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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Face

How To Get Your Space Back

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? – 5 Reasons Youll Love to Know

It is possible to reclaim your bed and even your bedroom if you dont want your cats interrupting your sleep. It just takes some retraining.

Koski says to set up a nice, warm spot and reward your cat for using it. She suggests a heated cat bed with a blanket that smells like you or that has your cats own scent on it. Praise and pet them when they snuggle down into it, she says. That way, youre reinforcing the behavior.

You can also help your cat calm down for bedtime by recognizing that cats are naturally active at dawn and dusk. Koski explains that if you give your cat a good workout for 15-20 minutes prior to bed followed by a small snack, theyll be more inclined to wind down for the night.

If youre having difficulty with your kitty sleeping on your head, chest, or otherwise disturbing your rest, try talking with your veterinarian or a cat behaviorist for guidance. Every cat is different, but with the right training techniques you can both get back to a restful nights sleep in no time.

Why Does My Cat Touch My Face When I Hold Him

The same principle applies when youre holding your cat.

While youre holding and petting your kitty, it induces stimulation in her.

According to Animal Planet, felines take petting and holding as an act of love and affection.

As a result, she may start liking you better and return the love by marking you as her own.

Thus, if your cat kneads on you or touches your face with her paws, she puts her scent to show you how much she adores you.

Why Does My Cat Want To Get Close To My Face

Aside from attention and affection, your cat may want to get close to your face to mark it her own.

Yeah, you read it right. Your feline pet wants to mark you as its own.

Felines have their sense of smell, and its something we cannot do.

When your cat wants to get close to you, it may be trying to put his scent in you.

As soon as she does, youll carry a smell thats noticeable to all cats, and youll have the mark of her own.

As a result, your feline pet will be more comfortable in your company than before.

If she wants to do this every time you are sleeping, it can be less comforting. At the same time, you wouldnt want to reject your cat, as it will ruin your bond.

The thing you can do is to divert your cats attention to another thing.

Give it something with your scent, like a t-shirt or an old cloth you wouldnt mind getting ruined.

If youre successful, your pet wont return the item and stop getting in your face.

Do you want to know if you can get ear mites from your cat, or if your cat can get a cold from your dog? Check it out!

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Cat Sleep Is Different From Human Sleep Behavior

If we want to understand why our cats sleep on us, its helpful to take a look at how feline sleep patterns differ from our own.

Cats replenish their energy with several naps throughout the day as opposed to one long block of sleep like humans. But these catnaps usually remain in light sleep mode, seldom dipping into a deep sleep.

Why is this the case? It boils down to a cats role as a natural hunter.

Unlike humans, cats are always ready to attack prey or defend themselves against a larger predator. Even when they may appear to be out cold, their senses of hearing and smell are still sharp enough to spring them into action if necessary.

Since cats are always poised for action, it makes sense that theyd seek extra protection by curling up next to their owner. You give your cat an extra level of security during sleep, a time when theyre most vulnerable.

Are There Ways To Teach Your Cat To Not Sleep In Your Bed With You Without Locking Them Out Of Your Room

Why does my cat sleep on my face every night?

Delgado recommends a few different options for helping your cat sleep in a separate room from you.

  • You can try a heated pet bed so they can get a little extra heat while sleeping.
  • Help them settle down for the night by playing with them followed by a large dinner. Having a full belly can make them sleepy and theyll be happier to plop down on the couch instead of your bed.
  • You can set up an automatic feeder for particularly restless cats to dispense a small amount of food every 1-2 hours throughout the night. This will keep your cat watching the machine instead of barging into your room and running up and down your bed.
  • Setting up some early morning distractions can help too. Try setting up a bird feeder outside a window your cat likes to sit by so they can watch Bird TV in the morning so they dont wake you up at 4 in the morning to be fed.

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When You Should Be Concerned About Cat Head Pressing While Sleeping

You should be concerned if your cat or dog is head pressing against a wall or any object and showing any of the clinical signs listed above. If you have any concerns that your cat√Ęs head pressing or sleeping behavior is not normal, the safest thing to do is to see your veterinarian. Treatment will be dependent on the underlying cause for the symptoms. Early diagnosis is critical for success.

The questions, examinations, and diagnostic tests that your vet may recommend will depend on the condition of your pet and may include the following:

If your kitty is showing abnormal neurological signs in addition to head pressing while sleeping, your vet may refer you to a veterinary neurologist for a second opinion and additional advanced diagnostics, such as a CT scan or MRI. You vet may also have the option to call the veterinary neurologist for advice.

