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Why Does My Cat Lay In His Litter Box

Hiding Because Of Anxiety

How to Stop Cats From Lying in the Litter Box : Here Kitty, Kitty

Anxiety can cause cats to go into hiding. If youve moved to a new house or you have brought a new cat, dog, or child into the home, this could be causing anxiety that is manifesting itself in nervous behavior. Other possible causes include fireworks or storms.

Consider natural anti-anxiety cures that are safe for cats, or ask your veterinarian to prescribe anti-anxiety medication to help get your cat used to the change in circumstances.

They May Have A Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections are very painful, they make going to the toilet a long and arduous process for your cat.

UTIs will cause your cat to strain to urinate and it will also mean that they urinate far more frequently.

Your cat will spend far longer in the litter box than usual if they have a UTI.

UTI warning signs to watch out for include:

  • Straining to urinate
  • Urinating outside the litter box

If you notice any of these signs your should speak to your vet ASAP.

Do Cats Like It When You Clean Their Litter Box

Cats are usually thrilled when their litter box is cleaned. An unsoiled area for the most sensitive of activities is a relief, which is why sometimes cats will use the litter box immediately after you clean it!

Some territorial cats may also enjoy re-marking their territory each time you clean. This helps them feel they are asserting their dominance over other cats in the household, or just re-establishing the litter box as the space in the house that is theirs.

Occasionally, a cat may get angry or even attack you when they see you cleaning their box, due to territoriality. If this happens, you can try cleaning the box in a different room, distracting your cat with a toy they like, or briefly shutting them in a different space while you clean it.

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Could Your Cat Lay In The Litter Box For Comfort

Some cats could use the litter box for comfort. This is usually if the cat is struggling to find peace and comfort anywhere else in your home. For example, if you have a busy and noisy home your cat may find the litter box as the best place to escape to.

If this happens, its likely to gravitate to a covered litter box because they create a self-contained hiding spot that shelters them from the noise better than an open one.

If this is the case you may need to evaluate the environment your cat is placed in. You may need to offer them a more peaceful space so they do not have to go and hide in the litter box.

Cat Likes To Lie Down In Its Litter Box

Why does my cat feel the need to play in his litter box ...

Dear Dr. Fox Our problem isnt a huge one, but it drives us crazy all the same.

We have a wonderful 3½-year-old feral cat who adopted us after a blizzard in 2010. Tips is very sweet and is a really good boy, but he has a habit of lying down in his litter box. He usually lies on his side maybe hes trying to scratch his back? Our vet has never heard of a cat doing this. We get unscented, dust-free litter, but when he jumps out, he is covered and smells like litter. If I catch him, I say No.

He doesnt do it all the time, mostly when I clean the box and add new litter or if I add a refresher scoop when needed. We clean the box every time he uses it, and he has his own box. We have another older cat, Boomer, but they each have their own food, water and litter boxes.

Both cats get along very well in fact, hes been the best thing that has happened to our older cat, who now plays and acts so much younger! Have you ever heard of such a crazy thing? Maybe he needs his back scratched more often? K.O., Brick, N.J.

Dear K.O. Your issue has a comic dimension, but I can empathize fully with having to clean the litter from your cats fur.

Thanks for reminding readers how a younger, easygoing cat can bring new life to an older one like your Boomer.

I have heard about the Silent Meow Theory, where some cats meow in a pitch that humans cannot hear. Is this a real thing? Id appreciate any information you could provide on this mystery. S.E., Kansas City

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What Does It Mean If My Cat Is Laying In The Litter Box

If your cat lies, crouches, or sits in the litter box, she may feel anxious or nervous. When cats are kenneled, they dont have a lot of room to roam and they may not have very comfy beds, which makes sleeping in the litter box more appealing. Sometimes when the litter box is small, it can feel comforting and safe.

Cat Sleeping In Litter Box Heres Why

Cats sleep in some pretty strange places but if your kitty is sleeping in the litter box, there might be cause for concern. At the very least, a cat sleeping in a litter box means that there are environmental issues that need to be addressed. The good news is that solving the problem and convincing your cat to find a better place to catch those Zs can be fairly simple.

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Other Sicknesses Or Medical Causes

There could be other medical conditions or sicknesses that cause your cat to lie in his litter box, including diarrhea, gastrointestinal upset, bladder infection, constipation or blockage. Some cats may develop these conditions due to a new diet or environment, or over time. If you see signs or causes of these, its best to seek your vet.

