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How To Make Cat Ears Headband

Cut Out Cover For Headband

DIY Black Cat Ears Headband

Making a cover for your headband is super simple.

You can make the cover in the same plush you are using for your ears, or you can use another soft fabric that isnt as fluffy.

For these cat ears, I used some black soft, chenille Minky fabric that I had left over from the hoodie I made for Sophias panda costume.

If your plush fabric or faux fur is quite fluffy, then I recommend using a thinner fabric for the headband cover.

Measure the length and width of your headband.

Measure and cut out a piece of fabric that is an inch or two longer than your headband and double the width, plus 1 seam allowance.

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Attach Cat Ears To The Headband

Once your wire ear frames are inside your plush ears, fold up the bottom of the ears, trimming excess fabric if necessary.

Sew ears shut.

Place cat ears onto the headband, making sure you dont place the ears too close together.

Ears that are too close together will look like bunny ears. Yes, I have made that mistake a couple of times over the years and I have had to take them apart and reattach.

With hand stitches, begin to sew your ears onto the headband, taking care to put your stitches through the fabric on the top and bottom of the headband cover and also catching the bottom of the wire ear frame.

You will want to stitch your cat ears on very thoroughly. Fortunately, your stitches will not be noticeable in the black plush, so dont worry about making your stitches neat. You just need a ton of them!

Once you have stitched your ears firmly in place, you are done.

Congratulations you now own the best cat ears on the block!!!

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How To Make The Cheshire Cats Smile:

quick & easy cat ears  a Desert Bus tribute

For the smile, she looked up a picture of the Cheshire Cat online, copied his smile onto poster board paper, cut it out, and hot glued it to a wooden dowel.

This was hands down my favorite part of her costume. We had looked at some Cheshire Cat make-up ideas, but she came up with this alternative and I love how it turned out. Everyone commented on what a great idea it was every time she went out in her Halloween costume that year.

And with this type of mouth she could actually disappear just like the Cheshire Cat and leave only her smile behind.

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Bend Wire Into Cat Ear Shapes

If your fabric is soft and floppy, you will probably need to make some sort of an insert to hold up your ears.

An easy way to hold up fabric ears is to use some bendable wire such as aluminum crafting or beading wire. You can also use pipe cleaners, floral wire, or even the wire from a clothes hanger.

Bend the wire into a triangle shape that you feel resembles the shape you want for your cat ears.

Insert triangle wire shapes into ears and set aside while you make the cover for your headband.

To Make The Cat Ear Headband You Need:

  • Cat Ear template (
  • 2 colors of felt
  • needle and matching thread
  • batting/Stuffing


Print the cat ear template and cut out the pieces. ;Line up the template on the felt and cut out 4 of the larger pieces and 2 of the smaller pieces.

Center the smaller piece of felt in the middle of the larger piece. ;Align the bottom of the smaller piece above where the larger piece starts to curve. ; ;Hand or machine stitch the smaller pieces to the larger pieces. ;I did use my machine, but I used a blanket stitch that kind of looks like a hand stitch.

Line up 2 of the larger triangles and stitch along the sides as indicated below. ;Leaving about a 1.5 inch opening.

Flip the ear right side out.

Fill with stuffing.

Using matching thread, hand stitch the opening closed.

Hand stitch the ears in place onto the fabric covered headband. ;

For a little something extra, I hand stitched a bit of furry trim to the center of our headband

They turned out really cute, now I just need to finish the actual costume!

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Completing The Furry Cat Ears

  • 1Create the band for the ears. Measure the elastic band or ribbon around your head. The ribbon should cross over the top of your head rather than your forehead. You can find a band or ribbon at most arts and crafts stores. Sew or hot glue the ends together to form a circular headband that fits your head. If youre using a ribbon, you can also choose to tie the ribbon in the back so that it is adjustable.XResearch source
  • If sewing, include a seam allowance in your measurements before cutting the ribbon. Tie the ribbon when testing it on your head to see how much ribbon will be needed in total.
  • You can also choose to use a headband instead of an elastic band or ribbon.
  • 2 First, hold the band and ears together to see where the ears look most natural. Then, check in the mirror to see where the ears look best. Making marks on the headband while it is on your head, use a pen or marker to make marks where the ears will be covering.
  • It may be easier to have someone help you make the marks while the band is on your head.
  • 3Attach the ears to the headband. Use hot glue to attach the cat ears onto the headband in the positions that you marked. Use just enough so that the ears stay up, but dont use so much that the glue gets on other places on the headband or ribbon. Allow at least ten minutes for the glue to dry.XResearch source
  • Have someone help you with the hot glue if you arent comfortable with using it on your own.
  • How To Crochet A Bow

