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How Can I Make My Cat Litter Box Not Smell

Don’t Use Litter Liners

HOW TO HAVE A SMELL FREE LITTER BOX ยป sharing my secret to a stink-free home with multiple cats

They basically cause a number of negative feedback loops.

Most of what really needs to be scooped out of the litter box is at the very bottom. Litter liners make it impossible to scoop the bottom of the box because you will tear holes in the liner, defeating the purpose.

Since you cant scoop the litter box people tend to throw all of the litter away. Usually, everything will be thrown out once a week.

Throwing away so much causes people to buy really cheap litter, which smells awful after just a few days.

Although litter liners seem like they might make your life easier, they cost more and usually make you deal with the smell until you throw out all of the litter.

Provide The Correct Type Of Litter For Odour Control

Natusan clumping litter performs 40% better on odour control than the average natural litter

Some cat litters have added fragrances or other additives which claim to help mask odour. These perfumes serve to merely carry the smell around, and due to a cats enhanced sensitivity to smell this can be overwhelming, which is one of the reasons this type of litter is discouraged.

Clumping litter, which allows for the simple removal of both liquid and solid waste, keeps your cats litter tray smelling fresher for longer.

As mentioned earlier odour control in cat litter is mainly about avoiding the formation of ammonia. Natusan clumping litter performs better on odour control than the average natural clumping litter brand.

In a recent test scientists performed on our litter, two measurements were taken: after one day, representing a normal cleaning routine, and after three days, representing a weekend without cleaning

Natusan performs on average 1.4 x better on odour control compared to other natural clumping litters.

If you didn’t remove clumps daily then:

On day 3 , the ammonia levels in Natusan litter are an estimated 25% less on average *compared to other natural litters

On day 1 , the ammonia levels in Natusan litter are an estimated 29% less on average* compared to other natural litters

Don’t just take our word for it, try Natusan today to discover it’s odour-combatting properties for yourself! Use code TABBY50 for 50% off your first 10L bag.

How To Eliminate Cat Litter Odor

Has your home started to smell like a giant litter box? While cats are cute, their litter box habits can leave your home smelling less than desirable. The ammonia-like stench can be overwhelming and make you nauseous. In this post, were going to share some tips on how to eliminate cat litter odor once and for all. Keep reading to find out more!

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Use Filters To Help Dissipate The Cat Litter Smell

There is a crazy amount of litter boxes on the market today. The good news is that you can get a litter box that works for both you and your furry friend. The unfortunate part about this is that for a new cat parent or a finicky cat, the options can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, if you are having a problem with that cat litter smell, there are also plenty of options for filters, which can help dispel the cat litter smell. Whether you have a regular box or a hooded box for your cat litter, there are different types and styles for you to choose from.

Charcoal is the most common type of filter and it can be reused after spending some time in the sun. Although, if you are not comfortable with reusing it, charcoal is inexpensive enough that it can be replaced as often as necessary without causing yourself or your household financial strain.

How Often Should I Change My Cats Litter

The Easy Natural Cat Litter Box Solution Youve Been ...

It is generally recommended to change your cats litter every 1-2 weeks. However, you may need to change it more frequently if your cat uses the litter box frequently or if the litter box is in a dusty area. If you notice that the litter box starts to smell bad, make sure to change it as soon as possible.

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One More Thought About Litter

The best and least smelly litter box option is the one that works for your cat. Be sensitive to his preferences and keep him happily using the box. You might prefer a covered box, with a pine-scented litter and a scented deodorizer, all tucked away in a corner of your dank basement, but if your cat starts using a corner of the living room instead to do his business, no one is going to be happy.

Should I Use A Deodorizer

Deodorizers are tricky. Some merely mask the smell of waste with perfume and the scent tends to dissipate rather quickly, negating any “odor-hiding benefits. Moreover, cats have a far more sensitive sense of smell than we do and might find the perfume-y smell offensive.

To reiterate: the main goal is making sure that your cat is not discouraged from using the litter box to toilet. You may adore the lavender scent of the new deodorizer you just bought, but the only opinion that matters when it comes to litter deodorizers is your cats.

There are as many opinions about unscented deodorizers as there are products on the market.

Some of the “unscented” products still have a smell that some cats and some humans find unacceptable. Moreover, some of these unscented varieties are crystal-based and some cats don’t like the feeling of the crystals on their paws.

Another type of unscented deodorizer is powdered-activated charcoal. It does seem to reduce odor as promised, but cats may track the black powder around the house on their paws. There are also charcoal-infused sheets that can be placed underneath the litter, but cats tend to pull up the sheets as they scratch around in the box.