Visit our other pages at oomycat for our reviews on cat products.

Otherwise, you can view our take on cat food, or contact us for more information.

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Why Is My Cat Suddenly Laying In The Litter Box

My Cat Likes to Roll in His Litter Box: Ragdoll Cat Caymus Rolling Around

Your Cat May Have Urinary Problems One of the most common medical reasons behind cats laying in the litter box is urinary tract infections. Another common urinary problem that affects male cats more than females is crystals in the urine, which can be very painful and possibly fatal if not treated right away.

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Try A Different Cat Litter

You could also try using a different type of litter. There are many different choices available, including clumping, pine pellet, and paper litters. If your cat thinks that the litter is a sandbox, trying pine pellets or paper litters may help. These products absorb litter odors and deposits but have a much different texture than commercial litters.

Why Is My Cat Sitting In The Litter Box But Not Peeing

Your cat may be sitting in the litter box but not peeing because it has a problem urinating. A common problem is that it is blocked an either unable to pee at all, or struggling to pee. If itis the latter, it could only be getting a very minimal amount of urine out.

This can be quite a painful and stressful time for your cat. So, if you fear this could be the problem you need to get your cat looked at immediately so that your vet can offer some suggestions or solutions to make your cat better.

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Older Cat Sitting In Litter Box

Perhaps your elderly cat doesnt sleep in the box but instead sits there. In truth, this can mean your cat is having trouble passing waste. This is especially common in older cats that develop intestinal issues. It can be taking longer for the cat to do its business, or it may be in pain and unwilling to move.

Your cat may also be sitting in its litter box as a way to get your attention. Its trying to signal to you that something is wrong. Perhaps the box needs to be cleaned out, or its toy is stuck nearby.

Problems With The Litter Setup

Why Does My Cat Use His Litter Box Right After I

Cats can be very particular about their litter setup, and small changes can really upset their routine.

Your cat may be reluctant to use the litter box due to its location.

If placed in a busy or high traffic area, consider moving it somewhere quiet and peaceful. If youve recently moved the litter box, consider moving it back or trying a new location.

Some cats have an instinctual desire to have multiple escape routes when eliminating. If your litter box is in a corner or any other enclosed area, try moving it somewhere more open and accessible.

The litter or litter box itself may also be the problem.

If youve recently switched to a new litter or litter box, perhaps your cats not a big fan. As always when switching litter, a slow transition to the new litter is the best approach.

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Why Is My Senior Cat Laying In The Litter Box

Cats are hygienic pets. Most will try to keep their pooping area, eating area, and sleeping area all separate. If your elderly cat suddenly forgoes this to nap in its litter box, you can be sure something is wrong. Whether its a physical ailment or a behavioral problem, it may be for the following reasons:

Guarding The Litter Box

If you live in a home with multiple cats, but they use the same litter box, one of your kitties might be trying to guard it from the others. This is a common problem in homes with multiple cats. One kitty decides she’s not going to let anyone else access the box, which can lead to an entirely new set of problems, including going to the bathroom in inappropriate places and avoiding the litter box altogether.

A good solution to this problem might be to have multiple litter boxes available. Put them in different rooms, such as one in each bathroom, or one in the laundry room, and each kitty is likely to end up picking their favourite or just the one that’s closest to them most of the time.

A good rule to remember is to have one more litter box than you do cats so if you own two cats, consider having three litter boxes.

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Your Cat Is Marking Their Territory

Your cat may be sleeping in their litter box in an attempt to claim it as their property. If there are other pets in the household, your cat may be feeling defensive and be trying to keep other pets away from what theyve decided is their space.

Adding more litter boxes to the home can help your cat to feel more confident and may reduce the need your feline feels to mark their territory. If youve just introduced a new pet to the home, taking steps to keep that pet more separated from your cat for a more gradual introduction may also help.

What Does Tinkerbelle Do When She Pees In The Litter Box

Litter Box Issues: Why Litter Matters

My Tinkerbelle buries everything under a pile of litter so high that it actually looks like a pyramid. It takes her a good five minutes to accomplish this. I once took care of a cat named Wilbur who used to pee on the floor, then he would get into the litter box and scoop all the litter out onto the floor to bury what he did.

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Whats The Best Way To Move A Cat

Move your cat last if possible. Allow your pet to remain in one room with their litter box until its time to go. Once in their new house, take your cat to their new litter box location. Gently place and scratch their paws in the sand. Spend time with their cat in the new room, speaking softly and petting them.