    Cat Ear Headband Tutorial – How To Make Kitty Ears Headband

    I made my bow a bit big, so feel free to cut down on the length of the initial chain to make yours a bit smaller.

    Chain 50, slipstitch in first stitch.

    Round 1 – 12: HDC around

    Slip stitch, then turn piece so tail is in the center, then wrap yarn tight around the middle of the piece and fasten it with a couple of knots. Cut off yarn, leaving a tail long enough to sew the bow onto the hat.

    If you want to add a face I suggest sewing or using fabric glue to add on felt pieces for the best look. Cut two black oval eyes, six black skinny rectangle whiskers, and one yellow oval nose.

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    Half Circle Skirt With Bubble Skirt Overlay

    I LOVE this skirt.

    My mom and I made it in the middle of the night before the photoshoot!

    Julia had come over for a final fitting the night before the shoot and she didnt like the black tutu we had made her. She loved the organza skirt I made her last year for her fox costume and wanted something similar for this cat costume.

    So, even though I still had all the ears to make and Sophias hoodie to finish, I began cutting out lining fabric for a half circle skirt. Fortunately, I had JUST enough soft crinoline left, to make a bubble overlay in the same style as her fox skirt and the organza skirt I was making for Olivias bear costume.

    Mercifully, my mom was helping me, so I was able to hand over the rest of the construction of the skirt to her at about 2am while I moved on to make all the ears and finish sewing Sophias panda bear hoodie.

    But I love this skirt so much and I am so glad we made it. Julia looks gorgeous in it!

    How To Make The Cheshire Cats Tail:

    My daughter was not about to wear an actual tail, so she wanted something that would give the impression of a tail. We looked around in Goodwill with no luck and then headed over to Walmart.

    In the craft aisle, we found a bunch of feather boas and one of them was perfect for the Cheshire Cat!

    You can also order a pink and purple feather boa on Amazon.

    She wore it around her neck, but it indeed gave the impression of a tail and the overall pink and purple stripes of the Cheshire Cat.

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    Blinged Out Cat Ears Headband Diy

    Looking for the perfect accessory to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe? Cat ears headbands are all over the place ever since Taylor Swift rocked one in her 21 music video, and Farrah of the Sewing Rabbit Team is here today showing off how you can make these awesome blinged out cat ears. ;She is not only sharing with you how she made this sparkly Cat Ears Headband, but she also included a pattern for the ears so you dont have to figure out how big or small they need to be!

    How Do You Make Cat Ears With Headphones

    cat ears headband

    Step One: Fold your felt in half and draw the shape of your ears onto one side of the felt. Step Two: Cut out your ears, making sure you cut both sides of the felt. Step Three: Sew on any other parts of the ear you want. Step Four: Wrap one ear around your headphone, making sure to pull it tight.

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    Free Crochet Patterns Using Faux Fur Yarn

    Ready to get started using faux fur yarns? Here are some free crochet patterns that I have available on my site to get you started:

    • 5 sts x 5 rows = 2 inches Not vital to project


    • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds .; Do not join at the end of the row, unless indicated.; A stitch marker is used to keep track of the beginning of the round.
    • All pieces made in the Fable Fur are worked and sewn onto the project with the wrong side facing out to show the better-looking side of the fur.;
    • Gauge is not critical to the project but it may affect the amount of yarn needed.
    • Please note that the amount of yarn you use may depending on the thickness of your headband. All of the headbands Ive used were less than a centimeter wide. The wider the headband you use, the more yarn will be required to cover it.
    • If you are concerned about the bear ears being floppy, you can crochet over a chenille pipe cleaner in Round 4 of the bear ears to help support them.

    How To Make A Cat Tail

    Things get even easier for the tail!

