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Why Is My Cat Drinking Out Of The Toilet

Proper Water Intake Is Crucial For Your Cat’s Kidneys

Why do cats drink out of the toilet?

We all can agree that the kidneys are vital to your cats life. Kidneys manage their fluid balance. They stimulate the proper production of red blood cells, regulates blood pressure, and are in charge of removing the waste from the blood.

Drinking plenty of water is very important because dehydration can cause kidney stones, which can lead to many issues, including kidney damage.

Cats Want To Be Far From Their Scuzzy Water Bowl

Cats may favor lapping from toilets because theyre a substantial distance from their own tepid, murky water. They dont care how trendy and pricey their water may have originally been. If their humans forgot to change it, cats arent going to want to be near it; they’re not going to drink it, and they will opt for the potty.

In the North African desert from which cats evolved, they had to rely on their prey for all the hydration they could glean, since water sources were scant. In this way, felines became accustomed to their water source being isolated from their food source.

Peace . . . quiet . . . and refreshment!

Restrict Access To The Toilet Bowl

Keep the bathroom door closed and shut the toilet lid. Unless your cats litter tray is in the bathroom due to space issues, it should not need access to this room. Human bathrooms are filled with feline hazards, and toilets are just one of them. If necessary, get a clip to keep the toilet shut as cats are smart enough to learn how to lift the lid.

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Help My Cat Is Drinking Out Of The Toilet

by Ultimate Pet Nutrition Team | Jul 5, 2019 | Cat Wellness |

Imagine this: youre brushing your teeth one day and you just happen to look down. What you see is shocking: your cat is drinking out of the toilet!

Why does this happen? Is it safe for your cat? What can you do about it? Read on to find out.

Q My Cat Likes To Drink From The Toilet Will This Make Her Sick

Why Does My Cat Drink From The Toilet ?  Causes And Cure ...

A. That depends, to put it bluntly, on whats in the bowl. I would be most concerned about her drinking water with any of the drop-in bowl cleaners or other cleaning products in it. But, honestly, theres nothing in the bowl that she wouldnt be better off not having.

While drinking from the toilet is more often associated with dogs than with cats , the reason why pets are drawn to the bowl is the same no matter if they’re cats or dogs.

The water is often fresher than whats in their water bowls, since toilet water is changed every time the toilets flushed. The water is likely cooler as well, and if the toilet is running, its even more appealing. Animals are naturally drawn to cool, running water, which is more likely, in the wild, to be safer for drinking than warm, still water. Think about the difference between a mountain stream and an algae-heavy pond and its obvious this is a good strategy for survival.

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How Can I Correct This Behavior

You must first understand this is not a behavior you want to correct. Finding water sources is a natural instinct for cats. Its not something they should ever be punished for doing. If your only option for water was to drink from a toilet or be without fluid, you would do the same! Its simply a survival instinct.

What you want to do is make sure your cat always has fresh water sources. It is best to have at least two they can easily reach. Some cats will not drink from bowls where their whiskers touch the sides so be sure it is wide enough. You can also choose the option of using running water and buy a pet fountain. This way they will always hear and smell the water.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Drinking Toilet Water

The easiest solution is to put the toilet seat down. It may require you and your family members to form a new habit, but its an important one for your cats health. You can even take it one step further and keep the doors to bathrooms closed, and not allow your cat in the bathroom when youre using it. This may help them form a habit of staying out of your bathrooms.

However, its not as easy to control when you have houseguests or children who might forget to put the toilet seat down or close the door behind them.;In this case, its important to keep the toilet bowl as clean as possible, and to use non-toxic toilet cleaners.

Here are a few other tips to try:


Try a porcelain water dish for your cat. This may help keep their water cooler longer and encourage them to stop drinking from the toilet bowl if cold water is the reason behind the behaviour.


You may try adding a few ice cubes to your cats water dish to also keep their water cold longer.


If your cat prefers running water to still water, cat water fountains are the perfect solution. Swapping their regular water bowl for one that constantly keeps water circulating may stop your cat from drinking out of the toilet.

You can purchase one for around $25, such as this cat water fountain that will also be beneficial if your cat has a tendency to paw at their water. Or go for a super quiet cat water fountain like this one.




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They May Be A Natural Pacifist

This is where Gracie fits. She was the runt of the litter and had to be bottle fed. The other kittens shoved her around and she wasnt getting enough milk. We were finally able to bring her home, but then she wasnt exactly accepted by our older much larger cat.

Drinking from high up on our nightstand likely makes her feel more confident and also reduces risks of confrontation at the water bowl. Even though they are best friends now, its just a part of her nature now.

