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Cost Of Cremation For Cats

Vet Office Vs Pet Crematorium

Increase In Animal Cremations In NJ

Another factor that can impact the cost of your pets cremation is the cremation service provider. If your pet passes away at the veterinarians office, the vet will offer cremation. The veterinarians office has an ongoing contract with a local pet cremation provider.

If your pet passes away at home, on the other hand, you have the option of bringing your pet directly to the crematorium yourself.

The veterinary office might charge a small fee for transportation to and from the crematorium, but the price should remain about the same. The main difference is that at a pet crematorium, you might be presented with more options for urns and other memorial items.

A remarkable pet deserves a unique legacy.

Create a diamond from your pet’s ashes so you can always keep them close.

Communal Or Companion Cremation

As the name suggests, companion cremation is the incineration of a pets body alongside the bodies of other pets. Typically, the additional animal bodies are deceased bodies of dogs, horses, or other cats.

Regardless of its inexpensiveness, communally cremating a cat doesnt allow the owners to get their cats ashes back. Since all animal remnants are mixed up, theres no way to know whether or not the remains theyll receive actually belong to their cat.

The Type Of Cremation

There are three main types of pet cremation: mass, individual, and private. Each type of cremation will be priced somewhat differently.

  • Mass cremations are when multiple animals are cremated together in the same area at the same time. Their ashes are not kept separate. Usually, pets cremated in a mass cremation are not returned to their owners but are spread in a special memorial area at the crematory.
  • Individual cremations are when multiple animals are cremated at once but in separate boxes. The ashes of the different animals may commingle somewhat, but they are generally kept separated from each other. These ashes may be returned to the pet owner or dispersed on the grounds of the crematory, depending on the owners wishes.
  • Private cremations may be requested by the pet owner, but not all crematories offer them. A private cremation is when a pet is cremated alone, at a separate time from other animals. There is no risk of ashes becoming mixed up, and the ashes are almost always returned to the pet owner after the cremation.

As you might imagine, mass cremations are generally the least expensive, while private cremations usually cost the most. Again, though, this will be dependent on the individual crematory and the services they offer. You will want to find out ahead of time which types of cremations they offer and the costs of each.

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Choosing A Pet Crematorium

The animal cremation industry is going through a mini-revolution currently. The practice of pet cremation is an unregulated one, but if you look at the pet crematoriums listed by the , these all adhere to a code of conduct and will ensure a high level of service to you and your beloved pet.

Use our Pet Crematorium Search to find a reputable service provider near you. Always remember to ask as many questions as you like to your crematorium to put your mind at ease.

The Average Cost Of A Direct Cremation

Bronze Cat Pet Cremation Urn

A direct cremation is a disposition option in which the body is cremated very soon after the death and there is no prior funeral service. Direct cremations are the cheapest funeral options, but that doesnt mean that they dont respect the memory of the deceased. Families will often arrange a memorial service following the direct cremation to pay tribute to the deceased.

A memorial service can take place anywhere from one week to a year after the burial or cremation. Theres no formal structure and they are normally held in a place of significance, such as the family home, park or an event space in a place of worship.

What impact does this have on the costs of a traditional cremation? Ultimately, as there is no service prior to the cremation, a number of significant costs are avoided:

  • Extensive mortuary care fees
  • Viewing or visitation
  • Multiple transportations of the body
  • As family and friends will not be seeing the casket prior to the cremation, a simple cremation casket is used instead of a more expensive casket

In addition to the above, families are often able to arrange the cremation directly with the crematorium, including the death certificate and transport costs. While this is the cheapest option, many families still opt to engage a funeral home to help with all of the the organisational and administrative tasks which will still work out much cheaper than the service fee charged for a traditional cremation.

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Whats In A Pet Cremation Package

If youd like to know what to expect from a specialized pet cremation package, then you can refer to the list points below. Keep in mind that offered services and fees are sure to vary depending on the provider you work with, and they may offer fewer or more options than what we have listed.

  • Pick up service for your pet: The service provider will arrange for transport for your pet from your home to a designated crematorium.
  • Fur clipping: The provider would groom and clip your pets fur prior to cremation.
  • Paw print impression: In some cases, providers offer a paw print impression as a personalized touch to help memorialize your pet.
  • Standard cremation urn: A standard, decorative urn to store your pets remains in.
  • Private cremation: Arrange for your pet to be cremated alone, so that you may keep your pets ashes for remembrance.

Benefit: Cremation Gives You Options

Perhaps you arent yet certain of what you want to do with your pets remains. You know that you want to preserve the pets memory and honor it in some way. Perhaps youve considered self-burial or other end-of-life options, but nothing feels quite right for your pet.

