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What Exactly Does Catnip Do To Cats

Dont Bogart That Nip My Friend

What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

So if catnip does all this for cats, could it make humans high, too? Sorry, but youd better stay out of your cats stash. Back in the 60s, Delmain says, there were some claims that smoking catnip could cause humans to hallucinate, but those claims have not been verified. If catnip did get people high, its likely word would have gotten around by now. Headache and vomiting seem the more likely outcomes of human experimentation with recreational quantities of catnip.

That doesnt mean catnip doesnt have potential uses for us two-legged creatures, though. Catnip has been said to relieve insomnia, ease cramping and gas, and reduce anxiety. Though there is little research to back this up, theres also not much to suggest catnip is dangerous when taken orally in small amounts.

So while a cup of catnip tea cant hurt, and might be useful, when it comes to catnips more interesting effects, cats get all the fun. On the other hand, watching a cat enjoy catnip can cause a wonderful contact high.

What Is Catnip And Why Do Cats Love It

In the meantime, we thought we would celebrate World Catnip Awareness Day by sharing some fun facts about this feline treat:

  • Catnip is a plant thats part of the mint family. This perennial herb is easy to grow and can grow up to 3 feet high.
  • Cats are attracted to nepetalactone, a compound found in the leaves and stems of the plant. The most active ingredient in this compound is nepetalic acid, explains Dr. Ann Marie Woyma, Medical Director at the Virginia Beach SPCA. Nepetalactone is an essential oil believed to mimic feline pheromones and trigger pheromone receptors in cats.
  • Catnip sensitivity is something your house tiger might have in common with the big cats. Lions, tigers, panthers, and other big cats react to catnip as well.
  • Only 50% to 75% of cats are sensitive to the herb, so dont be alarmed if your cat doesnt respond to catnip. Whether or not a cat responds to catnip is actually inherited as an autosomal dominant trait, so it only requires one gene to create a response to it, kind of like brown hair in people Dr. Woyma explains. Young kittens arent affected by catnip either. Cats with a sensitivity do not react to catnip until theyre at least 8 weeks of age to a year old.
  • Catnip is safe for humans and has been used in teas similar to chamomile. Catnip has also been a popular home remedy from treating headaches to insomnia. The Humane Society of the United States even reports concentrated nepetalactone can be a potent but temporary mosquito repellent.
  • Does Catnip Really Get Your Cat High Here’s What Catnip Does To Catsand Why They Go Crazy For It

    An interesting phenomenon is seeing cats go off their scratcher for catnip, which is an herb. Who knew that sniffing or eating this plant would make cats act in such interesting ways? Our entertainment aside, catnip has proven benefits for felinesbut that still leaves us with the question, what does catnip do to cats?

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    Why Does Cat Like Catnip

    Before you find out why a cat is super attracted to catnip, here is an interesting question for you would you not like to be stress-free and live on your own terms for a few minutes? Just asking.

    Now having said that, your cat is a wonderful pet for sure, however, if you blame it for being lazy then you might consider replacing it with another cute pet.

    But you know you are not that conservative right so instead of replacing your pet figure out some ways you can help your cat get out of its bed and play around, enjoy its joy and share it with you.

    Well, now if you are looking for some creative ideas in your browser, stop right there and consider giving your cat a sniff of catnip. Within a few minutes, you will see your cat rolling on the floor, or doing several crazy moves that you may have not seen before. This is not harmful to your pet, it is just enjoying the moment.

    Why does it happen? Catnip is basically a healthy hallucination chemical or in simple language, it acts like a drug which takes your kitty to a whole new different world where it gets happy and playful.

    Note that not all cats have the same effects though, it may vary like some cats may get frisky, and some may start growling, meowing, and purring for several minutes.

    Here is an interesting fact to takeaway big cats like tigers and lions also get affected by the exposure of catnip, now imagine how they would react.

    What Does Catnip Do To Cats What Is Catnip

    what exactly does catnip do to cats

    The Catnip is a plant known worldwide for having the ability to drug cats. Originally from Asia and Europe, it was introduced in the United States and Canada by settlers in 1600.

    Currently, it is shipped almost everywhere and can even be seen in some animal stores in Spain.

    Recommended by veterinarians, NepetaCataria, Catnip or mint for cats is a product that seems to love the pussycat and is not at all dangerous, rather the opposite. But, why do they love it? Is it safe? Why does not my cat like it?