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Best Place For The Litter Box

Place the litter box clean and low-traffic point, where your cat can get privacy. Some people want to keep cats in a small or paper made box. Keep in mind that keeping the box in a well-ventilated area is good for the environment. That will keep the place neat and clean so that it wont get any illness. Some cats like to be covered in their boxes.

Have some practice with the likeness of the cat to check what kind of box it likes. Snails move around in a field area poster that is why proper ventilation is very important. So, keep the litter box in a well-ventilated area.

Rethink Litter Box Location

HOW TO HAVE A SMELL-FREE LITTER BOX | Tips and tricks I’ve learned the hard way

Its worth thinking carefully about where you place the litter box. While its fairly obvious you dont want the box on the kitchen counter or next to your pillow, there are actually some very popular litter box locations that you should avoid if you want to maximize odor control. Two of these popular, but misguided litter box locales are the laundry room and the bathroom. These may seem like logical places to keep your cats litter box, offering privacy for your cat and keeping odor locked away from the rest of the home. However, the invisible problem with keeping a litter box in these places is the humidity. Because cat litter works by absorbing moisture, having excess moisture in the air means the life of your litter will be reduced, and youll have to change litter more often if you want to avoid the buildup of odor. Dry litter is far less odorous than wet litter. Thus, the best place to set your litter box is a dry, well-ventilated area where humidity is at a minimum. It may seem counterintuitive, but placing the litter box near a fan or air conditioning vent can actually help prevent litter box odor by drying out waste and soiled litter more quickly. It can also save you money in the long run by allowing you to go longer between litter changes!

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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

Recommended Litter Type Any

Our choice for the best overall cat litter box for odor control is the Booda Dome Cleanstep litter box. The design of this litter box is unlike any other. For controlling odors, this box relies on its unique shape to help contain smells and a filter to trap any scents that try to escape. The Booda Dome is large enough for most sizes of cats. What makes it the top choice for us is the easy entry thanks to the enclosed stairs. Tiny kittens and senior cats with stiff joints often have trouble climbing in and out of traditional litter boxes. This box solves that problem, which means it also solves the issue of the old and young cats eliminating outside the box because they cant get in! The major complaint about this box seems to be that urine can build up and eventually leak out of the seam between top and bottom. However, this appeared to be an issue with all the covered litter boxes we reviewed if used by cats who are higher sprayers or urinate standing up. If your cat falls into that category, be aware that this could become an issue.

Recommended Litter Type Any
Recommended Litter Type Any
Recommended Litter Type Any
Recommended Litter Type Any
Recommended Litter Type Any
Recommended Litter Type Any
Recommended Litter Type Tidy Cat Breeze
Recommended Litter Type Any
Recommended Litter Type Clumping litter
  • Must use clumping litter

Keep An Eye On Their Diet

Some cats diets can result in extremely smelly poop. A particular ingredient cats cant digest very well is wheat or grains, and this can cause particularly pongy poops…

Note to self: cancel taco night

Bacteria and even parasites from contaminated or spoiled food can also cause an increase in odour, so make sure to take your cat to the vet if you notice a sudden change to get them checked out.

There are some elements in a cat’s diet that can make their poop smell worse, some of these issues will naturally resolve themselves, whilst others may need an expert eye

When a cat switches to a new type of food, their tummy may need a bit of time to catch up, whereas an allergy in their food will show as not fully digested and extra smelly. Vets recommend an elimination diet to get to the bottom of this particular problem.

Why not try hypoallergenic Insect based food Lovebug on It is well known that the majority of dietary allergies in cats are caused by beef, dairy or fish. Lovebug is free from such ingredients and relies on a novel insect protein source which considerably reduces the risk of intolerances being triggered. Try you first order with 50% off using code LOVEBUG50

Cats can clean themselves, the rest is up to you

The best thing you can do to combat odour is stay on top of cleaning.

With Natusan, weekly litter tray changes are a thing of the past.

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Keep The Litter Box Odor To A Minimum With These Vet

Let’s face it: no one likes the smell of a stinky litter box, which makes litter box odor one of the challenging aspects of living with a cat. But fighting the stink doesn’t have to be difficult it’s about paying attention to your cat’s preferences. “You might prefer a covered box, with a pine-scented litter and a scented deodorizer, all tucked away in a corner of your dank basement, but if your cat starts using a corner of the living room instead to do his business, no one is going to be happy,” Dawn LaFontaine, cat blogger and owner of Cat in the Box products, told POPSUGAR. Here are nine effective ways to avoid that scenario, and eliminate litter box odor to keep you and your cat happy.

