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Chewy Com Cat Food And Treats

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Meat Mates Freeze-Dried Cat Food and Cat Treats | Chewy
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Stella & Chewys Cat Food

If you want to feed your cat a diet that will keep them happy and help them thrive, choosing a raw food diet is a wonderful way to do so! Stella & Chewys raw and freeze-dried recipes for cats is a brand you can certainly trust and one of our top recommendations at Homes Alive.

Thoughtfully created with fresh, minimally-processed ingredients, your cat will love the irresistible meals that Stella & Chewys has to offer. Their freeze-dried dinners are made through a cold-pressing process that helps preserve all of the natural goodness and flavour, while also neutralizing any risk from potentially harmful bacteria.

Each recipe consists of a simple list of organic, responsibly sourced ingredients. Stella & Chewys Dinner Morsels are made with a variety of protein sources, including cage-free chicken, turkey, or duck, and wild-caught salmon, herring or tuna. They also make sure to include 100% organic fruits and vegetables to ensure that their recipes are well-balanced and rich in all of the vitamins and minerals your cat needs to live a happy, healthy life.

In addition to their freeze-dried cat foods, Stella & Chewys also provides premium wet food for cats. Their grain-free Purrfect Paté Wet Food and both come in several flavours for your cat to salivate over. Homes Alive carries these wet foods in chicken, turkey, and salmon!

Let your cats inner lion delight in a little taste of the wild with each bite of Stella & Chewys mouth-watering freeze-dried and wet food recipes!

Best Lickable + Best For Bonding: Inaba Churu Lickable Cat Treat

Calories: 5-6 calories/treat depending on flavor | Flavor: Tuna, chicken, and blends | Lifestage: Adult

  • Lots of plastic packaging

  • Cats should not be left alone with packaging

These wet treats, packaged in skinny plastic tubes, are hugely popular with just about every cat. Because you’ll need to hold the treat while a cat licks at the tube, this treat creates an extra special bonding experience with your cat, so they’re particularly good for building trust with a new feline friend. Churu lickable treats are popular with cat foster parents who are tasked with socializing cats who have been rescued from outdoor situations.

These treats are also very moist, so they can add some extra hydration to your cat’s diet. Churu treats are available in a range of grain-free flavors, including chicken, tuna, tuna with chicken, chicken with scallop, and tuna with scallop. If you want to save some of a treat for later, opened tube should be stored in the fridge.

My cat absolutely loves these little pouchesfrom the second I open one up, her attention will be laser-focused on it until the tube is empty or weve stored it away. I even used them to start clicker training her, since one tube is much easier to divide into small bits over a training session than her regular dry treats. – Kate Geraghty, Editorial Director, Commerce Home Group

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The Best Cat Treats Are Also Healthy

Some people dismiss the low nutritional value of certain treats by saying, Its a treat. Its not supposed to be healthy. Dont worry about it.

But why shouldnt cat treats be just as nutritious as they are delicious? Cats love eating the things that are best for their health. As natural carnivores, fresh meat, organs, and bones are some of their favorite things to eat.

If your cat is currently obsessed with a less-than-nutritious treat like Temptations, remember that theyre probably not thrilled by the unsavory parts of the ingredient list. They dont want corn. They dont want rice. They dont want Yellow 5 or Blue 2.

The thing making your cat meow and claw at the bag is a vaguely-labeled additive called natural flavor.

In cat food, natural flavor typically refers to hydrolyzed animal tissue. This is a highly concentrated animal flavor additive. Its intensely flavorful and most cats absolutely love it. Other crazy-delicious treats contain animal liver, which is also a concentrated source of the rich, meaty flavor cats long for.

So, knowing that your cat craves meat, skip the sugars, artificial colors, and carbohydrates.

Look for treats that are made from high-quality, simple ingredients, like chicken liver, beef meat, and perhaps a little salmon. Avoid treats that contain corn, wheat, soy, added sugar, and other unnecessary additives like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Cat Dry Food For Adult Cats

FRISKIES Meaty Bits Chicken Dinner in Gravy Canned Cat Food, 5.5

Give your cat the nutrition she needs to thrive with a complete and balanced dry adult cat food. Chewy has a wide selection of adult dry cat foods for every feline need and preference, including recipes in a delicious range of textures, formulas and flavors.

Adult cats need a balanced diet that is rich in protein and not too high in carbohydrates in order to maintain healthy muscle mass and avoid excess weight gain. They also require specific levels of certain vitamins and minerals, which is why it is important to only feed your kitty foods formulated specifically for cats. Vets often recommend feeding cats a combination of wet and dry cat food formulas to help ensure proper hydration and good health, but many cats do very well on just dry cat food alone.

