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My Cat Has Been Missing For 4 Days

Lost Your Cat Educational Flier

Tabby Cat Been Missing For 4 Days and Finally Came Home Eating a good meal

Getting2Zero, an Australian organisation focused on reducing killing in Australian pounds and shelters, has published an excellent Lost your cat? flier. It has all the basic information you need. It isnt easy to find by searching you might like to bookmark it.

G2Z will be encouraging pounds and shelters to give the flier to people who are seeking help finding their lost cat.

Owner Behaviors That Create Problems

Cat owners often behave in ways that actually inhibit their chances of finding their lost cat. They develop tunnel vision and fail to find their cat because they focus on wrong theories. They experience grief avoidance and quickly give up their search effort. They feel helpless and alone, often discouraged by others who rebuke them and tell them it was just a cat and youll never find your cat. But one of the biggest problems is that cat owners typically focus their search efforts by posting lost cat flyers and by searching the cages at the local shelter. Although these techniques are important and should not be overlooked, the primary technique to recover a missing cat should be to obtain permission from all neighbors to enter their yards and conduct an aggressive, physical search for the missing cat . Simply asking a neighbor to look for the lost cat is not sufficient! Neighbors are not going to crawl around on their bellies under their decks or houses to search for someone elses lost cat!

How To Stop Cats Wandering

Roaming is a natural instinct for almost all cats. So, you may prefer to keep your cat indoors. You can adopt several techniques to make this more palatable for your pet. Aside from spaying or neutering, these include:

Convince your cat that home is the best place. Ensure that it has privacy when needed and attention when requested. Good food and a clean litter tray are also essential.

If you get your cat into a regular schedule, itll feel more comfortable. Help your cat understand that it will be fed, petted, and played with at certain times of the day. Most cat toys mimic the experience of hunting in some way. Actively play with your cat twice a day, for 10-15 minutes each time.

These playtimes will sate your cats hunting instincts. This will mean that it will be happier to stay home. Hunting games also leave a cat exhausted and less likely to explore outside terrains.

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Ways To Find Your Lost Cat

Alycia Washington is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with nearly a decade of experience as a small animal emergency veterinarian. She currently works as a relief veterinarian for various emergency and specialty hospitals. Dr. Washington recognizes the importance of education and also works as a freelance veterinary writer.

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If you’re the owner of an indoor-outdoor cat, you may be faced with a situation in which your kitty is suddenly missing. Even indoor-only cats may slip out the door unexpectedly. However, chances are your cat did not go too far. Cats are very territorial , so search nearby areas closely for any convenient hiding spots.

In order to find your cat, consider the possible reasons for his absence. This is the time to set aside emotions and evaluate the possibilities, with an appropriate action for each.

Cat Missing For 6 Months Returns Home ‘like He Hasn’t Been Gone’

not sure if allowed, but my friends cat has been missing for 4 days now ...

The story of a missing cat that returned home after 6 months away has amazed the internet.

Shared on Reddit‘s popular r/cats forum on Tuesday, the post now has more than 22,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

Andreawho uses the handle RingsOnHerF1ng3rs on Redditlives in upstate New York. Her 2-year-old cat Gary went missing in November 2021, but she says she couldn’t help but feel that her cat was out there somewhere.

“He’s always been an outdoor cat so when he’s gone for a few days at a time I don’t sweat it, but after a couple of weeks I started to get nervous. I started putting up flyers and calling everywhere,” She told Newsweek. “Then we got around 4 feet of snow, so I started to accept he might be gone. But I couldn’t shake the feeling he was still alive.”

According to a survey by microchip technology company Peeva, one-third of all dogs and cats in the U.S. will be reported missing in their lifetimes, with more than 80 percent never found.

Results from more than 4,000 participants found that of 733 cats that were reported missing, 704 were never found and only 54 had microchips to help identify them and contact their owners.

When he went missing, Andrea had taken Gary on a trip to visit her father for Thanksgiving. But before they could head home, Gary had gone missing.

Amazed by the outcome, Reddit users headed to the comments to share their excitement and similar stories.

“Yay! That is amazing,” wrote another Redditor.

