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Never Miss Cat Litter Box

One Of The Best Courses I Have Ever Taken Judene D

NVR Miss Litterbox Review – High Wall Cat Litterbox

After many years in lost pet recovery, I found this course still taught me a great deal. It was one of the best courses I have ever taken. Kats knowledge, skill, experience, humor, compassion, and dedication make this a wonderful learning opportunity. I also find the ways Kat provides for MAR graduates to communicate withRead moreOne of the Best Courses I Have Ever Taken Judene D.

Best Budget: Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box

Want something even more budget-friendly? Check out the Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box from Nature’s Miracle. Thanks to its extra-high walls, kitty litter stays inside the box.

Not only that, but the non-stick, antimicrobial material prevents buildup and caking, which makes cleaning a breeze. This litter box is also generously sized, so it’s ideal for big cats and families with multiple fur babies. It’s also a good pick for cats that don’t like enclosed boxes.

Went Above And Beyond For Our New Rescue This Holiday Season

Tracey and Jeff went above and beyond for our new rescue this holiday season. Samwell has only lived in our home for four days when this foster family penned escape artist ran through a closing door on December 19th, 2019. From the moment we reached out for help, Tracey wasRead moreWent Above and Beyond for Our New Rescue This Holiday Season.

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Belinda Brown Brought My Dog Home To Me

I am so thankful that MAR exists Belinda Brown is a hero to me. She swung into action with useful advice and coaching. It was her advice to set up food stations that saved my dog, Xin. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. Xin is very much a part of me thatRead moreBelinda Brown brought my dog home to me

Dont Mess With The Rest When You Can Have The Best

Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Large Cat Litter Box, $9.89 at Walmart

Ive known Bravo personally for several years including during all of his training & I have seen the incredible progress he has made. Bravo was born to do this job & he loves it. There is no other dog I would ever trust the way I trust Bravo & his amazing loving owner/trainer, Balynda BrownRead moreDONT MESS WITH THE REST WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE BEST

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What You Need To Potty

  • Litter box
  • Kitty litter
  • Poop bags if you’re using non-flushable litter
  • Enzyme cleaner

Picking a good litter box

To start, you want to match your litter box to the size of your cat. Kittens may need a smaller box, with at least one shallow side, so they can easily scramble in and out. Theyll graduate to a bigger box as they grow.

Pick a litter box thats big enough for your cat to move around without bumping up against the sides. You want one thats at least three to four inches deep. Because cats usually kick or paw litter over their leavings, a deeper box can help keep litter and other stuff! from flying out onto your floor.

Is your kitty a champion litter-kicker? See if theyre willing to use a covered box, or other furniture-type litter solutions. Covered litter boxes can get really stinky if you dont clean them every day, but they may save you some extra sweeping.

Picking a kitty litter

Once you have your litter box, pour in about one to two inches of kitty litter. You want to cover the entire bottom of the box too little, and the box gets gross very quickly too much, and its easy to miss goop when you scoop.

No matter which litter you pick, you should be scooping it every day. Dump out the old litter and put in new litter at least once a week. Wash the tray with enzyme cleaner every month.

We Got Our Cat Back Thank You Mar

With the Missing Animal Response Network, & their pet detective, Jamie Bozzi, & search-dog Indy, we were able to narrow down & focus our search efforts on specific locations of where our lost cat had recently been. Watching Indy react to certain areas & , later, hearing from witnesses who had seen our cat, cemented theRead moreWe got our cat back! Thank you, MAR!

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You Have A Finicky Feline

If your kitty starts messing outside of their litter box, you might need to put on your detective hat. If cleanliness isnt the issue, it could be the litter or the litter box itself. For example, your cat might not like the texture of the litter youve selected. Or, perhaps it possesses too strong a scent or feels too rough on their paws. As a result, you might see your cat shaking their paws as they leave the litter box or refusing even to put their feet in the litter.

Additionally, your feline might have an aversion to the actual litter box or where you keep it. For example, many cats prefer low-sided boxes they can access easily. Other cats like boxes with covers because they feel safer, while others prefer boxes with no lids because they feel less threatened . Also, if the litter box is somewhere with lots of noise or in a busy part of the home, it could be a bit off-putting for your furry friend.

If you suspect the problem is the litter boxs location, try moving it to a more calm, less intrusive space. If this doesnt quite do the trick, you can try setting up a couple of different litter boxes along with several other litters to see which one your cat seems to choose the most. It might take a bit of persistence and investigation on your part, but eventually, you should find the magic formula that works for your pet.

Our Pick: Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box

Ragdoll Cat’s Litter Box Set Up – NVR Miss Litterboxes, Litter Lifter and WooPet! Cat Litter Mats

*At the time of publishing, the price was $11.

The Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box is the perfect example of a simple solution thats also the right one. It has all the features that experts recommend to keep your cat happyits large and open and has a low entry pointas well as the ones that keep humans sane. Its high sides prevent litter and urine from getting out of the box, the smooth surfaces are easy to scoop and clean, and its dirt cheap.

