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Best High Calorie Cat Food For Weight Gain

Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain


Our Top Pick for the Best Grain-Free Cat Food for Weight Gain: Many cats who need to gain weight are senior cats, but low bodyweight is also a concern for kittens. This Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food is a great choice because it is formulated for both adult cats and kittens you can feed your cat the same recipe throughout his entire life. This formula is naturally grain-free for digestibility but very high in protein, fat, and calories. It features fresh chicken as the first ingredient with three supplemental sources of animal protein to follow chicken meal, turkey meal, and deboned cod. It also contains plenty of essential fatty acids to provide your cat with a concentrated source of calories as well as support for his skin and coat. It offers a full 40% protein and 20% fat with 486 calories per cup. Simply put, this recipe is an excellent source of high-quality and high-calorie nutrition for cats who need to gain weight.

  • Pros: Formulated for adults and kittens, high in protein and fat, several premium animal proteins, grain-free for digestibility, plenty of fiber, chelated minerals, probiotic supplements, 486 calories/cup
  • Cons: Somewhat expensive to feed as a staple diet, may be too high in fiber for some cats

When To Feed High Calorie Cat Foods For Weight Gain

There are certain situations when feeding high calorie cat food becomes a necessity. Such as,

  • When your pet is severely malnourished after being rescued.
  • Your feline is old or frail, has weak immune system
  • The cat has lost a lot of weight due to sickness or surgery.
  • The pet is a picky eater and isnt receiving enough nourishment.
  • Your cat is suffering from anxiety and stress resulting from a change of environment, such as after shifting to a new home.
  • If your cat is dealing with dental problems

What Else Do I Need To Know About Buying High Calorie And Weight Gain Cat Food

Watch out for the words weight control as these foods generally are formulated for overweight cats to help them lose weight. So, this will only make your cats weight issue even worse.

Although they may not specifically add extra calories like other foods and supplements will, high protein cat foods are usually enough to do the trick for cats who are only slightly underweight and in good overall health.

You must watch out for high fat content in weight gain formula cat food. As in humans, high fat foods can lead to health issues over time. These foods should only be used for short periods of time, and under the supervision of a vet.

Basically, you need to make sure the food you are buying has a good blend of nutrients and not just fat and calories.

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What Causes A Cat To Lose Too Much Weight

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Obesity is an increasingly common problem in pets with an estimated 60% of cats and 56% of dogs being overweight or obese. Obesity can increase your cats risk for serious health problems and can shave years of his lifespan as well. As bad as obesity is for your cats health, being seriously underweight can be just as dangerous. When your cat loses too much weight, it can put him at risk for malnutrition, brittle bones, and other issues.

Before you start to panic about whether your cat is underweight or not, know that there is a simple way to find out. Take a look at your cat from above while he is standing to evaluate his body condition. If he is at his ideal weight, he should be well-proportioned with a visible waist behind the ribs and his ribs should be palpable just beneath the skin with minimal fat covering. An underweight cat may have visible ribs and a severe abdominal tuck you may also be able to feel the ribs, lumbar vertebrae, and hip bones just beneath the skin. If you can easily see your cats bones, it is a sign that he is too skinny.

If youre concerned that your cat is too skinny, take him to the vet to determine his true body condition score. From there, your vet can help you determine the underlying cause of your cats weight loss.

Here are some of the most common causes of weight loss in cats:

  • Kidney disease
  • Dental problems
  • Skinny old cat syndrome

Homemade Beef And Vegetable Soup For Cat

Best High Calorie Cat Food for Weight Gain

If your cat doesnt like the taste of chicken, a beef and vegetable soup will make for a good alternative. While this beef and vegetable soup for cats can be time consuming to cook, the long cooking duration ensures the nutrients from the beef bones are released into the broth to give your cat a health boost. If your cat still finds it hard to consume soup, we suggest pouring some soup over their favourite dry food. This ensures your cat licks up the soup while eating and will get used to the taste of the broth.

Prep time: 5 minutes

  • Add Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar into the water
  • Stir in the vegetables
  • Simmer the soup on low heat until all the meat residue has fallen off the beef bones
  • Scoop out the meat and vegetables
  • Allow the beef bones to simmer in the pot for another 20 hours
  • Once done, skim off the fat and discard the beef bones. Let the soup cool before freezing them to serve later.
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    The 9 Best Cat Foods For Weight Gain In Underweight Cats

    Healthy weight gain in cats is about more than just feeding your cat more. If you want your underweight cat to put on pounds, you need to choose a recipe that has a higher concentration of calories but also keep in mind that quality matters. Cat foods made with high-quality, natural ingredients are more digestible for your cat which means that hell be absorbing more nutrients along with those extra calories. To get you started in shopping for a new recipe, here are our top picks for food for weight gain:

    Sheba Perfect Gravy Wet Cat Food

    Cats love variety, especially if they are picky eaters and do not finish their food.

