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High Fiber Senior Cat Food

Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food

10 Best High Fiber Cat Food Picks for Your Kitty – Picks and Reviews

Whereas older cats who have lost some of their teeth can struggle with dry food, older cats that still have a full set need support for maintaining their healthy teeth. This IAMS formula is specially formulated with crunchy kibble to reduce plaque build-up and keep teeth healthier for longer.

While this food is quite high in calories and fat, it should not be too much of a problem for relatively active older cats. They will also get a boost from the metabolism enhancing l-Carnitine included in the formula.

It does contain grains, which can be problematic for some cats with sensitive stomachs. However, it should be relatively easy to digest overall as it is high in fiber and contains prebiotics to promote stomach health.


  • High-calorie and high in fat

Overall: Healthy Teeth

The Best Foods Are Ultra

Because many cats lose their interest in food as they age, its important to stimulate their desire to eat. Warm, moist foods with strong aromas can point your cat in the right direction.

A sprinkle of bonito flakes or a splash of bone broth can also encourage your older cat to get the food they need. Dental problems can make chewing a challenge, so its a good idea to select moist, soft foods that are easy for your cat to consume.

All of the foods on this list were chosen with senior needs in mind. Theyre rich in biologically-appropriate animal protein, feature minimally processed ingredients, and have a soft, moist consistency thats easy to eat.

With cats living longer than ever before, theres no doubt that senior cats can be fit, healthy, and energetic.

The right diet plays a vital role in ensuring that your cat is at his best through every stage of life. In addition to the foods listed above, any nutrient-dense, meat-based food will help your senior thrive.

Remember that a cats nutritional needs change with age. Consult with your veterinarian if you need help finding the diet thats most appropriate for your senior cat.

Verified Review: User Experience

Users of the Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Salmon & Pumpkin in Broth Senior Wet Cat Food say their older cats love it. Reviewers with older cats who also have delicate digestion or are picky also say their cats love this food. One user whose cat has no teeth says her cat can eat this food with no problem. Users who were having to water down food for their older cats say they can serve this one without adding water.

Reviewers of Wellness Complete Health Age Advantage Chicken Pate Wet Cat Food say it works great for their older cats. One very picky cat enjoys this formula.

Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb Recipe Canned Cat Food got great reviews for their high quality. Users say their older cats look great and are frisky on this food and say its worth the cost. Owners whose cats have IBD also report great results with Ziwi Peak food. A few cats wont eat this food.

Stella and Chewys Yummy Lickin Salmon and Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food got great reviews from owners of older cats and pets who were recovering from illness. Reviewers whose cats didnt like other raw foods or who are very picky eaters liked this one. Users appreciate the probiotics in the formula and say their cats choose it over other foods. A few cats dont like it.

There arent enough reviews for Boss Cat Complete and Balanced Raw Diet Turkey Recipe Freeze-Dried Cat Food to make any conclusions, but the reviews that are posted are enthusiastic.

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Senior Cat Food Vs Regular Cat Food: Whats The Difference

A recent study showed that senior cat foods generally differ from regular cat food in one major way: food marketed as senior cat food has significantly more fiber than regular cat food. Further, the study found no major difference in the crude protein, fat, and mineral concentrations between foods .

That doesnt mean that all senior cat foods are the same the amount of protein, fat, and fiber can vary greatly from brand to brand. Miller recommends that senior cats get a moderate protein diet, that is, food that is 30 to 45 percent crude protein. He also says that senior cats should get more calorically dense food. He again notes that a food that works for one cat may not work for another.Every cat is an individual and there is no one diet that fits all cats. But, regardless of the formulation of the diet, I typically recommend higher protein, lower carbohydrate foods, and these can be in both wet and dry formulations.

Homemade Chicken Soup For Cat

5 Best High Fiber Cat Food Reviews

Cat owners, we all know how hard it is to encourage your furry pal to drink up. Hydration is especially important for cats and even more so for those who depend on dry cat kibbles as their main source of nutrients. Dehydrated cats run a higher risk of getting urinary tract, kidney disease or other health issues. If regular water doesnt seem to appeal to your fussy feline, soups for cats can be a great solution. However, we recommend feeding soups to adults or senior cats only and ensure the soup contains little to no sodium. This chicken soup for cats is a tasty and easy-to-make alternative. Itll be sure to help your kitty hit their daily fluid intake!

Prep time: 5 minutes

  • Chop up the celery and carrot finely
  • Fill a pot with water and add the vegetables, followed by the chicken legs
  • Bring the pot to a boil and let it simmer for 90 minutes
  • Once done, pack the soup into separate containers or freeze it in ice cube trays for easy storage. This soup for cats can last up to seven days in the fridge and up to six months in the freezer.
  • When youre ready to serve, heat the soup up to about 35 degree celsius before giving it to your cat. Heating the food up will help improve its flavour and make it more appetising to your feline.
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    High Fiber Cat Food Buying Guide

    Fiber might not seem like a big deal for your cats.