Measuring 20 by 18 inches at the top, with a 16-by-11½-inch pan at the base, the Natures Miracle box is one of the largest ones weve found that bigger cats can use comfortably. Many of the boxes we dismissed without testing were much smaller, often less than 16 inches wide on the outside, with even smaller pan sizes. That may be fine for a kitten or small cat, but ideally, medium and large cats will get their length or more in every direction to turn around. One open box we considered was larger in length and width, but the extra space didnt seem necessary for most cats.

Open boxes have a reputation for being stinky, but the best way to avoid that is to scoop more often and keep the box clean.

Finally, this litter box is the cheapest we found, and it performs better than the competition. If youre okay with the idea of an open box, the Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box is the best choice.

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The Classes Were Convenient And Informative Crystal C

I was delighted to take a MAR training course from Kat. I was impressed with the details, depth, and the variety of materials shared with us during our course. The classes were convenient, informative and delivered with skill and an obvious passion for passing on her experience and knowledge to others so that more peopleRead moreThe Classes Were Convenient and Informative Crystal C.

Cope With Cognitive Decline

Your aging cat may have developed feline cognitive dysfunction , which is a form of cognitive decline characterized by such symptoms as deterioration in memory, sight, hearing, and ability to learn. Some older cats with cognitive decline will forget where to find the litter box and what to do when they get there. If your cat is diagnosed with cognitive decline, the vet may prescribe supplements and/or medication, such as an anti-anxiety drug, to help ease some of your kitty’s anxieties and related issues. Here are more tips on how to help your older cat with litterbox problems:

  • Help your cat cope by maintaining consistency in its surroundings and daily routines. Many cats of all ages don’t tolerate change well, but with older cats and especially those with increased and various degrees of cognitive decline, consistency in all things becomes even more important or your cat may not use its litterbox as intended.
  • Keep the litterbox in the same spot to reduce your cat’s stress in finding it. If you must make changes or move the litter box, leave one recent deposit in it to help your cat find it by scent. Be as patient as possible if your cat needs to learn the new location of its litter box and has a few accidents in the meantime.
  • Surround the litterbox with puppy pads in case your cat finds the litter area, but can’t remember to get into the box.

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Litter Box Cleaning And Pregnant Women: Toxoplasmosis

We often get requests from pregnant women who are worried and hear a lot about the potential dangers of coming in contact with a litter box. The first thing to know is that many women are immune to toxoplasmosis, but if you dont want to take the risk, just ask your partner to change the litter during this period. Otherwise, gloves should protect you.

Make It Clean And Private

34% off on Cat Love Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

Cats are meticulous by nature and appreciate privacy. Senior felines, like some older people, become less patient and more particular as they age. Thus, a cat that may have easily tolerated a less-than-stellar litter box as a youngster may snub the box if it’s not pristine or may seek other places to eliminate if disturbed during the process.

Avoid this by keeping the litter box immaculately clean, easily accessible, and in a private space. A low-traffic areaaway from the cat’s bed and food bowlis ideal.

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Bonnie Beltz To The Rescue

Our cat, Pico, escaped off his harness and disappeared into the green space behind our new home. We were feeling hopeless trying to find him in the dense vegetation, but Bonnie guided and supported us on our search. Her tips helped lure Pico back closer to our home and allowed us to catch him onRead moreBonnie Beltz To The Rescue

Definitely So Worth It Jennifer H Comer

The knowledge I gained and continue to learn from the MAR training is amazing, I have always tried to find pets. Now I believe I am acquiring proper, proven,skills to reunite more families. The connections made, because of the MAR class, with other like-minded people, to share experiences and advice is irreplaceable. Definitely so worthRead moreDefinitely so worth it! Jennifer H. Comer

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Kat Is A Gem As A Teacher You Will Be Learning From The Best Karin N

I had bought Kat Albrechts books wanting to have more information in Search and Rescue comparing it with Map Dowsing the way I search for missing animals. I was happy when I found out about the Mar 10 week certified course Kat Albrecht was teaching. I sure was looking forward to my first class andRead moreKat is a Gem as A Teacher, You Will Be Learning From the Best! Karin N.

Petree Self Cleaning Litter Box

High Sided Litter Boxes: NVR Miss Litterbox NEW COLORS Arrive – Floppycats

Petree Litter Box is the highest-rated, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. Never scoop cat litter again while giving kitty a clean bed of litter for each use. Petree Litter Box comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee + 12 month warranty. Check out the upgraded WIFI MODEL.

Why Youll Love This Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

What Type Of Litter Does The Petree Litter Box Require?Petree Litter Box simply requires clumping litter. Petree recommend a high-quality, standard-weight, clay-based clumping litter. Some silica gel litter beads and crystals can also be used with the Petree Litter Box, as long as they pass through the screen. Alternative, plant-based litters may also work, but these tend to form looser clumps that can cause condensation in the waste drawer. When using a plant-based litter, we recommend emptying the waste drawer and cleaning more frequently. Litters that do not work in the Petree Litter Box are the strictly absorbent, non-clumping or loose-clumping litters, newspaper-based litters, and absorbent wood pellet litter.