Where Do Cats Sleep

What is a normal location for cats to sleep? Cats love to sleep where they feel safe and comfortable, especially high on perches or beds where they can monitor their environment for threats from a safe height. They also love to sleep in boxes, cubbyholes, or hidden on dining room chairs. Small hiding spots are often happy, warm, cozy, and out of reach or sight of predators. Some cats also love to find a slice of sunshine and enjoy the warmth as they take their catnap.

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Theyre Marking And Claiming Their Territory

Cats are naturally territorial creatures, and they typically claim their turf when they mark something with their scent. By sleeping on top of you, cats are marking the bed and you as theirs.

If you have other cats in the home, your cats are competing to mark their territory. When a cat marks you or your furniture, this is supposed to serve as a warning to the other cats to stay away.Its worth noting that many people get confused and wonder why one cat prefers to lay with them instead of the other. The truth is they both likely want time with you, but one has claimed that territory already, so the other knows not to attempt to steal it.

Do Cats Feel Safe With You At Night

Three Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps on Your Head

The reason theyre getting in your face when youre sleeping is that its a safety issue.; Basically, your head is unlikely to be swishing a moving around, which could inadvertently hit the cat.

Cats are not silly, they know that your arms or body may roll onto them and squash them in the night. So, they opt for your head, its their best option.

So, for that reason, they opt for your head and stay there to keep themselves safe. Also, in most cases, they wont stay in that same position all night. They may switch that position once they see you start stirring and showing signs that you are about to wake up.

This is an indication to them that it might not be long before they get fed or get some attention from you, are you with me?

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Why Do I Wake Up With My Cat On My Head

Posted byThe Cats Inn

This is something that a lot of cat owners deal with. One minute youre sleeping and having an awesome dream about having superpowers, and then the next thing you know you feel your furry feline purring away on your forehead.

There are a number of reasons why your kitty might do this.

Sharing Scents

One of the most popular theories for this is that they are marking you. Whenever they lick, head-butt, or rub up against you they are sharing their scent with you. Your kitty adores you and this is their way of saying that youre theirs. Luckily, this isnt something you can smell.

The reasons it tends to be your face/neck/head is because most people sleep under the covers when they sleep, so they are covered. They prefer to share their perfume on your skin, where the smell will stay longer.

Warmer Temperatures

You may see kitties sprawling out in the sunlight when they nap. The fact is, cats like to be warm when they sleep, possibly more so than even other animals. Your face and your head happen to be soft things that get warm when you sleep. Youre providing your kitty with awesome sleeping conditions.


There is a good chance that if you pay attention, you will find your cat napping in the same handful of places every day. This happens because these are places that they feel safe and dont have to worry about predators . Your kitty knows that curling up with you is a safe place to be and if something startles you, it will wake up the cat as well.

They Are Comforting You

Animals are incredibly intuitive. We have all experienced being sick and seeing our animals suddenly become much more attentive to us. If your cat senses that youre feeling unwell or stressed out, they may spend time sleeping on your legs in an effort to comfort you.Your cat can read your facial expressions and know how to act around you based on the energy and expressions you are providing. Check it out here!

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Why Do Cats Love To Sleep In Weird Places

Cats can sleep from anywhere to everywhere. From radiators to the top of the shelf, they can sleep comfortably like in their bed. Here are several of the favorite spots of most cats to nap:

  • Enclosed Spaces:;Cats have a natural inclination to sleep in tight, enclosed spots. It is thanks to the fact that cats have an instinct, and they feel safe in enclosed places because predators cant sneak up on them this way.;
  • Top of the shelves:;Cats have ancestors who preferred to sleep on trees. Higher elevation means safety from predators and better visibility for spotting prey. This tendency has been passed down and can still be seen in cats preferring elevated positions for napping.
  • Under Blankets:;Sleeping under the blanket and curling up inside it are favorite ways for cats to sleep. Cats would feel warmth and safety when sleeping under blankets, mainly if you recently used them. The blanket helps the cat to maintain body heat without running towards the generator.
  • You: Cats love sleeping around their owner or with them on their bed. It is a show of trust and the feeling of safety the cat has while around you. It also helps to retain the body heat radiated from us and maintain their average inner body temperature.;

Cats do love to sleep in weird places. They build up all their energy and save it for the night while they spend the entire day dozing off. Its just what they are, and theres nothing wrong with that.

