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Kittens For Sale In Austin

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Himalayan Kittens for sale

Munchkin Cat needs new home. 3 year old Siamese long hair female munchkin cat needs a new home. Sweet and very loving. Located in Austin, Texas.

savanah Kittens – Tica Registered – Health Guaranteed. Tica Registered – Health GuaranteedThese beautiful babies are very sweet and playful. They come with TICA blue slips and, health guaranteed

Savanna Kittens Available. Cute and lovely Savanna kittens ready to go out to caring homes. TICA reg and are up to date with all their shots and vet documents. 7 months old. Get back for more info.

Cute and Lovely Home Raised savanna Kittens. Cute and lovely BENGAl kittens ready to go out to caring homes. TICA reg and are up to date with all their shots and vet documents. 5 months old. Get back for more info

3 savanna kittens for sale. .I have 39 week old kittens that need loving forever homes! They have been wormed and given flea control and been given kitten dry cat food. No shots. They are all using the litter box. They are very clean & healthy. The one boy is black and white and the other boy is grey black and white the girl is tabby strips and dots! All very friendly and have been handled by young toddlers. They will come with a small bag of the kitten food they have been eating and their new collars!

Lovely Bengal kittens. A home without a pet is like a river without water our baby lili is 9weeks old well trained and updated with shots and vaccinations please contact us via Email ONLY for more details and pics

Multiple Delivery Options Are Available

We are located in Austin, Texas specializing in breeding beautiful British Shorthair and incredible cute Scottish Folds. We strive to breed to the TICA and CFA breed standard for confirmation and personality. Our lines include International, National, Regional and Breed Winning lines. All cats have earned prestigious titles in The International Cat Association or Cat Fanciers Association . We restrict our breeding program numbers to ensure your kitten is highly socialized and well cared. Each kitten is provided with extensive socialization and play time. Our cats are never caged and never outdoors providing you confidence that you are adding a healthy new family member to your loving home. Our kittens are sold using a contract and neutering/spay agreement to pet homes. We prefer to place our kittens locally but do deliver or arrange pick up nationally. We do not ship internationally.

How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Cost In Texas

Ragdolls Cats in Texas Can Cost the Highest in The Country. Priced Starting at $500 for Young Adult Cats, expect to pay up to $2000 for Spayed/Neutered Ragdolls with a 5 Year Genetic Health Guarantee Against HCM. Breeder Quality and Show Quality Ragdolls are in excess of $3500 For International Champion Pedigrees. Buyer Beware of Low Priced 10 week Old Kittens Advertised on Google Search Paid Ads, Craigslist, and Facebook, As These are 100% Fake. Kittens Being Advertised Outside of Texas Should Be Avoided.

We are Located Near Dallas, Houston, Austin, & San Antonio. We will meet you in person with your Ragdoll Kitten when it is ready for Adoption.

I Raise Ragdoll Kittens & Cats Intended For a Lifetime Filled With Joy for Families or Anyone Who Wants to Experience the Exceptional Companionship of a Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Kittens will be spayed or neutered at my veterinarian, vaccinated twice, any other age appropriate veterinarian work, and litter box trained when adopted. My adults have been DNA tested for health issues like HCM and all my kittens and cats are free of Felv/Fiv.

Located Within Driving Distance To:Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas Hill Country Including Austin & San Antonio, and Southeast Texas Including The Houston area.USA and World Wide Airline Shipping or Hand Delivery of your baby to you Is Available.

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A Summary Of Bad Breeder Tendencies You Can Spot

  • Doesn’t know much about the breed when answering questions about the breed
  • Ignorant of a breed’s genetic defects
  • Has too many breeds and too many cats in a small space with few workers
  • Brags a lot about titles, with little to say about the individual kitten’s character
  • Says only negative things about all other breeders
  • Breeder isn’t concerned about what kind of home you’ll provide for the kitten
  • Makes excuses for a lot of things, even when no excuse is necessary
  • Is not willing to show you where the kitten is brought up and inside the nursery/cattery
  • Gives breeding rights without any regard
  • Please don’t support a kitten farm based on their marketing and high priced pets
  • Should I get two?

    As a Persian Cat Breeder, I want to provide you with some thoughts around whether or not to get a pair of kittens verses one and the things to consider. There is a lot of persian cat information out there and opinions but this sums up my passion around the topic. While I feel that we humans can offer a great deal of love and be nurturing, there is a special type of feline companionship and interaction that cannot be duplicated or reproduced by human beings.

    Felines crave two types of interaction for a healthy mental self-esteem:

    1.) Human Fellowship

    2.) Feline Friendship

    They offer one another a confidence and intimacy factor we humans simply cannot such as cleaning one each others face or chasing each other throughout the house at tops speeds.

    Can I declaw my kitten?

    Maine Coon Kitten For Sale Texas

    Munchkin Cats For Sale

    About Warrior Kattz Maine Coons

    Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas by Warrior Kattz is a family-run, Veteran-owned, dual-registered Maine Coon kitten breeder in Texas between Austin and San Antonio.

