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How Long To Cats Live For

What Affects How Long My Pet Lives

How Long Do Cats Live?

One of the main things that will affect how long your pet lives is their health. The wrong diet or not enough exercise can sadly trim years off your pets life expectancy, which is why its so important to do everything you can to keep them happy and healthy. You can read more about caring for your pet in our free pet care guides.

Diseases and other illnesses can also reduce your pets life expectancy. Just like us, our pets can get poorly at any time. Some breeds of dog and cat will have a higher chance of getting certain life-limiting conditions , so its important to research thoroughly before choosing the pet for you. You can find out more on our breed pages.

Another thing that could affect how long your pet lives is simple chance. If you have an outdoor-roaming cat, for example, they could get into a road traffic accident. Were not saying you should wrap your pet in cotton wool and never let them leave the house, but make the most of all the time you get to spend with them because you never know what may happen next.

Early Detection Is Key To Survival When It Comes To Cancer In Cats

The earlier cancer is discovered, the better your cats treatment options are. Check your cat monthly for lumps and bumps, feeling all over her body for anything out of the ordinary. If you find a lump the size of a pea or larger, and its still there a month later, its time for an immediate vet visit. Since mammary cancer is common in cats, dont forget to feel the mammary glands on your cats tummy . Cats have eight mammary glands, so theres a lot to feel, Dr. Ettinger says. Youre basically going to be feeling the entire belly area from their armpit area back to the leg area.

On Average How Long Do Cats Live

In our recent article, Whats the Average Life of a Dog, we found out that our canine companions live an average of 10 to 13 years. So how do our kitty companions compare?

If youre a Cat Owner, youll be glad to know that our feline friends have a pretty long life expectancy. Specifically, the average kitty can live to between 13 and 17 years. In fact, many cats live to be around 20 years old, with some of the oldest cats on record living into their early 30s!

But, for a kitty to live beyond the average cat lifespan, there are a few factors to consider. Lifestyle, genetics, diet, and past experiences can all affect how long a cat will live. Lets explore a few of the most influential factors in a cats expected lifespan.

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Are American Shorthair Cats Outdoor Cats

Due to their history, American Shorthair cats are considered great outdoor cats.

However, they are perfectly fine with staying indoors. Generally, they adapt well to indoor life.

To learn more about how to take care of an indoor cat, check out this other post: How Often Should You Wash Your Indoor Cat?

What Age What Stage

How Long Do Cats Live? A Tale of Two Kitties

Cats can live for an amazingly long time considering their small size. In general, smaller mammals have shorter lifespans, but cats are a little different. For example, although cats are smaller than most dogs, they generally live longer. Also, they are only slightly larger than rabbits, yet again live a great deal longer. The average lifespan for a pet cat is probably around 13 to 14 years. However, although their lifespan varies, a well cared for cat may commonly live to 15 or beyond, some make it to 18 or 20 and a few extraordinary felines even pass 25 or 30 years of age.

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What Is The Average Life Expectancy For An Outdoor Cat

The average outdoor cat lives between two and seven years old, according to WebMD. The reason outdoor cats face shorter lifespans is that they face greater challenges. As Rover previously reported, outdoor cats can be attacked, leaving them with scrapes and scars, and theyre more likely to contract viruses like the feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus.

What Is The Difference Between A Sick Cat And An Old Cat

As your cat ages it will experience changes in behaviour, appearance and in its physical health. Cats should retain their ability play and jump when they age even if it is slightly reduced. Cats should also be able to maintain a healthy weight as they age. There should be no significant changes to muscle mass or body fat.

From a behavioural point of view your cats sleep patterns may change, their meows and other vocalisations may change and they may become less tolerant. In terms of appearance their nails may thicken, pupils can become cloudy and teeth may become slightly yellow or off white due to the thickening of dental walls.

There may be changes in your cats daily routines, a decline in vision and mobility and declines in their sense of smell and hearing.

A good way to keep an eye on your older cats health is by using the acronym DISHA to watch our for signs of cognitive decline:

  • Disorientation getting lost in familiar areas or not recognising family members
  • Interaction Changes they may become more clinging or irritable
  • Sleep Disturbances changes in their sleep patterns
  • House Soiling going to the toilet in places where they shouldnt
  • Changes in Activity less interest in play or excessive licking

The most common causes of death in cats overall are:

  • Trauma 12.2%

Most common causes of death in cats under 5 years:

  • Trauma: 47.3%

Most common causes of death in cats over 5 years:

  • Kidney Disease: 13.6%
  • Cancer: 12.3%

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How Long Can A Cat Live With Hyperthyroidism

Montreal, Canada
Orbassano – Italy
Montreal, Canada
Orbassano – Italy

Antonio65 said:They will be not months, but I don’t think they wil be many years.The damages done by the high level of hormone will go on even when controlled by the medicine, only slower.That’s why the solution is the radiation therapy.

