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Why Does My Cat Ignore Me

What Happens If You Ignore Your Cat

Why does my CAT MEOW When They See Me? – 7 REASONS

Cats react differently to being ignored depending on their personality. Some wont care, while others will drive themselves crazy to get your attention.

You must monitor your pets reaction to determine whether its fair to ignore your cat or not. If it seems uncomfortable or sad, stop ignoring it, as youre upsetting your pet. When you ignore your cat, itll:

  • Ignore you back.
  • Continue to do what it was doing before you starting to ignore it.
  • Try to get your attention by misbehaving.
  • Approach you, showing affection to get some from you in return.
  • Become aggressive and destructive to show its unhappy.

If you ignore your cat often, it may become depressed. Youll be able to tell because sad cats display the following signs:

  • Ears held back or against the head
  • Hairs standing on end
  • Stop grooming itself
  • Urinate in inappropriate places

However, while some cats get upset by being ignored, some see it as a fun game and may play with you.

Do Cats Get Depressed When Owners Are Away

Cats become depressed when you leave, even for a few days, as they profoundly notice your absence. Cats grieve, too, if someone passes, and when that person doesnt come back that grief can manifest in moping and even acting out. It will pass, but it can take a little time, though with brief vacations it will likely sort itself out in a few days.

Examples Of Cats Reaction After You Come Back From Vacation

So, my cat ignores me after vacation. Should I be upset, or should I expect him to react in this way?

When I leave the house for more than two days, I already know my cat will be upset. He is so used to me, mainly because I spend a lot of time at home, since I work from home most of my time, that he expects me to be there.

What should you expect from your cat when you come back from a vacation?

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Should I Ignore My Cat Meowing

Some cats are more vocal than others and will meow to get attention. Unfortunately, catering to your cats every wish and whim will only encourage it to demand your attention more often. Thats because it knows youll give it what it wants. In time, this behavior could cause your cat to become quite badly behaved.

As a result, some owners must ignore their cat to prevent it from meowing for attention. This isnt easy to do and may make your cat behave even worse before getting better.

On the other hand, if your cat suddenly meows more often than usual, theres likely a reason behind it. You should take any changes in vocalization seriously until you get to the bottom of it. Ignoring your pet could put it at risk. Cats will constantly meow because they:

  • Want to go outside during the twilight hours as they want to hunt.
  • In heat. This usually happens to unspayed cats around 5 to 6 months old.
  • Cant see or hear. Your cat may feel lost as soon as the lights go out.
  • Getting old. Senile cats tend to meow more.
  • Bored and lonely. In this case, ignoring them will make them feel worse.
  • In pain. This is a result of an injury or health condition.

If your cat suffers from a health condition, constant meowing is one of the most common clues. Unwell cats display the following symptoms:

  • Poor fur quality
  • Increased or loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Discharge from eyes or nose
  • Overgrooming
  • Personality changes

These Are The 14 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Why Does My Cat Ignore Me?

Does my cat love me? Yes, your cat loves you. You can identify the cat loving you by seeing these signs/ways. Do you think that cats do not reward human affection?;In fact, the communication codes of these cats are very different from those of the other popular pet.;It is common to think that cats do not reward human affection, at least according to popular canons. The reason is that the communication codes of cats are very different from those of the other popular pet, the dog.

Comparisons are odious and in the case of cats with dogs, sometimes unfair.;It is said that;cats;are distant and that they feel detachment towards their owners.;But;the fact that they are not as submissive as dogs does not mean they do not want us;.;The felines;have different and very peculiar communication codes.

It is a matter of observing them carefully. So, although sometimes you ignore or even scratch or bite gently during your games, these are 14 unmistakable signs that your cat loves you:

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What To Do If Dog Growls At Visitors

Youll need to train the unwarranted growling out of your dog using positive reinforcement techniques. Make use of dog treats or toys for reinforcing positive behavior in your dog.

Try an obedience class to aid you to train your dog. Your dog growling at visitors means that he feels very protective over you.;;

How To Win Back Your Cats Attention And Affection

Is it possible to win back your cats trust and affection? You can. However, you cannot force your pet to do anything.;

Let your pet be in the meantime. Allow him to come to you when you are ready. And when your cat comes to you, be mindful of your energy. If you are nervous, your pet can pick that up and scurry away. You can coax your cat to come to you by offering treats or his favorite toys.

And when your pet comes to you, pet him gently and avoid sudden movements.