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

Why does my cat sleep on my neck?

Cats appearing to sleep with one eye open is a common occurrence. Your cat is genuinely sleeping. Cats have a transparent third eyelid that closes.

The purpose of this is so a cat can stayalert. The cats peripheral vision will still capture potential threats.Equally, the cat can react faster upon waking up. The cat was not in a deepsleep and will thus not be groggy.

Sick cats often sleep with their eyes open. Cats with urinary infections will want to make a rapid trip to the litter box. Cats that struggle for breath will be concerned about falling asleep too deeply. Keeping the eyes open ensures the sleep never gets further than a light nap.

If your cat adopts a variety of sleeping positions, its likely to be fine. One sleeping position at all times can suggest that a cat is sick.

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Your Legs Move Less Than Other Body Parts

Why do cats sleep on our legs compared to other parts of our bodies? Its likely because your legs move less than the rest of you when youre sleeping.

When we are asleep, we move our arms around more than we do our legs. However, when were sitting in the living room watching TV or reading, our legs usually arent moving at all. Contrast this with our arms, which are in nearly constant movement.There are many more reasons, but we wanted to clarify why the legs first and foremost. Read on for the other fascinating reasons.

Do Cats Feel Love When You Kiss Them

Have you ever wondered if your cat feels anything when you hug or kiss them? Its a question that many pet parents have to ask themselves. After all, cats are known for their independence and aloofness.

Cats can and do enjoy human interaction and affection. You dont need to worry about the cat feeling too much pressure if they dont like it. If they want affection, they will come up to you when you pet them. If they want space, they will walk away. Some cats even respond to kisses with a paw kiss of their own!

I believe that they can tell how much their pet loves them by the way the cat reacts to being kissed. Some cats enjoy cuddling with their owners, while others will lick your mouth or bite you if you try.

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Your Cats Nocturnal Patterns

While innocuous, or even flattering, these habits may prove disruptive to your own sleep. A cats after-hours restiveness can be thanked to its ingrained inclination to be constantly on the prowl for potential meals. According to the Indoor Pet Initiative of the Ohio State Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine, cats do not have the daily sleep-wake cycle that we and many other animals have and instead sleep and wake frequently throughout the day and night. Cats in the wild need to hunt as many as 20 small prey each day and must be able to rest between each hunt. Though domesticated cats dont eat this way, they maintain the same internal clock as their wild relatives.;

Pros Of Allowing Your Cat To Sleep With You

Why does my cat put his paw on my face when I hold him?

Here are the benefits of allowing your cat to sleep with you:

  • Bonding. When youre away from the home during the day, nighttime may be the only time you have to bond with your cat.
  • Stress relief. Both you and your cat will benefit from the stress relief provided by co-sleeping.
  • Warmth and coziness. There is certainly some coziness and warmth to be had from sharing a bed with a furry sleeping partner.
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    Why Is My Cat Always In My Face

    Cats may seem to be in your face all the time because they love you and are so keen to fend off any other cats that may even think of claiming you. Hence the reason they may be rubbing their cheeks, pawing you, etc.

    It may seem annoying to you at times but, to them, this is showing you they really appreciate you. So, take it as a compliment instead.

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    Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Legs

    HomeBlogCatsWhy Does My Cat Sleep on My Legs?

    You have a decision to make. Either you get up to use the bathroom, or you continue to hold it and watch your cat snooze right on your legs. Its come down to your personal comfort or your cats. Chances are youll hold it a bit longer, hoping your cat gets up on their own, and wondering to yourself: Why does my cat sleep on my legs?

    Well, the short answer is when a cat lives in a humans home, the cat is the king or queen of the castle. We all know that. Its their world and they allow us to live in it. We just finance it, clean it, love it, and explain to our friends how great it is and how scratches arent that bad!

    Here is the bottom line: When your cat sleeps on top of your legs they are doing it out of: love, warmth, comfort, and protection. Keep reading for more details on all of these items!

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    Why Does My Cat Lay On Me

    Have you ever woken up to find your cat sleeping on your chest or curled up on top of your legs? Or maybe your kitty likes to nestle on your lap while you’re watching TV. Whatever the case, you’ve probably asked at some point, “Why does my cat lay on me?” Cats generally snuggle up with you because they love you and you help them feel warm, safe, and secure.


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