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Can You Put Baking Soda In Cat Litter

How Is Ammonia Neutralized In Cat Litter

Eliminate Litter Box Smell: Baking Soda Solutions

Ammonia is neutralized in cat litter by the addition of sodium bicarbonate.Sodium bicarbonate is a natural deodorizer. It absorbs ammonia and other bad smells from the cat box.After absorbing the ammonia, the sandbox is left smelling fresh.

Bicarbonate of soda is a non-toxic salt that will not harm your cat. Yet, you must be careful when adding it to the cats box. Too much of it can make the cat box uncomfortable for the cat.

Bicarbonate of soda is an excellent choice for controlling bad smells in your cats box. The small amount added to the sandbox helps absorb all the odors, which keeps your house fresh.

As a cat owner, always keep the litter tray clean by removing cat poop with clean water.

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Scoop Litter Boxes Daily

The best way to reduce litter box smells is to get rid of the stuff thats smelly. Clean the boxes at least once per day . Not only will your cat be happy your nose will be, too. Clumping litters can often be the easiest to scoop and keep clean, and having a low-dust litter is important, especially if you’ve got a cat with asthma.

And its not just your nose that doesnt like multiple deposits in the litter box, its also your cat. Cats are far more likely to pee and poo outside of the box if there are too many landmines to navigate around!

If youve been tempted to forego the hassle and get an automatic scooping box, hold off on getting rid of your old litter box before you’ve tested the new one out thoroughly. Cats might be scared of the noise from the automatic scooping, which might cause them to find other places to do their business.

Even if you keep your cat’s litter boxes spotless, there’s one more piece to the stinky mess puzzle: where to get rid of the waste. We found that Diaper Genies are a great solution that makes cleaning really convenient and does a great job of keeping the smells away.

Pro Tip: Diaper Genies are often easy to find second-hand or for free once families’ children grow older.

Ways To Reduce Litter Box Smell

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Your cat is the sweetest, most adoring, cutest love of your life until they drop a land mine in their litter box thats toxic enough to clear buildings and send villagers running for the hills.

A demon has awoken! they shout into the night, running for safety and pinching their noses.

If your cats litter boxes are always a little too ripe here are some simple tips and tricks to tame the smell.

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Can I Use Baking Soda To Treat Fleas On My Cat

One more natural method of killing fleas is using a combination of baking soda and table salt. It works by dehydrating fleas, as well as their eggs and larva.

Even though its effective, this is a method best used on carpets or furniture instead of your cat. Its a slow-acting technique and often takes more than one application to be effective. Plus, cats love grooming themselves and theyre likely to ingest it while theyre grooming.

Can I Deodorize My Cat’s Bed With Baking Soda

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Yes, you can deodorize your cat’s bed with baking soda. The ability to absorb odor is baking soda’s superpower. Use baking soda to de-funk your cat’s bedding by sprinkling it over the bedding and working it into the fabric. After 20 to 30 minutes, vacuum up the baking soda from the bedding.

Maybe sprinkling the baking soda over the fabric is not enough. For a deep clean, you could try putting your cat’s bedding in the washer with a 1/2-cup of baking soda. This will eliminate odors and also work out stains that the bedding may have.

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Cat Litter: Pets At Home Give Advice On Training Cats

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Cats are known for being one of the cleanest pets you can have, but house cats and young cats who arent old enough to go outside yet come with a smelly litter tray. Cat urine decomposes in the litter tray and ammonia, which is a fishy smell to the human nose, is released into the air. Cat poo is obviously never going to smell pleasant, but it is often detected more quickly, scooped up and thrown away moments after the cat has done their business. Litter trays are a necessity, but how do you stop them from smelling? Can you use baking soda?

What Would Happen If My Cat Eats Baking Soda Is It Harmful

Baking soda is completely harmless if it is ingested in small quantities. It does not have any particular taste, and cats dont like to eat baking soda.

So, the intake will be well within the permissible limit, and there is no reason to worry about it.

However, one should make sure that the cat is not allergic to baking soda. If the cat is showing any symptoms, like vomiting, or seizures, one should take the cat to the vet immediately.

Therefore, choosing a cheaper and healthier alternative to the other smell-reducing products is very crucial.

