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Why Is My Cat Staring At Nothing

Dealing With Other Animals

Ask Amy: Why Does My Cat Stare At Nothing?

It is natural for animals to be wary of each other upon new introductions. Always introduce new animals slowly and make sure they are supervised at all times to avoid injury, fighting, and even death. Cats take an especially long time when adjusting to change. If your cat hisses when introduced to a new animal initially, that is ok. Give them some time, privacy, and a room of their own to retreat to and feel safe during the process. Never force an introduction.

Should I Be Concerned About My Cats Staring

Nine times out of 10, there is nothing to worry about if your cat is staring at you. Cats often stare when they want something, but cats also stare just to express how much they love you.

Unless your cats stare is accompanied by loud noises, hissing, and other signs of aggression, you dont need to be concerned about your cat staring, but you should figure out why your cat is staring to make sure it doesnt need anything.

Or Hearing Something Beyond Your Power

Along with superhuman eyesight, cats also have superior hearing that lets them detect sounds on frequencies too high-pitched for humans, and even dogs, to hear. According to Animal Planet, a cats ear works pretty much like a live radar to the extent that it can accurately pinpoint a sound coming from 3 feet away.

Yes, this means that when your cat is staring into space, he can actually be listening to a roach or a rodent moving in the pipes of the room across yours. It also means that if youre looking for an animal to alarm and protect you from midnight burglaries, a cat might be a better choice than a dog. Might as well let someone else get scratched and bitten for a change, right?

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Why Is My Cat Crying While Staring At The Wall

Your cat could be facing some medical problem.

One of the medical problems that we talked about being hyperesthesia.

Though there is no specific reason for this syndrome. Some of the reasons that medical experts give us are stress, seizures, abnormal brain waves, etc.

There would be a few physical examinations that would be taken by your vet to find if your cat is facing any problem.

Give A Kitty Kiss: The Slow Blink

Why Is My Cat Staring At The Wall Constantly Or At Nothing ...

The slow blink means “I love you.” Closing their eyes is not something a cat would do if they felt threatened. Prolonged eye contact is intimidating . Here’s how to deliver the slow blink:

  • Soften the face
  • Lock eyes with your cat for a brief second. Imagine you are saying “I. Love. You.” and blink slowly. You can even slowly dip your head a little bit.
  • If you want to make contact, gently offer your hand and extend a single finger. Allow your cat to approach you and not vice versa.
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    Getting Your Cat To Stop Meowing At The Wall

    It can be tempting to ignore this odd behavior in your cat. Cats can be oddballs and you might think that you should just let your pet do this at home.

    However, ignoring your cats quirks and odd behavior is almost always not a good thing. There is always an underlying reason behind your cats actions, especially meowing.

    Before brushing off your cats meowing, make sure that he is safe and his needs are met. Never punish your cat. You will only risk him disliking you.

    Once you are sure that his immediate needs are met, the next thing that you need to do is to investigate the underlying cause.

    For example, it does not hurt to check your home for pests, especially if you have recently moved in. Or if your cat is meowing at the wall and exhibiting other symptoms like aggression or absent-mindedness, you should schedule an immediate trip to the vet.

    As much as possible, discourage your cats excessive meowing. Encouraging him will only make him meow more and louder because he knows that he can get your attention that way. Nip this bad behavior in the bud by ignoring him when he is noisy and reward him when he is quiet.

    Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You Through A Stare That He Or Shes Hungry

    Okay this also happens sometimes. But I think we as pet owners usually eventually recognize the Im hungry stare and know to do something about it. There are many times when your cats belly is full and he or she still has plenty in the slow feeder bowl and still comes and stares at you, though. Times like that you know the starings not about food this time.

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    Why Does My Cat Stare At Me

    Do you ever wake up and find your cat lying on your chest, staring right into your eyes? Or maybe you feel those green eyes boring a hole into your back as you are working on your computer? What is your cat thinking about?

    You have read that direct eye contact in the cat world is considered a threat, so you may be wondering, What did I do?

    The answer may be nothing. There are several different scenarios that might involve cats staring at youheres how you can tell the difference.

    Should I Stare Back At My Cat


    Cat owners are often encouraged to slowly blink or wink their eyes when directly looking toward their cats. This sends a message that you are not a threat and they should not be alarmed. However, cats always prefer their owners using their peripheral vision to look at them rather than a direct gaze.

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    Is It Normal For My Cat To Stare At Me

    Thankfully, if your cat stares at you then it is nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, it is totally normal. “Our furry friends are nonverbal communicators,” says Dr. Jessica Herman, DVM, and veterinarian at Fuzzy Pet Health. “Paying attention to their body language, daily habits, and behavior is very important in our communication with our pets, and cat staring is typically harmless and not worrisome.” However, Dr. Herman advises paying attention to their other body cues to make sure there is nothing else going on.

