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Persian Himalayan Kittens For Sale

View Our Doll Face Himalayan Kittens For Sale

Persian and Himalayan kittens for sale by Liztopcat.com

Each of our Himalayan Kittens for sale has a dedicated page. Just click on their names below to view more photos!

Our Doll Face Himalayan kittens for sale have unmatched personalities. They are engaging and affectionate and have a fun nature for playfulness. The Himalayan breed is now classified by the Cat Fancier’s Association as part of the Persian breed and said to be the most outgoing of the Persian kittens.

Himalayan cats have the distinction of their strikingly beautiful point colors. Whether your Himalayan kitten has seal, chocolate, blue, cream or even lilac, their alluring blue eyes will capture your attention and your heart.

For these reasons, the Himalayan kitten is one of the most popular breeds of kittens for sale. We hope you find your special Himalayan in our sweet Himalayan kittens for sale.

Each of our Himalayan kittens for sale has a dedicated page. Just click on their names below to view more photos!

Born Feb 01, 2022

Victorian Gardens Cattery Breeding Programhealth Screenings

Health is first priority at Victorian Gardens Cattery. All our foundation dams and sires are Polycystic Kidney Disease DNA tested negative through Veterinary Genetics Laboratory in Davis, California or the newest lab is through CFA’s catDNAtest.org. The DNA services are performed by Neogen’s GeneSeek Operations lab, the world’s largest animal genetic testing laboratory. The foundation dams and sires are also Feline Leukemia tested negative and Feline Aids tested negative through our local veterinarians. We are a ringworm free Cattery. Any new incoming dams and sires will have the more extensive DNA testing. As of February 1, 2012, all our current and any future dams and sires will be Cardiac Ultrasounded for HCM, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy every one to three years. Dates of each Cardiac Ultrasound can be found on the Dams and the Sires pages. As of November 11, 2017, our Cardiac Ultrasounds are being performed by Dr. Kate Meurs, Cardiologist at NC State Veterinary School and Hospital. Dr. Kate Meurs is the head researcher who is trying to find the genetic markers for HCM in the Persian and Himalayan breed. As of January 2013, Victorian Gardens Cattery is only one of a handful of known Persian and Himalayan Catteries in the world that provide HCM cardiac ultrasounds on all their breeders on a regular basis. Our breeding program is striving towards CFA breed standard

Reasons To Add A Himalayan To Your Family

  • They are the perfect mix – Himalayan cats possess the Persians and Siamese best traits, which results in an idyllic temperament and appearance.
  • They are incredibly glamorous – Their long, silky coat combined with their gorgeous colour-point pattern makes one beautiful, elegant-looking feline.
  • They have so much love to give – Himmies are full of affection and are not afraid to share it. Plus, as they have a reasonably calm nature, they enjoy sitting on their owner’s lap and snuggling up on the sofa.
  • They are not aggressive – Thanks to their Persian heritage, Himalayan cats are pretty docile. They do not act aggressively towards anyone, including children and other animals. If they feel threatened, this breed will run and hide rather than lash out.
  • They will entertain you with their energetic bursts – Himmies love to play, especially as kittens, and you’ll have many laughs watching them go crazy with a toy mouse or ripping up a piece of cardboard.
  • They won’t jump on your kitchen counters – Due to their short legs, these cats aren’t jumpers and prefer to stay on ground level. Therefore, they won’t jump up onto the table while you’re eating or knock down all the books on your shelves.
  • Their colouring comes as a surprise – Himalayan cats are not born with their colour-point but develop it as they grow. As a kitten, it’s hard to see their exact shading, but their complete colouring is visible by the time they reach 2 years.
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    Available Persian And Himalayan Kittens

    Victorian Gardens Cattery is pleased to provide to qualified adoptive homes, the following Persian and Himalayan kittens. Please read the paragraphs before and following the Kitten’s description.TWO YEAR PERSIAN AND HIMALAYANGENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEEFebruary 24, 2017Effective March 1, 2017, we are thrilled to change our One Year Genetic Health Guarantee to a Two Year Genetic Health Guarantee. We have always been a Cattery on the cutting edge in offering the very best Guarantees to our Adoptive Families. As of the date of this entry, February 24, 2017, we have never had a family file a claim under our One Year Genetic Health Guarantee. We always strive for health first and personality second. The standard for most Persian and Himalayan Catteries is to offer a One Year Genetic Healthy guarantee. So we are very proud to offer this Two Year Genetic Health Guarantee.AVAILABLE KITTENSWe have not had time to list them so please contact us for more information on any of our available adults or older kitten. They are Little Miracle, Blue Larkspur, Periwinkle and Paisley. If interested in any of these adults, please contact us at the email address listed. You can find Little Miracle’s information on our Sires page. You can find Periwinkle’s information on the Dams page. You can see Larkspur on her Nursery pages, down below and in our YouTube videos of her with her babies. You can see Paisley’s baby pictures in Cosmos’ Nursery 2019.ESMERALDAFemale Split Line Tortoiseshell Persian