Kittens Playing & Exploring

When youre a kitten everything is funincluding cat litter!

Kittens are naturally inquisitive and very playful so a visit to the litter box is a chance to practice digging, see what the cat litter tastes like and, quite possibly, fall asleep in there!

This is natural kitten behaviour and isnt anything to worry about.

To avoid mishaps we recommend you ensure you are using a kitten safe litter. It should be non-clumping as clumping litter can expand in the stomach if ingested, potentially causing dangerous blockages.

You can also enocurage your kitten to play outside of the litter box by leaving cat toys close to the litter box.

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Cat Sleeping In The Litter Box: Safety

Many cats lie in the sandbox simply because they like it and they feel comfortable and safe there. This happens, above all, when there is more than one litter box in the home or the box is always kept clean, remember that cats are very neat animals and this would only be done by preference when the box is clean. Also, if its bed seems uncomfortable and it does not have another surface to lie on, the litter box may be the best option where it can rest comfortably.

Now, is it appropriate to let the cat sleep in its litter box? Clearly not. Even if you do maintain good litter box hygiene, the bacteria in the box is somewhat uncontrollable. So, to ensure safety when it comes to your animal’s health, we recommend looking for an alternative place that is attractive to your cat for sleeping, thus keeping your cat away from the litter box. A good substitute for this can be a cardboard box, since both containers have a similar shape. Know your cat, its tastes and preferences, and try to facilitate them so that it sleeps safely.

Why Is My Cat Laying In The Litter Box

Why Does My Cat Use His Litter Box Right After I

If your cat lies, crouches, or sits in the litter box, she may feel anxious or nervous. When cats are kenneled, they dont have a lot of room to roam and they may not have very comfy beds, which makes sleeping in the litter box more appealing. Sometimes when the litter box is small, it can feel comforting and safe.

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Why Is My Cat Sitting Outside The Litter Box

If your cat is sitting outside of the litter box this could be for several reasons. The most common issue is that it is unhappy with its litter box or wants it cleaned. It can feel unhappy with the litter box for many reasons such as the size, depth, or location.

Sometimes you may just need to give the litter box a clean and your cat may be more than happy again. If keeping the litter box is quite an effort then you can consider getting a self-cleaning litter box .

If a self-cleaning litter box is not for you then you will have to commit to a regular cleaning schedule to keep your cat happy.

How To Stop Your Cat From Lying In The Litter Box

Stopping your cat from lying, sitting, sleeping, or playing in their litter box is possible, but the best technique to do so will depend on the reason for the cats new activity. Change to a new litter slowly, ensure that your kitty isnt showing any other symptoms of illness, and look for possible causes of stress, depression, and anxiety and remove these.

Consult a veterinarian if youre unsure if your cat is sick. If the problem is that your cat is playing in the litter, try to find ways to interact and keep them entertained.

Cats are naturally clean and tidy animals, so playing in a litter box is not positive behavior and it should be stopped, especially if they are doing it while there is litter in the tray.

Featured Image: Zoran Photographer, Shutterstock

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Tips To Encourage Your Cat To Use Its Litter Box

  • Cats like knowing theyve done something good, so praise your cat when they use their box.
  • Dont yell at or scold your cat about this problem. It will scare or confuse the cat, but it won’t solve anything.
  • If your cat still isnt using the box after youve ruled out medical problems and tried the other solutions, consider working with an animal behavior specialist. This person can help you to get to the bottom of the problem. Ask your vet for suggestions or do an online search for qualified animal behavioral specialists in your area.

Why Does My Cat Lay By His Litter Box

Does Your Cat Hate the Litter Box?

If your cat is laying by the litter box it is likely to be doing it for comfort. However, if it is lying inside the litter box this could be for several reasons. The most common being its in pain, feeling anxious, or has a issue urinating.

So, now you know. But, why could your cat be sitting its litter box but not peeing? is it normal for a kitten to sleep in a litter box? Could some cats lay by the litter box just for comfort? Keep reading for these answers, and much more

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Staring Is A Normal Cat Behavior

But if your cat is staring at the litter box, its not necessarily all doom and gloom.

Cats are curious and inquisitive by nature. They may stare if they see or hear something that they cant quite figure out, or would like to know more about.

If an unidentified sound, flash of light, or an insect crawling in the area caught their eye or ear, they may stare until their curiosity is satisfied. Even if we dont see or hear anything in the area, remember that cats have much stronger senses than humans do.


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