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My Cat Ate Plastic Bag

Abnormal Cat Chewing Behaviors

What Happens If Your Cat Eats Plastic

Pica is a term used to describe an eating disorder where items of no nutritional value are consumed like litter or dirt. Since plastic has no nutritional value, you could argue that a cat that chews and then consumes plastic has pica. Most cats that lick or chew plastic, though, start doing so because the object tasted good or they enjoyed playing with it, not because they have an eating disorder. But stress may cause a cat to do irrational things and therefore develop pica as a response to being stressed. Cats may also turn to this behavior out of boredom.

Cats that have aggression issues may begin chewing on plastic cords and other items around the house in an attempt to express their emotions. These aggressive behaviors can be a sign of pain, poor socialization, and stress, among other things.

Why Does My Cat Chew Plastic Bags

Questions that can come up when working with families that have cats in their households, are often about a cats predilection for chewing on odd items. While plastic bags may seem like a strange choice for cats from a cats point of view, they are very attractive. However, chewing on these bags can be dangerous for your cat as they can suffocate or choke on bags and bag pieces.

Whats so great about chewing plastic bags?Plastic bags that come from a grocery or other food store can carry the lingering scent and even taste of food, which makes chewing them a pleasant experience. Many bags are also coated in substances such as cornstarch, stearates , or are made of animal by-products such as gelatin, which makes them attractive to cats. Cats can also enjoy the crinkly noises that a plastic bag makes.

Another reason that cats will chew bags can be related to their dental health. If you find your cat engaging in these activities, a trip to the veterinarian to make sure her teeth are in good order is important. You may also want to discuss with your veterinarian your cats diet, as chewing on odd objects can be a symptom of insufficiency in daily dietary needs. Finally, boredom can be a major factor in habits like these. You should adopt a plan combining management and enrichment .

Tips to keep your cat from chewing plastic bags.

My Cat Ate Plastic What Should I Do

If your cat has eaten plastic before and has vomit it back, then there is nothing to worry about. You just have to keep the area clean and make sure that the cat does not vomit after eating the plastic. However, if your cat ate plastic and did not vomit it back, this is a different story. The cat needs immediate medical attention.

It is not uncommon for cats to eat things they shouldntespecially if they were raised as kittens with the help of a foster parent. Many foster parents who raise kittens use plastic milk caps to teach their kittens how to eat solid food. If your cat was raised this way, she may still be in the habit of eating plastic after all these years.

Cats should not eat plastic in general, but when they do, you should be aware of what to look out for:

Your cats digestive system cant process plastic, so you should take it to the veterinarian immediately. Plastic wrap may block its digestive tract, and if left untreated, can lead to severe internal damage. Surgery may be necessary to remove the wrap. To avoid severe digestive problems, you should never allow your cat to chew plastic toys or bags. Your cat may vomit, but its best to wait until it passes to avoid further damage.

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What To Do To Prevent A Cat From Eating Plastic

As you have noticed, a cat eating plastic is not a rare occurrence, but there are some actions you can take to prevent it.

  • Store plastic well. If your cat has eaten a plastic bag, its time to get rid of these items. The first thing to do is to take a look around the house and collect all the plastic wrappers that you have left somewhere: on the kitchen table, on the desk, in the living room, etc.To keep a cat safe, remember to put your shopping bags in a safe place, perhaps by folding them. Finally, remember to throw away any unused plastic bags that might smell like food.
  • Try to be greener. Cats love plants, and we highly recommend that you purchase some health items for your cat. They use them for many purposes: cleaning their teeth, playing, digesting, and even sharpening their claws.The ideal solution is to buy one or two catnip plants for its teeth and digestion, and some non-toxic plants for playing and sharpening its claws. Additionally, catnip is perfect for treating stress in cats.
  • Spend more time with your cat. If your cat has swallowed plastic because It was bored or stressed, take some time to pet and play with It.Dont waste money on buying tons of scratching posts bored cats want to be loved pampered by you, so the best option is interactive toys. If you dont have much time to play with your pet, you can put a few boxes of different sizes in your apartment, your cat will love it.

What Are The Causes

My Cat Ate A Piece Of Plastic

Pica is still a bit of a mystery to most veterinarians, and it doesnt exactly have one specific cause.

