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How To Clean Cat Pee Out Of Mattress

How To Remove Urine Stains From Mattress

How to Get Cat or Dog Pee out of Mattress | Carpet Cleaner? Baking Soda? Nature’s Miracle?

It may feel unpleasant, but the reality is that everyone has experienced or will experience a urine-stained mattress. Whether it may be a pet, your toddler, or a personal experience, accidents do happen.

We suggest handling the clean-up as soon as possible. Allowing urine to settle into your bedding will not only result in an unpleasant odor but possibly lead to the growth of fungus. In our detailed blog, you will learn how to remove urine stains from the mattress step by step in the most effective manner with minimal discomfort and with everyday household items in the right way.

How To Remove Pets Urine Stains

You might love your pet, but pet urine can sometimes stink more than human urine. Animal urine is composed of different chemicals and is more concentrated. Hence, it is important to remove pet urine.

What youll need:

  • Enzyme cleaner
  • White vinegar

Removing pet urine stains from a mattress is similar to the process listed above, with just a few simple alterations.

Step 1: Apply Baking Soda to Stain

Instead of bottling the stain with a towel, immediately apply the baking powder directly to the stained surface. Baking soda soaks moisture and gets a darker color as it draws the urine out of the mattress.

Step 2: Clean Powder and Repeat

Clean the powder from the soiled spot and renew it with fresh baking soda. Allow the powder to continue absorbing up the urine.

Repeat the process until the baking soda remains white.

Step 3: Clean the Mattress

Once you remove a considerable amount of your pets urine out of the mattress, clean the mattress, assuming it is human urine. Repeat the process till the stain remains.

Step 4: Try Enzyme Cleaner

As discussed above, animal urine is much more concentrated than human urine. It also contains extra components like carbohydrates and fatty acids and ammonia . You can use enzyme cleaners, which are biological catalysts and accelerate chemical reactions, which can help break down these headstrong elements.

Step 5: Avoid Chemical Products

Step 6: Avoid Using Pet Repellents

Why Does My Cat Pee On Blankets

But while it might be a biological problem, says Dr. Eatroff, cats usually pee on a bed due to an issue that is rooted in anxiety and stress, which can affect several hormonal and chemical balances in the body. … First, see your vet to make sure your cat is not suffering from an infection of the bladder or urinary tract.

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Spray Bottle And Clogging Issues

MANY people have issues with their spray bottle, but I have done this application at least ten times without issues. I even used two different spray bottles, but here are some tips from me and readers to get you on your way to successful mattress cleaning.

Make sure whatever spray bottle you have that the straw is as large as possible. Otherwise, the mixture is too thick and it will clog your spray bottle.

Again, DO NOT SHAKE! It can definitely clog your spray bottle.

Cover The Stain With Plastic

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Right after you applied the mixture to a stain, you should cover it with plastic wrap or a plastic bag as soon as possible. Plastic will prevent the mixture from evaporation and will prolongate the effect of the product.


To further enhance the effect, you should put duct tape on the edges of the plastic.

Let the stain be covered with plastic for at least 72 hours.


Please, do not let your pets or kids contact the stain because the mixture contains vinegar and HE laundry detergent that can be toxic to them.

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Cleaning Pee Out Of A Mattress

  • Remove all sheets, blankets, any mattress covers, etc. and wash.
  • Blot the urine with a large towel, getting up as much of the liquid as possible.
  • Lightly spray the entire urine spot with a solution of 50/50 white vinegar and let stand for five to ten minutes.
  • Continue to blot out any liquid.
  • Cover entire area with baking soda. Let stand for 8-10 hours.
  • Vacuum up the baking soda.
  • Repeat the process if the urine stain and odor are still on the mattress. The odor should be completely gone from the mattress, but you may still have a very faint stain.
  • I was very satisfied after using this method to remove urine from the mattress the first time.

    There was still a faint circle, especially around the edges where I did not get baking soda, but I was happy that it was mostly unnoticeable.

    As irony would have it, another one of our children wet in our bed two nights before I wrote this post!

    Lucky me: I had the opportunity to try out this method of getting pee out of a mattress again.

    I used the exact same method to remove the urine from my memory foam mattress, and this time I saw it work even bettereven removing more of the original stain!

    This confirmed to me that repeating the process really does yield the best results, if you have the patience for that. In the years since this has happened, Ive used this method again and again.

    While, ideally, just use a good mattress cover and avoid this predicament all together, this method for getting pee out of mattresses is a lifesaver .

    A: Vinegar And Baking Soda

    Vinegar and baking soda are both powerhouse natural cleaners that help neutralize the ammonia smell of urine. Vinegar also helps break down the uric acid found in urine, making it easier to remove. This method is best for if you are cleaning a fresh urine stain on your mattress.

