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Purina Dentalife Chicken Cat Dental Treats

Purina Dentalife Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Dental Treats 19 Oz Pouch

Purina® Dentalife® Dental Cat Treats
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  • DentaLife Daily Dental Treats for Cats feature a porous texture to reduce tartar buildup
  • Scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup
  • Purina DentaLife cat treats made with wholesome natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients and no artificial flavors or colors
  • Contain added calcium and taurine, plus added probiotics for cats to support digestive health
  • Dental cat treats are packaged in a reclosable pouch and offer a tasty chicken flavor cats love and a crunchy texture that invites her to nibble


Ground Yellow Corn, Chicken Meal, Natural Flavor, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Fat Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols, Powdered Cellulose, Glycerin, Dried Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Vitamin E Supplement, Taurine, Tricalcium Phosphate, Dried Bacillus Coagulans Fermentation Product, B555120. Ground Yellow Corn, Chicken Meal, Natural Flavor, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Fat Preserved With Mixed-tocopherols, Powdered Cellulose, Glycerin, Dried Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Vitamin E Supplement, Taurine, Tricalcium Phosphate, Dried Bacillus Coagulans Fermentation Product.

So What Are The Qualities Of The Best Dental Treats For Cats

While mint-scented kibble wont do anything to help your cats teeth, some specially formulated treats help to encourage good dental health.

The best cat dental treats are low in residue-building carbohydrates and contain enzymes that can consume the bacteria remaining in your cats mouth, reducing the likelihood of plaque and eventual tartar buildup.

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Et Si On Vous En Disait Plus

Découvrez les friandises pour chats DENTALIFE :Composition

  • Viandes et sous-produits animaux
  • Céréales
  • Poissons et sous-produits de poissons
  • Glycérol
  • Teneur en matières grasses: 13.3%
  • Cendres brutes: 9%
  • Calcium: 1.7%
  • Taurine: 1800mg/kg.

friandises pour chats bucco-dentaire DENTALIFEau poulet ! nettoient efficacement les dents de votre chat calcium et de la taurine sans colorants ajoutéssaveur saumon

  • Saveur poulet
  • Sans colorants ni arôme artificiel ajouté
  • Poids : 40 g

Plus De Choix Et De Flexibilit

Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats Tasty Chicken Flavor

Nous savons combien les liens entre les humains et leurs chiens peuvent différer d’une famille à l’autre. C’est pourquoi nous vous indiquerons les races apparemment les mieux adaptées à vos préférences, ainsi que celles que vous devriez éviter. Nous espérons que cet outil vous sera utile ou vous donnera des idées pour aller dans la bonne direction.

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Scientifically Tested To Reduce Tartar Buildup

Purina Dentalife Dental Treats for Cats are specially designed with a more porous texture than traditional treats. This helps your adult cats teeth penetrate the treat, surrounding all sides of the tooth for a clean that is scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup.

Discover the innovative crunch that cleans. Discover Purina Dentalife. For life.

Accorder Votre Mode De Vie Ses Besoins

Chaque chien a sa propre personnalité, unique, mais tous les chiens manifestent aussi des instincts et des comportements innés. Si votre chiot appartient par exemple à une race encline à se manifester bruyamment, il peut apprendre à être plus calme mais vous devez alors vous préparer à investir du temps et de la patience dans des heures d’éducation, car rester silencieux peut être contraire à sa nature. Notre Sélecteur de Races peut vous aider à trouver les prédispositions naturelles du chien qui s’accordent le mieux à votre mode de vie. Si vous et votre chien désirez les mêmes choses, votre vie ensemble sera heureuse et enrichissante.

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At A Glance: 7 Best Dental Cat Treats To Buy

2000+Check Price

While Purina Dentalife Dental Cat Treats appear to do a better job than any other dental cat treat on the market, they arent the only option. In addition to our top recommendation, weve chosen several other treats that go the extra mile to improve your cats oral health.

But before we jump into the details about this treat and the rest of our top recommendations, lets talk about the benefits of dental treats for cats and what to look for.

Not All Cat Dental Treats Actually Work

DentaLife Oral Care Cat Treats | Chewy

The majority of cat dental treats on the market are inspired by an old-school veterinary myth about dry kibble. During the 20th century, we were told that dry kibble was good for a cats teeth because it leaves less residue than canned food. Plus, the crunchy texture has the benefit of lightly abrading plaque. This myth has been largely debunked, revealing that dry food has little to no ability to clean cat teeth.