    Sheba Perfect Portions is made with real protein, plus it contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These nutrients help overcome deficiencies that may be causing a lack of appetite in your cat.

    Cats love the flavor, scent, and the variety offered by Sheba Perfect Portions. That is why, thousands of happy customers have seen their picky eaters finish this food within minutes!

    With regular intake of this cat food for weight gain, your cat will get the right balance of proteins and essential nutrients for optimal weight gain.

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    The Best Cat Food For Weight Gain Is Rich In High

    You could give your cat a high-calorie diet thats loaded up with starch and sugar, but that wouldnt support vital muscle mass.

    Instead, the best cat food for weight gain keeps your cat strong and healthy with plenty of protein. Look for high-quality, highly-digestible protein from muscle meat and organs.

    Supplement Kibble With Human Food

    Best High Calorie High Protein Foods for GAINING WEIGHT!

    In addition to a healthy dry and wet cat food diet, consider adding wholesome cooked ingredients to their mealsuch as unseasoned chicken breast or plain rice. You can indeed use human food to fatten up a cat. Check out our handy article onhuman foods cats can eat .

    See our updated Can Cats Eat That?? article on the top FAQ about which popular foods cats can eat.

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    What Cats Prefer To Eat

    Research has indicated that most cats left to choose or scrounge for their food will select foods that mirror this profile of macronutrients:

    • Protein 52 to 63%
    • Carbohydrates 2.8 to 12%
    • Healthy Fats 22 to 36%

    This indicates a cats diet choice of high protein, low carbohydrates, and moderate fat content.

    Hills Prescription Diet A/d Urgent Care With Chicken Canned Cat Food

    Special Diet Pea-Free, Veterinary Diet

    Hills Prescription Diet Cat Food review is next on this list of the best cat food for weight gain. However, this high calorie canned cat food is not like other items on this page its created for cats recovering from illnesses, accidents, injuries, or surgeries, the ones in desperate need of nutritional support.

    Containing 180 calories per can, this is a good high calorie cat food for a sick cat with animal protein sources that support lean muscle mass. Increased potassium and B vitamins levels help to prevent potassium depletion and assist in convalescence.The appetizing pate form stuffed with nutrients and vitamins encourages the recovery process.

    This high calorie wet cat food for weight gain is recommended by nutritionists and veterinarians for feeding your cat during the recovery from a serious illness, accident and surgery.


    Special Diet Grain-Free, Gluten Free, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Pea-Free

    Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate Canned high calorie Kitten Food will guarantee well-balanced protein-focused nutrition to provide your kitten with the energy they need to grow and thrive.

    This high calorie wet cat food with 108 calories per can is not only beneficial for kittens but also a great solution for senior cats with dental issues or increased sensitivity


    Texture Dry Food


    Special Diet Grain-Free, High-Protein, No Corn No Wheat No Soy



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    Watch Where You Feed Them

    Cats dont like a lot of distraction while they eat. So, if youre feeding them in highly trafficked areas of your home, chances are they may feel rushed and not eat as much.

    So feed your cat in a room that isnt highly trafficked, or at least make sure they are in a corner or tucked away where they can eat in peace.

    And dont put your cats bowls close to their litter box. Just like you probably wouldnt like to eat your meals in the bathroom, they dont either.

    Go Solutions Carnivore Chicken Turkey + Duck Recipe

    10 Best High Calorie Cat Food to Gain Weight Reviewed in March 2020

    First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Meal, De-Boned Chicken, De-Boned Turkey, Duck Meal, Turkey Meal

    For the best cat food for weight gain among dry kibbles, Go! Solutions Carnivore dry cat food presents a terrific high-calorie cat food option to help your underweight cat gain weight.

    This first-class dry food boasts premium animal protein sources. In fact, the first seven ingredients in this diet are from high-quality animal proteins chicken, turkey, duck, salmon and trout.

    This is truly rare even among the most prominent brands. 84% of the protein content in this kibble is derived from animal protein.

    For the extra flavor boost, this formula includes natural meat flavor from fish to help whet the cat’s appetite. It also has chicken fat and salmon oil for the essential omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

    Additionally, this dry cat food has a fantastic array of fruits and veggies for important nutrients, carbs, and fibers, like pumpkin, apples, carrots, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, lentils, and broccoli.

    And yes, its teeming with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even probiotics for the cat’s digestive system.

    Great for reaching your cat’s ideal weight, this kibble offers a caloric content of 4298 kcal/kg, which is pretty high for dry food. It also has a fat load of 18%, and a remarkable 46% protein bulk. Its also free of cheap fillers and artificial additives.