    The fierce countenance of the European Maine Coon and family traditions of Military service inspired our Warrior Kattz name. Our passion and appreciation for the Maine Coon breed show through in the quality of our big, beautiful Maine Coon cats and happy, hardy, well-balanced Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas!

    I am a certified ethical Maine Coon kitten breeder in Texas and a member in good standing with both The International Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association . You can verify Warrior Kattz with both.

    Please be aware there are bad people with malicious intentions, predators, scammers, deceivers, COPYCATS, and breeders in other states who are COPYING OUR CONTENT and trying to use the hard work of others to distract, manipulate and attract individuals and families interested in adopting our purebred Maine Coon cats and Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas.

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    Welcome To Jamila’s Ragdolls:

    We are a small TICA registered cattery located in Smithville,TX. Breeding the finest quality of pedigreed Ragdolls, we specialize in offering Ragdoll kittens for sale in Texas. As one of the best Texas Ragdoll breeder choices, we help each customer find the perfect Ragdoll kitten for sale. We are conveniently located within easy driving distance of the Austin, Houston, and Dallas metropolitan areas.

    We also service other states including Florida, California, Louisiana, and others states . We don’t ship kittens, but we offer a pet nanny delivery service from airport to airport.

    We adhere to high standards with raising our kittens as part of our family, our Ragdolls have free roam of our home and are not kept in cages. We provide each cat/kitten great attention, love, and care. We also have a 2 room cabin next to our home with a large nersury room set up, where our kittens are raised with thier mom. Mom feels happy and secure, and kittens aren’t bothered by our other Ragdolls.

    All our Ragdolls are purbred Ragdolls and are SBT registered with TICA. We obtain pedigrees for all our Ragdoll breeders and will be happy to provide you with copies before purchasing your kitten/kittens.

    All our Ragdoll breeders are tested negative for FIV, FeLV, and our cattery is free of FIP. All our Ragdoll breeders are DNA tested, and are negative for HCM, PKD, MPS VI and other known genetic disorders.

    Ragdolls are the perfect companion pet:

    Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Near Me

    Maine Coon Breeders Near Me

    Maine Coon kitten breeders with Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas who have signed TICA’s Code of Ethics:

    Warrior Kattz – inWimberley, Texas

    TimelessMC – in Forney, Texas

    Silkyamber – no specific Texas location noted on the TICA website

    Rainboltcattery – in Long Branch, Texas

    Mitchacoontails – in Cypress, Texas

    – in Katy, Texas

    Bigtexcoons – in Marlin, Texas

    I do not personally know every breeder that manages the Maine Coon breeding programs listed above. Still, I know they have taken the extra steps to sign and submit TICA’s Code of Ethics and have agreed to follow the best practices and guidelines.

    However, I recommend you use caution and due diligence when choosing a Maine Coon breeder and explore several options until you find the right fit. Searching for your new Maine Coon kitten can get overwhelming, but please take your time, slow down and enjoy the process of finding your new lifelong companion.

    Typically Maine Coon breeders who sign this Code of Ethics hold themselves to a higher standard. I hope this list will get you one step closer to bringing home your new Maine Coon kitten or Maine Coon cat. We believe this should be a comfortable experience for everyone but most importantly, your new best friend.

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    Maine Coon Kitten Price

    Price For Maine Coon Kittens

    The price for Maine Coon kittens in Texas continues to rise. Unfortunately, with so many scammers and backyard breeders, high-quality, healthy pedigree Maine Coon kittens for sale are difficult to find.

    It is expensive to manage an exceptional Maine Coon breeding program and produce healthy Maine Coon kittens and cats. However, ethical Maine Coon breeders do not cut corners or compromise. Compare our kittens and what we include with our overall price, and you will agree our quality and value are among the best of the best you will find.

    At Warrior Kattz Maine Coons, we hold ourselves to the highest standards!

    Warrior Kattz Maine Coons is one of few Maine Coon breeders in the United States that can offer a 5-year genetic health replacement policy included in our Maine Coon kittens price. We specialize in breeding gorgeous, DNA-tested, 100% European Maine Coon cats and produce happy, hardy, beautiful, well-balanced Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas, and we deliver nationwide.

    I spare no expense when caring for and raising our kittens and cats. So, if you are price shopping for your new Maine Coon please remember the cheapest kitten is not always the best option. It is nearly impossible to match our Maine Coons look, beauty, price, quality, and value.