In keeping with this abrasion theory, most dental treats are nothing more than glorified kibble.

According to the marketing, these treats lightly abrade your cats teeth, scrubbing off plaque and surface bacteria. But theres a problem with this theory. Cats dont really chew their food. Their teeth seldom spend enough time touching the rough food to benefit from any abrasive effects. If your cat has ever vomited after eating dry food, youve probably seen graphic evidence of this fact.

Instead of getting that mild abrasive effect, cats essentially swallow their treats whole. Besides failing to scrub much of anything off of your cats teeth, the average dental treat coats your cats teeth in starch.

While dry cat food is often touted as a low-residue alternative to wet cat food, the inherent carbohydrate content of these foods makes that claim questionable. Dry food and treats leave a carbohydrate residue on your cats teeth, leading to bacterial buildup and, eventually, plaque and tartar.

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Purina Dentalife Friandises Mcher Au Poulet Pour Chat

Délicieuses friandises à mâcher pour chat adulte, bon goût de poulet, avec du calcium et de la taurine, structure poreuse et croustillante, aident à prévenir la formation de tartre.

  • Avis
  • Description du produit

Délicieuses friandises à mâcher pour chat adulte, bon goût de poulet, avec du calcium et de la taurine, structure poreuse et croustillante, aident à prévenir la formation de tartre.

Croustillantes et poreuses permet de réduire la formation de plaque dentaire et de tartrecalcium et en taurineCaractéristiques des friandises à mâcher PURINA Dentalife au poulet pour chat :

  • friandises pour chat adulte
  • au poulet : goût savoureux, très apprécié par la plupart des chats
  • anti-tartre : friandises qui aident à réduire la formation de plaque dentaire et de tartre, efficacité cliniquement prouvée
  • structure poreuse : pénètre dans les dents, effet abrasif
  • enrichies en calcium et taurine
  • recette facile à assimiler : à base d’ingrédients soigneusement sélectionnés
  • recommandées par le conseil vétérinaire sur la santé orale : organisme américain regroupant des vétérinaires spécialisés dans la santé orale
  • Composition

Ingrédients :Additifs :Additifs nutritionnels :

  • Quantités recommandées

Heres Why Cat Dental Treats Are A Good Idea

An estimated 85% of cats over age 6 have some form of periodontal diseasea condition occurring when tartar builds up on your cats teeth, causing gum inflammation and a string of other conditions.

If your cats mouth isnt healthy, that sickness will eventually spread to other parts of the body, meaning that dental health affects more than just your cats teeth and gums. As periodontal disease progresses, toxins spread from the mouth into the bloodstream and then into the organs, causing organ failure and other serious health issues.

Thats why its important to take care of your cats dental health before its too late.

There are numerous ways to keep your cats mouth healthy but brushing his teeth every day is the most effective method. Annual dental cleanings at the vet will remove any buildup you werent able to catch with the toothbrush and dental treats can fill in any gaps.

Dental treats are one of the most popular forms of preventative dental health care available for pets.

In contrast to the challenge of daily brushing, cat dental treats promise a fun, painless way to keep your cats mouth healthy. But theyre not a complete solution and, sometimes, theyre not a solution at all.

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What About Homemade Cat Dental Treats

In addition to regular brushing, professional cleanings, and commercial dental treats, homemade dental treats can help keep your cats teeth healthy. Raw meat and bones are among the best solutions.

Unlike any commercial cat food, raw meaty bones force your cat to use his jaws to gnaw and tear, digging his teeth into muscle tissue and breaking through raw bone. This gnawing action strengthens the jaws and cleans the teeth.

Because fresh raw meat doesnt have any carbohydrate content, its also low-residue and will contribute minimally to the population of bad bacteria in your cats mouth.

Remember that only raw bones are safe for your cat.

While raw bones are flexible, cooked bones become brittle and are prone to splintering and shattering, making them extremely dangerous for your cat to eat. Choose small bones that tone your cats jaws without overwhelming them. Cat-appropriate options include raw chicken necks and chicken wings.

Good dental health results from a systematic approach from the inside out.

Genetics, diet, and oral hygiene all work in concert to support your cats dental health. Before treats, your first priority should be choosing the right diet and brushing your cats teeth with a good toothbrush and toothpaste. After youve established an oral care regimen, dental treats can help to fight against tartar and plaque buildup and dental disease in between brushing.

