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Best Flea Pill For Cats

Capstar Flea Control For Dogs And Cats

Top 8 Best Flea Treatments for Cats (We Reviewed Them All)

If you prefer to administer your pets flea treatment orally then this is a good option. It kills fleas and can be used in conjunction with other popular preventatives to help stop any future infestations. It is also safe for pets that are pregnant or nursing. There are a number of formulas available for dogs and cats. Make sure you select the right one for your pets weight.

Best Flea Medicine For Dogs: 11 Vet

Fleas can cause serious illness, transmit infectious diseases, and be a source of major discomfort. So, choosing flea medicine for dogs with optimal protection is a pretty big deal.

Whether your dog already has fleas or you want to prevent them, we have the scoop on the most effective formulasboth prescription and over the counterapproved by veterinarians.

How To Use Comfortis

While you should consult your veterinarian about your pets specific needs, these are the general guidelines for administering Comfortis:

  • Administer every month.
  • Administer year-round without interruption for best results.
  • Give with food for maximum effectiveness.
  • Administer the correct dose as prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • If you miss a dose, give Comfortis immediately and resume regular monthly dosing.

View the Comfortis product label for more details.

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Four Essential Things To Know About Comfortis

1. It is prescription only

2. It is chew-able

3. It is a once per month treatment

4. Cats must be 14 weeks or older to use this medication.

Comfortis is a prescription medication. You do not need to have the prescription before placing an order.

If you select I want Chewy to contact my veterinarian when placing your order, Chewy will contact your veterinarian on your behalf to get approval for your pets prescription.

Note that there are different doses for different size cats so make sure that you have the correct tablet for the weight of your cat. The active ingredient is Spinosad. If you suspect that your cat is pregnant please consult your vet before using this medication.

Efficiency wise it has an outstanding reputation with fleas being killed within 30 minutes and 98% of fleas killed on cats in a four hour period. This was in a controlled situation.

It works by killing fleas before they lay eggs. If you see fleas on your cat within the monthly time frame that Comfortis gives for protection they will most likely be new fleas. Continued use of this medication ensures that new infestations will be prevented.

How Do I Know If My Cat Has Fleas

Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets for Cats

Cats with fleas will look itchy. If your cat is doing the below regularly, its a good idea to get out the flea comb and find out for certain:

  • Scratching their head and ears
  • Chewing and biting themselves
  • Licking excessively, especially around their legs
  • Experiencing red and irritated skin
  • Showing some bald patches from all the scratching

To check if your cat has fleas, use an inexpensive flea comb to hunt for fleas and black specks of flea dirt . These are most commonly found at the base of a cats spine , on the cats back, and on the belly.

Fleas can be fatal to young kittens, so if your kitten has any of these symptoms, call your veterinarian immediately. For healthy adult cats, its time for flea treatment.

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Types Of Cat Flea Treatments And Preventatives

Youll find a wide range of flea repellants and flea treatments on the market.

The most effective ones are topical treatments applied to one spot on the cats skin . These include:

Also effective are pills such as Capstar and Comfortis, which make your cats blood poisonous to biting fleaswithout harming your cat.

Experts note that simply treating your cats and other pets is usually not enough to rid your house of a flea infestation. You will need to vacuum furniture weekly, wash rugs and quilts, and clean cat beds. Spray treatments for rugs and furniture can help. If the infestation persists, you may even need to call in a flea service that will treat your rugs and furniture.

Best Cat Flea Treatment: At A Glance

  • Best efficient flea treatment: Frontline Spot On for cats | Buy now
  • Best flea treatment on prescription: Advocate 80 Spot-On for Large Cats | Buy now
  • Best fit and forget flea treatment: Beaphar Cat Flea Collar | Buy now
  • Best immediate flea treatment: Biospotix Cat Flea Spray | Buy now
  • Best one-hit treatment for infestations: Johnsons 4Fleas Tablets | Buy now
  • Best flea treatment at the vets: Program 80 Cat Injection | Buy now

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What Is The Best Oral Flea Medication For Cats

Image by:

The best oral flea control product for cats, Comfortis Chewable Tablets, works quickly and effectively, making it an excellent choice for cats who find topical flea prevention ineffective. Spinosad, the active ingredient, works in just 30 minutes and kills 98% of adult fleas on cats within four hours.

