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Why Do Cats Hit You With Their Tail

Reason : Youre In The Way

Why Do Cats Lift Their Backs When Petted?

Take a second look at the video above and think about what that cat is really focused on.

Hes much more interested in whats happening outside than anything that his human friend is doing. In this case, those tail slaps arent about the human at all.

Instead, that focused feline is moving his tail in the same way that any determined cat does with slow and steady movements back and forth. Those tail movements are similar to the way that humans furrow their brows or clench their teeth while theyre deep in concentration.

That means that the human just happens to be in the way of a tail thats ready to slap.

To figure out if this explanation applies to you and your cat, pay close attention to what your cat is doing while they slap you with their tail. If theyre chattering at birds out the window or stalking their feline roommate for fun, theres a good chance those tail slaps are just collateral damage.

Anxiety Kills The Cat

When a cat is distressed about something, it will stoop down to the ground and swish its tail.

They could sit next to you, staring out the window and smacking you on the back with their tail. Its an attempt to persuade you to look at what theyre looking at, but its usually nothing.

When you walk into a new room, your cat may wrap its tail around you. Its a technique for them to feel safe, similar to holding your hand. Theyll follow you around the room, their tail wrapped around your waist.

They are frequently related to the things that make people uneasy, such as major changes in habits or surroundings. Moving house or adding a new member to the family might cause cats to get anxious.

If youre caressing your cat and they start tail slapping, its an indication that theyre becoming tired of being touched. You are advised to stop it right there, or else your little kitty may transform into a big ball of fire!

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Heres What Your Cats Tail Is Trying To Tell You

Experts talk cat behaviorfrom tail tells, to stealing, to the speedy exits known as zoomies.

Cat owners are keenly tuned in to their pets body language, but once in a while the felines will throw a curve. Sometimes its in their tails.

While watching our cat snooze, we noticed his tail was tapping away like he was enjoying a disco medley we couldnt hear, sending quite a mixed signal.

So how do you decode a cats tail?

Straight Up With A Twitch

Why Does My Cat Hit Me With Her Tail?

You might call it the aristocrat tail. But a tail that is presenting straight up, reaching toward the ceiling, doesnt belong to a pretentious and aloof cat. Actually, its the exact opposite. It conveys happiness, confidence, comfort in its surroundings, and a willingness to be friendly and interactive, says Dr. Marks. The pinnacle happy moment is if the tip of the tail shows a tiny twitchthats a really happy cat! What doesnt make most cats happy? Getting wet. Heres why most cats hate water.

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Stress And Boredom Leading To Tail Chasing

When a cat is stressed or bored, it may resort to all kinds of strange behaviors, one of them being chasing and attacking the tail. Some cats can become obsessed with their tail and exhibit excessive tail licking, biting and chasing.

What to do? First, you must make absolutely sure that the cat is healthy. Any change in behavior can indicate a medical problem. Even if youre sure that the tail itself is fine, you should still consult your veterinarian to rule out other more systemic conditions.

Once medical issues have been ruled out, try Six Strategies To Reduce Stress In Cats. It wont happen overnight, but once you find the right way to address the problem of stress, your cat will be less likely to attack its own tail.

If stress isnt the problem, boredom may be. Environmental enrichment is the key phrase here. Provide your cat with a more stimulating home environment where he or she can find forms of entertainment that do not involve the tail. You can find some great ideas in our article: Beating Boredom What Indoor Cat Owners Need To Know.

Cats May Display A Puffy Tail When Threatened

When a cat feels threatened or is unexpectedly startled, he will puff up his tail until it’s twice its normal width or even larger. He may also puff up the rest of his fur in an attempt to make himself look bigger and more threatening. Often, he’ll do this when he sees a strange cat and is getting ready for a fight. But he also might do this when he hears a sound that startles him, and he’s not sure what’s happening.

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Why Do Cats Slap Kittens

When the little kitten does anything undesirable, your adult cat may hiss and slap at it. This is totally natural, and you should try not to intervene as long as its simply hissing and swatting.

Hormonal changes are partly to blame for behavioral issues in mothers. If a mother cat is threatened by other cats, humans, loud noises, or other stressful conditions, she may abandon her kittens or become violent against them.

Why Do Cats Slap You In The Face

Why Do Cats Do…THAT?

Your cat isnt attempting to injure you when he slaps you across the face. Most of the time, there is no hatred behind the behavior. Hes only attempting to gain your attention.

Its possible that your face is merely within his grasp. Or perhaps you are sleeping and he believes that giving you a gentle touch on the face would wake you up and obtain your instant attention.

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Why Do Cats Thump Their Tails And Slap Me

If your cat swishes its tail rapidly from side to side while lying down, its a warning that you should back away and give them some peace.

At that time, if you are playing with it, she might be overstimulated.

If a cats tail swishes too fast while lying down, it means they are agitated. Its not the right time to pet them. They dont want to snuggle at this moment. They will slap you with their tail because they just reached their breaking point.

Cat thumping its tail can also be a sign of dissatisfaction. If you keep rubbing her while she is thumping her tail, she will believe that you are not regarding its clues. So a slap with its tail would be understandable.

