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Why Is My Cat Acting Out

Acclimating To A New Home

Why is My Cat Acting Weird

Nothing intimidates a cat more than moving into new homes. They need where the food or water is, as well as the safe spot to hide. And, if they are clueless about this, it stirs up anxiety for them.

Another reason that can make a cat very anxious about a new home is If they have been adopted from a shelter. Most cats in the shelter have been rehomed more than once.

To help your feline adjust to a new home, restrict them to one location at first. It could be a room that no one uses.

Fill it up with cat litter tray, toys, and everything else they could need. This will make it less overwhelming for them since they can get what they need.

The moment they have adapted to that room, try to give them the run of the house. If they have genuinely acclimatized to the room, the whole location will now be less intimidating.

Aggression Due To Medical Issue

Aggression with a medical origin is also common.

Pain is the most sudden medical cause for sudden aggression, particularly in older cats or those who have always had a calm temperament. Arthritis, dental disease, trauma, and infections are just some of the conditions that can cause pain and subsequent aggression when a cat is touched or thinks he or she might be touched, in a painful area. In addition to pain, cognitive decline, a loss of normal sensory input, or neurological problems can all lead to aggression.

Other Causes Of Behavior Changes In Cats

Your cat may show some of these symptoms but not have feline cognitive dysfunction. It’s important to rule out other causes of behavior changes in your senior cat. In older cats, any condition that causes pain may also cause these symptoms. Arthritis may make your pet less active. It can also cause difficulty getting into and out of the litter box. Cats with arthritis may urinate and defecate in inappropriate places. This may also happen with kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and other conditions. Nighttime vocalizations may be caused by hyperthyroidism or hypertension . If your cat is eating less, they may have gum disease.

If your elderly cat twitches with their eyes wide open and suddenly starts scratching themselves repeatedly, it may signal a condition called hyperesthesia syndrome. The symptoms, which also include uncontrolled urination and frequent vocalization, are the same as some symptoms of FCD. Certain ocular diseases especially those that cause acute blindness may also cause symptoms similar to FCD. Talk to your vet if you think your cat might have one of these conditions.


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Ruling Out Other Causes For Your Cats Behavior

If your cat shows any of the symptoms or changes listed above, your first step is to take her to the veterinarian to determine whether there is a specific medical cause for her behavior. Any medical or degenerative illness that causes pain, discomfort or decreased mobilitysuch as arthritis, dental disease, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, impaired sight or hearing, or urinary tract diseasecan lead to increased sensitivity and irritability, increased anxiety about being touched or approached, increased aggression , decreased responsiveness to your voice, reduced ability to adapt to change, and reduced ability to get to usual elimination areas.

If medical problems are ruled out, and if primary behaviorproblems unrelated to aging are ruled out , your cats behavior may be attributed to the effects of aging on the brain.

How Do You Get A Shy Cat To Come Out Of Hiding

Why Is My Cat Licking The Floor?

Use toys, catnip, and treats or wet food to encourage your cat to come out from under the couch, bed, or basement rafters. Place these lures near his hiding place, but make sure he has to come out a bit to reach them. Shake the bag of treats every time you give her some to condition your cat to respond to the sound.

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Holidays And Social Events

Most cats are introverts and new people or parties will affect them the same way it affects an introvert. It drains them and causes fear.

Introduce your cat to a quiet area or better yet, teach them that the carrier is not a bad thing. Carriers can give cats a place to call their own, and if you choose the proper carrier, you will have a huge benefit in case of evacuation. Think about the carriers available from Sleepypod these are amazing carriers for cats and can double as heated or cooled beds.

Solve this: If your cat is quite sensitive to new things, consider using a natural remedy, such as Bach Rescue Remedy

Work With Your Cats Veterinarian

If you notice any signs your cat is aggressive, consult with your cats veterinarian to create a solution before leaving again. Some solutions may be as simple as using calming sprays, like the Comfort Zone cat spray, and calming treats, like Pet Naturals calming cat chews, to help ease your cats anxiety and make them less prone to aggressive cat behavior.

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Why Is My Cat Acting Weird

If you noticeyour cat is acting weird, it is possible to find the reason or reasons why ascats give you clues through their behavior. Although known for their moodiness,cats are primarily seen as affectionate and loving companions. So any sudden andweird changes in your feline friends behavior can bring about worrisome andunsettling feelings.

And,rightfully so.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Frightened

How to stop your cat from biting you

Cats like to project confidence and fearlessness, but this is not always how they feel inside. Cats are skilled at hiding their fear and trepidation as they dont like people to know that they are feeling afraid or vulnerable.

If your cat has hurt itself, you may not know about it. Cats do all they can to disguise signs of physical injury. Your cat worries that injury is seen as a weakness. This could lead to the cat losing territory or dominant status.