During the summer and spring, fleas can be a threat to cats. This type of pest burrows into your cats fur and eats its blood. Fleas, in addition to causing itching and dermatitis, can also cause respiratory issues. Our team has reviewed the best oral flea treatments available for cats. It is safe to use if your cat is nursing and your cat has her own litter. It will take between 20 and 30 days for your cat to reach an appropriate level in order to battle fleas. In 30 minutes, the oral flea tablet Capaction will begin to work.

The active ingredient in tablet flea treatments, nitenpyram, enters your cats bloodstream in a matter of minutes. The vitamin B derivative niacidin naturally repels fleas. Allicin, which is released from dried garlic, has been shown to treat flea infestations and has even been used in conjunction with other flea control treatments. Because some cats are unable to swallow or chew the tablets, a food bribe will be required. It is possible to eradicate flea infestations in cats with liquid flea treatments. Your cat will need to drink a lot of water to get the dosage because it can be added to his or her water.

Bravecto Topical Solution For Cats

Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats Review (We Tried It)


  • Only need to apply once every three months

  • Scientifically-backed ingredient

  • Protects from more than just fleas

  • It’s easy to forget after three months to reapply

  • Higher initial cost due to how long it lasts

Similar to Revolution Plus, Bravecto is a spot-on treatment that is applied to the back of your cats neck. It protects from fleas and ticks and one treatment lasts for up to three months. A Bravecto Plus option is also available if you would like heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention too, but it only lasts for two months instead of three. Either way, Bravecto products make it easy to provide safe and effective flea prevention to cats without the monthly application. This product also requires veterinary approval prior to purchasing.

Active Ingredient: Fluralaner | Doses: 1 and 2 dose packages | Size: 2.6-6.2 pound cats 6.2-13.8 pound cats 13.8-27.5 pound cats

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Simparica Trio: The Best Flea Pill For Cats

For cats, there are two oral flea control products available: Comfortis and Capstar Flea Control Tablets. Flea control tablets such as Capstar kill fleas within 24 hours of application, while Comfortis protects cats from fleas for one month. Simparica Trio is recommended by veterinarians because it is effective against ticks and fleas, as well as heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms, in addition to its effective heartworm prevention. It is a small, chewable tablet with a pleasant flavor that can be purchased in pharmacies by prescription. Cats are not covered by flea medications because the product description for Capstar Flea Control Tablets claims that a single dose kills 90% of adult fleas in four hours for dogs and six hours for cats.

Final Thoughts On 25 Best Flea Pills For Dogs In 2022

As you can see there are many flea pill options for dogs available for sale. Choosing the best one for your pet may take some trial and error. We recommend starting with one of the options on our list above.

If youâre not sure which flea pill is right for your dog, speak to your veterinarian. They can help you choose a product that will be safe and effective for your pet.

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Topical Vs Oral Flea Treatments Or Medications

One of the biggest advantages of oral flea medications for dogs, like flea pills or chewable tablets, is that they do not leave any mess or residue on the dog like some topical flea medications do, especially flea drops and collars.

Another advantage is the time it takes for the medication to work. Flea pills and chewables will start killing fleas in a matter of hours, while some topical medications take longer to work.

Also, some studies showed that oral flea medications are simply more effective than their topical counterparts.

One obvious disadvantage of flea pills is that some require a vets prescription and that those that dont havent really been tested scientifically.

Also, flea pills usually only kill adult fleas and you may have to use them in conjunction with drops to prevent new fleas from breeding.