Orbassano – Italy
Montreal, Canada

History Of Domesticated Cats

How long do cats live, exactly?

Cats have been kept as pets for thousands of years. They originate from the Near East countries where they were domesticated from wild cats to help control rodent populations. These cats spread throughout the world as pets, and we eventually started selectively breeding them for specific traits, thus creating different breeds. The primary cat breeds were originally bred using cats from four major regions the Arabian Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, South Asia, and Western Europe. These four regions have produced cats that have different genetic markers based on what region, or race, they are from.

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How Old Should My Cat Be When She Dies

Few people want to admit that their beloved kitten is approaching her twilight years. While it is possible for cats to live into their 30s, like Crème Puff, who died at age 38, a more likely estimate of your felines life span is about 16 years. Here are some changes to expect as your cat enters her golden years. 1. More Talkative

How Long Do Cats Live Plus Five Tips To Give Them A Long Life

ByDr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS27 May 2021

If youve ever wondered how long do cats live for?, you might be surprised to hear the answer!

How long do cats live for? Well, thanks to advances in medical treatment and proper nutrition, our domestic cats are living for longer than ever. In the 1990s, several studies suggested that average life span was increasing rapidly, and whilst this has now slowed, our cats are still living for far longer than they used to.

Whilst studies have shown the average life expectancy of a crossbreed cat to be around 14 years, its not unusual to hear of cats reaching 18-20 years old. Purebred cats, according to the study, have shorter lives, with an average of 12.5 years. However, this varies wildly depending on breed. The longest-lived cat, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was Crème Puff, who lived to an incredible 38 years and 3 days!

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Chemotherapy Usually Wont Make Your Cat Sick

Because chemotherapy is associated with really bad side effects in humans, many pet owners hesitate to try it for their cats. But the reality is, cancer treatment is easier on pets than it is on people. One of the things that really surprises people when I talk about chemo because a lot of people are scared of chemo for obvious reasons but 80 percent of dogs and cats have no side effects from chemotherapy, which is pretty amazing, Dr. Ettinger says. Cats have less side effects than dogs and people. Of all the species, cats tolerate chemotherapy the best.

How Long Will My Dog Cat Or Rabbits Live

How Long Do Cats Live? 3 Factors That Affect A Catâs Lifespan

There’s no way to know for sure how long a pet might live it’s a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’. We can make estimates based on studies that have been done previously, but every pet is different and these ages should only be taken as a rough guide.

Assuming that your pet leads a healthy, active life that isnt cut short because of disease or trauma, they could live a very long time indeed:

  • Dogs: The average dog lifespan is 14 years, but there are reports of some living into their 20s! Size-wise youre looking at, on average:
  • Small dogs living between 7-14 years
  • Medium dogs living between 8-13 years
  • Large dogs living between 5-13 years.
  • Cats: According to studies, on average cats live to around 14 years, but thats only an average a healthy cat could potentially live a lot longer, with some cats making it well into their 20s.
  • Rabbits: On average, healthy rabbits can live about7-10 years which might surprise a lot of people! Again, thats an average age, a domestic rabbit in America once lived to 16 years, so be prepared to have your bunnies potentially a lot longer.
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    An Excellent Resource Is Alley Cat Allies And A Couple More Listed On The Feral Cats Page

    How long do stray cats live in the wild. With human assistance these cats can live longer to up to 10 years. The scientists found that the feral cats had home ranges that stretched across large areas. Stray cats have been raised around humans but dont live with them.

    Of course feral cats also leave issues on the human doorstep — including noisy fights. They dont want to be around people and dont want to live inside a home. First just let the cat eat in the carrier for a few days.

    Then try latching it. While stray cats can often be found new homes this is not often the case with feral cats which may be. A stray catwhether is is simply a wandering local domestic house cat or a true feral that has bred in the wildwill be drawn to your yard because it has features the cat finds attractive.

    Survival data were available for 169 kittens. They generally live outside and they hang out with both feral cats and with humans. They can grow to a much larger size than house cats if conditions are favourable though they dont live as long.

    Keep an eye on the trap from a distance and check it frequently. Feral cats may breed over dozens of generations and become an aggressive local apex predator in urban. Andrew Rowan former director of Tufts Universitys Center for Animals and Public Policy estimates that between 60 and 100 million homeless cats live in the United States.

    Now feral cats are honestly best left alone. Stray and feral cats are handled differently by many shelters.

    How Long Can Fleas Live Without A Host

    Fleas are parasites. So, without a host to feast on, they cant survive for too long.

