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What To Do About Cat Dandruff

Patches Of Irritated Red Skin

How To Treat Cat Dandruff

With typical dandruff, there may not be a lot of redness. However, sometimes you can see signs of dandruff that are more severe, like patches that are red and irritated. If you notice this kind of issue then it’s going to be more important to find the cause, as scratching can lead to bleeding and infections.

Dont Brush Off Feline Dandruff

Dandruff may be a cosmetic inconvenience that many people dread, but cats can suffer from this condition as well.

Dr. Lori Teller, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences,;shares with pet owners the diverse causes of this condition and how to treat dandruff in a feline friend.

The causes of dandruff in cats can range from relatively;simplesuch as obesity that limits a cats ability to groom, allergies, or the build-up of the undercoatto more serious issuessuch as fleas or a skin infectionto very serious issuessuch as cancers like cutaneous lymphoma, Teller said. There is also a condition called;walking dandruff that is caused by the;Cheyletiella;mite. This mite is usually prevented by flea control products.

Other potential causes of feline dandruff include other external parasites , bacterial or fungal infections, malnutrition, or an interrupted ability to groom .

If an owner notices dandruff, it is certainly worth having the cat checked to rule out an underlying;problem, especially if the cat has other concurrent;problems, Teller said. If the cat is itchy; losing hair; vomiting; has a change in appetite, water consumption, or litter box use; or if the owner notices skin lesions or parasites, it is worth a visit to the veterinarian.

Cat owners should consult their veterinarian to determine which grooming practices are best for their pet.

How To Get Rid Of Cat Dandruff

It is important to do all that you can to understand what is causing your cats dandruff in order to accurately treat it. If dandruff is caused by a food allergy, an anti-dandruff shampoo clearly wont fix the problem.

In terms of treating dandruff associated with fungal infections, your vet will likely recommend a medicated cat shampoo. When it comes to mites and fleas, it is also imperative that cat owners wash all of their cats bedding with hot water. Cat owners will also need to treat all other pets in the house with a flea preventative.

If your cats dandruff is due to a sunburn, your vet may prescribe an oral or topical steroid.

If your cats dandruff is associated with allergies, both food-related and environmental, your vet will likely suggest switching up their diet. Your vet may also recommend antihistamines or steroids to reduce the irritation while your cats body adjusts.

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Reasons Why Your Cat May Have Dandruff

Rather than being a disease in itself, dandruff can be a symptom of another condition. In most cases, cat dandruff is harmless. However, if you notice a concerning amount of flaking skin and/or other alarming symptoms, you should have the condition checked out by your vet.

Some common reasons for cat dandruff include:

Could your cats dandruff be a symptom of something more severe? Contact Germantown Vet today to schedule an appointment for your cat.

Natural Treatments For Cat Dandruff

Cat Dandruff: How To Get Rid Of It

Every cat is different, and therefore you may have to face some trial and error in finding the most effective combination of treatments for your particular pet. However, by understanding the common causes of dandruff and the most successful natural treatment options, it shouldnt be too hard to form a plan of attack. For example, if you live in a particularly arid region, your cats flaky skin may be caused by the dry air. Or if your cat eats lower-quality food, the dry flaking skin may be caused by a deficiency of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Below are the six most commonly effective natural at-home remedies for feline dandruff:

  • Use a humidifier
  • Brush your cat

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Cat Dandruff: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we know that you want the very best for your four-legged companion. While cat dandruff can be a bit of a nuisance, it is rarely a cause for absolute panic. With that being said, it is possible;that;the white flakes;are;a warning sign;of some other condition;that we encourage;you;to take seriously. The good news is that your cat does not need to suffer from dry, itchy skin. There are plenty of safe,;effective ways to treat and prevent cat dandruff and get your feline feeling like their best selves in no time!

Moisturize Your Cats Skin

If you have coconut oil at home, this can make a wonderful moisturizer to help soothe any dry and scurfy patches on your cats coat. Simply rub a little oil onto their skin, and let it work its magic. You might need to keep an eye on your cat to make sure they dont lick it all off. Coconut oil does have antimicrobial properties and can be safely fed to cats, though, so you dont need to worry too much!

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S Towards Getting Your Cats Skin Healthy Again

A good way to help treat your catâs dandruff is brushing them along with their own grooming. Make sure that they have clean water and a diet full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and fish oil. Consider setting up a humidifier in your home to add more moisture to the air, and maybe buy some dandruff shampoo to use on your cat to treat their dry skin.

For more complicated cases, such as underlying diseases itâs best to consult a veterinary professional on best practices and the next steps you should take.