What To Consider When Shopping For Flea Control Products

10 Best Flea Pill For Cats Of 2022  Nancy Gonzalez

Prescription vs. over-the-counter flea prevention and control

Some flea control products are sold over the counter. So, you can buy them without a prescription. Other flea control products require your veterinarian to write a prescription. You can purchase prescription products directly from your veterinarian or buy them from online pet pharmacies and stores.

Most prescription flea control products also prevent heartworms and sometimes other parasites like roundworms, hookworms, mites, and ticks. Any product with a heartworm component requires a prescription. Pets must test negative for heartworms before starting one of these products because giving a heartworm-positive pet this type of medication can cause rare but potentially very serious and sometimes fatal complications. You also want to know if your pet has adult heartworms because the preventive medication will not kill them it only kills the larval stages.

Prescription flea control products cost more than over-the-counter options because they protect against more parasites, most importantly, deadly heartworms. There is no treatment for cats with adult heartworms, and they will eventually die from the infection. This is why veterinarians recommend using a year-round heartworm preventive for all cats, whether they live indoors or out. They also recommend year-round intestinal parasite prevention.

Some flea products are dangerous to cats.

Flea shampoos are unnecessary.

Avoid natural flea control products.

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How Do You Check A Cat For Fleas

Signs of fleas in cats include scratching, skin irritation, and the presence of dark red or black specks on your cat’s skin, fur, bedding, or furniture. These specks, about the size of grains of black pepper, are called “flea dirt” and are flea feces . Back when I worked in the veterinary hospital, I learned a handy trick to help find out if those little specks are regular dirt or flea dirt. Scoop some onto a damp paper towel. If the paper towel turns red, it’s flea dirt.

To check your cat for fleas or flea dirt, run a flea comb through your cat’s coat or part the hair with your fingers to examine the skin. If you find any live or dead fleas or flea dirt, your cat has a flea infestation.

Do Indoor Cats Need Flea Preventatives

A lot of pet parents think that indoor cats dont need flea preventionafter all, how would an indoor cat get fleas?

Unfortunately, its surprisingly easy. A fellow outdoor pet like a dog can bring fleas in on their coat, and so can humans. Because fleas dont typically pick humans as hosts, we dont think of ourselves as potential carriers. But just because were not attractive permanent housing doesnt mean a flea wont hitch a ride. Once in the house, fleas will quickly target any pets living there and lay eggs.

Thats why its a good idea for even indoor cats to take preventative flea medication, especially during flea and tick season.

Weve rounded up our favorite spot-treatments, oral medications for your cat, and sprays for your household to help your feline friend stay flea-free. Before you buy, remember to talk with your vet to make sure your treatment of choice is appropriate for your particular cat.

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Prescription Vs Over The Counter Flea Medicine For Dogs

Though veterinarians will recommend specific over the counter flea products if cost is a factor, they say prescription flea medicine for dogs is better regulated. Prescription products tend to be more effective, and associated with fewer side effects.

Over-the-counter flea medicines may be less expensive and available without a prescription, but effectiveness can vary. You always want to ensure you are purchasing any OTC products through a reputable party as there are many counterfeit products out on the market, says Pagan.

Mighty Petz Max Dog Allergy Relief

PetSolutions: Capstar Flea Tablets for both Dogs and Cats

Image courtesy Mighty Petz

Seasonal skin and coat problems, as well as occasional allergies, are aided by a Mighty formula with 10 active components, which contains more Colostrum, Probiotics, Fish Oil, and Quercetin per chew than other brands. A Mighty formulation with 10 active components aids in the support of seasonal skin and coat issues.

This supplement will also encourage a healthy coat and skin while also reducing itching, scratching, and biting caused by allergies.

Mighty Petz MAX Dog Allergy Relief is a top choice among dog owners because it is both effective and easy to administer to your pet. This supplement is available in chewable tablet form, which most dogs like.