CAUTION LIST1. You need to put litter in the litter box first before you start initiating the machine.2. Only cats that are 3 month older can use Petree Litter Box.3. After you clean up the dumpster, you need to reset the machine to restart.4. Don’t put anything on top of the litter box to avoid misguiding the gravity sensor


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Catgenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Let your cat relieve herself and satisfy her covering instincts with these washable and reusable granules instead of normal throw-away litter. This thing looks and works just like a little feline toilet!

Why Youll Love This Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

  • 100% self-cleaning, self-sanitizing, and self-dryinghands free for you
  • Offers some of the highest available reliability among auto cleaning litter boxes
  • Instead of kitty litter, this unit uses dust-free washable granules , saving you time and money
  • Materials are high quality, safe, and long-lasting
  • Considered the best litter box for multiple cats

Dimensions:19.25″ wide in front, 17.5″ wide top, 21″ high, 24.5″ deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8′ long, Drain Hose 10′ long.

If you choose to upgrade to the CatGenie A.I., your unit will also include an upgraded dryer system which utilizes up to 50% less energy than previous models and helps eliminate odor. The CatGenie A.I. also monitors your cats bathroom behavior to provide insights into your cats health and wellness. It also includes mobile app connectivity to help you optimize your use of the CatGenie.

What Type Of Litter Does The CatGenie Require?NEVER use cat litter in the CatGenie. CatGenie requires special granules. CatGenie supply the litter-like Washable Granules that provide cats the material they need to dig and cover. The Washable Granules are made specially for the CatGenie. Anything else will damage the unit, clog your pipes, and void your Warranty.

Cat Litter Box Cleaning Hacks No Smell No Mess

Are you tired of dirty and smelly litter boxes and you are looking for mess-free hacks that are easy, simple and most importantly, budget-friendly? Then this article is for you!

Cleaning the cat litter box can be one of those horrendous chores that many cat owners dont like to talk about. Theres so much to consider when choosing the best litter for your cat, and it certainly makes life so much easier for you when it comes to litter box hygiene. If youre considering switching to a biodegradable and natural cat litter option, make sure to check our article What is the best natural cat litter.

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Best For Large Cats: Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

The extra-large Enclosed Litter Pan from Van Ness is ideal for big house cats. It has a fully enclosed design with a flap-style door to help prevent tracking and scatter and give your pet some added privacy.

Plus, a replaceable air filter absorbs yucky odors, keeping both the pan and your home smelling fresh. The exterior is also resistant to stains and super easy to wipe clean when needed.

How Often Should The Litter Be Changed

34% off on Cat Love Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

An average of once per month is good, but again this depends on how often your cat use the litter box.

Our tip is to keep an equivalent of two scoops of the remaining, clean litter, before emptying the whole tray. Then after cleaning the tray, mix them with the newly added litter. This way, the cat will find its smell more quickly, and you will prevent her from peeing outside the box.

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Were Serious About Pet Innovation

Whisker, formerly known as AutoPets, is the maker of Litter-Robot, Feeder-Robot, and At Whisker, we believe pet parenthood can always get better.

As the leading innovator in pet tech and refined pet accessories, we work tirelessly to solve problems and deliver smarter insights for pet parents while enriching the lives of pets. Whether its a self-cleaning litter box that automates scooping, an automatic feeder that helps pets develop healthier eating habits, or a modern cat tree that delights both humans and felines, we strive to deliver better solutions for consumers, transforming pet care along the way. And we dont rest once weve created the bestwe exist to make life for pets and pet parents endlessly better.

Petkit Pura X Automatic Litter Box

The Petkit Pura X Automatic Litter Box has been released just recently and is now among the cat owners popular choices when it comes to automatic litter boxes due to its stylish design and compact size. This product can be controlled using the Petkit app which provides real-time notifications about your cats activity and also shows his or her weight! It also has an automatic odor removal feature to take care of the unpleasant smell after your cat has finished doing his or her business.

Why Youll Love This Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

  • xSecure: Thermal sensor, infrared sensor, weight sensor, anti-pinch infrared sensors, smart detection, remote alerts, accident protection system.
  • Antibacterial odor removal: Independently researched and developed purifying liquid removes unpleasant odors and formaldehyde, kill 99% of common harmful bacteria.
  • Special designed filter fits plant litters, bentonite litters, clay litters, and all other kinds of cat litters .

What Type Of Litter Does The Petkit Pura X Require?Petkit recommends using Petkit everclean flushable cat litters. It does form clumps that can be scooped with a regular litter scoop, but they may not stay together as well as other plant, clay and bentonite litter clumps.


  • Uses IR sensors for cat detection
  • Cleaning cycle is quiet
  • Easy to set up, use and clean
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Compatible with multiple cat litters


After introducing so many Self Cleaning Litter Boxes, hope you can find your favorite now!

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