Tips For Dealing With Litter Box Odor

The Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control

If you stick your head in the litter box and take a big whiff, you cant expect it to smell very nice. But there is a difference between odor being contained to the litter box and odor pervading the entire house. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to control litter box odor.

Here are 6 simple tips for dealing with litter box odor:

  • Switch to a covered litter box. If the issue is simply that litter box odor is spreading throughout the house, switching to a covered litter box might help keep it contained. You can find covered litter boxes that include a filter as well to help keep odor down.
  • Try a new cat litter. Sometimes switching to a different type of cat litter can help reduce litter box odor. Look for a litter that absorbs well and forms hard clumps to seal in odor.
  • Scoop the litter box more frequently. The more you scoop the litter box, the less there is to produce odor. It is best to scoop clumps every day or every other day and to refresh the entire litter box once every week or so, depending how many cats you have.
  • Add another litter box. If you have more than one cat, adding an extra litter box may help to keep litter box odors from piling up as quickly.
  • Use baking soda or a litter box deodorizer. Sometimes sprinkling baking soda or a litter box deodorizer over the litter in the box can help keep litter box odors down.
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    Change Your Cats Diet

    Cats diet plays a huge role in the smell of the litter box. A raw meat diet is the best diet if you are looking for cat food that reduces feces odor. Remember: cat are carnivores, not omnivores. Feeding them grains is not optimal for their digestion and cheap cat food is often based on corn, wheat or rice. Higher quality food has greater meat and water content and its the best option for smell-free poop. Dry food is also to avoid as it makes cats urine extremely smelly and youll be left with a strong ammonia smell.

    How To Stop Litterbox Odor

    Scoop it daily

    The first rule of litter boxes is this: scoop it out everyday. Your cat wont take its trash out, so might as well do it before the smellwafts all over your home. Remember that the litter box stinks because of theurine and feces inside. By taking it out, youre also removing the odor, atleast most of it.

    Aside from saving your nose from the murderous scent,removing deposits from the litter box is also for your cats sake. Some kittieswont go potty on a litter box unless you remove the bomb first.

    For some, an automatic scooping box might sound like a goodidea. But heres the catch: the mechanical sound may spook your cat. And sinceyour cat is afraid of the litter box, theres a high chance that youll dealwith accidents all over the house.

    Get the right type of litter

    The type of litter you use plays a big role in odor control. Litter products nowadays have their own claims of odor-fighting properties.

    Some litter brands have proprietary formulas that lock awaysmell once the fluids are absorbed into the material. You can also find litterwith activated carbon, crystals, and other odor-neutralizing add-ons.

    As for the type, clumping litters are ideal because itprevents the fluids from spreading all over the litter box and your home.Clumping litters are also easy to scoop since its already rock-solid.

    Moreover, you can find litter products with syntheticcrystals that offer better odor control. However, most of these arenon-clumping and quite costly.

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    Why Is Cat Smell So Hard To Get Rid Of

    Cat smell, particularly cat urine, is hard to eliminate because of its chemical makeup.

    Cat urine contains uric acid, along with other compounds such as pheromones, especially if the cat is claiming its territory, says Bruce Vance, a certified house cleaning technician with Town and Country Cleaning Services. Common cleaning agents dont remove the uric acid, which can linger in a home for years.

    Cat urine also contains urea, a different compound created when proteins break down. Urea itself is odorless. But as it ages, it breaks down into ammonia, which has a strong odor. Thats why cat urine tends to smell worse over time.

    How cats evolved makes matters worse. Cats originated from desert animals, so they are very good at conserving water, says Dr. Chyrle Bonk, a veterinarian. This makes their urine very concentrated.

    Cat hair, vomit, dander and feces can also cause a home to smell. Your cats litter box may be another cause. Keep cat litter clean to reduce odor.

    Training Your Cat To Go Outside

    How to Make a Homemade Cat Litter Box

    This is a great option which solves your problem completely but requires training of the cat. You can start by moving the litter box closer and closer to the door. Install a pet door and keep your litter box outside the door. Start adding dirt and leaves in the litter. Move the litter box 2 to 3 feet at a time every couple of days and ensure your cat is eliminating in the litter box. Once you get to the designated area of eliminating start putting the litter on the ground for the cat to get the hint. If you be patient throughout the process, it is likely that your cat will adapt to eliminating outside.

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