Cats with specific dietary needs or health issues may benefit from a special diet dry cat food or a veterinary formula dry cat kibble. Choose from digestive formula dry cat foods, grain-free dry cat foods, natural adult dry cat food formulas, human-grade dry cat foods, dry limited ingredient diets and more. You can also find dry cat food formulas for allergies, weight management, urinary support and other health concerns. Your vet should be able to recommend a good dry food for your cat’s needs or write a prescription if your cat needs a veterinary diet food formula.

Frequently Asked Questions aboutCat Dry Food for Adult Cats

What are the benefits of feeding my adult cat dry food?
What are the best dry foods for cats?

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Why Trust The Spruce

Adrienne Kruzer is a Registered and Licensed Veterinary Technician in three states and has been writing on pet and vet topics for over a decade. She is also Fear Free Certified, has a special interest in pet nutrition, and loves researching, learning, and problem solving in order to better help pet owners. Her years of working in various animal hospitals, alongside her formal college education and elective continuing education classes, have provided her with a wealth of experience and knowledge to benefit cat owners.

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Does Chewy Have Their Own Brand

Yes, Chewy has its own private brand of wholesome, fresh, and human-grade meals under the name Tylees. The frozen dog food is available in four different flavors and conveniently shipped to subscribers packed in patented sustainable packages. Tylees also offers human-grade jerky treats. Chewy owns other brands, too, including the pet food brand American Journey and the pet supply manufacturer Frisco.

Is Cat Food Cheaper At Retail Or Pet Stores

Friskies Dry Cat Food and Treats | Chewy

One thing my vet, pet stores and retail stores could not offer me was delivery to my home, instant savings and a continuous cat food savings. In fact, what secret wont your veterinarian tell you? How to save money elsewhere!

Actually, that was opposite for me. Once my vet assigned my cat prescription wet cat food, she recommended I look into for cat food coupons.

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Where Can I Buy Chewy

Chewy is an online retailer meaning you can buy its products on the official websites digital shelves. The site is user-friendly and easy to use. Plus, Chewy frequently offers discounts and promo codes. Chewy also accepts coupons from manufacturers, offers free shipping for deals over $49, and has a 1-year money-back guarantee. The excellent 24/7 Chewy customer service rounds up the shopping experience.

Best Soft Treats: Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks

Calories: 17 calories per treat | Flavor: Chicken | Lifestage: Adult

  • Stick are individually wrapped for freshness

  • Easily adjust how much of the treat you give

  • Made with real meat

  • Must be consumed within 4 hours after opening

  • High in calories if entire stick is fed

If your cat turns its nose up to traditional, crunchy cat treats then you need to give Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks a try. These real meat treat sticks can be broken apart into bite-sized pieces, or the entire stick can be offered as more of a long-lasting chew treat. Cats love to run off with the whole stick like they would carry a mouse they caught, and it doubles as enrichment since its different than just a bite-sized piece of kibble. The sticks contain no artificial flavors or colors and are void of corn, wheat, and soy, so they are truly meaty sticks. The packaging ensures each stick stays fresh until your cat is ready to eat it, but if you dont want to give an entire stick as a treat, many pet owners will save any remaining stick pieces in a zip-top bag or something else to keep it from drying out.

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What About Cat Treats For Dental Health

Most treats marketed for dental health capitalize on the premise that crunchy food can scrape plaque off your cats teeth, preventing continued dental decay. Current veterinary knowledge suggests, however, that dry food and wet cat food are equally incapable of cleaning your cats teeth, so most of these special treats are useless.

If youre passionate about promoting good dental health, give your cat raw meaty bones like raw chicken wings and necks. Alternatively, you may give your cat treats infused with bacteria-consuming enzymatic cleaners.

The Deliciously Soft & Chewy Treats Cats Love

Kit &  Kaboodle Indoor Dry Cat Food, 16

When you want to treat your cat, you want it to be the good stuff: good tasting, and good for them.Tiki Cat packs all of that into perfectly bite-size treats! Tiki Cat Soft & Chewy are high in protein, with real chicken or tuna as the first ingredient for a punch of meaty flavor, and none of the unnecessary stuff: no grains, added gluten, artificial colors or flavors. Cats love to sink their teeth into its soft and chewy texture. With only 3 calories each, you can treat them as often as you want!

Real Chicken or Tuna

Tiki Cat Soft & Chewy Treats are made with real, high-quality chicken or tuna as the first ingredient for the meaty taste cats crave and the high protein they need.

