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What Age Should Kittens Be Spayed

Spaying A Cat Procedure: What To Expect

Why Kittens Should Be Spayed at 4 Months : Pet Tips

First, make an appointment with your veterinarian. Your vet will perform a physical examination to make sure your cat is in good health, and may perform bloodwork to ensure your cat will be fine under anesthesia. This is a great time to ask about any concerns you may have regarding the procedure.

Most hospitals will have you drop your cat off in the morning on the day of surgery. Barring any complications, they will discharge your cat the same day once she has recovered from anesthesia and your veterinarian is satisfied with her status.

Your cat may be groggy and uninterested in food for the rest of the day this is normal. Your veterinarian will provide your cat with appropriate pain management before discharge and will most likely send you home with more medication to keep her comfortable. Increasingly, veterinarians will give injections of timed-release pain medications prior to discharge, which means you wont have to administer any medications at home.

Dr Jennifer Coates Dvm

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, serves on the advisory board for Cat Life Today. Dr. Coates believes neutering is best.

Heres what she said, Kitten neuters are simple surgeries. Kittens only need to be anesthetized for a few minutes and recover quickly.

Veterinarians may perform vasectomies as part of the management of feral cat colonies, but for pet cats neutering is best.

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM

According to Dr. Coates, Post-operative complications are rare. For owned cats, the benefits of neutering include not only stopping reproduction but also problematic reproductive behaviors like spraying, yowling, aggression, and roaming. Alternatives to neutering, like vasectomies, will prevent unwanted litters but not these problematic behaviors. Veterinarians may perform vasectomies as part of the management of feral cat colonies, but for pet cats neutering is best. For interested owners, testicular implants are available that maintain the look of an intact male cats scrotum.

Whats the Best Age to Adopt a Puppy?

Summary Of Spaying A Cat

In almost all cases, spaying your cat is the right choice. Unless you plan to breed your cat responsibly, spaying provides health benefits and helps keep cat populations in check. Additionally spaying your cat helps fix undesirable behaviors like being excessively vocal, roaming and marking territory.

Spaying your cat is a rather quick and uncomplicated surgery and your cat will typically make a fast recovery with proper after care. If you have any questions about if spaying your cat is the right choice, our veterinary team is here to help.

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What Happens During Kitten Neutering

Neutering surgery is quick, taking just five to ten minutes for male cats and around half an hour for females. Usually, you drop your kitten off at the vets in the morning and take them home later the same day.

Both spaying and castration are carried out under general anaesthesia, so your kitten wont be allowed to eat or go outside for a few hours beforehand. Theres an element of risk in all anaesthetics and operations, but modern techniques are very safe and your kittens heart rate and breathing will be carefully monitored by a veterinary nurse throughout.

The incisions made during a castration are so small that a male kitten wont need stitches. Female kittens usually have a shaved patch of fur on their left side, with a small incision repaired with stitches or surgical glue which dissolves within a couple of weeks. If you have a cream-coloured kitten a Siamese or Birman for instance the shaved patch and wound may be on their tummy so its not noticeable if their fur grows back a slightly different colour.

Is Early Spay/neuter Associated With Orthopedic Problems

Spay and Neuter

Three fairly recent articles discuss orthopedic concerns associated with early neutering of large breed dogs. These articles have led to confusion about the appropriateness of and age at which spay/neuter surgery should be performed.16-18 These articles were published in open access journals and have generated questions from veterinarians and the general public. With regard to these articles, 2 key points should be considered. First, the articles focus on large breed dogs, and their findings should not be extrapolated to cats. Second, no similar studies have found a relationship between spay/neuter and orthopedic conditions in cats.

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Dr Michelle Burch Dvm

Dr. Michelle Burch, DVM, is a Veterinarian from Safe Hounds Pet Insurance. Heres what he said, Unfortunately, there are no medications or implants in the United States approved for chemical castration as secondary options instead of surgical neuter. In Europe and other countries, the Suprelorin implant has the approval to prevent fertility and suppress libido. Suprelorin works by stopping pathways in the reproductive endocrine system.

Why Should I Spay Or Neuter My Cat

Simply put, neutered cats stay safer, tend to experience fewer health problems and dont produce unwanted kittens. Undesirable behaviours like spraying, nervousness, roaming, demanding behaviour and noisiness are reduced or eliminated even in adult cats.

Other reasons to neuter or spay include:

  • Reduced fighting and straying
  • Reduced risk of feline leukemia and feline AIDS
  • Spayed female cats have a lower risk of uterine infection
  • Spayed female cats develop mammary cancer less often
  • Neutered cats develop hormonal imbalances less often

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Preparing A Cat For Surgery

In most cases, veterinarians will tell you to prepare your cat by having them fast from midnightprior to the surgery meaning no food or treats. Normally its ok to leave water out for them. Fasting helps reduce the chances that your cat will vomit during surgery.