There are, however, many possible reasons a cat might start to eat things that arent food, such as the following:

  • Deficiencies in the diet can cause cats to start eating strange things. Cats might start to eat their own kitty litter if they are anemic. Inadequate amounts of fat or fiber in the diet may also lead to cats seeking nutrients from unusual sources. Some cats might nibble grass, and thats a fairly normal behavior, but cats who start eating too much plant matter or chewing on houseplants may also be trying to compensate for a lack of nutrients in their diet.
  • Anxiety or boredom can also cause a cat to eat nonfood items. It can be an attention-seeking behavior, especially if your cat notices that you are reacting strongly to it. Chewing and eating may also be a comforting thing to do that reduces stress. If a cat is bored and not getting enough mental or physical stimulation, they may just chew on stuff because its something to do.
  • Medical issues can result in a cat developing pica. Leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus are associated with eating nonfood items, as well as diabetes. Certain brain disorders like brain tumors may also cause this behavior, and pica can be the result of compulsive disorders.

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Does Playing With Your Cat Help

You may be looking for some proactive ways that you can help your cat to stop playing with your bags.

Playing with your cat can help to stop her playing with plastic bags or any other unwanted object. It will offer her a better alternative than these bags. The reality is she would prefer playing with you rather than an old bag.

So, now you know that playing with your cat can be helpful.

Are Plastic Bags Toxic To Cats

A lady with a face mask on.

If you have caught your cat eating or chewing your plastic bags. You may be wondering if this material is toxic for them, right?

Some plastic bags are toxic. However, this varies quite a lot from bag to bag. But, with this aside, the biggest concern is your cat swallowing the plastic which could cause a painful blockage. Or, them getting suffocated from the bag itself.

So, now you know plastic bags are toxic. But, other dangers cause hazards.

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What Happens If A Cat Eats Plastic Bag

Its possible for plastic to cause blockages as its indigestible.A cat with this problem could be very ill if its not taken care of.In the event that he experiences dehydration or develops peritonitis due to vomiting, the risks are greater.If you have a question, call your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Discard/store Plastic Wrappers Properly

Cat and Plastic Bag: Why Do Cats Lick Plastic? – Floppycats

Cats only need a small opening to get what they want so you have to take care of the plastic wrappers in the houses carefully. In the case you have no further use for the wrappers, toss them into a secured trash basket that your cat is unable to breach by itself. On the other hand, if you wish to recycle the wrappers later, store them in a locked cabinet. As long as you manage to implement these precautions, the risk of your cat swallowing plastic wrapper shall be minimal.

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Are There Any Other Dangers With Plastic Bags

Now that you know some plastic bags are toxic, you may be wondering if other issues can be associated with your cat playing with plastic bags.

Other dangers with plastic bags include your cat getting tangled in the handles. This can cause your cat to panic. And, in some extreme cases, become choking hazards. This could end with your cat getting strangled by the plastic bag handle.

Now you know some other dangers that plastic bags can cause.

What To Do If Your Cat Ate A Plastic Bag

While plastic is dangerous in general, plastic bags are even more so.

This is because the entire part of the item could wrap around your cats faeces or stomach contents and lead to a deadly ball being formed inside your cats digestive tract.

On the other hand, the plastic bag material could stick to your pets intestinal lining and could lead to a blockage or an occlusion that can put your cats life at risk.

Unfortunately, plastic bags are among the most common foreign objects diagnosed in veterinary practice.

Some cats might show an increased interest in them because they might smell like cat food or you might have recently come back from the butchers and left the bag unattended in your home.

Other cats just love plastic bags because they might look at them as toys, so theyll carry them across your floor and play with them as if they were tiny prey.

But as you know, cats usually nibble on their prey, so whether they eat a larger portion of the bag or not, they are likely to ingest some small pieces of plastic nonetheless especially when you are not looking.

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Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic

It can be scary to see your fur baby nibbling on something with child safety hazards printed all over it whether that’s a grocery bag, a plastic cat toy, a plastic wrapper, or any other plastic item.

After all, plastic isnt exactly a nutritious feline snack, right?

Actually, plastic pica – a recurring behavior of eating or chewing on plastic – is quite common in cats.

If your cat is nibbling on grocery bags, packing pillows, and shrink wrap, there may be an underlying reason – other than your cat being weird. As a cat owner, when should you be worried that this cat behavior has gone too far?

Heres what could be causing your cats odd plastic habit.

Be Green And Get Some Plants

Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic?

Cats adore plants, and its highly recommended to buy a few items for your cats health.

They use it for many purposes: clean their teeth, play, digest, and even sharpen their claws.

The ideal solution is to buy one or two plants of catnip for their teeth and digest process, and some more nontoxic plants to play and sharp the claws.

Moreover, catnip is perfect for treating stress in cats.