    Helping A Cat To Cope With Change

    Cats are creatures of habit, so changes to their structure and routine cause significant anxiety. If your cat does not feel secure, it will feel increasingly nervous. The most significant changes a cat can undergo are:

    • A new living environment
    • Getting a new pet
    • The arrival of a new person/baby

    A cat will notice if its owner is missing for longer than normal. Likewise, cats experience bereavement if a person or animal companion dies.

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    Signs Your Cat Is Scared

    A lot of times, its not hard to know when you scare your cat. However, these finicky creatures can be scared without you ever realizing it. If you notice that your cat is staring at you while hiding, it is likely scared of something you did and is watching your movements as a result.

    If you think you accidentally scared your cat, its a good idea to gently approach it with treats and a gentle voice. This will help calm the cat down so that it knows there is nothing to be afraid of.

    Cats Are Known To Stare At People From Time To Time Find Out The Reasons Behind This Behaviour

    Why Does My Cat Stare At Nothing? Here Are The 6 Reasons

    If youve ever walked into a room to find your cat staring at you, or witnessed them gazing at you wide-eyed as you eat, then youll know it can be a little unnerving.

    Rather than challenging you to a staring contest, this curious behaviour is actually something you may have trained your moggy to do without even realising it.

    As a solitary species, cats dont naturally feel the need to hold eye contact with others to communicate but if they think they can get something out of it, then they might be willing to give it a go.

    For example, if your cat has stared at you in the past, you may have taken it to mean that they want food or maybe attention and given them a tasty treat or a bit of a fuss in response.

    Your moggy pal will then have learnt to associate eye contact with an enjoyable reward and will want to try it again to see if they get the same result.

    The more you reward this behaviour over time, the more likely your moggy is to stare at you to get their way. Cats have learnt to miaow for the same reason, as they have no need to communicate in this way with other cats. When they miaow at us we often interpret it as them saying they want something and then reinforce this behaviour by giving them what they want.

    As well as being a method of communication, staring is also a sign of a close bond between you and your cat, as they are unlikely to hold eye contact with someone they dont like or trust.

    For more information about cat behaviour, visit our behaviour hub.

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    Why Do Cats Stare At Nothing

    All those who have had the opportunity to live with cats, we know that these incredible cats can constantly surprise us with their habits and behaviors. In fact, these animals were worshiped by different cultures thanks to their innumerable skills and powerful instincts.

    And although many feline attitudes may seem strange to us, the truth is that it is worth discovering their behavior better in order to understand them and admire them even more. In this new article, we invite you to know why cats are staring at nothing.

    What Should You Do If Your Cat Is Staring At The Wall

    Even though the fact your cat staring at the wall is not a problem as they might have seen or heard something that we are incapable of seeing or hearing.

    Your cat might be thinking.

    Though if you think it is a problem then your should try to make the environment around your cat more interesting to keep them happy and healthy.

    You could also play with your cat and distract them.

    If your cat is staring at the wall frequently then it could be a sign of a problem. you should consult your vet.

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    Cats See Black And White False

    Human eyes have 3 types of color receptor cells: blue cone cells, red cone cells and green cone cells. This explains why we are able to distinguish a huge number of colors and tones.

    Cats and dogs do not have the red cone, so they become unable to perceive the shades of pink and red. They also have difficulty recognizing the intensity and saturation of colors. But it is false that cats see black and white, as they distinguish shades of blue, green and yellow.

    Restlessness And Waking At Night

    Top 10 Animals Getting Scared Over Nothing (shocked looking animals)

    A cats sleep-wake cycle can be impaired by FCD. However, as with most symptoms of FCD, there are also many alternative reasons for increased nighttime activity. For instance, cats who sleep more during the day can become more restless and active at night. Sensory changes, such as eyesight or hearing loss, can affect your cats depth of sleep. An increased need to eliminate combined with a decreased ability to locate or access a litter box can prompt your cat to wake up and wander around. Ask your cats veterinarian to do a complete examination to identify medical problems that could cause restlessness, discomfort or an increased need to eliminate. At the same time, try to reestablish your cats normal sleeping and waking hours. Its best to increase her activity level by engaging her in play during the day and in the evening so shell want to sleep at night.

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    Trying To Figure Out Something

    Katie Armour, the MSPCA Boston Adoption Center coordinator, notes that she has seen her cats staring at a dark corner or blank wall. This can be attributed to the fact that they have a spectacular brain we might not grasp how it works.