Causes Of Cat Dandruff

Caring for Cats : How to Cure Your Cat of Dandruff

Its normal for both skin cells and hair to shed at the end of their growth cycle. But if dead skin cells build upbecause of lack of grooming or because some cats are prone to itthey become visible and youll see white flakes on your kitty. Overweight and older cats do less grooming, which means youll see more flaky skin since its not being licked away.;

Many people think dandruff is just dry skin, but cats are actually oily-skinned creatures, says Lynn Paolillo, CFMG, CFCG, an instructor at the National Cat Groomers Institute. Dandruff is the shedding of oily, dead skin thats accumulated over time.

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How To Get Rid Of Cat Dander

Follow these four steps to cat dander removal in your home and reduce your allergy symptoms.

If any of these questions have you nodding in agreement, were here to inform you that this is not just you crying from cuteness overload, and in fact, you might be one of the 3 in 10 Americans who suffer from a pet allergy.

We know that finding a new home for Leonardo DiCatrio is not an option, so with todays blog post, were going to talk about simple things that you can do in your home to help reduce your allergy symptoms.

First, let’s start with the basics:

Causes Of Dandruff Aside From Dry Skin

Dandruff as a result of seborrhea is due to an overproduction of oil. It is literally dandruff seriously, human dandruff is called seborrheic dermatitis as well. But this is a bit more involved than just a little dry skin.

  • You can usually identify it by oiliness, a slight odor, or inflammation.;
  • Allergens, infections, or irritants may bring on this skin disorder.;
  • It can strike in any instance that mild dandruff is possible, but in most cases, your cat wont start experiencing full-blown seborrhea because you turned on a space heater for a couple of hours.

Speaking of infections and irritants: dandruff may also be caused by fleas, fungal ringworm, or other parasites. Sometimes mild seborrhea can encourage a fungal infection instead of the other way around, but it would still cause worsening dandruff and inflammation.

Finally, Cheyletiella skin mites are a pest that gets mistaken for dandruff. They live at the keratin level and are known as walking dandruff, although they cause actual dandruff along with other severe skin and coat issues.

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Home Remedies For Cat Dandruff

In addition to regular bathing with a gentle shampoo made for cats, there are a few other steps you can take at home to promote healthy skin and reduce dandruff. The ASPCA recommends brushing your cat a couple of times a week, especially as your feline friend grows older, to help remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow.;

Doing things to improve the overall health of your cat can make a difference in the skin and coat, Paolillo says. For example, feed your cat a high-quality food. The experts at the Cornell Feline Health Center recommend finding a cat food that lists meat or seafood , within the first three ingredients. You can also encourage your kitty to drink more water to stay hydrated.;;

Typically, cat dandruff isnt something to worry about and is easily treatable at home. However, if you notice other issues with your cats skin or coatlike dull hair, excessive licking or scratching, or something resembling a rashsee your vet in order to rule out anything more serious.

Coconut Oil & Olive Oil

My Cat Has Dandruff How Do I Get Rid of It?

Adding coconut oil or olive oil to your cats food are additional ways to ensure that they are receiving healthy fatty acids that will boost skin health. However, with coconut and olive oil,;it is possible to give;too much of a good thing.;They both;contain saturated;fat. It is important to talk to your vet about the appropriate;amounts;of each oil;that can be safely given to your cat. Some;CBD oil;products for cats and;full spectrum hemp;products will contain coconut oil, which may be an easy way to add to their current healthcare regimen.

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Step : Change Your Air Filter

Where there are cats, there should be regularly replaced air filters. This is the final and most simple step to keep your home as dander-free as possible! Since dander is commonly airborne, it will often have a presence within your air ducts, resulting in your HVAC system redistributing the particles back into the air in your house. The only way to break this cycle is by using a high-quality air filter that will trap these small particles before they can even think about making you sneeze.

An air filter that is at least rated MERV 11 should be a staple in every pet owner and allergy-sufferer’s home. However, our Catch All filter would be better suited for pet owners that have more severe allergies. We recommend replacing your filter every three months at the minimum to ensure that its operating at maximum efficiency. If you have more than one pet in your home, changing your filter every 1 to 2 months will likely be better for your homes air quality.

If you find that you need to adjust the frequency of your filter changes, we know of a great subscription service with a convenient custom scheduling option. Try it out right over here.

Taking preventative measures in your home will go a long way in managing your allergy symptoms. Regularly grooming your cat, cleaning furniture and flooring, and replacing your air filter are all simple steps that you can take to reduce the amount of cat dander in your home.

Cats regularly rate our boxes 5/5 stars.

How To Control Cat Dandruff & Why They Get It In The First Place

If your cat has flaky skin, its probably dandruff. Cat dandruff is especially common in overweight and older cats. Learn what causes it and easy remedies you can try at home to help.

Noticing white flakes every time you scratch your kitty? Its probably dandruff. Its a common condition, especially in overweight or older cats who cant reach around to groom themselves as well. Learn the simple things you can do at home to get rid of cat dandruff.

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What Causes Dandruff In Cats

Your cats dandruff is often a clue that something is impacting their skin or overall health. While the effects of cat dandruff can certainly range in severity, its important to be aware of all the possible causes to make sure your feline friend is as comfortable as possible in their own skin.

