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Why Does My Cat Chew On Corners

Your Cat Sucking On Blankets Or Other Fabrics Is A Form Of Relaxation

Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Pet Him?!

Another answer to Why do cats suck on blankets? Like thumb sucking in little children, nursing wool is a behavior that provides a sense of comfort and safety. A sensitive kitten may grow up into a fabric-sucking cat because that behavior reminds her of being safe and surrounded by her mother and littermates.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Chewing

If your cat is chewing more than normal, either his skin or things around the house other than food, make an appointment with your veterinarian. Typically, this is a behavioral disorder, and your veterinarian can give you advice on what to do to help him stop. The veterinarian will also perform a complete physical examination to check for any underlying physical conditions with his health. This is very important to do, because if an underlying health condition is causing the chewing, it will be important to treat it. Your cat may have dental issues, and chewing on odd items, such as plastic or the wooden leg of a chair, may help him feel better. He may also have gastrointestinal issues, and with an upset stomach he may feel he needs to chew on something & ldquo different& rdquo such as wool or carpet.

Your veterinarian will conduct laboratory testing on your cat. He may perform a urinalysis, biochemistry profile, and blood work. He may perform other tests to check for any nutritional deficiencies in your cat.

You also want to know when you noticed the excessive chewing, when it began, and other behaviors that accompany the excessive chewing, such as licking and over-grooming himself and possibly other cats. He will also want to know what he chews on, such as wood, wicker, fabric in the furniture, carpet, rugs, or bedding.

Reason : Your Cat Is An Artist

Some cats arent just mindlessly chewing cardboard. Instead, they have a clear vision of creating a more comfortable cardboard box. One thats designed just for them.

Okay, maybe thats a little extreme but theres been a handful of cat owners who are convinced that their cat is creating a work of art just for them. One Quora user explained that they thought their neighbors cat was just aimlessly chomping on cardboard:

Until, that is, his work started to take shape, and it became clear to see that he was not just mindlessly luxuriating in the feel of cardboard against his gums, but that he was creating a piece of art.

With every cardboard box he gets his teeth into, he makes a small semi-circle. The semi-circle is just the right size for him to rest his chin on. So he can get in his box, settle down, and rest his chin on his customized shelf, and look out at the world in comfort.

So while its pretty unusual, your cat may be creating a tiny house for themselves. If thats the case, try upgrading the comfort by adding in a blanket for your cat to really get the most out of their creation.

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How Can I Prevent My Cat From Biting My Phone

Cat staring at smartphone screen.

Preventing your cat from biting your phone is fairly simple. Keep it out of the cats view and reach. Put it away in your purse, backpack or suitcase. You can also place it on top of an unlit fireplace, entertainment center, dresser or other area.

You could also try using a deterrent spray, like sour apple, to prevent your cat from biting on your phone. Dont wrap it up in cloth, plastic or other material because, when hot, it can cause things to melt and start on fire.

Why Do Cats Eat And Chew On Paper 5 Reasons For This Behavior

Why Do Cats Eat Plants and Then Throw Up?!

Believe it or not, cats eating cardboard and paper is a common problem. Sometimes, owners mistake their cats playing with the toilet roll as a desire to eat it. In other cases, the cat might be tempted by the smell or taste of what was formerly inside the paper.

But there is a surprisingly large number of cats that suffer from something referred to as Pica Syndrome, or the urge to eat non-edible materials. These are several potential causes of this action, a host of ways you could potentially stop it, and plenty of reasons to stop your feline friend from feasting on non-food fiber.

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My Cat’s Play Is Starting To Lead To Injuries What Can I Do About This

Under-stimulation, an excess of unused energy, and lack of appropriate opportunities for play can lead to play-related aggression. This may be exhibited as overly rambunctious or aggressive play, which inadvertently leads to injuries to people. In some cases, the play can include a number of components of the cats predatory nature, including the stalk, pounce, and bite, which can be extremely intense. Although play is usually more common in kittens, it may persist through adulthood, especially in cats under 2 years of age that have no other feline companions.

Moving objects that can be stalked, chased, swatted, or pounced upon best stimulate cat play . Providing ample opportunities for self-play, interactive play with owners, and social play with other cats may aid greatly in reducing or eliminating inappropriate play with owners. Successful interactive toys include wiggling ropes, wands, dangling toys, and items that are thrown or rolled for the cat to chase. In addition, before you consider using one of the interruptions , the cat should first receive a sufficient number of play alternatives. Anticipate your cats need to play and initiate interactive play sessions. You should not tolerate aggressive play that is initiated by your cat and directed toward you. Owners that allow the cat to initiate affection and attention-getting behaviors run the risk of these behaviors escalating into more aggressive sessions should the owner refuse the cats demands.