    Adorable Purebreed Himalyan Persian Kittens

    " Himalayan Persian"  Cats For Sale

    Adorable Purebreed Himalyan Persian Kittens.We have been blessed with a Christmas litter of doll faced kittens, 3 girls and 1 sweet boy born on November 18!It is difficult to determine final colors at this point but the 2 females appear to be silver point and 1 female and male appear to be a little darker and more of a seal point.Individual pics will be posted soon. We will post 1 picture of them now at 1 week old and then other pics will be of a previous litter we had last year to give an idea of their cuteness!Kittens will not be ready for their new homes until they are 7 weeks old which is January 6th. This gives them time to mature and by then they will be weaned, socialized, and litter box trained.Mom and dad are both CFA registered however we will not be selling the kittens with registration papers, we would like them to be pets only.We love our babies and raise them underfoot in home with us so they get a lot of attention and tend to be very spoiled and affectionate, just the way we like them. We are seeking quality forever homes for these little ones.Now accepting names for wait list, please EMAIL reply to this ad with a little bit about yourself and if interested in male or female.View Detail

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    How Much Should I Pay For A Himalayan Cat

    Its hard to say precisely what is a fair price for a Himalayan cat when you purchase one from a breeder. It can easily be around or over a $1,000. Usually, the price strongly correlates with the quality and health of the kittens. Proper care, and health screenings can be costly. Therefore, please dont shy away from paying more for a Himalayan Cat, as it can save you much more in the long run .

    Best Homes For A Himalayan Cat

    Being friendly, social, and adaptable felines, Himalayan cats do well in most types of homes. They do not have high exercise or playtime needs, but they do require grooming every day. Even so, a quick comb through their luxurious coat is usually sufficient, and once you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll find it doesn’t take too much time or effort.

    Because they are so affectionate and love to be petted, Himalayan cats are ideal for someone looking for a furry friend to relax and watch the evening soaps with. However, some Himmies can display the shyness of the Persian breed, so they may not enjoy living in loud, busy environments. What’s more, some Himmies are not too fond of strangers and visitors to the house.

    Since Himalayan cats are pretty docile, they generally get along with other well-behaved cats and dogs. They do not display any aggressive behaviour toward other animals or children. In fact, as they are so affectionate, they tend to welcome attention from young kids, as long as they do not roughly handle them.

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    How To Find Himalayan Cats And Kittens For Sale

    Pets4You recommends that you buy Himalayan kittens from Reputable Breeders who take pride in the health, genetic background, and purity of the lineage of the kitten you purchase. They will educate you and be available for future questions and assistance for the life of your pet.

    Please avoid Kitty Mills and Pet Stores!

    Many register their breeds with some of the most recognized cat registries and exclusive clubs such as Cat Fanciers Association Fédération Internationale Féline The International Cat Association American Cat Fanciers Association , and others. Be sure to contact the breeders on this website for complete, reliable information.

    Pets4You has verified the Himalayan catteries and breeders you find listed here. You will find that the best breeders will provide a guarantee with their cats. They practice ethical breeding and perform all necessary early life veterinary care of their kittens. They also want to ensure that their cats are going to good homes. This information is available on the breeder’s website within Pets4You.

    It’s often recommended that Himalayan kittens stay with their mothers until they are at least 12 weeks old. While waiting until this age is important for a kitten’s behavioral and social development, kittens sometimes can be separated from their mothers at an earlier age. As an average, breeders and/or catteries will offer cats for sale at about 3 months old.


    For Buyers

    Persian Kittens For Sale In Pennsylvania: Breeders List 2022

    Persian and Himalayan kittens for sale by Liz

    Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

    Persian cats are a popular cat breed, thanks to the long and luxurious coat, round face, and short muzzle that give it a unique look. First exported from Persia in 1620, Persian cats have been recognized by some associations since the 19th century.

    Selective breeding created a wide variety of coat colors for the Persian, but also lead to increasingly flat-faced Persian varieties. Some breeders preserve the original, or traditional, Persian cat type. If youre considering a Persian cat, there are a couple breeders in Pennsylvania for you to choose between.

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    The Temperament Of A Himalayan Cat

    Himalayan cats are super friendly and affectionate, and like their Persian parents, have a sweet and gentle nature. Still, due to their Siamese heritage, they are social, intelligent and have a very playful side, too. They are significantly more active than Persians but calmer than Siamese, creating an even-temperament, which is what makes them a fabulous indoor kitty.

    Thankfully, Himmies did not inherit the Siamese’s highly vocal trait, and they are generally pretty quiet felines. They do crave attention from their owners, though and love to be petted. This love of physical contact makes daily grooming a breeze, as it becomes a ritual that they look forward to.

    Being a hybrid of both a calm and an active breed means that Himalayan cats can go from one extreme to another. For example, this kitty could be lying in the sun, relaxed one minute, and then suddenly go crazy and start running around. Even so, their playful bursts are generally short, and they only require a couple of quick play sessions each day. Plus, they are easily entertained, so provided they have plenty of toys and scratch posts, Himmies are pretty good at keeping themselves entertained.