Why Does My Cat Drink From The Toilet Is He Becoming Nasty

Cat Drinking Out Of The Fish Tank And Toilet Bowl

Cats prefer flowing water to a bowl, with some refusing to drink unless it comes from a faucet. Other cats will drink from any source, including glasses, despite the fact that they are probably too small for their faces and whiskers. So its probably a matter of personal choice for each cat.

Cats drink from the toilet because the lower temperature of the water in the toilet compared to the water in their dish appeals to the cats. At room temperature, water that has been sitting in a normal water bowl for hours or even days may not be as pleasant.

Now, its the time to dive in deep into the details about why cats prefer drinking from toilet which human thinks is nasty enough!

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Is It Safe For My Cat To Drink From The Toilet

If your toilet area is kept clean, you dont have to worry about your cat digesting the water. Cats have far superior bacteria in their mouths to handle eating raw meat and natural/unclean water sources in nature. Just make sure to never have chemicals or chemical residue in or around the toilet. If you use any kind of continuous cleaning capsules, pads, or liquid in your toilet its best to just keep the lid closed at all times.

Toilet cleaners are toxic

Bleaches, gels, and tablets in the toilet are very dangerous to cats. Never let them near a toilet that has recently been cleaned or uses continuous cleaning products in it.

Its Part Of Their Instincts

Another part of nature is that felines in the wild did not always have water where they ate. After getting their pray they would often carry it to a secret location, far away from the water hole so that no one else would want to eat their dinner. This type of behavior can be passed down through genetics, hence why some cats like to drink away from their food.

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What Happens If Cat Drank Toilet Water With Cleaner

Cats can be poisoned by ordinary household cleaners such as toilet bowl cleaners, rust removers, and drain cleaners. If swallowed, cats may have excessive drooling, trouble breathing, vomiting, and mouth and oesophagus chemical burns.

Keep these items out of the reach of cats at all times. Get a watering fountain for your cat. They arent costly, and they provide what your cat craves: cooler, flowing water without the contaminants you dont want your cat to consume from the toilet.

I prefer the sort that allows pets to drink directly from the stream, off a ramp, or from a dish. Your cat will drink more because the water is continually purified and flowing. Because many cats are chronically dehydrated, anything that helps them drink more clean water is a good idea.

The Water Is Cool And Fresh

And my psycho cat drinks from the toilet

Cats like drinking cool water, especially during the summer months. Toilet water is typically going to be cooler than their plastic or metal bowl.

Its also going to taste fresher than the water in their bowl if the toilet was flushed recently. Fresh might not be the best word, but you know what I mean.

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What Are The Rituals And Compulsions Of Ocd

OCD: Hand-washing Rituals/Compulsions. Hand-washing is a very common ritual and typically involves prolonged and frequent hand-washing behaviors. These washing behaviors may involve a particular sequence, order, or rhythm. Some individuals count while washing or wash in multiples of particular numbers.

The Freshness Of The Toilet Water

This may be completely bizarre for you to even consider but for the cats, the freshness of toilet water is a real thing. The frequent flushing of toilet bowls can be seen as generating a fresher supply of oxygen with every flush and that makes the water more appealing for the cats.

They also may get attracted to it due to the unattractiveness of the water in their drinking bowls that remains stagnant for a long time and might even be containing hair, debris, fur, etc. The porcelain of the toilets keeps the water cooler and makes cat drinking from toilet preferably.

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Encouraging Healthy Hydration Habits

  • 1Make sure your cat is getting enough water. If your cat is drinking from odd places, it might not be getting enough water on a daily basis. Your cat should be drinking at least one cup or 250 milliliters of fresh water each day.XResearch source
  • If you are concerned about your cats water intake, use a smaller bowl that fits only about 1 cup of water that will allow you to track over the day.
  • 2Prevent access to problematic water sources. If your cat is drinking from a problematic water source like a fish tank, bathtub, or shower, you can stop this behavior by closing the cat off from these sources. If your cat is drinking from the toilet, for example, make sure the toilet lid is always closed. If your cat is drinking from the fish aquarium, keep the door to that room closed.
  • 3Give your cat a pet fountain. One way to discourage your cat from drinking out of odd places is to provide them with a pet fountain. A pet fountain will give your cat the running water it enjoys. It will also encourage the cat to drink more water. You can purchase a pet fountain at any pet supply store for about $30-50 USD.XResearch source
  • Try placing the pet fountain in the room where you feed your cat or where the cat tends to spend the most time.
  • Placing the pet fountain on a hard floor surface like tile or linoleum will make cleanup easier if your cat splashes in the fountain.
  • Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Why Does My Cat Drink From The Toilet Causes And Cure

    Cat caught drinking out of toilet

    You may get disgusted every time upon wondering why does my cat drink from the toilet and there is probably no answer that you could have come up with for that action of your cat. However, there exist many genuine reasons behind your cat drinking out of toilet no matter how hard it would be for you to believe them. Read on to know more about this cat’s behavior and how to deal with it.