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    Why Is It Good For My Cat To Consume Catnip

    The consumption of catnip by your cat can be very beneficial both for your character and state of mind as in your education/training.

    • Cats can often be nervous because they spend time alone at home or because they do not come out too much, providing them with some grass will relax them and make them sleep and play more on their own or with their feline companions.
    • In addition, the Catnip is not addictive or has any contradictory effect on your cat so its consumption is completely safe.
    • It can also be used as a method of education. If your cat scratches the sofa we can try to sprinkle some of this plant on your scraper to make it more attractive.

    With this hope, you have got an idea of What does catnip do to cats. You can visit our Catsfud for more information.

    Why Do Cats Purr And Meow

    Meowing is a cat’s universal language: a greeting, an announcement, an objection, a demand â or a vocal âthank-youâ for giving them something they love!

    Cats purr when they are happy, but purring is also a self-soothing behavior, so if your kitty is purring but doesn’t seem content, they may be feeling sick or anxious.

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    What Is Catnip And How Does It Affect Your Cat

    Understand the science behind this popular treat.

    Most cat caregivers have offered their cat a sniff or taste of catnip and watched as their feline friends enjoyed iteating, smelling, rolling around in it, or simply lounging in a relaxed statebut what exactly is catnip and why do cats seemingly go crazy for it?

    What Does Catnip Do To Cats & Why Cats Like It

    Why Does Catnip Make Cats Go Crazy?

    As the only recreational drug for cats, catnip is a uniquely stimulating plant thats almost as puzzling as cats themselves.

    Between 67% and 80% of the adult feline population is sensitive to catnip.

    Sensitive cats react to catnip by going a bit crazyrolling around on the floor, licking up as much nip as they can, rubbing their heads in the catnip, and frisking around the room. Some cats start drooling. Others get agitated and violent.

    Both small and big cats react to catnip. Lions, tigers, leopards, and other big cats exhibit all the same reactions to the herb. But while the experience is widespread among all types of cats, theyre the only animals that get this much buzz out of catnip.

    For the rest of us, its anything between a repellent and a mild sedative. Brewed into a tea, smoked, or mixed into treats, catnip and catmint are soothing to humans, dogs, and other animals. And if youre not excited by stimulated cats or chilled-out humans, you might like knowing that the active compound in catnip is a mosquito repellent more powerful than DEET.

    Whether youre watching a cat in the middle of a catnip high or studying the secrets hidden within the nip itself, the dynamic between the plant and the feline is a constant source of fascination.

    In this article, well dig deeper into the mysterious ways of catnip, discovering what it is, how it affects cats, and how you can get started with catnip yourself.

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    What Kinds Of Catnip Exist Which One Is Better For My Cat

    If you decide to buy this herb you will see some variations of color or texture in some animal stores, lets see some types of this plant:


    It is called Nepetacataria, with white flowers and can measure almost one meter. This species is the most abundant and the one that most cats enjoy.


    Nepetacapmhorata, also of white flowers but with purple spots. This plant can reach about 50 cm and have a camphor aroma.


    It is called NepetaParnassica, they have white and pale pink flowers, they also grow up to 50 cm.


    Nepetacatariacitriodora, grows up to almost a meter and has white and purple flowers, has a lemon-like aroma.


    Nepetamussinii, has purple flowers. This plant has green/gray leaves more than small size. They grow up to 50 cm.

    What Is Catnip Exactly

    If youve ever been browsing through your local pet shop in the cat section, surely youve come across some type of product that comes with a small package of catnip. Catnip has been linked with cats because of their excited, wild, and sometimes very strange reaction to this substance.

    Catnip looks a lot like oregano flakes, but its actually a different type of herb. Also called catmint, catnip is an herb from the mint family. In fact, if you sniff catnip, you will smell a mint-like aroma very clearly. If you rub catnip around between your fingers it will crumble easily.

    Catnip grows like any other herb, and you can add it to your herb garden mix easily. Once it is fully grown, the leaves are crushed up to release a rare oil that contains Nepetalactone, a chemical compound that acts as a cat attractant. This highly volatile oil is what causes the wild reaction in cats. The effect this oil has on cats is very similar to a drug this potent herb can turn even the mildest kitty into a crazy cat in a matter of seconds. But it is important to remember that it is not a drug its an herb.

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    How To Give Catnip To Your Cat

    Catnip can be effectively used to encourage your cat to adopt good behaviour. If your indoor cat needs extra exercise, you can make playtime even more exciting by tucking a bit of catnip in their favourite toys.