The same applies to illness. Cats hide their pain but will be frightened by ill health. For example, according to Hormones and Behavior, parasitic infections cause anxiety as cats dont understand whats wrong.

The mistreatment of cats is a broad definition. Your cat may have been physically struck years ago. Unfortunately, certain scents and locations can trigger memories of this past traumatic event.

Scolding a cat for unwanted behaviors leads to anxious behavior. Anxiety and skittishness are likelier when punishment happens after the action because cats do not link scolding to behavioral issues. Your cat will become nervous, wondering if it will be punished again.

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Why Is My Cat Sniffing At Everything After Being Outside

Cats use their sense of smell to detect prey, mark their territories, and learn about their environments. Your cat might sniff at everything after being outside to distinguish between the indoor and outdoor environments.

For example, your kitty may find that its scratching post smells very different from the tree outside, even if they both had the same purpose. To figure out why, and in what ways, your cat will sniff a little closer.

Why Is My Cat Running Around Frantically

Every cat will have a little mad moment from time to time. In fact, this is normal. However, if your feline has the cat zoomies regularly it could be a sign they are bored and need more exercise. Or worse they could be suffering from fleas or another medical condition that requires treatment.

To help you work out why your cat is running around like a manic, here is a look at all the common reasons, how you can identify which applies to your cat, and what you should do next.

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How To Calm Your Cat When You Return Home

If your cat is acting strange or aggressive after you return from vacation, slowly take steps to help calm them.

The best thing you can do when you return is to let your cat make the first move toward you, says Russel Hartstein, CDBC, CPDT-KA, founder of Fun Paw Care in Los Angeles and Miami. If your cat wants to hide or glare at you, he says to let them do so until they become used to you and your smell again.

Having special treats on hand when you arrive also helps, Dr. Osborne says. Before your cat is aggressive, praise them by tossing a couple treats toward them. Let them enjoy the treat away from you until they acclimate, she says.

Dont reward the cats if they are aggressive, she adds. Only give rewards when they are calm and exhibit good behavior.

Cat Acting Weird 7 Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Sleep? Is Your Pet Turning ...

Cats are strange. They may be wonderful, intelligent and brilliant companions, but you cant deny they can also be total oddballs. But, how weird is too weird? Are there any odd behaviors that may indicate something serious? Changes in your cats behavior can sometimes be a sign that your cat is ill, but how can you tell? When does something unusual become something serious? As always, were here to help you decide, so lets jump into the top 7 changes in your cats behavior that may mean they are ill.

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Behavior Changes To Watch Out For In Cats

Adrienne Kruzer, BS, RVT, LVT, has worked with a variety of animals for over 15 years, including birds of prey, reptiles, and small mammals.

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Knowing which cat behaviors are normal is the key to recognizing any behavioral problems or changes in your pet feline. Once you know what behaviors you should expect to see in your cat, you’ll be better able to identify any changes that may be a cause for alarm.

Signs Your Cat Needs To Go To The Veterinarian

Regular check-ups are important for your cats health. These regular pet examinations keep your cat caught up on vaccinations and catch early signs of disease. There are times, however, that your cat may exhibit certain symptoms, and you arent sure whether they require a trip to the veterinarian or a wait and see attitude at home. While it is always a good idea to error on the side of caution and take your cat to the veterinarian if you are concerned, here are ten symptoms that should never be ignored.

  • Signs Of Obvious DistressCats are typically very stoic animals, so if your cat suddenly seems to be in distress, it is a cause for concern. Howling, crying, hiding, and otherwise acting in a way that is out of character for your pet should alert you that something may be seriously wrong.
  • Abnormal Litter Box BehaviorChanges in litter box habits, particularly in male cats, can indicate a serious health problem. Urinary obstruction is a condition that prevents the cat from passing urine and can be fatal without treatment. If your cat suddenly begins urinating outside the litter box, straining and crying while producing little urine, or begins grooming the genital area excessively, contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • Overwhelming FatigueMany cats are naturally low energy, but if your cat suddenly becomes entirely sedentary, does not work up enthusiasm for things she normally enjoys, and even goes off by herself to sleep in strange areas, something could be seriously wrong.
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    Is Your Cat Scratching And Clawing On Everything

    No, we arent talking about the Ted Nugent song. Were talking about why cats sometimes feel the urge to scratch everything they can get their sharp little claws on. According to the Humane Society, cats scratch for a number of different reasons. Scratching helps remove dead layers off their claws. Scratching also marks their territory by both leaving a visual clue and the cats scent. Plus, its a really good stretch for their bodies, feet, and claws, like kitty yoga.