If your cat is outdoors, youll want to make sure theyve been placed inside within the same time frame to make sure theyre not eating anything. Your veterinarian will give you a specific time frame for fasting and further details on preparation leading up to the surgery.

Spaying Vs Neutering: Understanding The Difference

When to spay or neuter your cat

Female cats are spayed while male cats are neutered. Both elective procedures entail removing the cats reproductive organs: the ovaries and uterus for females, and the testicles for the males.

Getting your cats spayed or neutered does more than help prevent an unplanned litter of kittens. The surgeries can actually lead to longer life expectancies for both cats and dogs. Bierbrier points out that spaying cats can help eliminate the risk of urinary tract infections and lessen the chances of malignant breast tumors.

Spaying and neutering also helps cut down on the homeless pet population, she says. Pregnancies lead to more kittens being surrendered to shelters, and some of those cats might be euthanized if they cant find a home.

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Side Effects Of Spaying A Female Cat

The side effects of spaying cats are overwhelmingly positive, such as reduced disease risk and positive behavioral changes. However, no surgery is completely without risk, andalthough very uncommoncomplications can sometimes occur.

Herniation may result if there is a breakdown in the abdominal wall, although this is rare. Uterine infections can occur if an ovariectomy is performed, but the uterus is left behind. In some cases, small portions of the uterus may be left behind, even during an ovariohysterectomy, which can then cause an infection. However, uterine infections are extremely rare if both ovaries have been removed.

More commonly, minor complications can arise from cats licking at the wound site, and inflammation of fluid buildup can occur.

Can You Spay A Cat In Heat

Spaying a cat while theyre in heat is not ideal because during this time the blood vessels in their ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes become enlarged. This can make surgery more difficult and your cats recovery time longer. However, some veterinarians will still spay cats in heat although they may charge more for the surgery.

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When Should I Spay Or Neuter My Cat

Kittens can be spayed or neutered as young as six to eight weeks of age, however standard spay and neuter surgeries are most often performed when the kitten is between five and six months old. That said, its important to note that provided your cat is healthy, these procedures can be performed at any time during your cats life.

Does Spaying Cause My Cat To Get Fat


Spaying does decrease the metabolism of your cat and may lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. This will cause your cat to put on weight however, if you monitor their body condition and make appropriate adjustments to their nutrition and lifestyle including regular exercise time you can prevent this weight gain.

Contributors: Krista Williams, BSc, DVM Ernest Ward, DVM

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Is Early Spay/neuter Associated With More Surgical Or Anesthetic Complications

In 2000, Land reported on a survey of 85 veterinarians who had collectively performed approximately 200000 early spays/neuters .12 The veterinarians unanimously stated that early spays/neuters were safer, faster, and easier than the same surgeries in dogs and cats 6 months of age or older.

In a prospective study of dogs and cats, Howe compared short-term complication rates among 3 groups of animals: sterilized at younger than 12 weeks, at 12 to 23 weeks, and at 24 weeks or older.13 Researchers measured complications during anesthesia, surgery, and the immediate postoperative period and classified complications as being major or minor . For incidence of major complications, they found no differences among the 3 groups. However, for incidence of minor complications, they found a significant difference rates were highest among animals in the oldest group and lowest among those in the youngest group.13

More Reasons To Fix Felines By Five

Responsible pet ownership and spaying/neutering also:

  • Helps the community by reducing the number of unwanted cats
  • Reduces risks of hoarding and overabundance of cats
  • Frees up shelter resources that can be used to help more animals
  • Prevents risks of infections in the environment
  • Potentially minimizes the risk of Toxoplasma being shed in the environment in outdoor stray cats

Whats more, spaying and neutering can help you!

  • It can save money on emergency reproductive disorders like an infected uterus
  • Spaying and neutering can save you time on trying to find homes for 6-8 kittens
  • It can save you money on a veterinary visit to test all your kittens for feline kitty AIDS , deworm them, and give them their first 2 shots before you adopt them out

There are several reputable organizations that endorse and support early spay neuter in cats, and these include:

  • Alley Cat Allies
  • Cat Fanciers Association
  • Winn Feline Foundation

When in doubt, discuss this with your veterinarian and keep your cat healthy and happy. But try to Beat the heat and Fix Felines by Five!

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Should My Cat Have A Litter Before I Neuter Her

No, there is no evidence to show that having a litter of kittens benefits cats. Pregnancy/giving birth can come with complications and looking after a litter of kittens is hard work, expensive, and time-consuming certainly not something to enter into without a great deal of thought and planning. If you want to breed from your cat, its best speak to your vet for advice to find out how you can do it responsibly and safely.

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When should you neuter your kitten? Spaying & Neutering Explained


Words can not express the gratitude we have for performing TPLO surgery on Kikka. She is doing amazing! You would never know she had surgery. She walks and runs perfect! Our dog has a wonderful active life thanks to you.