    Persian And Lynx Point Siamese

    These 2 female cuties are Himalayan Tortie and ready for their new home! They have received first shots , and dewormed . Mom is full Persian dad is a Lynx Pointe Siamese . They are just coming up on two months of age , litter trained and eating solid food . If you have any questions please dm me.View Detail

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    Himalayan Kittens For Sale


    Like the Persian, the Himalayan is sweet, docile and quiet. She is an ornament to any home where she can enjoy sitting in a lap-surely her rightful place-being petted by those who are discerning enough to recognize her superior qualities, and playing house with kind children who will gently comb her hair, wheel her around in a baby buggy , let her chase an interactive toy, then serve her tea at their parties. Himalayans are affectionate but discriminating.

    Youtube Videos And Blog

    Himalayan Persian Cats For Sale

    During our newborn kitten time, we produce videos of our babies as they grow from birth to 13 weeks of age. We strive to present a new video each week or two of their life so that their future adoptive families can enjoy their growth process with us. We have available a YouTube link to our YouTube Channel called “weloveourkittens”. Feel free to enjoy watching our babies in action by clicking on the YouTube Link on the left side of this page at the top. If you like our videos, please “Like” our videos on YouTube and leave a comment. You can also subscribe to our channel on YouTube to be notified of newly uploaded videos.During our spring/summer breeding time, you can catch us blogging about our Dam’s pregnancies, birth and the babies development all the way through the 13th week. You can catch us blogging about our babies each week on our “Our Cattery Blog“. Learn exactly where the babies are in their development. You just never know what we might be blogging about, so come join us.In addition, we have a page to let you know what to expect for our babies in their first 12 weeks of life at the Cattery. You can find the babies first 12 weeks of life on our page entitled “The First Twelve Weeks“.In addition, we have a “” page available where you can see Slide Shows or browse current litter pictures as well as past litter pictures.Victorian Gardens Cattery is a proud member of the following:Please come be our Cattery friend on by clicking on the highlighted link.

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    Larkspur’s 6 1/2 Week Old Kittensvictorian Chamber Pot Photo Shootjuly 30 2021

    Extreme Face Male Chocolate Point Himalayan KittenMACHOCOLATE COCORare Extreme Face Female Chocolate Point Himalayan KittenAdopted by the Ward Family from Enterprise, ALExtreme Face Female Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten Adopted by Richard and Phillipe from Washington, DCROSIEBorderline Extreme Face Female Chocolate Point Himalayan KittenAdopted by Richard and Phillipe from Washington, DCCH Victoriangdn’s Periwinkle X Victoriangdn’s Lilac PaisleyLitter Born: May 11, 2021All kittens from this litter have been adoptedPeriwinkle has 4 kittens. She has the following kittens: Red Male Persian and Three Black Female Persians . At 6 1/2 weeks old, these kittens are well on the way to being completely weaned and litter box trained. The kittens are doing great. These kittens will be ready to leave for their new home on August 10, 2021. Please see the photo shoots below, as well as their videos.

    Personality Of Himalayan Kittens

    Himmies, as they are sometimes called, are wonderful indoor cat companions. They are gentle, calm, and sweet-tempered, and possess a playful side as well. Like the Siamese, Himalayans love to play fetch, and a scrap of crumpled paper or a kitty toy will entertain them for hours, or until their next nap. Himalayans are devoted and dependent upon their humans for companionship and protection. They crave affection and love to be petted and groomed, which is fortunate, since every Himalayan owner will spend part of each day doing just that. Like their Persian siblings, they are docile and wont harass you for attention the way some breeds will. They possess the same activity level as the Persian, and they are not vocal like the Siamese.

    Like Persians, Himalayans also have flat faces, small ears, and rounded heads. Himalayans have long, thick coats that require regular grooming, but the extra work they demand is more than worth the effort because these popular kitties are simply fun to have around.

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    A Word Of Caution About Cat Mills

    Though puppy mills get a lot of attention, kitten mills are prevalent. These facilities breed and raise kittens in high volumes, often in horrendous conditions. Many cats that come from mills suffer abuse, neglect, and long-lasting health problems. A mills focus is to produce and sell as many kittens as possible, so no attention is paid to their emotional and physical needs, their potential homes, or ongoing care.

    Many cat mill kittens are sold online or in pet stores, but some pose as reputable breeders. It can be difficult to tell if a breeder is legitimate or a pet mill, but here are some tips:

    • Reputable breeders care about the owners and their kittens wellbeing, often asking possible buyers to sign contracts with restrictions on breeding rights, spaying and neutering, and declawing.
    • Reputable breeders include veterinary exam records and health guarantees for their cats and kittens. Some may also provide a spay or neuter, first vaccinations, and deworming.
    • Reputable breeders encourage potential owners to visit the facility to meet the parents and kittens.

    While there may be exceptions, like the one on this list, reputable breeders will want potential owners to pick up their kitten in person. Depending on the rest of the conditions, a breeder willing to ship a kitten may be breeding in high volume and looking to unload kittens as quickly as possible.

    Featured Image Credit: B.Stefanov, Shutterstock

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