    What you’ll need:

    • Dry rag or paper towels
    • Empty spray bottle
    • Vacuum with upholstery attachment

    The Steps:

    • 1. Pour full-strength vinegar into your spray bottle and spray enough to thoroughly saturate the stains. Let sit for 10 minutes.
    • 2. Press rags or paper towels on top of the stains to blot out excess vinegar.
    • 3. Sprinkle baking soda over the stains, making sure it spreads out. Let sit for several hours, or a full day if you can! You should see the baking soda clumping up as it soaks in the vinegar at this point.
    • 4. Use a vacuum to remove the dried baking soda.

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    Removing Cat Urine Odor From Bedding And Clothes

    While it may feel like a spiteful insult, a cat spraying or urinating on your mattress, bedding or clothing is their way of letting you know they need your attention. Dont get mad get clean!

    • Put the urine-soiled items into your washer and wash separately in the hottest temperature recommended by the items care label. In addition to your detergent, add a quarter cup of a white vinegar to your washers bleach dispenser.
    • Use the natural power of baking soda to help neutralize cat urine odor in soiled bedding and clothes. Add a half-cup directly to the drum with your clothes, or use a detergent that has baking soda in it.
    • Optional: Use ARM & HAMMER Plus OxiClean 3-in-1 Power Paks, combining ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda with OxiClean Stain Fighters. You can also add a scent booster, such as ARM & HAMMER Clean Scentsations In-Wash Scent Booster with Odor Blasters for even more urine odor removal power.

    Note: Use caution when cleaning delicate fabrics. Also, remember never to use chlorine bleach when washing items soiled with cat pee. Mixing bleach with the ammonia in cat urine can create dangerous gases.

    To help understand why your cat might be peeing everywhere all of a sudden, read our resource about this frustrating, though not uncommon cat behavior. Follow these litter box tips and be sure to set up the litter box properly to help prevent future urine mishaps.

    *When applied promptly as directed after an ordinary pet stain has occurred.

    What Diseases Can Be Caused By Daily Sleeping On A Mattress With Urine Inside

    How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Mattress

    There is no possible illness that would directly stem from the person who urinates in his or her bed.

    However, a number of illnesses can be provoked indirectly. For example, constant urine smell inhalation may cause respiratory irritation and respiratory allergies. Contact with salt may irritate the skin and cause skin allergies. Urine in the mattress can become an enabling environment for mold and mites that are dangerous for human healthIndoor dampness and mold health effects ongoing questions on microbial exposures and allergic versus nonallergic mechanisms .

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    How To Get Pee Out Of A Mattress

    Whether your child just came into your room and said, I had an accident or if you came home tired from work only to smell dog pee on a mattress, youre probably asking yourself how to get pee out of a mattress. Before worrying too much, these cleaning suggestions might save your mattress.

    Easy Steps To Clean Mattress Stains

    • Spray the stained areas of your mattress thoroughly saturating them and let the mixture sit until it has dried. There is NO scrubbing and NO blotting. You literally spray and walk away.
    • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the stain to lift and disappear. If this does not happen, you must apply the mixture again to ensure it fully cleans the the stained areas.
    • Once the mattress dries, if a baking soda powdery film remains, then simply wipe it off with a damp cloth or vacuum it.

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    Having A Clean Mattress Will Make You Healthier

    I consulted with a certified pulmonologist Helen York about this question.

    You should understand that a clean mattress without any odors will help you prevent mold, mites, bacteria, and other factors that will lead to more serious health problems. York said Interview with a certified pulmonologist Helen York Jun 22, 2021

    As you can see, this is not an aesthetic whim. I hope, this will motivate you to try your best to effectively clean your mattresses.

    Soak Up As Much As Possible

    how to clean pee out of a mattress

    Use paper towels or old rags to blot up as much urine as you can before applying any cleaning substances.

    Dab and push directly down rather than wipe youll get more soaked up this way, without spreading it to a broader area.

    Be patient:

    This step can take a while, and you might be surprised how much youre able to soak up. Continue until your towels or rags arent wet when you press down on the spot.

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    Can A Pet Urine Cleaner Be Used In A Steam Cleaner To Clean A Mattress

    Most of the steam cleaners support a distilled water only. The reason for it is the possibility of failure to remove the minerals from tap water. Other, more advanced models allow using tap water.

    A typical pet urine cleaner contains enzymes, which are helpful in breaking down the urine. The enzymes also help to neutralize the smell of ammonia left by the uric acid crystals that form as a result of bacterial decomposition. When put in a steam cleaner, enzyme cleaner will break down and the enzymes will be diluted, there is a high probability of toxic evaporations that can be hazardous for you and your family.


    Please, never put enzyme cleaner into a steam cleaner.

    Never use a steam cleaner to clean urine odor from carpets or upholstery. The heat will set the stain in by bonding the proteins with any man-made fibers.

    To effectively combine these two cleaners, you should first apply an enzyme cleaner and wait until it will dry out. And only after this you should use a steam cleaner as a second stage of cleaning.