    Scratching is not inherently a bad activity, and its not something you should try to stop your cat from doing altogether, especially through negative reinforcement. Unless you catch a cat in the act of scratching an inappropriate surface, scolding or punishment wont help anyway. When theyre not actively engaged in the unwanted behavior youll just end up with a confused, sad cat. They cant put two and two together to understand why you are upset with them.

    Feed Small Portions Regularly

    How to tell if your cat is sick

    Cats will also benefit from having several small portions of food rather than one or two larger ones each day. This may seem unrelated to their crazy behavior, but it can actually make a huge difference in helping them establish a routine. And the better their routine, the less likely they will be to wake up sporadically throughout the night.

    Try to stick to the same feeding times each day so your cat learns when they should be awake and when they should be asleep. Spreading the portions out will also keep their energy levels more consistent so they will be less likely to have random outbursts throughout the day and night.

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    Rule Out Medical Conditions

    Finally, you should also seek to rule out any medical conditions. Start by seeing if your cat has any other symptoms that accompany their crazy behavior, such as those mentioned above that could indicate that your cat has fleas, cognitive dysfunction, hyperthyroidism, or urinary issues. If you notice any symptoms, take your cat to the vet immediately.

    You can also take your kitty to see a professional even if them having the zoomies is the only thing you notice out of the ordinary after all, its better to rule any medical conditions out just to be safe. Your vet will run all necessary checks and give your cat a diagnosis. From there, they can work to find an effective treatment to ensure your cat is back to its old self in no time! With all medical conditions, the sooner they are discovered and treated, the easier full recovery will be.


    Your cat likely has pent-up energy from having a lazy day indoors that they need to expel and do so with these crazy outbursts of energy. It is also possible that your cat has simply seen another animal that has channeled its predatory instincts.

    Other times though, a cat running around frantically could be a sign of a medical condition. So, always keep an eye out for other symptoms of illness and take them to the vet if you think there could be an underlying problem. After receiving treatment, your kitty will be back to its old self in no time.

    How To Stop Your Cat From Getting The Zoomies

    Some owners may not be bothered by their cat running around like a manic. After all, it can be quite entertaining watching your cat go crazy every once in a while. However, if your cat has the zoomies constantly, it could be disruptive. This is especially true if your cat runs around like crazy at night. They could be keeping you and your family up, leaving you feeling tired and miserable.

    Whats more, a cat that acts crazy all the time isnt normal and is usually a sign something is wrong. This may not be anything major like a medical condition but could indicate your cat is bored and needs some more excitement in its life.

    If you want to stop your cat from getting the zoomies, try using these top tips and seeing if you have any success.

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    What Does Aggression In Cats Look Like

    Although owners often report a cat attacking out of nowhere, cats often exhibit subtle changes in body positioning before launching into an actual act of aggression. These postures may be a clue in pinpointing the trigger for the aggressive behavior, as well as a much-needed warning before future attacks.

    Defensive postures are intended to make a cat look smaller and position herself in a protective manner. These postures may include: crouching, flattened ears, turning away from the person, hissing, swatting at you, raised hackles, or a tucked head. A defensive cat is often experiencing fear or anxiety about a situation that may or may not be apparent to you. You can be the recipient of fear-based aggression even if youre not the one causing the anxiety.

    Offensive postures make a cat look big and intimidating. These postures include: stiffened legs

    • Hackles raised

    • Growling

    • Stiff tail

    In either case, you want to avoid interacting with a cat exhibiting these postures as they are on the brink of moving on to the real damaging moves. A cat in attack mode can move with startling speed and aggression, and inflict extensive damage in a very swift period when the mouth and all four paws are engaged.

    Why Is My Cat Scared All Of A Sudden

    Why Is My Cat Acting Weird: The Most Common Reasons That ...

    After living together under the same roof for years, your cat who is usually bold and playful is suddenly acting weird and scared. Although some cats may recover from this themselves, some may need help or even professional treatment to regain their previous self.

    Read on to find why cats get scared all of a sudden and how can you create a comfortable home for her.

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    Why Is My Cat Acting Weird All Of A Sudden

    As cat owners, we definitely know that our feline friends sometimes may be a little bit too energetic. Especially if we have more than one cat then our feline friends may be even more playful and active. This is usually normal and even encouraged because if our furry friends are active and energetic it means they are healthy and not depressed. But what about if our cat is acting weird all of sudden? Is this normal or should you be worried about it?

    Sometimes if our feline friends are acting weird it may mean that there is something wrong with them but usually, this is not the case. There are so many things that can cause our cats to behave this way and often it does not mean that they are sick or depressed. In these situations, it is important that we carefully follow the situation and monitor our feline friends activity.


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