    In fact, according to animal nutritionists, cats dont have a nutritional demand for fiber. Cats have a shorter digestive tract than a human or even a dog which means that they can rapidly digest meat and other foods.

    However, in the wild, cats are also used to eating a very different diet to what they get in their bowl at home. As much as you might not like to think about it, your little fuzzball was designed to be eating live prey, that means that theyd be chugging down birds, mice, and other creatures, bones, fur, and all.

    Though those things arent traditionally what most of us think of when we picture fiber, they are the stuff that generally helps cats to move food through their digestive tract in the wild. Because those products are indigestible, they help to push things along and keep your cats gut healthy.

    Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Best For Sensitive Stomachs

    This dry cat food is recommended by many veterinarians for cats with sensitive stomachs. It has been carefully formulated to provide everything your adult cat needs in terms of nutrition, with easy-to-digest ingredients. This diet has plenty of fiber from many different sources- these promote normal intestinal movement, well-formed feces, and healthy gut bacteria. It also contains feline-appropriate prebiotics to provide those good gut bacteria with everything they need.

    Psyllium seed husks are also added as they absorb excess moisture to keep stools formed. Although this product requires veterinary authorization, most vets will be happy to prescribe to any cat suffering from recurrent vomiting or diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, or regurgitation after eating.

    This dry kitten food from Hills is one of the best products on the market for feeding your young and growing kitten. Its manufactured in the USA using ingredients that exceed industry standards, and is loved by vets all over. The growing stage is the most important part of your cats life when it comes to diet little deficiencies here can quickly add up, which is why its so important to buy from a scientifically-backed company like Hills, which does feeding trials to ensure their products are up to scratch.

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    What Differences Should There Be In An Older Cats Diet

    Just as with us humans, old age brings many physical changes to cats and as such, their diets need to adjust. You should still always be sure your cat receives a nutritionally complete meal, but certain adjustments in nutrient levels can make their lives a little easier. The same changes are seen in dogs as we see in cats, too lowered energy levels and a calmer lifestyle call for senior dog foods to replace adult formulas.

    More moisture required

    As cats age, they become prone to fatigue and dehydration. This fatigue is partially caused by decreased energy levels, making them far less likely to actively seek out fresh water.

    Dehydration can cause serious illness in cats, ranging from constipation to liver failure, so its absolutely vital your cat stays hydrated all year round. If you leave water out for your cat but find that they rarely drink from it, you should consider investing in a cat water fountain. Cats are more inclined to drink from running water, so these water fountains work a treat to get them drinking.

    Soft wet foods for older cats

    Opting for a wet senior cat food will not only aid in combating dehydration, but it will also make eating easier for cats with teeth problems. Older cats often have tooth issues that can make eating kibble a painful experience, so a softer wet cat food is kinder on the teeth.

    Slightly more fiber

    Lower fat content

    How Do I Ensure Proper Hydration

    Best Cat Food for Constipation | Best High Fiber Wet Cat Food

    Water is the single most important nutrient for cats of any age. Aging, however, interferes with a cat’s sensitivity to thirst which is already low in cats and predisposes them to dehydration.

    Chronic dehydration can interfere with normal metabolic function and may speed the progression of subclinical disease.

    “Water is the single most important nutrient for cats of any age.”

    Make sure your cat has regular access to water and monitor the amount of water left in the bowl to see if there is any reduction in their water intake. Have multiple bowls of varied sizes in different areas and all floors of your home. Water bowls should not be near food as cats prefer not to drink close to their food. Some cats prefer to drink running water if your cat prefers water from the tap, invest in a water fountain for them. Clean and freshen water bowls regularly to eliminate built up debris that may deter your cat. Feeding more canned food will also increase water intake.

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    Hartz Delectable Stew Lickable Wet Cat Treats

    Chicken flakes and blended tuna make up the Hartz Delectables Stew. These pouches contain all the nutrients that a senior cat will need, including vitamins B and E. This diet includes no cornmeal, vegetables, whole grain, or wheat.

    It is ideal for senior cats with dental issues, as it is easy to chew. Other older cats with stronger teeth can be offered crunchy treats or kibble to accompany this food, as this will help strengthen their teeth and gums.

    Buy a pack of Delectables Stew food if your cat is a little fussy.

    Key Features

    How We Rate Foods

    Our database of cat foods contains over 2000 individual foods.

    We collected all the relevant information on each product, including:

    • AAFCO Rating
    • Macronutrient profiles
    • Price and price per pound
    • Calories per 100 grams
    • Whether meat is the first ingredient
    • How each food compares to the average of all foods on a macronutrient basis
    • Whether the recipe uses more than 4 controversial ingredients

    Each of these data points works together to form a star rating on a 1-5 star scale .