Frustration And Play Aggression

This kind of aggression is common in kittens and young cats who are the only pet in the house. This basically amounts to playing a little rough in the absence of siblings, prey, or any other healthy outlets for their hunting instincts.

If your cat stalks your toes, leaps out at you from around corners to savage your ankles, or plays a little too rough with you, these are the signs that you need to ensure that you provide healthy alternatives.

Yes, its cute when a kitten plays and bites your hand, but when they get older and bigger , it will be less adorable. Provide regular healthy playtime and appropriate toys.

Healthy play includes mimicking a hunt. Allow your cat to stalk and chase and run and jump. But before they are completely tired out, give them the satisfaction of catching their prey and killing it. Omitting these last two steps will just lead to a buildup of even more frustration. Be sure not to encourage overly aggressive behavior.

If youre bitten, dont squeal or scream or even shout this can be seen by your cat as encouragement. Remain quiet and offer a more appropriate toy instead.

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Why Does My Cat Chew On Cardboard Boxes 6 Reasons Why

Some cats are chewers, and some not so much. Cats that enjoy a good chewing session might gravitate to cardboard boxes. They are everywhere and can be everything from your cereal boxes, to your moving boxes, to your goodies that just arrived from your online shopping spree.

Maybe youve been wondering if its something you should worry about or if its just your cat who is a little weird. Well, rest assured, many cats seem to enjoy gnawing on cardboard boxes, but it is important to double-check the reasons behind this behavior.

Is Pica Dangerous For My Cat

Cats Who Bite: Why Do Cats Bite & What You Can Do

Unfortunately, many of the substances chosen cannot be digested in the same way as food and there is a risk that it will cause an obstruction in the intestines and require surgery to remove the material . Sections of the gut may need to be removed in severe cases but, despite this, cats usually do make a full recovery afterwards.

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What Do Cats Think Of Our Phones

Its difficult to say what cats think of our phones. Indeed, its difficult to understand what cats think about things in general. Seeing as how they have a different method of logic, no one can say for sure. But, how they interact with and behave around our phones can give us some indications.

For instance, if your cat is biting your phone in a vicious and predatory manner, chances are your cat finds your phone to be a threat. But, if your cat cuddles with or sits on top of it, your cat may think its a way to keep warm.

Make Sure Your Cat Is Getting All Nutrients Needed

You probably already feed your cat wholesome food that at least meets the AAFCO guidelines for minimum nutrients.

But if you are feeding a homemade diet, check your recipes carefully your cat may be missing a nutrient and this can cause pica, an attraction to munching unusual things.

I hope these suggestions give you more peace of mind by keeping your little chewer gnawing on more reasonable things like cat food.

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Responses To 6 Ways To Stop Risky Cat Chewing Without Losing Your Mind

  • ArryanaApril 21, 2021 at 9:47 am#

    My cat is chewing on almost anything and everything. We got wire covers, but he favorite things to chew on are stuffed animals and socks. Hes starting to chew on our blankets and other clothing. Towels too, Im in the process of getting MORE toys but Im not sure what to do or how to stop him from destroying everything little thing. Any suggestions?


  • leahcorbettMarch 16, 2019 at 9:20 am#

    The deterrent ideas are good, but incomplete. If youre concerned about bitter apples herbs, you can make your own with 2:1 ACV and regular vinegar. Cats also hate citrus, so I wonder if lemon juice would work? Also, the bouncy string thing would be eaten within in a minute by my pica cat. Even though she chews through my bedding and clothes like a goat, she doesnt like matatabi sticks, but some cats do. We need some chew-proof bouncy toy ideas.


  • Melynda FranklinOctober 1, 2018 at 4:45 am#

    I have a 8 month old baby and 3 cats one of my cats and my son both like chewing on cords. Any ideas on a safe deterrent for both I try to keep cords out of reach of my son but my cat and he are partners in crime. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice I am thinking about trying peppermint essential oil to try to deter but I dont know if it is safe


  • www.PureKitties.comApril 30, 2017 at 7:44 pm#

    it doesnt work to bad. i like the bitter apply spray and use the cord management to hide my cables.


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  • How Can I Prevent My Cat From Chewing Up The Carpet

    Why Does My Cat Chew Cardboard Boxes? (5 Best Reasons)

    My cat loves to bite and pull at the carpet everywhere there is a seam . I’ve tried squirting him with water, but now he just runs away if I even move while he’s doing it. Since I can’t be there all the time, I need some way to keep him from ripping up the carpet while I’m at work or asleep. I’ve seen products that are supposed to keep cats away from an area, but that would require spaying the doorway. I don’t want to prevent him from entering those rooms, just to stop messing with the carpet.