    Katie notes that when a cat is watching something that doesnt seem to be there, or if they call out to us about this perceived presence, we should respect that not only are they trying to figure this something out, but theyre wondering if the situation is safe.

    Do not do anything that will make these pets feel threatened as you try to investigate why they are staring at what seems to be nothing.

    Hissing Can Indicate Chronic Stress

    You will want to work to reduce this behavior . . . which means finding out what is causing your cat stress. If it is an inanimate and harmless object, like a sculpture or toy, consider using behavior modification techniques and exposure to reduce their reactivity.

    If your cat is food-motivated, you are in luck! Lure your cat over to the object with treats. Give them time and take several days or weeks to draw them closer. Eventually, you will help them to realize that the object is harmless. You can do this in other controlled situations.

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    What Changes In Sociability Or Energy Level Would Indicate That My Cat Might Be Sick

    Sick cats usually become withdrawn and may hide, although this does depend on the personality of the individual cat. Some cats become more clingy or demanding of attention, while others just become cranky.

    As a general rule, cats that are sick will have lower energy levels. The only thing you may notice is that your cat sleeps more, does not play as much, or is restless. With some diseases, especially hyperthyroidism, your cats energy level may actually seem to increase to the point of hyperactivity. Cats with hyperthyroidism often are restless at night and may suddenly begin howling or waking family members up.

    “As a general rule, cats that are sick will have lower energy levels.”

    Cats with arthritis or other joint problems may have difficulty moving around and may no longer jump up on furniture or counters, or may change the way they jump onto higher surfaces. If your cat suddenly is unable to use its back legs, she should be seen by your veterinarian immediately.

    Neurological And Cognitive Disorders

    Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

    Another possible reason why your cat is meowing at the wall is that he is suffering from a neurological or cognitive disorder.

    If your cat stares and meows at the wall after being manic, it is possible that he is suffering from a condition known as feline hyperesthesia. The condition often appears when a cat reaches maturity. Its symptoms include being absent-minded, aggression, rolling skin, and self-mutilation.

    If you have an older cat, it is possible that he is suffering from feline cognitive dysfunction or FCD. Cats that suffer from this condition will see a marked decline in their abilities to learn, see, and hear.

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    How Good My Cats Eyesight Is

    Technically, a cats eyesight is much blurrier than that of a human, as they are nearsighted.

    However, they are far better at detecting changes in light and small, subtle motions. They also have a wider vision field than we do.

    The reason for this is that cat eyes are vastly different from human eyes.

    There are photoreceptors in the retinas of eyes called rods and cones. Humans have more cones, whereas felines have more rods.

    Rods are responsible for motion detection, low-light, as well as peripheral vision.

    The prevalence of rods in cats eyes makes it possible for them to detect even the tiniest motion and small changes in light and shadow.

    Therefore, when a cat is found staring intently at something that appears to be nothing, theres an excellent chance that it has noticed an insect, a shadow, or a flurry of movement that is simply invisible to its owner.

    Given how curious cats are, they may stare at this mystery presence for a long moment. This phenomenon is what makes us think that cats stare at nothing.

    What Changes Should I Look For In Appetite Or Thirst

    Since sick cats may eat less or eat more, or may have more or less thirst than usual, any change in appetite or thirst may be of concern. Cats with dental disease may seem to be picky about their food. Cats that have some metabolic diseases such as hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus may have a hearty appetite and increased thirst. Cats with liver or kidney problems often lose their appetite, but usually have increased thirst.

    “If your cat has not eaten properly for 24 hours, seek immediate veterinary attention.”

    If your cat has not eaten properly for 24 hours, seek immediate veterinary attention. Cats that have not eaten are prone to developing a condition called hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver disease , in which the cats appetite becomes completely suppressed for weeks. If fatty liver syndrome develops, your cat will require extensive medical management for several weeks to months before things get back to normal.

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    Why Does My Cat Keep Staring At The Wall

    As a cat parent, you might have seen your cat do some bizarre things once in a while, including staring at the wall, even though you dont see anything there. Your friends say that your cat is looking at ghosts, but you say your cat might see a small bug because you dont believe in spirits. Is there a scientific reason why your cat keeps staring at the wall?

    Cats stare at the wall because they see a bug or a speck of dust in the light. Another answer might be that your cat has a medical issue called hyperesthesia that causes your cat to chase its tail or frantically grooming itself, including its tail. They might have heard something you didnt hear.

    Staring at the wall isnt that bizarre for cats, as they are hunters and are most likely stalking their prey. Stick around to find out more.


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