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How Do You Know If Your Cat Has Swallowed Plastic

If you suspect your cat has already swallowed some plastic, this could cause serious problems. It could block up the digestive tract, it could choke your cat, or it could prevent your cat from eating. Here are some of the tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Behavioral changes

If you think your cat has eaten plastic and is displaying any of these symptoms, you should take her to the vet as soon as possible.

Spend Some Time With Your Cat

If your cat swallowed plastic because he was bored or stressed, take some time off to cuddle and play with your pet.

Think about what you were doing together before your life changed, and propose these activities to your cat.

Dont waste your money on buying tons of scratch pullers: bored cats want to be entertained by you, so the best option is interactive toys.

If you do not have much time to play with your pet, you can put in your apartment a few boxes of different sizes, your cat will love it.

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Cat Ate Plastic How Long To Pass

Plastic is indigestible which means if it is small enough it will pass through the digestive tract relatively unchanged. Little pieces of cellophane or plastic bag may not cause any issues. Large or sharp pieces of plastic however may get stuck and cause a blockage. Plastic can often get stuck in the narrow exit from the stomach, known as the pylorus, or in the small intestines.

Gut transit time varies from cat to cat, depending on their diet, age, and health status. It can vary considerably from around 1 to 2 days.

Requesting Help And Advice Cat Ate Plastic

Why Your Cat Keeps Licking Plastic
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mrsgreenjeens said:I see this, and cannot think of anything other than what Artiemom has said. That type of plastic you described does sound as if it could have perforated something, or at least be scratching him on the inside, making him, if nothing, else, pretty uncomfortable. Is he STILL gagging, vomiting, having any issues whatsoever? Even just the not lying still is NOT normal cat behavior, How about his poop? Is he passing anything? Are you checking it for pieces of plastic? Problem is, you really have no idea how much he ingested to know when and IF it’s all out. Since you say you cannot afford a Vet, may there will be something in this thread that will help you out:

There have been times when I couldn’t afford a vet either but my vet allowed me to post date checks and work out a payment plan. I don’t know if emergency vets do that but it is worth calling and finding out. Good luck! I hope he is okay.

Every Life Should Have Nine Cats

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Artie, my Angel a part of my heart

Top Cat

Artie, my Angel a part of my heart

Top Cat

Artie, my Angel a part of my heart

Top Cat

Every Life Should Have Nine Cats

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How To Know If My Cat Has Ingested Plastic

As with any other foreign, non-food item, your cat will show some odd signs.

These can help you realize that your pet ate something he/she shouldnt have.

Youll know whether or not your pet has swallowed a foreign object by the following signals:

  • Abdominal pain, etc.

Youll surely notice all of these signals, and youll know when your cat feels pain.

Your loved animal will react differently when you pet it or try to pick it up.

Also, as soon as you touch its tummy, your cat will become defensive and try to escape.

If this happens and you also notice that your pet isnt eating well, its time to visit the vet.

Of course, these signals dont necessarily mean that your cat swallowed plastic or some other item.

They can also be indicators of many other diseases.

Thats why its crucial to take your cat to the vet as soon as you notice similar behavior.

The vet is the only one who can help in these situations, whether youre wondering why does my cat eat plastic or not.

Enrich Your Cats Environment

Remember: Enrichment is more than toys. It includes vertical space , hiding space, training, stimulation of the senses, things to chew on, and toys to hunt. Another way to keep your cat busy is to teach him some new tricks. By teaching your cat to come to you when you call him, you can call him away from negative behaviors. You can find out more about training in these books: and The Trainable Cat.

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What Happens When A Cat Swallows A Thread

As the cat swallows thread, it can wrap around the tongue and pull against the tongue with each swallow. If that sounds uncomfortable, consider what can happen if a needle is attached to that thread: it may pierce the stomach or intestines multiple times and keep the thread from passing through the digestive tract.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Eating Plastic

Are Plastic Bags Hazardous to Cat

Whilst it can be amusing to see him playing with elastic bands, plastic sweet wrappers, or tinsel dont encourage this as your cat may accidentally swallow them. You should try and get your cat to play with appropriate cat-safe toys instead. Monitor these toys for any signs of wear and tear and replace them if they are becoming broken.

Keeping your cat mentally stimulated and well-exercised will help keep boredom at bay and reduce any destructive behaviors. Invest in puzzle feeders or interactive toys to help keep them amused, and provide lots of positive interaction through regular play and grooming.

If your cat is a particular fan of a certain kind of plastic, like beads or hair bands, then always keep them well out of reach. Make sure trash cans are well secured so that your cat cant access and always clean up any rubbish or wrappers rather than leaving them lying around the house.

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