Adoptez Le Rflexe Bucco

Purina Dentalife Dental Treats for Cats Tasty Chicken : Cats shopping ...

Les dents du chat ont besoin dun entretien quotidien pour veiller à sa santé et à son bien-être. En effet, laccumulation de plaque dentaire peut abriter toutes sortes de bactéries qui peuvent nuire à la santé bucco-dentaire de votre animal de compagnie. Afin de vous faciliter la tâche, PURINA® a mis au point les friandises DENTALIFE® pour chat. Cette délicieuse friandise bucco-dentaire du quotidien aide à nettoyer les dents de votre chat facilement et efficacement grâce à sa texture scientifiquement conçue, alvéolée et croustillante. DENTALIFE® Chat est disponible en deux variétés savoureuses, au saumon ou au poulet.

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Les Chiens De Race Pure Et De Races Croises

Opter pour un chien issu d’un croisement, qui associe les caractères physiques et psychologiques de deux races différentes, est intéressant mais il est impossible de savoir laquelle des deux influencera le plus l’apparence et la personnalité de votre chien. Les chiens croisés, aussi appelés “bâtards” ou “corniauds”, sont issus de différents chiens sans pedigree : leur patrimoine génétique très hétérogène leur confère en général une bonne santé. Les refuges recueillent à la fois des chiens de races et des chiens croisés. Le personnel vous aidera à trouver le chien qui touchera votre coeur et s’accordera le mieux à vos besoins.

Purina Dentalife Cat Dental Snacks

Tasty dental snacks for adult cats, delicious chicken flavour, with calcium and taurine, very crispy with a porous texture, can help to prevent the build-up of tartar…further information

  • Feeding guide
  • Product description

Tasty dental snacks for adult cats, delicious chicken flavour, with calcium and taurine, very crispy with a porous texture, can help to prevent the build-up of tartar

particularly crispy, porous texture,reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar.calcium and taurine.Purina Dentalife Cat Dental Snacks at a glance:

  • Dental snacks for adult cats
  • With Chicken: delicious taste, well-liked by many cats
  • Fights against tartar: can help to reduce the build-up of tartar and plaque, scientifically proven effect
  • Porous texture: these snacks can be easily pierced by the teeth which creates an all-round abrasive effect
  • Enriched with calcium and taurine
  • Easily digestible recipe: made with carefully selected ingredients
  • Produced in the USA and recognised by the Veterinary Oral Health Council: an American committee of vets who specialise in dental hygiene
  • Ingredients

IngredientsAdditivesNutritional additives :

  • Feeding guide

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Purina Dentalife Dental Cat Treats Deliver A Breakthrough Clean Backed By Science

Choose Purina DentaLife cat treats to help support your catâs oral health throughout her long life with you. With a delightful crunch that cleans with each tooth-scrubbing bite, our treats come in two delicious flavors cats loveâSalmon and Chicken. The innovative design features a unique, porous texture that allows your catâs tooth to penetrate the treat, helping to clean her teeth on all sides and reduce tartar buildup. We add calcium to keep her teeth strong along with taurine, an essential amino acid that cats need. DentaLife treats are made without artificial colors or flavors and are crafted in USA facilities, so you can serve them confidently to your feline friend.

Trouver La Race Qui Vous Correspond

Purina Dentalife Treats Review (We Tried It)

Chez Purina, nous pensons que le lien entre les humains et les animaux de compagnie contribue à rendre la société meilleure. Posséder un chien peut signifier des années de bonheur ensemble et enrichira votre vie mais, dans votre intérêt et celui de votre chien, il vous appartient de faire le bon choix.

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Purina Dentalife Chicken Cat Dental Treats

The innovative crunch that cleans. Dental problems affect most cats over the age of two. The good news is you can help maintain healthy teeth. Scientifically designed to help your cat’s teeth penetrate each treat, they help deliver a breakthrough clean, and their unique texture surrounds all sides of the tooth, helping to reduce tartar buildup more effectively. According to the Veterinary Oral Health Council, regular cleaning is the key to keeping your cats teeth and gums healthy. Each delicious dental treat contains added calcium and taurine, so you can feel good about offering these healthy cat snacks to your cat companion. She’s sure to love the delicious chicken flavor and the crave-worthy crunchy texture, and you can rest easy knowing she’s getting the oral care she needs to help keep her teeth and gums healthy. Feeding DENTALIFE treats can be an important part of your cats daily oral care routine.


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