Just wanted to let you know that Darwin is doing great, running in the snow, and playing with his brothers. He is clearly a happy dog. Thank you it was well worth it.

There are no words nor enough cookies in the world that can express my gratitude to all of you for taking such good care of my baby. You have all been so kind and patient with all my questions and visits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Chase.

We have so much to be thankful for and especially thankful for the rejuvenation of our sweet Cala. She is a new dog thanks to the surgery! I just love having her healthy and happy again. Thank you for giving her and her family more time together.

Dear Miracle Workers, Thank you for your kind attention and care for our baby Baci! We are so grateful and thankful for all you have done to help him. You are a gift!”

I wanted to thank you deeply for the wonderful work you did on Buddys knees. He has been doing so well that he can jump two feet off the sofa from a running start! Hes a very happy dog and so are we. We will be proud to recommend you to anyone! “

Thank you for making Zoey almost as good as new. The recovery went faster and better than we expected. It has been a pleasure working with you.

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Spaying A Cat: Everything You Need To Know

Written bySmall Door’s medical experts

Making the decision to spay your cat can bring up lots of questions. What are the advantages of spaying your cat? When is the best time to spay? How do you care for your cat once shes been spayed? In this article, well discuss what you need to know to make this decision, as well as what you can do to prepare for your cats spaying.

In This Article

How Old Do Kittens Have To Be To Get Fixed

There are many different opinions about when you should have your kitty spayed or neutered. Early or pediatric spay/neuter is generally done at approximately six to eight weeks of age, whereas standard spay and neuter procedures are most often conducted at about five to six months of age.

That said, there is no age limit to spaying or neutering your cat as long as they are in good health. Therefore, it is never too late to get your cat fixed, even healthy cats in their teens can safely have this procedure done.

It’s important to note that kittens can start reproducing when they are as young as 4 to 6 months old! So it can be a good idea to have your kitty ‘fixed’ before they reach puberty, or begin their first heat cycle. Spaying and neutering, while your cat is young, can help to prevent accidental pregnancy, lower the risk of certain health conditions, and may help to prevent your cat from establishing some undesirable behaviors.

Your vet knows your cat best. To find out the best age to spay or neuter your kitten speak to your veterinarian.

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What Does Neutering And Spaying Mean

During a neutering procedure, your cats sexual reproductive organs are removed. Neutering prevents unplanned pregnancies from happening, and it also stops a lot of undesirable tomcat and intact queen behaviour spraying, calling and anxiousness, for example. After theyre neutered, cats are often more affectionate, less restless and less prone to roam.

Why Should I Get My Cat Neutered

What Age Should You Spay or Neuter Your Cat?

There are lots of reasons why its a good idea. Heres just a few:

For male cats:

  • Neutering reduces their chance of catching feline immunodeficiency virus , an incurable disease similar to HIV in humans which is spread by saliva usually from bite wounds during fights.
  • Unneutered cats that are confined can become frustrated and may try any escape route including out of your top floor window.
  • Neutering cats reduces their urge to roam and fight so theyre less likely to go missing, get hit by cars, or get hurt.

For female cats:

  • Spaying cats, especially if its done when theyre young, greatly reduces the risk of them getting breast cancer and infection of the womb . Both of these can be fatal.
  • Pregnancy and birth can carry significant risks to a cat.

For you:

  • A female cat can produce up to six kittens, three times a year. Thats a lot of mouths to feed.
  • It can be very stressful trying to make sure your cat doesnt get pregnant and, if she does, youve got the worry of caring for her through her pregnancy, birth and the rearing of her litter. And thats before the challenge of finding good homes for the kittens.
  • Female cats that arent spayed often come into season over and over again, which means they can be almost continuously in heat. This can be exhausting and usually attracts a queue of amorous and vocal tomcats to the house.
  • Unneutered male cats tend to urine-mark their territory, including your house, with a powerful and unpleasant scented urine.

For cat-kind:

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Common Cat Spaying/neutering Misconceptions

Some believe that sterilizing your cat can cause weight gain, but the reality is that your cat wont become overweight or less active after their spay or neuter surgery. Your cat will only gain weight if theyre overfed or dont exercise often. As long as you continue to provide opportunities for your cat to exercise and monitor their food intake, your pet will remain fit. Many animals stay active for years to come after their spay or neuter surgery, so you can rest assured that your furry companion wont lose their zest for life.

Another spay/neuter myth is that its a guaranteed fix for all behavioral problems, but this isnt true either. While your cats behavior will likely improve, theres no guarantee that their behavior will change drastically or that any negative habitual behaviors will go away. The effects of spaying or neutering your cat rely on your cats individual personality, but the procedure wont create any negative impact on their behavior.


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