  • If the foods first ingredient is meat, it gets 1 point.
  • If the food does not use unnamed meat ingredients , it gets 1 point.
  • If the food has an above average protein level on a dry-matter basis, compared to all other foods in the database, it gets 1 point. If it has an average amount, it gets .5 points.
  • If the recipe contains fewer than 4 controversial ingredients , it gets 1 point. If it contains exactly 4 it gets .5 points.
  • The final available point is a discretionary point that we award based on things like carbohydrate content, inclusion of probiotics and vitamins, and other points, and is our judgement call on a foods quality and biological appropriateness for your cat.
  • We think that this system provides a fair, transparent system by which we can compare all foods on an equal footing, and give you the easiest possible time when choosing the best of the best.

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    Best Grain Free High Fiber Cat Food: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Dry Indoor Cat Food

    Maybe your cat has sensitivities to grain but needs a high fiber diet to help reduce hairballs? Perhaps they live indoors and need extra fiber to help control their weight? Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball and weight control is probably the best cat food on the market for your cat.

    The fiber in this cat food comes from pea fiber, powdered cellulose, psyllium seed husks, alfalfa meal, pumpkin, apples, and dried kelp so you get a good blend of mixed fiber that will keep your cats digestive system ticking along effectively.

    Blue Buffalo is made in the USA and prides itself on providing cats with an evolutionary diet that is free of grains and loaded with real meat . This should help your cat if it has sensitivities but also ensures your cat lives as it should and maintains great condition due to the quality of the ingredients.

    At this point, you are possibly thinking you need a prescription or a deep wallet? You dont need a prescription but the food isnt the cheapest but then nor are the ingredients.

    This food is highly recommended by owners online. The cats take to it very well and it seems very effective for cats with hairballs. The only gripe is cost this is a premium, high-quality cat food, and that comes at a cost.


    Hills Science Diet Senior Dry Cat Food

    High Fiber Cat Food Wet

    Hills Science Diet is among the best cat food for senior cats because it actually offers a staged senior dry cat food plan.*

    There is one food for senior cats aged 7+ years and one for senior cats aged 11+ years.

    Plus, there are two recipes for each age category: senior cats aged 7+ years can choose from Indoor or Active Longevity.

    And senior cats aged 11+ years can choose from Indoor Age Defying and Age Defying.

    So you can choose the recipe which best matches your cats age and lifestyle.

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    Hills Prescription Diet Feline Gastrointestinal Biome Chicken

    High fiber foods are all about achieving good gut health. This Hills prescription gastrointestinal food has been designed using a holistic approach to dietary requirements. As we know, there needs to be a balance between fiber and protein.

    The blend of active fibers found in this product allows for food to easily pass through, and break down your kittys breakfasts and dinners. With a good release of bacteria, their gut health will also be optimized, which essentially allows regular bowel movements.

    If you have an older cat or a cat with dental issues, these kibbles can be soaked in warm water with chicken stock added. This leaves a soft, warm, and delectable meal for your kitty!

    Shop UK Hills Prescription Diet Feline Gastrointestinal Biome Chicken Dry Food

    The Effects Fiber Has On Cats

    Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that plays a significant role in the movement of food through a cats gastrointestinal organs.

    A large part of this fiber wont get broken down rather, it acts as a transportation means for the meats that cats have been designed to ingest. This is why its very important that your cat is not eating too much fiber.

    Too much fiber can leave your cat going to the litter box too often, or it can cause constipation and stomach pain.

    Luckily, we arent feeding our cats a completely fiber-based diet. Quality high fiber cat foods, like the ones listed below, include fiber that can be fermented and broken down by bacteria.

    This, in turn, creates fatty acids, which provide your kitty with energy for the cells that line their intestinal tracts.

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    Meal Size And Frequency

    You should also think about how often your cat is fed. Smaller, more frequent meals may help increase contractions in the lower digestive tract.

    When thinking about how much theyre fed, be realistic about their access to treats and other foods. If theyre eating more than one or two very small treats each day, make sure you use one that matches the food youre feeding.

    Chicken Soup For The Soul Weight & Mature Care Recipe

    Is High Protein Food Bad For Senior Cats?

    If youre looking for the best canned cat food for weight loss, this Chicken Soup for the Soul Weight & Mature Care Recipe is another great option. Made with several lean sources of protein including chicken, salmon, turkey, and ocean fish, this recipe is a healthy way to help your overweight cat or less active adult cat drop some weight. It is still nutritionally balanced and made with high-quality ingredients, but it is lower in calories and supplemented with extra fiber.

    • Pros: Several lean sources of animal protein, whole-grain carbohydrates, fresh fruits, and vegetables, rich in protein and fiber, low in fat and calories
    • Cons: Not a grain-free recipe, not supplemented with probiotics

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