Having no side effects, one should not worry about using baking soda with cat litter. As long as the amount of baking soda is below a certain level, it should not create any problem for the product.

But one should keep in mind that it is not the only solution. Cleaning the litter box properly every time should always be the top priority to keep the litter odorless.

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Wash The Litter Box Once A Week

You’re probably pretty good about cleaning out the litter box, whether you do it once a day or once every few days. But cleaning the actual box? That might be something you forget to do more often than not. Just replacing the litter and scraping out all of the stuff in there isn’t enough in keeping your litter box clean you need to actually wash it on a regular basis. You should be washing the box at least once a week to keep things from building up and odors from getting worse.

What Is Kitty Eating

Homemade Cat Litter Deodorizer

Let’s get right at the very beginning of the matter. Kitty’s diet may be what’s affecting litter box odor. Once more, ignore the cartoons. Adult cats don’t need milk. It just gives them the runs. Give your cat high quality, easily digestible food.

Keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores. Their diet should be mostly if not entirely meat based. Fillers like grains and starches won’t do a thing for them. They’ll just stink up the box.

If Kitty will eat dry food, go with that as long as it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Make sure Kitty is staying hydrated as well. This will dilute odors in urine.

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Rinse The Litter Box Thoroughly And Let It Dry Completely

After cleaning the litter box with the baking soda cleaning solution, the next step is to rinse the litter box thoroughly under running water. You can use either cold tap water or warm water for this step.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are completely rinsing off any residual matter of baking soda from the litter box thoroughly.

After the rinsing, wipe all sides of the litter box with a clean and dry cloth. Remove any excess water from the litter box. Then let it sit in the sun for a few hours. This will naturally kill off any germs and give you a cleaner, disinfected, and completely dry litter box to refill with new bags of fresh litter sand.

Baking Soda Is A Versatile Cleaning Agent A One

Its ability to clean and deodorize while also providing pest control makes baking soda a versatile, multipurpose cleaning agent for your cats litter box.

Baking soda will give you a cleaning solution that removes tough stuck sand, cleans the surfaces of the litter box, and deodorizes the litter box!

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Could Make You Clean The Box Less Often

Another problem you may encounter is that youll forget to clean the litter box since youre not smelling it. The biggest concern of this is that your cat is less likely to use the litter box if it gets too dirty. So, you may end up finding waste around the house because the box is full.

A simple way to avoid this pitfall is to create a reminder on your phone so youll continue to regularly remove waste from your cats litter box. This will ensure that your cat will always have a clean litter box to go in.

Will Baking Soda Hurt Cats

Can You Put Baking Soda In A Cat Litter Box

Baking soda will not hurt your cat if used in the correct quantity as stated above. Being a non-toxic salt, the chances of sodium bicarbonate hurting your cat are close to zero.

Excessive sodium bicarbonate is not recommended will increase the litters pH level. which will lead to the release of excessive ammonia instead of absorbing it.

This is harmful as it releases odors, making the sandbox uncomfortable for the cat.

Try using different types of cat litter, for instance, clay litter and clumping litter.

A comparison between clay litter vs. clumping litter will help you choose the best for your cat.

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Clean Messes Quickly And Thoroughly

Use a good enzymatic cleaner to take care of any potty accidents if your cat misses the box . A good, thorough cleaning will eliminate the smell, prevent odors from developing over time, and prevent your cat from going outside of their boxes in the future.

An effective cleaner, like this enzymatic and bio-based cleaner by Unique, works to neutralize the odor. If your cat is going outside their box, like on your living room carpet, then getting the smell out effectively can help prevent them from sniffing it out and choosing that same potty spot again.

Got any other litter box questions? How do you handle smelly kitty boxes? Feel free to add your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Baking Soda Can Make Your Litter More Dusty

One of the most common litter box challenges reported by cat owners involves the presence of dust. If this sounds like you then definitely dont use baking soda in your litter box. Mixing some in can actually lead to even more dust.

Thats because the average particle size of baking soda is small enough to become airborne when your cat digs in the litter box.

Baking soda is a fine powder that works well for baking and cooking, but it doesnt work well for keeping litter dust-free

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Can You Put Baking Soda In Cat Litter Is It Safe Or Dangerous

Can you put baking soda in cat litter? This is a common question among cat parents to ensure the safety of their feline friends.