Cremation will allow you to keep your pet close to you, and you have a number of different options for the pets final resting place. You can keep the ashes in a box or urn, perhaps in a special place of memorial in your house or you can sprinkle the ashes around a favorite play area that your pet used to love.

If you dont want the ashes back after your pet is cremated, they will most likely be released in a designated area on the crematorys property. This is a good option if you dont want the responsibility of finding a place to bury the pet or if youre unable to bury it where you live.

Many crematories will handle the entire process, from picking up your pet to returning its ashes, so if the grief is too much and youre struggling with what to do, having your pet cremated will give you an extra support as the crematory will endeavor to help you through this difficult time.

So, whether you want to keep the ashes or not whether you want to take them with you when you move or scatter them in nature whether you want to be highly involved or more distant during the processcremation gives you many different options to choose from.

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Have Your Pets Remains Made Into A Diamond

Transforming your pets remains into a diamond is perhaps one of the most unique and special ways to keep your pet close after its passing. This process technically involves cremating your pet first, and it is often offered as an associated service by pet crematories.

Using a process of intense heat and pressure, your pets ashes will transform into something beautiful. The process will take some time and is fairly expensive, but many pet owners will find it absolutely worth whatever they put into it.

Asking Your Vet To Arrange The Cat Cremation

Managing Cat Vet Costs with #CareCredit Financing | Elizabeths Testimonial

You can also ask your vet to arrange the collection of your pet and the return of the ashes. Opting for this service is often the easiest and most convenient. To determine the price you would need to speak directly with your vet as vets will have their own pricing strategy.

You can also ask your vet to arrange the collection of your cat and the return of your cats ashes in one of our urns or caskets. Opting for this service is often easier and less stressful than having to make the arrangements. You would have to ask your vet for a quote to determine the price of a cat cremation through your veterinary practice.

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Search For A Pet Crematorium Near You

There are several ways you can find a pet crematorium near you.

Reach out to your veterinarian for a recommendation. Your vet may use a specific service when he or she is paid to euthanize an ailing animal. Your vet may also be able to tell you which places to avoid. Vets are very familiar with the local industry and which companies have good and bad reputations.

Search the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories for a facility near you. Keep in mind, this website will direct you to facilities accredited by this specific association. Many companies throughout the country and world arent listed on this website.

You can also use Google to your advantage. Search pet cremation near me and see what facilities appear on the first page of your search.

Alternatives To Pet Cremation Services

There are a few alternatives to cat cremation. One option is to have your cat buried in a pet cemetery. This can be done either individually or in group plots. The average cost of individual burial is $600 and up, while the cost of group burial averages around $300.

Another option is to have your cat cremated and the ashes scattered. This can be done in a number of ways, including scattering them in your backyard, at a special place in nature, or even by sending them up in a helium balloon. The cost of this type of cremation averages around $200.

Finally, you could choose to have your cat cremated, and the ashes kept in an urn. This cremation option is the most expensive, averaging around $400, but it does allow you to keep your cat close by.

You can also bury your cat in your backyard. You have to remember to check with your local municipality to see if this is legal in your area. The cost of this option is free or very low cost if you already have a pet-friendly backyard. If you need to purchase supplies, the total cost would be around $50.

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What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Having Your Pet Cremated

Losing a pet can be a heart-wrenching experience. Sometimes knowing what to do in such a situation can be difficult. There are so many different options, so many different expenses to factor in.

If youre not sure what to do or where to turn, you may be wondering, what are the specific benefits and drawbacks of having your pet cremated? How does cremation compare with other end-of-life options for your pet?

Lets take a closer look at why cremation may be the best choice for your situation, as well as why it may not be.

How Much Does It Cost To Euthanize A Dog

Precious Kitty Silver Pet Cremation Urn with Walnut Base

When putting a dog to sleep, the prices can vary significantly.

This is mainly due to the fact that there are many shapes and sizes of canine friends, each of which will require a different dose of euthanasia solution.

The standard prices can also range from clinic to clinic, but there is a typical range you can expect.

The average range of costs to euthanize a dog based on size includes:

  • 0-10 pounds: Anywhere from $50-$100
  • 11-30 pounds: Anywhere from $100-$150
  • 31-50 pounds: Anywhere from $100-$200
  • 51-70 pounds: Anywhere from $150-$250
  • Above 70 pounds: Typically $250 or more

Its important to keep in mind that this does not include cremation, so you will need to speak with your vet about the cremation company they work with and their pricing.

Also be aware that some veterinarians will provide a better rate if you have used them as your primary vet for your furry friend.

Our friends recently lost their Lab to lung cancer. He was euthanize surrounded by the ones who loved him and cared for him since he was a little puppy. The cost to euthanize him at a Florida veterinarian was $80. Maximus was down to 56 pounds when he was put down. He was also taken back home and buried under an old Oak Tree.