Great for Kittens & Seniors

With only 3 calories per treats, you can indulge your cat without the guilt. Theyâre great as training treats, meal toppers, or every day tokens of your love.

Treats You Can Feel Good About Giving Your Cat

Their bite size and soft, chewy texture make these delicious treats easy for cats to eat. Theyâre perfect for cats with sensitive or small mouths, like kittens, seniors or cats with dental issues.

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How To Save Money On Cat Food

Thankfully, I was lead in the right direction to show me how to save money on cat food. With, save 30% on your first autoship order plus get free 1 to 2 day shipping on orders over $49! Additionally, Chewy is not only convenient with fast shipping, you can money on continuous pet food delivery. Save an extra 5 to 10% on future cat food autoship orders.

Soft & Chewy Cat Treats

Frequently Asked Questions aboutSoft & Chewy Cat Treats

Are soft and chewy treats good for cats?

Soft treats are good for cats, but like all treats, they should be given in moderation. Soft cat treats make great rewards or snacks for kitties, and many cats love their chewy texture. Just be careful to make sure no more than 10% of your cat’s calories come from treats and choose treats that aren’t full of artificial ingredients or unhealthy fillers.

Are soft treats better than hard treats for cats?

Soft treats are not better than hard treats for cats, but they can be easier for geriatric cats and felines with dental issues to chew. Hard treats may be better for removing tartar from cats’ teeth, but some types of chewy cat treats and dental cat chews can be helpful for the teeth and gums, as well.

Do vets recommend soft cat treats?

Vets sometimes recommend soft cat treats as an occasional reward for your cat. Many vets also recommend soft cat treats or pill pouches as ways to give medication easily. Some supplements your vet may recommend will come in soft chew treat form, as well.

What are the best soft and chewy cat treats?

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Pet Food Shortages Leave Owners On The Hunt For Kibble And Cat Treats

A cat eats in a home in Amman, March 17, 2015. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed/File Photo

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CHICAGO, July 29 – Black short-haired kitty Astra, one of millions of pets acquired during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, had to go without salmon-flavored Whiskas treats that were sold out at stores in New Orleans this month.

Loki, an Alaskan malamute dog in Ontario, Canada, did not have his usual Royal Canin kibble in the food bowl.

North American pet owners are struggling to track down certain foods from major retailers like , Target Corp and PetSmart as the sector grapples with increased demand and strains on the supply chain. read more

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Costs for pet food ingredients have climbed 8% to 20% since the pandemic began, according to U.S. industry group the Pet Food Institute, outpacing a 5.4% jump in consumer prices in the 12 months through June. read more

Higher prices of basic foodstuffs such as corn, soy and meat, on top of rising transportation and labor costs, are affecting all food supplies – both for animals and people – as the U.S. economy picks up steam. read more

“The pet supply chain isn’t that different from the food supply chain,” said Coye Nokes, partner at OC& C Strategy Consultants. “That has obviously been really stressed by COVID whether it’s the ingredients, raw materials, processing or downtime at different facilities.”


What Does Chewy Sell

Supreme Source Cat Food and Treats | Chewy

Chewy sells everything pet-related from food and treats to toys and accessories to supplements and medications. Below is a more detailed list of the general product categories you can find on Chewys digital shelves:

  • Pet Food
  • Pet Treats
  • Pet Supplies
  • Litter and Accessories
  • Pet Vitamins and Supplements
  • Preventive Products
  • OTC and Prescription Pet Medications.

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About Our Soft & Chewy Cat Treats

Our selection of soft and chewy cat treats come in a variety of flavours and brands your cat will love to try. Soft chews contain a gentle texture thats easy to chew, ideal for kittens, aging senior and mature cats, or cats with dental or jaw problems. These tasty treats often contain a stronger smell because of their natural flavour.

You can also purchase more products from our friendly and helpful staff at your local Pet Food N More. Check out any of our seven locations here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

From our store to you door: receive info about pet tips, events and in-store deals.

Best Grain Free: Purebites Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Cat Treats

Calories: 2 calories per treat | Flavor: Chicken | Lifestage: Adult

  • Only available in small bags

  • Treats tend to crumble

PureBites cat treats contain just one ingredientchicken. They are freeze-dried and come in bite-sized pieces that make healthy treats for your cat. They have no added grains or other ingredients, so it’s easy to avoid things your cat cant have, and the unique texture will be an appealing reward. These treats are affordable, all-natural, and only have about two calories each. Salmon and shrimp treat options are also available from PureBites for cats that need to avoid both grains and chicken.

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