Some of the most common causes of cat dandruff and flaky skin include:

Improper Diet: Diet impacts just about everything in our feline friends lives, especially their skin. Your cats skin requires adequate hydration and omega fatty acids to remain as healthy as possible, meaning a lack of either can result in feline dandruff. Since omega fatty acids act as a lubricant for the skin and joints, its important to make sure your cats diet has plenty to offer. Fatty acids can come in the form of fish oil, animal fats, flaxseed, and more.

Dehydration: Dehydration is a common cause of dandruff in cats. Just as our skin will begin to feel dry and flaky when we are not drinking a recommended amount of water each day, the same is true for our cats.

External Parasites: External parasites such as fleas and ticks can cause great discomfort for our furry friends. With the constant need to itch and pull at their skin, this can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. This is especially common in cats that have access to the outdoors.

Cat Dandruff Vs Dog Dandruff

Dry Skin and Dandruff in Cats: 5 Quick and Easy Answers

Pet owners who have both cats and dogs know that it is typically easier to get rid of dog dandruff. This is;mainly because of;the bath component. Dogs typically dont loathe bath time as most cats do. In fact, some dogs love to have a;bath. However, it is important to note that if you do;own;a cat and a dog,;and only one is experiencing dandruff, several causes can be ruled out, because;the environment, weather, and anxiety will likely affect both animals.

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How To Treat Dander In Cats

Cat dander can be treated by a vet, especially if the home remedies you have tried are not working. Here are some of the several tests that will be performed by a vet:

  • Skin Scraping: here, a scalpel is used to scrape your cats skin gently. The fragments are then examined under a microscope to check whether mites, yeast, bacteria, or other issues are prevalent.;
  • Skin Culture: this test involves observing whether there are bacteria that may be causing the dander.
  • Skin Biopsy: this involves a small portion of skin being removed and checked under a microscope to find out whether there are fleas, mites, or bacteria.
  • Food and allergy test: an allergy test will be done to determine whether an allergy causes the dander.
  • Tape test: here, a tape is placed on the cats skin, and then the tape is examined to check whether there are any parasites.

The vet should also do a blood test to check your cats blood sugar level. Diabetes mellitus is prevalent in cats, and its also a cause of dander.

Your vet should also check to ensure that your cat is not obese because an overweight cat may cause dander. The pet doctor should advise you to change your cats diet for better grooming to prevent dander development.

After all the tests, your vet will give you the results and prescribe the appropriate treatment for your cat. The treatment should help reduce your cat dander.

Factors That Cause Dandruff In Cats

Cat dandruff is mainly caused by dead cells. What usually happens is that the sebaceous glands that produce oil in the cats skin produce oil excessively. The oils are supposed to protect the skin, but they irritate the skin and cause flakiness if in excess. If you can see white particles in your cats fur, then it has dandruff. Here are some common causes of dandruff in cats:

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Grooming & Regular Brushing

One of the best ways to help keep your felines fur dandruff-free is by scheduling regular grooming and brushing;your cat on a consistent basis. Brushing will help to stimulate the production of natural oils in your cats coat and prevent the skin from becoming dry and flaky.

If you are considering;a lime sulfur dip;for;your cat, please seek your vets opinion first. Specific precautions must be followed with the use of such dips. In some cases, their use may make the skin condition or dandruff worse. In addition, care must be taken to prevent accidental ingestion, which can be fatal to your cat.;

How Can I Treat Cat Dandruff

What Can You Do About Cat Dandruff?

If your cat has an unkempt coat , itâs important to determine whether there are any underlying causes â have their grooming habits declined because theyâre not feeling well? Or are there other outside factors that may be giving your cat dandruff?

If your catâs behavior hasnât changed or they seem otherwise normal, the first step may be to try some simple fixes to see if that relieves their dandruff problem.

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Cat Dandruff Or Something More

So how do you know if your cats dandruff is pointing to something more serious than dry skin? Though most of the time our cats dandruff can be resolved with simple intervention or diet changes, there are situations that require a bit more care.

Some signs that your cats dandruff is something more serious includes:

  • Itching to the point of sores or severe irritation
  • Extreme discomfort or constant scratching
  • Other physical changes such as fur loss, weight change, etc.
  • Dandruff accompanied by changes in their behavior such as lack of appetite, lethargy, excessive thirst, vomiting, etc.
  • Evidence that your cat is suffering from anxiety

Though cat dandruff is usually just a nuisance that can be easily addressed, its important to keep the above symptoms in mind so you can act quickly if needed. If your cats dandruff will not resolve or is accompanied by any of the symptoms above, its time to visit your veterinarian.

Dandruff in cats is a nuisance they shouldnt have to suffer through. Be sure to review the tips weve listed above to help your feline friend, and your cats dandruff will be banished for good!


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