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Lost Cat How Long Do Cats Go Missing For

Cats like to wander, so there is a good chance yours goes missing now and then. In our experience, it is not unusual for a cat to be MIA for 24 hours at a time. Some cats even disappear for two to three days at a time. But, no matter how often they do it, or how street-smart they are, it can still be a worrying time for youif you think you have a lost cat.

Of course, if you are new to owning a cat, the idea of your precious bundle being out of your sight for a few minutes can be distressing, let alone an entire day. Carry on reading to find about everything your feline, including:

  • How long do cats go missing for?
  • Why do they go missing?
  • What can be done to find a lost cat?
  • How to prevent cats from getting lost

Start Looking Close By

Cats are territorial, and many will rarely leave their territory unless something has scared them. Therefore most cats that go missing are found within a five-house radius of where they live. Make sure you check your back garden and those of your neighbours thoroughly. Is there anywhere your cat could be trapped or hiding? As you know, cats can be curious and get trapped in all kinds of places they venture into.

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All Cats Should Have Microchips Fitted

Hopefully, your cat will be back with you soon. Dont forget about what happened here.

If you havent already, have your cat microchipped as this gives people who find a stray cat the best chance of reuniting it with its family.

Because some people still dont seem aware that cats have microchips, when they find a hungry unknown cat in their garden, they assume its a stray, feed it, and adopt it

Cases of cats having been adopted in this way are often only discovered if the new owner takes the cat to a vet and the vet happens to scan it and finds it is micro-chipped, which leads to the discovery of the prior owner.

Tip: if you ever move house get your details updated on the microchip database make sure you get details of how to do this from your vet when you have your cat microchipped.

How To Find A Lost Cat With A Microchip

Me after my cats been missing all day:

Many people assume that a cat microchip will help them locate their cat immediately if they go missing. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Unlike a microchip, a GPS cat tracker helps you find your lost cat in minutes by letting you follow their location in real-time.

To find a lost cat with a microchip, youll need to wait until someone finds your cat and brings them in to a shelter or vet where the microchip ID can be read.

If your contact details on the microchip ID are up to date, and if youre lucky enough to get a call about your missing cat, youll be reunited.

You can use the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup or the US Pet Chip Registry to learn more about microchip registry and missing pet identification.

While a microchip is a security must-have, it does not actively help you search for a lost cat or guarantee that they will be returned to you.

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What Should I Do If My Cat Is Missing

Having your cat go missing can be very distressing for cat owners. However, there are steps you can take so that if the worst happens and your cat does go missing, you have a better chance of finding them.

Dont wait for your cat to be lost first! While your cat is safely at home, you should make sure that:

  • Your cat has proper identification, including a microchip and, ideally, external identification such as a safe quick release collar with a tag that displays your name and contact number.
  • All of the details for your cat on the microchip database and ID tag are up to date at all times.
  • You have a current photograph of your cat to help find and identify him/her .
  • You have a plan ready to help you find your cat if he/she does go missing. Prepare this plan before something happens you will probably be a lot calmer and thinking more clearly to make sure you make a good plan to help you find your cat when your cat is not actually missing! Having the plan ready will also save valuable time. If the worst happens and your cat does go missing, act quickly and follow the plan you have prepared.

Your missing cat plan should include the following:

  • A thorough and well-conducted physical search is the most effective way to find a missing cat:

  • Conduct a thorough search of your house and backyard for your cat.
  • Notify your neighbours and get permission to conduct a thorough search of their properties for your cat too.
  • Alert and visit local animal agencies .

Why Do Cats Go Missing For Days At A Time

Home> Pet Advice> Why do cats go missing for days at a time?

Its not unusual for cats to go missing from time to time.

Sometimes they may disappear for a few hours, other times you may not see them for a day or two.

Its important to understand that these vanishing acts are perfectly normal. Felines, by their nature, are adventurous animals.

Their innate curiosity can see them wander away from home as they explore their surroundings, satisfying that predatory instinct.

Cats have an exceptional sense of direction so finding their way back is rarely a problem.

That wont be of much comfort to a large portion of pet parents however, who will naturally begin to worry if their feline has been away from the house for longer than expected.

You know your cat better than anybody. If you have not seen them for a few days, and that is out of character, conduct a thorough search of the house before making your way around the neighborhood.