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    Cat Not Drinking Water You Should Try This

    March 30th, 2020.

    Water is very important for cats, just like it is for humans and every other living creature. Did you know that 1 in 3 cats develop kidney problems in their lifetime?;

    Its very important to keep your cats properly hydrated at all times to avoid future complications such as UTIs and irreversible kidney damage.

    So right now, you might be asking, “well, if the water is so important, why is my cat not drinking enough water or not drinking at all?”

    There is a lot of misinformation and confusion online about this subject, so wed like to break it down for you in full detail.

    They Are Dehydrated Or Sick

    The food your cat is eating can cause them to be dehydrated or thirstier than normal. Also, your cat could be;suffering from an illness such as;kidney disease, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism. If you notice them drinking a lot more, a change in litter box habits, or any other behavioral changes let your vet know.

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    Common Reasons Why Your Cat Is Drinking Out Of The Toilet

    The easy answer is really simple. The bathroom toilet bowl is an easy, fresh source of water. You might think that the water is really nasty, and that theres no way your pet would prefer it to what they can get in their water bowl. But it turns out, this is pretty common pet behavior.

    Now, there are several reasons why your cat is drawn to your toilet bowl. Unlike the water bowl, the toilet bowl is filled with running water. Its instinctual for your cat to be attracted to this type of water.

    To them, moving water is cleaner than regular water.

    Also, water in the toilet is actually fresher than what is in your pets water dish. You might not think this is possible, but its the truth. This is especially true if you havent changed your kittys water in the last day or so.1

    How To Stop A Cat Drinking Out Of The Toilet

    Why Does My Cat Drink from the Toilet?

    There is no denying that cats should not drink from a toilet bowl. Just because your cat enjoys doing so doesnt make it safe or acceptable. Cats are governed by survival instincts but may still develop a range of risky habits.

    The main danger of a cat drinking from the toilet bowl is cleaning chemicals. In theory, the water is fresh. In reality, you may have placed bleach or other products down the toilet to kill germs and bacteria. If you havent flushed the toilet properly, it may contain urine and feces. Even flushing the loo wont remove all traces of poop and pee.

    There is also the risk of a cat falling into the toilet. The cat is unlikely to drown, but it will be soaked to the bone. This can reduce a cats temperature sharply. If you dont discover the cat quickly, hyperthermia becomes a risk. With this in mind, keep your cat away from the toilet. Heres how:

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    Enriching Your Cats Environment

  • 1Engage in regular interactive play with your cat. Your cat might be turning on faucets or drinking from the toilet as a source of entertainment. You can distract your cat from these activities by making sure they are stimulated through interactive play every day. Try playing games with a laser, wand toy, or bubbles. You can also engage your cat with balls and feather toys they can chase.XResearch source
  • 2Give your cat a puzzle feeder. Another way you can enrich your cats environment and provide stimulation is with a puzzle feeder. A puzzle feeder is a toy that you place food inside of. The cat is rewarded with a treat when it solves the puzzle. This can distract your cat from playing in the toilet or turning on faucets.XResearch source
  • 3Create vertical space for your cat. Consider setting up a cat tree in your home. By creating more vertical space for your cat, you will give them opportunities to play and climb in the new space. You can try a simple cat tree, catwalk, or shelving that you install yourself. You can also purchase more elaborate spaces for your cat, like a floor to ceiling cat tree.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Behavior Changes In Older Cats

    Behavior Changes in Older CatsHow your older cats behavior change may actually be a sign of disease

    As cats get older, their behavior may start to change. While some behavioral changes are due to environmental stress or Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome , there is often a medical reason underlying the behavioral change. Investigating these changes proactively may allow us to catch an underlying disease process sooner and to more effectively treat it.

    CHANGES IN LITTER BOX HABITS:Litter box habits are dependent on a cats state of general health.Having to change the litter more frequently goes hand in hand with increases in urination. Increased volume of urine is often a sign of kidney disease, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism.

    If your cat has started urinating or defecating outside the litter box, this could be a sign of arthritis. Maybe your cat is having trouble getting in and out of the box, gets sore when trying to squat, or there is a barrier like a staircase making things difficult.

    While some UTIs are simple, in older cats they can be secondary to diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, bladder stones, or cancer.

    Is your cat suddenly having a preference for certain food textures, dropping food, drooling, picking food up with her paws, audibly grinding her teeth, or exhibiting some other new eating behavior? These could all be signs of dental disease or nausea.

    Cats may start to play with water when they have increased thirst.

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