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Your Cat Was Thrown Off By A Routine Change

Your cat is ignoring you because he is stressed. His source of stress? A change in his routine.

To say that cats are creatures of habit is an understatement. Cats thrive when they follow a routine because it means things are predictable. And when things are predictable, they do not have to worry.

It takes little to upset a cat. It can be as simple as a change in his eating schedule or the addition of furniture in his favorite room.;

And when your cat is continuously stressed for a sustained period, he can succumb to sickness. As much as possible, adhere to a routine, from feeding times to changing the cat litter.

Why Do Cats Nip

Why Does My ð?¶ Dog Ignore Me?

Biting usually serves many functions. Its often a behavior that a cat uses to respond to threats and assert dominance. At home, your cat may bite to show who is in charge. If your cat bites but neither tries to cuddle or play with you, youll know that this is the case. Remember, your cat may resort to biting to honor their inner feral nature.

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Why Do Cats Ignore You When You Are Calling Them

It is a scenario every cat owner has faced-you want to get your cat to come to you, perhaps because they need to come in for the night, you are wondering where they are, or you want to check that they are ok-and you get absolutely no response, even when your cat is in earshot.

Dogs, on the other hand, tend to respond promptly when you call their names, because training has led to them recognising the name and tone of voice that you use to call them, and taught them that there might be a treat or some attention in it for them when they come!

If you have spent many a frustrating hour looking for your cat and calling them, only to find that they were simply sitting nearby watching and listening to you do this with absolutely no compunction, you have probably wondered why this is-and if there is anything that you can do to get a better response from your cat next time!

In this article, we will answer the question of why cats often ignore you when you call them, and how you can get their attention instead. Read on to learn more.

Your Cat Does Not Feel The Need To Interact With You

Humans are what experts call obligate social creatures. That means that people crave social interaction. And these social interactions are vital for survival.

Your cat is not an obligate social animal. Although studies have revealed that cats can form groups with other cats and even people, they can easily survive on their own. Simply put, social interactions are not important to your pet.

If your pet has suddenly ignored you, do not take it against him. It is just in his nature. Unlike dogs that want to please humans, cats are perfectly fine on their own. If they wish to interact with the members of the household, they will do it on their own terms. That does not necessarily mean that your pet does not like you.

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Keep Your Dog On A Leash When The Doorbell Rings

This is the easiest way to teach your pup to be well-behaved when you have guests over. Keep the leash on well before you expect someone. Slowly increase the amount of freedom on the leash.

Keep your dogs leash on you or close to you so you can snap it on when a visitor arrives and you can direct her behavior.

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Ignores You

Why Does My Cat Ignore Me?

Your dog may be ignoring you for many different reasons, some of them may be cause for concern, and others typical doggie behavior. Heres a list of possible reasons your dogs ignoring:

  • Hes suffering from a loss of hearing
  • Hes unwell or injured
  • There are many distractions in your environment
  • He cannot comprehend your cues
  • He no longer believes youre in charge
  • You dont have a close bond with him
  • You lost your temper and hes gone limp in fear

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Why Is My Cat Scared Of Me After Returning From Vacation

Mostly because you dont smell like them anymore! Cats are predators and as such, they need the scents around them to be familiar and comforting. No predator that wants to survive is going to sleep around too many unfamiliar scents, after all.

Your cat notices immediately that there are new scents in their area and since they rely on this sense first, they might not even know its you right away! Dont worry, your cat will soon adjust, it just takes a little time.

Why Does My New Cat Run Away Every Time I Open The Carrier

Youre thrilled about your new cat, and youre anxious to give her the loving forever-home and warm lap you know shes been yearning for. But as soon as you open the carrier, she flees. For days, you see no sign of her, except maybe some food missing from the dish or some pee in the litter box.

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My Cat Is Acting Strange When I Come Back From Vacation

Usually, my cat ignores me after vacation and some other strange behavior. What about yours?

Now you are back from vacation. It is time to bond again with your cat. He is acting strange since you are back, and you want to re-establish the earlier friendship. Some cats may be ignoring you. Some of them may hiss at you and even fight.

Here some tips to get back in your cat good grace.


When you get back home, test your cats reaction. If you see that he doesnt want to be with you, leave him some space, come back after a few hours or wait that he comes to you. Make him smell your hands and be used to you being there again.


If you want to accelerate things a bit, use treats. You can go to your cat with treats in your hands and have him eat it from it or place the treats near you and make your cat come to eat it; you can try decreasing the distance.