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Will My Other Cat Look For My Missing Cat

Some people wonder if their other cats will look for and maybe help them find the missing cat in their family. Eva Morchairs shared a success story like this on Quora:

Tofu didn√Ęt come home after being let outside to play. I stayed up all night worrying about her. Come morning, still no sign of her. I had another cat, Fifi, that wanted to go outside and play. Before I let her go outside I picked her up and held her face up to mine and made eye contact with her and asked her to go and find Tofu. I told her to go find her and bring her home. I gave her a small kiss on the nose and I opened the back door for her and let her go play. About twenty minutes later my mom called out to me Fifi and Tofu were both sitting on the steps outside my back door.

So, it seems like its worth a shot. You could try asking your other cats to help you find the missing one. But of course, this may not work, as the companion cats may not be willing to explore unfamiliar places in search of the lost one, in favor of their familiar territory.

What Are The Differences Between An Indoor And Outdoor Cat

This is my gorgeous girl Sheba.... shes gone missing for 4 days. So ...

It is easier to keep a cat inside when you live in a flat. But it also depends on the breed. Some breeds like Persian cats, Russian cats, Ragdoll cats, or Birman cats are known to be homebodies.

A kitten that has been used to living inside might not be frustrated being kept indoors. They will grow up without missing the great outdoors as they have never experienced it.

It is different for outdoor cats as they feel freer and have been used to going outside. In that case, it might be harder to keep your cat inside. It is also not a matter of prohibiting your cat from going outside all of a sudden, or you might get stuck with a cat cryingand meowing all day at the door.

If you do not have a cat flap, it will be easier to stop your cat from going outside. Some cat flaps can be programmed, and you can block the openingduring certain hours. At first, the cat may express their displeasure with a nagging cry, so it is important to hold on and not give in. They will eventually get used to a new routine, whether they like it or not.

Once your cat has got used to not go out at night, you can reduce their daytime outings by delaying their first stroll or calling them home early.

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You Can Try Luring Your Cat Home

If you think your cat is hiding nearby, you can try putting out some strong-smelling fish when it gets dark. Do it at the same time every night, then try to keep watch from a distance to see if your cat will venture out to eat it. When he is hungry enough, he will venture out when he feels safe, which is normally under the cover of night.

Note: Since writing this article, I’ve read advice not to put out strong-smelling fish at night in case it attracts predators and other big cats and therefore scares your cat from coming back. This is definitely something to bear in mind. It did work in Freddie’s case though. We put it in an area where it was light enough to see who or what was eating it and watched the food. We only left it out for a short amount of time before he was back.

How To Prevent A Cat From Running Away

Hopefully, youve found your cat with the help of these tips. Now, what can you do to prevent your cat from running away and going missing again?

Heres how to avoid another nightmare:

  • Keep an eye on your cat in real-time with a GPS cat tracker you can also set safe spaces so you get alerts if they leave their usual territory.
  • Create a cat enclosure.
  • Do anything you can to keep your cat happy and occupied at home.
  • Spay or neuter your cats, to prevent them from running away due to their strong mating instinct.

Remember, should your cat go missing, the most important thing is to not give up. Finding a lost cat might feel challenging, but chances are, you will be reunited in no time.

The good news is that studies have shown that about 74% of lost cats are eventually united with their family again5. So try to stay calm and hopeful until your feline friends is in your arms again.

For more tips and info on how to find a lost cat and prevent them from going missing, check out the video below:

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Why Do Cats Run Away

Whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, our feline companions sometimes stray. There are many reasons why cats run away, but here are some common ones:

  • A female cat in heat or an unneutered male cat have a strong mating drive, which may cause them to roam in search of love
  • Cats are curious beings who love to hunt and explore their territory
  • Of course, it could just be that theres a friendly neighbor feeding them

Whatever the reason, its quite common for cats to run away. So if you find yourself wondering where your missing cat is, you are not alone!

The Cat Got Injured And Stocked At The Vet

Cat missing for 11 years reunited with owner

A cat may be injured and stocked by a vet, and the cat will not be released until the owner comes to calm it, which may take time.

Someone may pick your injured cat and take it to the vet and leave it with the vet keeping tab on the cat.

After a while when the cat is ok the person can return it to the same place where he or she picked the cat knowing the owner of the cat will be looking for it.

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