    The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Cat Pee Smell

    When your cat starts urinating outside the litter box, the smell can be difficult to get rid of and nearly impossible to mask.

    Whether your cat pees on the carpet, a piece of furniture, bed linens, or your clothes, its important to neutralize the odor to prevent your cat from becoming a repeat offender. Cats often return to a spot where they have previously urinated if the odor is not eliminated.

    Its also important to determine the cause of this behavior, which could be a sign of a health issue or stress.

    Here is your ultimate guide to eliminating cat urine smells and determining why your cat is urinating outside the litter box to begin with.

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    How To Get Urine Smell And Stains Out Of A Mattress

    Accidents happen, but they dont need to ruin your mattress. Whether its a leaky diaper spilling pee onto your childs mattress, or pet urine staining your bed, its best to clean it up as quickly as possible.

    Fortunately, all you will need is a few common household cleaning supplies. Well cover how to clean urine from a mattress, prevent stains, and remove the pee smell from your bedding.

    What Gets Rid Of The Smell Of Urine

    How to get PEE out of a MATTRESS! Amazing

    The white vinegar solution method works to both clean urine stains and eliminate lingering smells. Baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer, and white vinegar breaks down many of urines strong-smelling chemical compounds. Though you may be tempted to try something that seems stronger, you should never, ever use harsh substances like bleach or cleaners with toxic chemicals when cleaning your mattress. Not only can this damage the fabric, but lingering toxins can be harmful to your health.

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    Dont Ditch The Mattress Yet

    A dog urine stain on the bed might seem like the end of the world, but its not. Whether its brand new or still has some life left in it, you understandably dont want to toss it out over one accident.

    Getting it thoroughly clean is important. Aside from urine being an irritant, who wants to sleep in a bed with dog pee? Thats right no one.

    Cleaning a mattress might seem impossible, but there are some simple methods that are quite effective.

    Dont forget about addressing why it happened in the first place. It usually takes one accident for a pet parent to learn that they never want to have to clean pee from a mattress again.

    Its certainly no reason to throw your mattress out if one accident happens, but avoiding it in the future is the best solution for everyone involved.

    Use A Baking Soda Paste

    Mix one cup of baking soda with a tablespoon of water to make a paste. Spread the paste liberally over the areas that smell like pee. Use a soft-bristled brush to work the paste into the mattress surface. Allow the paste to dry completely. It is best to leave the paste on the mattress for at least four hours, so the pee smell can be neutralized.

    When the paste is dry, vacuum it away.

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    How Can I Clean My Inflatable Mattress After A Child Urinated On It

    If youve ever had the unfortunate experience of a child urinating on your inflatable mattress, then you know that this can be quite an unpleasant mess to clean up. However, there is two good news here:

    First, child urine is less concentrated.

    Child urine specific gravity range from 1.005 to 1.030. It means that it is easier to remove the odors of child urine than adult urine or pet urine.

    Second, an inflatable mattress is made of plastic or rubber. It means that urine will not penetrate the mattress deeply and it can be easier removed.

    All you have to do is use a sponge with an enzyme cleaner and gently remove all the urine.


    Its your responsibility to make sure that the area is safe for children, and if there are any sharp objects around it can damage the inflatable mattress. It could potentially puncture or cut through the material of the air bed. Make sure not to leave these items anywhere near where a child might be playing unattended.

    If Youre Wondering How To Get Pee Stains Or Pee Smell Out Of A Mattress These Methods Should Do The Trick

    How To Clean Urine Odor And Stains From Your Mattress

    Here we are. This is probably one of the least glamorous moments of your life, and youre likely not at your best right now. Thats okay.

    Especially if you have kids or pets, accidents are inevitable, but theres no need to freak out about what to do when the tinkle train comes to town.

    We all know that the best way to prevent this problem is using a mattress protector, but not everyone has the time or money to buy one and sometimes they just plain fail. Like I said, accidents happen. So take a long, slow, deep breath while you stop beating yourself up, and remember that we can fix this.

    With the guide below, you should be able to get rid of any ghosts of accidents past and come out on the other side a pro at getting pee stains out of a mattress. Are you ready to be the envy of all your friends, family, and neighbors? Lets do this.

    Need to get rid of an old mattress? BOOK A PICKUP

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    Cleaning Cat Urine Odor From Carpet

    Getting rid of the smell of cat urine from carpeting can be challenging, because it can soak right through the carpet fibers to the carpet padding. And since cats have a strong sense of smell, its important to clean and deodorize the area completely to prevent a return visit!

    For a DIY solution:Scrub the area throroughly with club soda, and let dry. Then sprinkle with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda. Let it sit so the baking soda can soak up any lingering odors, and then vacuum.

    For an easy solution from ARM & HAMMER:Try ARM & HAMMER Pet Stain & Odor Remover Plus OxiClean to remove even the toughest pet stains* and destroy odors on the spot with a combination of ARM & HAMMER deodorizers and OXICLEAN stain fighters.


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