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    Simple Tips For How To Make A Skinny Cat Gain Weight

    Cats tend to be picky. Theyre picky about the places they like to sleep, about the people they let pet them, and theyre picky about what they eat. For some cats, that pickiness leads to low food intake which can lead to unhealthy weight loss over time. Now that you understand a little more about what causes cats to be underweight, youre ready to learn how to remedy the problem.

    Here are some simple tips for helping an underweight cat gain weight:

    • Try switching to a different cat food flavor. Sometimes cats stop eating when they become bored with their current diet making a switch could boost your cats appetite.
    • Add warm broth to your cats food to add flavor and moisture. Some cats have trouble eating dry food or find it unappetizing warm broth can make it easier to eat and more flavorful.
    • Switch to a higher quality cat food so your cats body can more easily digest the ingredients and absorb their nutrients fresh food is a great option.
    • Put your cat on a regular feeding schedule to encourage him to eat at mealtime have two or three scheduled feedings a day and only leave the food out for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Try breaking up your cats daily feeding into three or four smaller meals if he has trouble eating a lot of food at once.
    • Add a flavorful food topper to your cats food look for moist and semi-moist options or you could even add some cooked chicken to entice your cats appetite.

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    Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

    Blue Wilderness dry is a sure deal for any cat.

    Made of chicken it helps to feed your felines wild side and build lean muscle mass. This grain-free cat food is loaded with healthy carbohydrates including peas and sweet potatoes to support your cats active lifestyle. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.

    This formula also contains BLUEs exclusive LifeSource Bits, a special blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Carefully selected by veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support healthy oxidative balance, immune system health, and life stage requirements.

    If you are looking for food with the finest natural ingredients, BLUE dry cat food is a great option. No artificial flavors or preservatives, no by-product meals, soy, corn, or wheat.

    There are a few things to note if you decide to go for this cat food. Some cat owners have complained about their cats developing urinary health issues, which is a possibility for all dry foods. I would suggest that you get one bag and try with your cat. Aside from providing adequate fresh water, you may also alternate this with the wet variety to increase the water content of the food.

    Crude Protein 43.96% Crude Fiber 4.40% Calories estimate 3,832 Kcal/Kg, 443 Kcals/cup

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    Purina Pro Plan Classic Adult True Nature Natural Turkey & Chicken Entree Grain

    Purina Pro Plan makes several cat foods that could be good for helping a cat gain weight. We like the True Nature product line, in particular. Purina Pro Plan Classic Adult True Nature Natural Turkey & Chicken Entree Grain Free Canned Cat Food is made with real turkey and chicken. Its grain free and contains no corn, wheat, or soy. And it has no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This formula has 11 percent crude protein and 5.5 percent crude fat, with 109 kcal/ 3-ounce can 200 kcal/ 5.5-ounce can.

    Helping Your Cat Gain Weight

    BestBest High Calorie Cat Food for Weight Gain

    The first step to helping your cat to gain weight is identifying the reason hes underweight.

    Weighing too little is different from weighing too much. Cats are seldom underweight because theyre eating the wrong food or exercising too much. Instead, an underweight cat is usually underweight because theres something wrong.

    So before you try anything else, find out why your cat is underweight so that you can treat the problem at its source. Cats who are underweight due to kidney disease may need a low-phosphorus diet. Diabetic cats whove lost weight will benefit from a low-carbohydrate diet and insulin therapy. For cats with intestinal worms, diet isnt an issue and youll need to focus on getting rid of the parasites.

    If you determine that diet is a part of the solution, youll need to employ a combination of strategies to get your cat to eat more and to ensure that whatever he does eat is calorically dense.

    The following are mix-ins, supplements, and palatants that can help your cat to eat more and take in more calories.

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    Is It Good To Keep Feeding My Cat Pre

    Now, Ive heard this question many times. Its not always bad to feed yours with pre-made food because its often made with all the necessary nutrition that your cat needs.

    But if being fed for a long time, the preservative might affect its health. Overall, make sure you’ve picked a brand that manufactures nutritional and healthy food.

    Why Does My Cat Need A Weight Gain Supplement

    Not all cats need a weight gain supplement, even underweight cat. These supplements are typically formulated with sick or injured cats in mind, like kittens with failure to thrive, underweight strays, and cats recovering from major surgery. Weight gain supplements are also sometimes given to show cats to support a healthy coat, weight, and overall appearance. Pregnant and lactating queens can benefit from weight gain supplements because they provide a quick, easy source of calories and energy that may not be being met with diet alone. Its important to remember that these are supplements and are not intended to replace food, but to supplement it. The exception to this is kitten formulas, which are formulated to replace breast milk. However, they should still be used in conjunction with food in kittens that are old enough to begin weaning. Before starting any supplementation, a vet should be consulted. This is especially important if your cat is ill or injured and needs extra support for recovery.

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