. She may also recommend lab work in order to get a clearer diagnosis.

If your veterinarian says your kitty is otherwise healthy, try the tips below to reduce pica. If these tips and the trip to the veterinarian don’t help, ask for a referral to a veterinary behaviorist. You can find one from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

Breaking The Plastic Habit

Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic?

Once youve removed the next step is to replace plastic with something healthier. If you think your cat might be chewing plastic to cope with dental health problems, have your vet check her out and rectify these adopt a programme of careful tooth-brushing and offer dental sticks as a replacement for plastic.

If your cat mostly chews plastic when youre out at work or otherwise occupied, she may simply be bored and looking for stimulation. Make time to play with her more frequently and ensure that she receives enough mental stimulation. In the case of smarter cats, you could try and teach her simple games or tricks. Many people clicker-train their cats to give them a high-five or a handshake. Playing games like fetch can be fun for many cats.

If your cat is rather orally fixated generally, you could try getting her a small puppy chew-toy with a similar texture to her favourite type of plastic. Cats sometimes enjoy chewing on plastic bones more than dogs do. A forage toy or treat toy can also be a good alternative to chewing plastic. These are balls or cylinders into which you can place small pieces of dry kibble the cat must then roll and push the toy around to make the kibble fall out.

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Will My Cat Be Okay If They Eat Plastic

In most cases, your cat will be fine, as long as prompt advice is sought from your veterinarian. Your vet may even just advise you to monitor your cat, particularly if they only ate a small amount of plastic or are not showing symptoms of ill health.

It may be possible to give your cat some medication to induce vomiting if the item is still located in the stomach and it is deemed safe to do so. Large or sharp items however may cause damage to the esophagus if vomited up, and cats may inhale their vomit if theyre struggling, so its important never to attempt to make your cat vomit at home.

The success of abdominal exploratory surgery depends on how quickly the procedure was performed, and how much damage the guts have already suffered. If caught early enough, then your cats prognosis is typically good.

If things have been left untreated for a while, then the damage to your cats organs may be more severe. For example, if a hole in the gut lining has occurred then bacteria and food could leak into their abdominal cavity and cause dangerous peritonitis. This can be a potentially fatal complication.

Peritonitis will need to be treated through additional flushing/rinsing of the abdominal cavity, repairing or removing any damaged areas of intestines, and medication like antibiotics.

Will My Cat Be Okay After Eating Plastic

Its a good sign that you worry about your cats health. Dont consider yourself a bad owner just because your cate ate a piece of plastic.

Cats are very curious creatures and will try and chew different things sometimes just for the sake of it.

That being said, cats happen to chew on plastic sometimes, and most of them survive this without big consequences.

Its really important to monitor your cat if this does ever happen so you can take it to the vet if needed.

Its certainly possible for cats to get rid of the plastic piece they ate by vomiting or pooping it out. However, its a huge stress on their little organisms and also for the owners!

Keep in mind that the consequences of this still can be deadly. What you can do is make sure to feed your cat other food safe for cats, such as cat food, but also mango, lettuce, or lobster.

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Lack Of Nutrients From Food

If the cats body tells it that it is not receiving enough nutrients from the food you are giving it, it will want to chew on other things to try to eat. This is an impulsive reaction cats have because their bodies really want and need those missing nutrients. If you think this may be the reason, try changing your cats diet. Consult with your veterinarian about the correct, breed-appropriate diet you should be giving your cat. Be discerning about the food you are giving to your cat.

Throw In Unreachable Place

Cat and Plastic Bag: Why Do Cats Lick Plastic? – Floppycats

or playing with plastic bags, it is best not to throw them in a spot that your cat can reach. This is especially true if your cat has a habit of getting into your trash can.

In this instance, make an effort to throw the bag in a trash can outside of the house and make sure that there is a heavy lid on it. This should help to curb the situation quite a bit. At the very least, put your trash can away or put something heavy on it that your cat cant knock off easily.

This is what you need to do if you are afraid that your cat ate a plastic bag. Constant vigilance and early intervention are your best options. This can ensure that the plastic doesnt do any damage to your cat. At the same time, it is in your best interest to make sure that your cat cant get to the plastic bags. Thus, you need to make sure that you dispose of these bags in a proper manner.

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Physical And Mental Issues

In the case you find your cat ingesting plastic wrappers out of the blue, dental diseases could be at fault. In addition to that, unbalanced daily diets might also cause an otherwise normal cat to seek out plastics to chew. Last but not least, stress makes the felines behave erratically such as chewing plastic wrappers. Such an issue is classified as an obsessive-compulsive disorder that requires pet owners to seek assistance from the vets.

Discouraging Your Cat From Eating Plastic

  • 1Stop your cat immediately when you catch it eating plastic. If you see your cat eating or chewing plastic, clap your hands loudly to get the cat’s attention and say, “No!” You could also try spraying it with water.XResearch source
  • Its important to stop your cat immediately so it makes a connection between chewing plastic and your negative response.
  • 2Keep plastic out of its access. Do your best to remove all plastic items that might tempt your cat. Dispose of plastic bags immediately in a lidded trash can or recycling bin. Store any plastic items in drawers or cupboards that your cat cant open.XResearch source
  • Try keeping trash or recycling bins lined with plastic bags in closed rooms or cupboards that your cat cant access.
  • 3Switch to non-plastic bags where possible. Bring canvas bags with you when you go to the grocery store instead of using plastic store bags. If your cat chews hard plastic, switch from plastic to glass bottles where you can. Keep any plastic bottles or containers on hand in the fridge or other inaccessible area.
  • 4Spray plastic items with a cat safe deterrent. Discourage your cat from chewing or eating plastic items by making them as unappealing as possible. Spray any plastic bags, electrical cords, or other tempting items with a cat safe deterrent. You can also try other non-toxic, unappealing things like hot sauce, bitter apple spray, or another type of cat safe deterrent available at your local pet store.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
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