    To make a cat tail, you will be making another fabric tube.

  • Simply cut out a piece of fabric the length you want the tail and twice as wide as you want your tail, plus an inch of seam allowance.
  • Fold lengthwise with right sides together.
  • Starting at one of the short ends, begin sewing and continue along the long side. Leave one end open.
  • Stuff the cat tail with polyester stuffing or whatever form of stuffing that works for you.
  • You can use polyester stuffing or you can just roll up and stuff with something such as light fluffy socks, fabric scraps, etc.

    I was out of polyester stuffing when I made this tail and I was about to raid another tail I had made before when I found an old, white snake Olivia had made years ago. Instead of opening it up and taking out the stuffing, I just used it as a tail insert and stuck it right inside my black cat tail cover. Recycling!

    You can insert bendable wire or a wire clothes hanger to mold and bend your tail. For this costume, Julia wanted to keep her tail simple and not too noticeable.

    Once you are finished making your tail, set it aside until you are ready to attach it to your skirt or costume.

    Expert Tip: Want to know a secret? I often just SAFETY PIN tails on to costumes once my child is already in it. Easy peasy.

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    How To Make The Skirt For A Black Cat Costume

    If you want to make this skirt for your cat costume, it isnt too hard. But you probably want to have some sewing experience and a sewing machine

    The fabric I used to line the skirt was just a basic lining fabric from the clearance bin. It was a woven no stretch. So I had to make sure I accommodated for that in my sizing.

    I made a half circle skirt for the skirt lining.

    Here is a handy circle skirt calculator. Remember, if you are making a HALF circle skirt, you need to put that in the calculator too.

    This calculator is from Omni Calculator:

    Diy Black Cat Gloves And Leg Warmers Or Boot Cuffs

    DIY Headband For Washing Face – How To Make Fur Cat Ears

    It is fall lets get cozy!

    Since this cat costume is designed for a teenage girl who wants to look pretty going to a Halloween party, I made gloves and leg warmers to give the effect of cat fur while not making Julia wear a bulky full-body plush costume.

    Honestly, I just want to wear these fingerless gloves and leg warmers/boot cuffs every day. They are super cozy.

    Making fingerless gloves and leg warmers is so simple!

    For the gloves, measure the width of your wrist and your hand around your knuckles, including your thumb. Also, measure how long you want your gloves to extend past your wrist.

    If your fabric is stretchy, like this plush fabric, then you can make the final width of your gloves a little smaller than the width of your knuckles. If your fabric does not have stretch, make sure you have enough width in your design so that you will be able to get the glove over your knuckles and your thumb.

    I cut our fabric 9×8. I had extra room because our fabric was so stretchy, so after fitting on Julias tiny hands, I restitched them to make them smaller.

    Because you want your cat gloves to be fingerless, you need to leave an inch or so open in your side seam for the thumb to go through.

    Leg warmers are even easier to make.

    As you did with the gloves, you need to make sure you have enough width in your design to accommodate getting your piece on and off.

    Because both Julia and Sophia were wearing black boots with their costumes, we decided to make boot cuffs.

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    Cute Crochet Cat Ears

    Cat ears headbands and hats are great for costumes, keeping warm, or just being cute. Here is a very simple pattern to make the perfect cat ears for your crochet hat or headband.

    I have written two different patterns here: one for two colours and one for a single colour. Use whichever pattern you prefer.

    The pattern here is for just the ears, but I have included resources on how to crochet a headband or hat as well.

    If you would like to make a Hello Kitty hat, scroll down to learn how to make a bow!

    How To Make Furry Cat Ears

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    Cat ears are cute accessories that can be easily made. You can wear them with a costume, or as a fun accessory with an outfit. All of the materials needed to make the cat ears can be found at most arts and crafts stores. To make furry cat ears, create the ear bases, put the ears together, and complete the cat ears with the help of an elastic band and hot glue.

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    Diy Simple Cat Ears Headband

    If you have a daughter or a kids party coming up, or just love to draft cool things, then consider trying this DIY simple cat ears headband! This step by step tutorial will show you how.

    Check out these step by step instructions complete with photos! If youd rather follow along with a video tutorial instead of written words, scroll to the bottom of this post to find just what youre looking for.


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