    Some cats are horizontal scratchers instead of vertical ones, they like pulling and yanking at carpet and stuff rather than, say, a couch or something, if they don’t have something appropriate. You can get scratchers that are just corrugated cardboard stuck together in flatter box shapes that you set on the floor – I had a cat who was determined to yank up all my carpets, and then I gave him something like this, and he stopped trying to pull my carpet up, and chewed and scratched on the cardboard thing instead.

    If it isn’t a scratching need, then you might want to try putting pepper in the area you want to keep him out of, like along the seams. I do this to keep my cat out of plants and other places, and it works pretty well. Also lemon juice or vinegar also work, although make sure they won’t damage your carpet.

    You could also get a small rug and try to train him to only pull at that one, but I have never really gotten it to work

    Good luck!

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    Do Cats Get Jealous Of Our Phones

    Unfortunately, cats do get jealous of our phones. It seems silly, but its true. Your cat doesnt conceptualize that phones are a communications device they see it as an object that takes your affection away from them. This jealous aspect is an extension of their propensity toward territorialism.

    Its a similar concept to how some cats view and treat newborn babies. They see it as a threat to their relationship with you. They will act in undesirable ways because the jealousy can be overwhelming to their psyches.

    Its imperative that you spend at least five minutes of quality time per day with your cat. Dont use/answer your phone or allow any other distractions except kitty toys it should be just you and the little fluffy butt. Doing this should reduce their jealousy and prevent them from nibbling on your phone.

    Cats are famous for their artistic distraction attempts because they want you to focus on them. Chances are, if your cat notices youre on it often and bites the corner, your cat has decided you should pay more attention to it.

    Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Phone

    There are a plethora of reasons why your cat exhibits obsessive behavior with your phone. It could be that your cat may perceive the phone as a threat. Any perception of division between you and them is an unwanted intrusion.

    If youre on your phone often, your cat will devise ways to destroy it to their best of their ability.

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    Reason : Its Just Plain Fun

    Cats are able to find just about anything interesting. Whether that means attacking and playing with your hair, knocking things off counters, or even flipping their water bowl cats are able to have fun with just about any of the weird objects found in our human world. That includes cardboard.

    While your cat might be a bit bored, they could also just enjoy the texture and sounds that cardboard makes! While its easy enough to just give your cat a cardboard tribute now and again it can also end up making quite a mess. If youve got a cardboard loving cat, you should check out this

    Cat Doing An Odd Chewing Motion When Not Eating

    Why Does My Cat Bite?

    The expression “nom nom nom” is about what this looks like. Bailey is about 6 years old and the vet says he is healthy. when I took him in about this of course he wouldn’t do it for the vet to see. He’s in no distress, just stands there and works his jaws like he is chewing gum or something.

    Anyone have a cat that does this?

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    Chewing Vs Eating Cardboard

    Theres a very big difference between chewing and eating cardboard. While a cat that loves to chew cardboard might ingest a little in the process, cats that chew arent actively trying to consume cardboard.

    This is completely different from a cat thats eating cardboard. Eating cardboard could be related to a complex condition called pica. Pica is the drive to eat non-food items and it can have big consequences for cats. While pica in cats is relatively uncommon, it still something to be concerned about. If your cat appears to be ingesting and consuming cardboard be sure to consult your veterinarian.

    With that out of the way, lets dive into the first reason why your cat might want to chew on some cardboard!

    What Does It Actually Mean When A Cat Bites You

    If youve spent any time around cats, youll know how quickly a loving cuddle can turn into a sharp bite. One minute, Sir Pounce is purring away happily and the next hes sinking his razor-sharp little teeth into you. As a cat owner, this can be extremely painful. Not always physically painful, but the sting of this sudden betrayal can really cut deep.

    In all seriousness though, why does your cat bite you? This post will take you through the various reasons your cat may be biting, what this means, and how you can deal with it.

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    Cats Eating Cardboard Is A Common Problem

    Why do cats eat paper and cardboard? is a common thread topic on cat forums, and the questions and comments posters submit range from Why do cats love to tear apart paper? and Does anyone elses cat like to munch Kleenex tissue and toilet paper? to Cat licking paper, boxes, etc. and Cat chewing paperPica? Needs fiber?

    Dig deeper into the forums and youll find that some cats are connoisseurs of particular varieties of cardboard and paper. One poster mentioned her cats proclivity for chewing diaper boxes, another loves paper towels, and yet another prefers paperback books. One bulletin board contributor complained that her cat was biting her daughters homework. Lets see if her daughters teacher buys that excuse.

    While there are no scientific studies to explain cats penchant for chewing, shredding, or even eating paper and cardboard, there are some good theories that might explain this behavior.


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