    However, again, the case is not the same with fleas in earlier stages. Eggs, larvae, and especially pupae, are much more resilient and will endure harsher conditions. More importantly, theyre not dependent on a certain hosts blood, which is why they can live pretty much anywhere cold and humid. In fact, a flea will usually spend up to 90% of its life on surrounding surfaces.

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    Indoor Cats Versus Outdoor Cats

    Whether your cat resides completely indoors or goes in and out throughout the day can have more of an impact on their lifespan than some cat owners may realize. There are some more obvious reasons why indoor cats live longer lives than their outdoor counterparts. Some that you may already be able to guess.

    Most obviously, indoor cats have easier access to food and freshwater than outdoor cats do more often than not. Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, you probably still take them for their needed cat vaccinations.

    Even with proper vaccines, outdoor cats are exposed to far more dangers than indoor cats lives are. Dangers that vaccines and other medicines cannot protect them from. A few of the lifespan threatening dangers that outdoor cats may encounter include ticks, cars, other animals, and many other stressful encounters that can shorten a cats lifespan.

    Is My Cat Sick Or Just Old

    How Long Do Cats Live?

    Cats are great at hiding illness so owners should pay attention to any changes in behaviour. Changes such as moving around less, difficulty jumping as high and weight gain or loss could be put down to ageing but they could also be a symptom of illness. If youre concerned at all its best to contact your vet or out of hours your nearest Vets Now for advice.

    Some subtle signs of illness in cats to look out for include:

    • Hiding away/wanting to be alone
    • Weakness
    • Looking more scruffy/ungroomed than usual
    • Eating or drinking more or less than usual
    • Going to the toilet more or less

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    So How Long Do Cats Live What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Cat

    How long do cats live? Environment, maintenance, health, and whether the cat is spayed or neutered all of these factors matter when thinking about the life expectancy of a cat. Sterilization can be a significant factor. Spaying and neutering removes the risk of developing diseases that can affect a cats reproductive system in old age.

    It has become a truism on the Internet, that, with access to current medical and dietary advancements, the ideal cat can or may live to up to 20 cat years and older. Based on a survey of 10 reputable sites that discuss the average domestic cat, the numbers are more inconsistent, ranging from 10 to 20 years. The average domestic cat lifespan comes out to 15.1 years.

    Cat breed is certainly a factor when it comes to answering the question, How long do cats live? We could list out the lifespan of each cat breed, but then wed be here forever. Our research suggests that mixed breed cats are, in general, hardier and live longer than purebred cats. Have a question about a specific breeds longevity? Please consult our list of purebred and hybrid cat breeds.

    When answering, How long do cats live? were concerned, like Lord Chesterfield, with the average cat. On average, female cats live one to two years longer than male cats. On average, indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. On average, wild, homeless and feral cats live dramatically shorter lives than domestic cats.

    How To Make An Outdoor Cat’s Life Happier

    Some outdoor cats simply can’t adjust to indoor living. But you can still enjoy taking care of them and watching all their playful antics outdoors. You can make your outdoor cat’s life happier with a few small changes. When the weather is warmer, help her stay cool by leaving treats and food in a shaded area, like a covered patio. Try leaving out a cool bed for her, like the Coolin’ Pet Cot with a canopy for shade. Dehydration is also a worry, so set out a Coolin’ Bowl in the summer and the Thermo-Kitty Cafe in the winter.

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    How Long Do Indoor Cats Live

    Cats that go outdoors are more likely to encounter risks such as road traffic accidents, fights with other cats and other dangers that could affect their life expectancy. However, they are also likely to get more exercise as they have more space to roam, which helps to keep them fit and healthy. If you do keep your cat indoors, theyll need plenty of opportunities to exercise with fun toys they can chase and catch. There are still other risks to house cats, so youll need to monitor them closely to keep them healthy for longer.

    Cat Nutrition And Lifespan

    How Long Do Cats Live?

    Cats primarily eat meat, so they are considered obligate carnivores, and this should be reflected in the food we feed them. A lot of research has been done to determine the dietary needs of a house cat, so the food options that are available to cat owners are plentiful.

    But not all foods are created equal. Adult cats cannot digest large amounts of carbohydrates or lactose, so these are unnecessary ingredients in their food. Carbohydrates can even decrease how much protein is digested, so they are, in fact, harmful to a cat. Proteins, on the other hand, are very important to a cat. Cats require a large amount of protein when compared to a dog, due to their unique digestive system. Adult cats should receive at least 5.5 g/kg of protein a day. This means the average eight-pound cat needs to consume at least 20 grams of protein each day and often much more.

    Essential amino acids are also very important to a cat. Taurine, methionine, and cystine are some of these essential amino acids, and without them, important vitamins, and the proper amount of protein, a cats health may suffer greatly.

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