Take out his favorite toys and play with him. Playtime is a good way to bond with your cat again. Take some time every day. When my cat ignores me after vacation, I try to play with him, give him treats. In other words, try to ask for forgiveness!

Why Would A Cat Suddenly Change

How to stop your cat from biting you

There are many reasons why your cats behavior may have changed. One reason your cat might appear to suddenly change is that they have become sick from something. Are there other symptoms besides the change in behavior such as puking or excessive meowing?

Another thing that would make your cat change their behavior all of a sudden is bringing out the vacuum cleaner. Its no surprise that the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner scares the heck out of cats.

Needless to say, cats are highly independent creatures and they can change their attitude towards us in a heartbeat for whatever reason they want.;

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Do Cats Get Mad When You Ignore Them

Despite common misconceptions, cats have a wide range of complex emotions and feel sadness, anger, and happiness. When cats are bonded with their owners, theyre likely to become scared, anxious, and confused at being ignored, especially if they cant understand why.

If youre ignoring your cat because its misbehaving, you might be fuelling this behavior. Some cats become more destructive to get your attention.

Similarly, not only do some cats get upset when you ignore them, but they also suffer from a form of separation anxiety. While you and your cat might not be physically apart, youre not emotionally connected. This can upset sensitive cats or felines that crave attention.

  • Excessive vocalizations, including continuous meowing
  • Crying and moaning

The problem with separation anxiety is the more you ignore your cat, the more its likely to crave your attention, creating a vicious circle of bad behavior thats difficult to get under control.

Why Does My Cat Ignore Me


I dont know any cat owner who wouldnt jump at the chance to get an inside look of whats going on in their cats mind. Are they happy? Do they like you? There are so many questions we want answered. One of the most burning questions on the minds of cat people is why do cats ignore us?

We feed them, give them toys, scratch their chins whenever we get the chance, and yet our stoic little family members can still pretend we dont exist. When we do manage to capture their attention, its the best feeling in the world. We revel in their love and cuddles. But then for some reason we dont understand, theyre back to ignoring our calls and turning their back to our hugs.

What gives? Here are a few reasons why your cat might be ignoring you.

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How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Forget You

If youve just met the cat then that cat may forget you within a period of 16 hours. This is just an approximation of how long they keep information designated for their short-term memory. A cat that has known you longer, however, makes things quite different.

While we dont have an exact figure on how long they will remember you, it is not uncommon for cats to remember their owners for many years after they have gone!

Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden

How The Saying "Cats Have Nine Lives" Came To Be ...

Cats are naturally happy, loving, and affectionate creatures. Cats value the presence of their pet owners a lot. Youll often see them frolicking about in your presence, jumping from your bed to the couch and the mat, basically having the time of their lives.

But what happens if your once affectionate feline finally becomes withdrawn and aloof? What might cause a happy cat to begin behaving indifferently to its owner suddenly? Indeed, this is one of the most frequently asked questions among pet owners.

The main reason why your cat may be giving you the cold shoulder all of a sudden is that like most animals, cats have their own unique temperament and decide when they need social interaction from their pet parents. Remember that unlike us, cats are not social animals. Therefore, they do not crave attention the same way we do.

From the above explanation alone, its evident that theres nothing to worry about when a cat suddenly begins to ignore its owner. But as you shall discover later on, there are many more reasons why your little furball might be withdrawing from you.

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What Causes Strange Behavior In Cats After An Absence

Some people might think cats are too independent or aloof to care much about the comings and goings of their humans, but thats not true.

Feline separation anxiety is very serious, says Carol Osborne, DVM, founder and director of Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Although it is a well-recognized behavior in dogs, a lot of people, including some vets, dont realize that other pets experience it. Cats are social and form deep attachments to people.

Cats with separation issues may act out when youre gone.

Another reason your cat might be acting strange after a vacation is that cats enjoy routine, and you being gone causes a disruption in that routine.

Cats are creatures of habit, and when their people leave or if they are boarded, it can be highly disruptive, says Taylor Truitt, DVM, CEO of The Vet Set in Brooklyn, New York.;When you return home, they are confused by yet another change of habit and the new smells you bring in. That can cause aggression.

As Dr. Truitt mentioned, its not only the change in routine that can cause a cat to act out, but also the new smells youve picked up during your travels. When your return home, your cat may not realize its you at first. This is because cats rely on smell to identify many things, including the people in their life, says Pamela Uncles, a certified pet behaviorist at Companion Animal Behavior in Washington, D.C.


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