    Catnip can also be great to encourage your cat to interact with certain toys. If you want to use a scratching post to sharpen your cat s claws and keep them away from the furniture, you can rub some catnip into the scratching post or sprinkle some at its base.

    The catnips effect on cats means that theyll pay attention and want to discover what this new toy does.

    If your cat adopts the sedated reaction to the plant you can also use catnip for cats that are anxious about traveling in the car. Sprinkle catnip in their carrier to help them make it through the journey stress-free.

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    What Does Catnip Do To Cats And Why Do They Like It

    When cats sniff catnip, a chemical compound called nepetalactone thats found in the plant enters their nasal tissue. There it binds to protein receptors that stimulate sensory neurons which in turn send signals to the brain. These signals reach the parts of the brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for emotional responses, and the hypothalamus, responsible for behavioural responses, and create a reaction similar to that caused by a cats natural sex pheromones.

    The effects will usually last for a period of around 10 minutes, after which the cat will become temporarily immune to the plants effects for 30-60 minutes.

    This animation by Simon’s Cat shows why catnip drives cats wild too!

    What Effect Does It Have On Humans

    Catnip does not affect humans in the same way as cats but it does still have its uses. For example, it can be used as an insect repellent to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay.

    Does your cat go bananas for their favourite catnip toy? Share your amusing catnip stories or post your photos and videos on our and pages!

    If you’re feeling crafty, you can also have a go at making your own catnip mouse toy using this handy knitting pattern.

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    Need More Information Than Whats In This Catnip Faq

    What Does Catnip Do To Cats? Why Cats Like Catnip (And More!)

    Catnip is a safe and fun treat for most cats. Still, its important for pet parents to remember that every cat is different and some may have more extreme reactions than others.

    To talk with a vet about catnip tips and how it works on cats, become a member today and take advantage of Fuzzys 24/7 Live Vet Chat to get on-demand answers to all your pet health and behavior questions from the Fuzzy Veterinary Support Team.

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    What Does Catnip Do For Cats

    Catnip is a popular treat for felines the world over, but many pet parents dont know much about it. How does catnip work on cats? Pet parents might want to know how to tell if cats are actually high when they get into it, and if cats can have too much catnip.

    This catnip FAQ will cover what cat parents need to know about this popular herb, including why it does what it does and how it can help cats who need to chill out a bit.

    Does Catnip Work On All Cats

    Not all cats will respond to the active compound in catnip. Veterinary studies suggest that about 60% of cats will have a behavioral reaction to catnip. If your cat does not react to catnip, you can try silver vine.

    There is also evidence that a cats response to catnip is a dominant trait thats based on genetics.

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    Does Catnip Get Your Cat High

    Although catnip may seem like a drug, Rotman confirms that its not addictive for cats. He does mention that catnip sometimes makes cats aggressive, though. If you have a multi-cat household, its recommended to introduce catnip to each cat individually to avoid any potential fighting, Rotman says. Now that you know how catnip affects your feline friend, youll want to too.

    How To Give Your Cat Catnip

    Exactly Why Catnip Makes Your Cat High, According to 2 Experts

    Catnip is available in a variety of formats, including dried catnip, catnip-stuffed toys, and catnip sprays.

    Giving your cat catnip is simple. If youre using catnip leaves or a toy, pinch and massage it before giving it to your cat. This helps to warm things up, burst the surface bulbs, and release the catnips volatile oils. If youre using a spray, no preparation is necessary. Just spritz it on your chosen area.

    Catnip lasts longest if stored in an air-tight container in a dark, cool area. If you have freezer space and want to maximize the longevity of your catnip, place your sealed containers of catnip in the freezer and thaw them out when youre ready for some fun.

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    Is There A Catnip For Dogs

    Sadly, there isnt much research into canine catnips. However, in the 1960s, another compound also found in silver vine, actinidine, appeared to result in some activity in dogs according to the researchers.

    However, no further work has explored this further, or the general observations from dog owners that star anise is the catnip for dogs.

    Researchers on the Science Advances paper hope to further investigate the biology behind cats response to catnip. In doing so, they may help us understand why dogs do not respond in the same way.

    Why is this reaction limited to cats? Why dont non-feline animals react to the plant? To find answers, we want to identify the gene responsible for the reaction. The findings of this study may be used in various applications, including development of new mosquito repellent products, says Prof Masao Miyazaki, who led the study.

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