During your cats pee decomposition, urea is broken down into ammonia.

Baking soda eliminates odors, including the obstinate ammonia-based smells in your cats litter.

Read on to find out whether using baking soda in your cats litter is a healthy practice.

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Is Baking Soda Safe For Cats

Making Kitty Litter

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Baking soda is one of those multi-purpose items that has a lot of uses around the house. Personally, I use it to keep my fridge and freezer smelling fresh. Ive even used it with vinegar to clean a clogged drain in a pinch. But what about when it comes to pets?

Is baking soda safe for cats?

Your cat would have to ingest a LOT of baking soda for it to be harmful to them. The biggest risk is the high sodium content of baking soda, which causes a life-threatening electrolyte imbalance in a worst-case scenario. It is safe to use baking soda around the house, however, you should take some precautions.

Below, well take a closer look at why baking soda is dangerous for cat and answer questions like if you can use baking soda in your cats litter box.

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How To Clean A Litter Box With Baking Soda

Cleaning the litter box is a stinky and messy affair. It is one of those jobs that pet parents tend to dislike and understandably so! I mean, no one enjoys scooping poop, right?

But again, as parents of these cute little furry babies, keeping their litter box is one of the most important tasks that we need to alertly do multiple times every day.

Not only is a dirty litter box the root cause behind your house smelling like cat urine, but also using a dirty and unclean litter box can cause health problems in cats.

Having a clean litter box is essential to prevent your cat from developing two medical conditions: Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and a more life-threatening disease called Feline Urethral Obstruction .

While scooping the droppings and clumped used sand is necessary multiple times a day, it is not enough. The litter box must also be washed at least once every week, or once every 10 days. And if you have more than one cat in your house, you may have to wash the litter box more frequently.

In this article, Ill take you along the details of how to wash your cats litter box using one of the easiest and most accessible litter box cleaners there is baking soda!

You heard me right. The very same baking soda that you already have stocked up in your kitchen cabinets can be used to clean your cats litter box.

So, read along to learn the tips and tricks to have a hassle-free cleaning process.

Baking Soda Does Make Litter More Dusty

Personally, I avoid using baking soda in my litter box because it makes the litter more dusty. My cat likes to dig and scratch the sides of the litter box but shes also resistant to using one that has a lid over it.

Baking soda has a particle size of around 65-70 microns, so its small enough to easily be released into the air. It is also known to be a minor irritant when it is inhaled and baking soda also irritates the eyes. Most litter brands have a size greater than 75 microns, so they are less likely to be dusty without the baking soda.

If you are going to use a little baking soda, its best to sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons on the bottom of the litter instead of the top. The litter will weigh it down so theres less chance of it becoming airborne if your cat kicks it up.

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Pros Of Using Baking Soda In Cat Litter

In todays busy world, you might not have enough time to scoop your cats litter box, which may lead to odors in the house due to cat urine and poop.

Here are the advantages of using baking soda in your cat litter:

  • Baking Soda is a natural deodorizer that neutralizes acidic and basic odors. This is a natural way to make your cat box smell fresh. This is good not only for your house but also for your feline friend as it makes the litter tray comfortable.
  • As baking soda eliminates odors, this means that you dont have to scoop your cats litter as often.
  • Prevents fleas: Sodium bicarbonate dehydrates and kills flea larvae and eggs. This prevents the outbreak of fleas in the cat box and your home.
  • Baking soda makes the clump harder and drier and so they are easier to clean as they dont stick to the sides of the litter tray. So this will make cleaning the cat litter much easier and faster.
  • Finally, sodium bicarbonate is cheaper than other household cleaning products. So it will also save you money

Gather All Your Tools And Gears That Youll Be Needing


It may seem like too much to gear up for cleaning a cat litter box but trust me, we need it when doing the cleaning.

Cat litter sand, especially the traditional kind, can create a lot of dust. Inhaling large amounts of dust can cause respiratory problems in you and your cat.

Moreover, if you are pregnant or if you have an auto-immune disease, your immune system, and consequently your health, can be compromised because of the dust.

And, it goes without saying, that the unclean litter box will be a haven for all sorts of parasitic and bacterial germs.

So, put in that little extra time, and gear up weve got some serious cleaning to do!

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