The cost to euthanize your dog can vary depending on location, your veterinarian and other factors. If you have questions, your best option is to call and speak to them about costs.

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What To Do With My Cats Ashes

Simply put, you can choose to keep your cats ashes, you can scatter your cats ashes, or you can bury them. There is a range of caskets & urns suitable for keeping your cats ashes safely, of you can choose a scattering tube many of which would also be suitable for burial.

Can I be buried with my cats ashes?

Unfortunately, you can only be buried with your cats ashes if you are being buried in your home or choosing a natural burial. However, you can choose to have your ashes scattered at some pet crematoria.For more information, contact Cambridge Pet Crematorium who have pet cremation sites across the UK.

Drawback: Cremation Can Get Expensive

There are many different factors that influence the price of getting your pet cremated. There are often a lot of added services you can choose to make your life a little easier during this sad time, but these added services usually cost extra, so you may end up paying a lot more than you intended when you first started the process.

Even without the added service, if you have a very large pet or have to use a more pricey crematory, the cost for the cremation itself may end up being more than you bargained for.

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How Cat Euthanasia Is Performed

On the day of euthanasia, there may be an assessment if preferred and some forms to complete. Then, the Veterinarian will prepare for the first dose, premedication. Often times our veterinarians will use a familiar blanket to gently hold your cat during this process. After the first dose your cat will feel more relaxed and ready to be with you until they fall asleep.

The vet will allow you hold your cat before giving the last medication. After these moments with your pet, the vet will administer the second medication that will help transition your cat into a deeper sleep then slow down breathing and the heart until they pass.

It is important that an empathetic and skilled veterinarian handle the process, so they can provide the smoothest and most peaceful transition possible.

Cremation Cost By Location

LovingRest Pet Funeral Home: Horse Cremation

Like most pet services, including veterinary care and boarding, the cost of cremating a dog varies depending on the location. A private cremation for a small pet in New York City could start at $300, while a cremation service in a smaller city or town could start at $40. Do your research into local cremation services to figure out which best accommodates your needs.

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What Happens During The Cremation Of A Cat

The cremation process begins by wrapping the cat in a sheet and placing it into the cremation machine. The top oven door opens and air is forced over a gas flame to illuminate the chamber as thousands of degrees of heat are created. This creates a cremation cycle of strict temperature control which takes almost two hours. While this is happening, water mist continuously descends to reduce any chance of sparking and ensure all organic tissue has been vaporized from their body.

Cats pose a biosafety hazard in the case of cremation, as theyre much more difficult to incinerate and combust without creating dense smoke, heat disturbance, or odors, largely because of their denser fat layer and fur. If you work in an industry where these two factors are a problem , then incinerating dogs is often preferred because it doesnt create these symptoms as easily as cats do. Dogs erythrocytes have no nuclei containing hemoglobin and release less oxygen when metabolizing during the burning process which results in there being less smoke created by that part of the dogs body.

Which Pets Can Be Cremated

Dog cremation is the most common, along with cats and horses. However, you can cremate nearly any pet, including birds, rabbits, hamsters, and even exotic pets like monkeys. So, how much does it cost to cremate a dog or other pet? It depends on the size of the animal and the type of cremation รข more on that later.

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Bringing Your Pet Into Our Care

Pets may be delivered to the funeral home during our regular business hours: 9 am to 4pm, Monday through Friday at no cost. Weekend delivery by family is offered by setting a time for our staff to meet family in the office, which includes a $100 fee. If you have your pet removed from your home after passing or euthanasia, and you live within 20 miles, it is $50 during normal business hours, 9 am to 4 pm. There is a $150 fee during after hours, depending on available staff however, it is not always guaranteed staff will be available

Consider Cryomation Or Resomation

Cat Always My Kitty Photo Walnut Wood Pet Cremation Urn for Ashes

Pet cryomation and resomation are two fairly new processes.

  • Cryomation involves freezing a body using liquid nitrogen. The remains become quite brittle and are then easy to break down into small particlessimilar to ash, but without the burning. All the water present in the body is removed via freeze drying during this process, and the remains can then be buried or kept as though they were ashes.
  • Resomation is basically water cremation. The body is immersed in a mixture of lye and water, then heated to a high temperature. Chemical reactions take place that break the body down into fluid and bone particles. The fluid is drained off after the process, and the bone ash is returned to you.

Both cryomation and resomation are more environmentally friendly than traditional cremation and burial processes. That said, they are fairly new and are not widely available, especially for pets, so it may be difficult to find an organization that will perform these services. They are also likely to be quite expensive.

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