    We Breed Selectively To Produce Beautiful Fluffy And Friendly Ragdolls Of Only The Best Quality In Health And Temperament All Of Our Babies Are Raised In Close Contact With Our Family And They Are Treated With Round The Clock Care And Love Until They Are Ready To Make The Big Move To Your Home Our Kittens Are Exposed To Normal Household Sounds And Even Dogs So That They Are Well Socialized Before They Leave We Believe This Naturalistic Approach To Raising These Ragdoll Kittens Is Reflected In Their Temperament And Our Buyers Agree They Love Their Humans When Your Babies Go Home They Will Be Happy And Healthy Plus Very Comfortable With Being Loved They Will Adjust Quickly & Easily To Your Home And Will Be Your Little Buddy For Life

    Himalayan Kittens For Sale

    Our boy Wally, a Mitted Seal Colourpoint at one year old was fed nothing but TLC cat food, a complete dry cat food they can eat from kitten to cat. We recommend you keep them on the same food for their whole lives as we have done. It builds their immune system, gives them a great coat and promotes good overall health. We encourage all of our families to check out their website and order ahead!

    See our Caring for your Ragdoll page for all the links!!

    Wally is happy to watch nature shows or sports with us day and night

    Wally is the king of the TV Tray!

    For more information on reserving one of our gorgeous babies, call/text 682-262-7355

    We respond to texts and emails throughout the process so you can be assured your baby is progressing. We send pictures to you frequently of your Ragdoll baby so you can watch them grow.

    We use filtered water for all of our cats and kittens and recommend you do the same once they are home.

    Our breeder Sires and Queens are all TICA registered. We send out blue slips to you once we receive proof of spay from you. Neuter can occur anytime after 4 months but we recommend doing it much later for proper growth.

    We offer an additional $200 discount when buying a 2nd kitten because they are much more fun in pairs! This can be applied to a future litter as well. Ask for details.

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    We Can Have Our Pet Nanny Fly Your Baby To You Under The Seat If You Cant Get To Dfw

    We are centrally located 8 miles from Dallas/Ft Worth airport and can fly your Texas Ragdoll anywhere without much discomfort. We are offer Pet Nanny services for $50 anywhere in the Dallas metroplex and we can fly your baby out to any major airport in the United States for an additional fee. You are responsible for the airfare and the fee for taking the baby on the plane, and we will pay the pet nanny. They will have safe passage and our personal care every step of the way til they are safely delivered to you. This service is less expensive the farther out you plan, so please let us know in advance. Call or text inquiries to 682-262-7355.

    We sell Ragdolls in All Fifty States! And we can have a Pet Nanny carry them to you.


    More Ragdoll Kitten Adoption Information

    My Kittens Are Raised In My Home. Ragdoll Cats Are Curious, Intelligent, and Sociable. Each individual kitten will have a unique personality just like kids in a classroom. Ragdoll cats are playful and long lived.

    I am a breeder of traditional blue eyed Ragdolls. Colors include seal and blue. I also have non traditional Fun and Unique Colors. Patterns or colors include flame, tortie, chocolate, lilac, fawn, and cinnamon. With my adult breeders, I can have a wide range of colors and patterns.

    UsaDolls is centrally located in the heart of Texas. I am located 3 hours south of Dallas, 2 hours northwest of San Antonio, less than 2 hours from Austin and Houston. Hand delivery is available to the Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio metropolitan areas and in-between.

    I have also shipped my kittens to all over the Unites States, and locations outside the USA. Recent locations have been Baltimore Maryland, San Diego and San Francisco California, Phoenix Flagstaff Arizona, Bozeman Montana, and Naples and Tampa Florida.

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    We Have A Great Selection Of Pedigreed Ragdolls:

    We breed Traditional , Mink, Sepia, solid, and white Ragdolls.

    We have many colors and patterns in our breeding program, and can have:

    Colors: Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream, and white.

    Patterns: Colorpoint, Mitted, Bicolor, Van, Lynx, Tortie, and torbie.

    Disclaimer: Our story has been stolen and used by several scam websites, if you were scamed report it to We are not affiliated with any of these scam websites, and have filed a case against them.

    About me :

    My 1st cat:

    I have always loved cats, my 1st kitten was at 4 years old, she belonged to my grandmother but I always called her mine. I remember her so clearly, more clear than somethings that happened last year. kiki moon was a solid dark gray persian like, that was my 1st connection with cats, I still remember she was so young when I held her in my arms, she was trying to nurse on my pink T-shirt, drooling all over it, with the loudest 1st purr my ears and heart have heard.

    My 1st litter of kittens:

    I was 5 or 6 at the time, when my calico cat gave birth to her babies, I remember the card board box, the smell of those very cute babies. Every time I have a litter born now, I always get that great feeling of happiness and excitement, just like a 5 year old all over again.

    My years with cats in Libya:

    At a young age, I learned so much about cats and their health, I raised orphan kittens, I tamed wild ones, I loved them with all my heart.

    Returning home :

    My 1st Ragdolls:

    Becoming a breeder:

    ~persian Kittens For Sale In Texas ~

    Persian Cats For Sale

    Thank you for visiting my website! I wanted to share some key things to know and consider before getting a Persian kitten. CFA also has details on Persian Cat colors and standards. We specialize in Shaded Golden, Brown Tabby’s, White Solids, Silver, Blue Lynx Point and Seal Lynx Point Himalayan Persians

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