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Best Natural Flea Medicine For Dogs

  • Veterinarians say natural products arent as effective as mainstream flea medicine for dogs
  • Sensitive noses might find the scent a bit overpowering

Dog Flea Medicine Buying Guide

Cost and convenience are, of course, important considerations when choosing a flea medicine. Other factors like your dogs medical history and size, as well as product reliability, are critical to consider, too.

Possible Side Effects Of Best Oral Flea Treatment For Dogs

There is a lot more research available on the efficacy and safety of these top-rated flea pills for your dogs, and the consensus is that they’re generally safe and extremely effective. However, side effects while rare may occur.

The most common adverse reactions are lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, itching, difficulty breathing, or reddened skin.

The same cannot be said about ticks, however.

The majority of these studies prioritized fleas.

Some have also found the products to be effective against ticks, too however, the evidence isn’t as strong.

Furthermore, another study from 2016 with dogs tested several products .

They worked well for fleas, but tick re-infestation occurred just 7 days after the treatment.

Tick infestation is much harder to deal with when the case is severe.

Consultation with a vet and a proper plan for treatment using prescription pills will be required in some cases.

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Program 80 Cat Injection: The Best Flea Treatment At The Vets

Price: £48 | Buy now from Vet Medicines Direct

When youve been through a raft of treatments and are still stuck with a persistent flea problem, injections can be the answer. While it requires a trip to the vets every six months and theres a low chance of side effects, these injections are great for cats with flea allergic dermatitis or other skin problems that make conventional solutions tricky. They use lufenuron to prevent and control an infestation, stopping eggs from developing and hatching once the chemical is in the body of adult fleas through a bite. Theres also a Program 40 solution for cats weighing less than 4kg and weaned kittens.

Key specs Pack size: 1 Frequency of use: Every 6 months Type: Injection Suitable for: Cats weighing more than 4kg, pregnant and lactating females

Best Flea Pills For Cats: Updated Faqs


Do flea pills work for cats?

Flea pills have a higher effectiveness rate than topical treatments. In most cases, pills work for a month at a time.

What flea pills do vets use?

Most vets recommend name-brand medications like Capstar Oral Flea Treatment. These medications have a high effectiveness rate.

What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas on a cat?

The fastest way to kill fleas before giving flea pills to a cat is to create a warm water and dishwashing soap mixture. Dip a metal comb with fine teeth into this mixture, then comb your cat.

Are there flea pills made for both cats and dogs?

Yes, Flea Away All Natural Supplement works for dogs and cats. Because the product is natural, it has fewer potential side effects.

Where can I order flea pills for cats?

It is easy to order flea pills for cats without a prescription online. In addition to sites like Amazon, you can also order from online pet stores like Chewy.

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Capstar Flea Tablets For Dogs And Cats

  • Kills fleas fast and effectively!
  • Easy to administer by simply hiding in food.
  • If your pet becomes re-infested, another dose can be given the following day and once per day following that.
  • This product is totally safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens 2 pounds or more and 4 weeks or older.
  • It is even safe for breastfeeding or pregnant dogs and cats.

Check Latest Price

Lowest Price

Product Details

Recommended for Dogs and Cats 25 lbs and under. The fleas on the pet are in the adult stage. An adult, female flea, living on a pet, can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. With Capstar , almost all adult fleas will die within 4 hours for dogs and 6 hours for cats.

How to Use: A single dose of Capstar should kill the adult fleas on the pet. If the pet gets reinfested with fleas, you can safely give another dose as often as one dose per day. To administer Capstar tablets, place the pill directly in the pets mouth or hide in the pets food.

If you choose to hide the tablet in the pets food, watch closely to make sure the pet swallows the pill. If you are not sure that the pet swallowed the pill, it is safe to administer a second pill. In addition to killing adult fleas with Capstar, you can treat your pet with an insect development inhibitor like Program Flavor Tabs to prevent and control flea populations.


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