To conclude, this thumping means your cat is not in the mood and wants some private time. So leave her alone but keep monitoring it as a responsible pet owner.

Understanding Cat Tail Language

Whether you know it or not, cat tails serve a greater purpose than simply looking cute and fluffy. Cats use their tails to communicate and to express their emotions. The only problem is that you wont know what theyre saying if you dont know how to speak cat. If youve always wondered what your cats tail is trying to tell you, and you want to learn what different cat tail positions mean, here are a few helpful tips to help you master cat tail language.

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How To Prevent Cat Slapping With His Tail

Sometimes, the changes are simple to adopt but time taking. At other times, they are difficult to do, but the results are quick. To prevent the cat from slapping you with its tail, you need patience. Things will change but not too quickly.

Positive reinforcements or rewards for good behavior are always the best approach. The key, however, lies in teaching your cat what you want them to do and then rewarding them when they perform that action. If your cat finds that this bad or aggressive behavior will get your attention, she will continue doing this.

Cats are natural stimulators and great attention seekers. They will continue doing the same BAD things if they believe it will get them your attention or what they want.

If your pet cat slaps you with its tail, the first step to combat this bad behavior is simple: stop rewarding this bad behavior with your attention! If you do not reward your pet in response to their certain behaviors, then their actions will become less intense over time.

The best you can do here is to carry your pet and lay her on the ground or in her home and just IGNORE HER.

Besides, take help from your family members if you want to see quick changes. Otherwise, this method will take the time or not succeed at all.

When your cat notice that is not getting your attention she will stop slapping you with her tail. She will change her ways to convey her message to you or to grab your attention. With time, she will realize what you want and what you dont like.

Relaxed Body Slow Moving Or Tapping Tail

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail? Is He Trying To Play?

You might think Im sleeping If your cat slowly sways or taps the tip of her tail while napping or lazing about, its a sign that shes relaxed but paying attention to her surroundings. Even if her eyes are closed, her ears, whiskers, and nose are tuned in. Her tail is languorously moving and possessed of tone, as Karen Overall describes in the textbook Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals. I love it when vets write in poetic terms about their beloved pets.

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Reason : Your Cat Could Be Overstimulated

In other cases, those tail slaps could be much more intentional and a swishing tail could be a sign of overstimulation in cats. When it comes to feline behavior, overstimulation refers to petting that stresses cats out instead of giving them enjoyment. The threshold for when this occurs is different for each cat but once you learn the signs its usually easy to spot before it becomes a problem.

And one of the most obvious signs is a twitching or swishing tail. Once again, those slaps may not be meant directly for you but they still send a strong message that your cat has a had enough petting.

Why Do Cats Curl Their Tails Around Their Bodies

If your cat is sitting or lying down with their tail wrapped around their body, then they are frightened, defensive, in pain, or feeling unwell. When you see this, end your interaction with your cat and ensure that your cats environment is free of stressors.

If your cat frequently crouches with their tail curled tightly around their body for more than a few days, then an evaluation by your veterinarian is warranted to rule out pain or illness.

Although you should look at more than just their tail movements, to fully understand your cats emotional state, the tail may be the most expressive part of a cats body language. Better understanding your cats body language will surely improve your bond with your cat.


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    Does Your Cat Hit You With Its Tail On Purpose

    Accidents are possible but cats tend to be deliberate in their movements. Usually, when your cat hits you with its tail, its trying to tell you something. The only question now is what is it trying to tell you?

    • Your cat is absolutely hitting you on purpose.
    • Cats are very purposeful in making body contact.

    Pay attention to body posture and cat tail positions to correctly interpret your cats intent. For instance, an upright tail can indicate your cat is feeling friendly and social. A tucked tail, on the other hand, can indicate anxiety and worry.

    Why Do Cats Slap Things Off Tables And Shelves

    Cat’s Tail Meaning: What Your Cat’s Tail Says About Her Mood | Chewy

    Cats frequently slap objects off tables and shelves in order to attract the attention of their owners. Perhaps your cat does this to satisfy his hunger or simply to spend more time with you.

    One of the first things you should do to prevent this habit is to cease placing items on the table or shelf that will draw your cats interest.

    Deterrents that prohibit your cat from leaping onto your table or shelves are another wonderful technique to discourage your cat from doing this.

    After knocking objects off a table or shelf, you should avoid giving your cat the attention he craves. If you give in to your cats requests, he will learn that hitting items results in treats.

    Instead of giving in and lavishing love on your pet, walk out of the room and avoid engaging with it.

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    Why Does My Cat Swat At Me

    At the same time, your pet still wants more of your attention and care.

    If youre petting your kitty when it swats at you, it might mean that your pet wants you to stop. At the same time, your kitty might be wanting to say that it doesnt like your petting action.

    However, if you are already familiar with your kitty and know how to pet it, you may wonder why it suddenly swats at you.

    In such cases, your pet might be suffering from an injury or similar conditions.

    If you think something is wrong with your pet, it would be best to call a vet for advice.

    To Relieve Boredom Or Stress

    Bored or stressed cats can do some odd things to alleviate their feelings. One of those is to chase or attack their own tail.

    If your cat chasing its tail is a change in behaviour you may want to look at what is driving that change to make sure that it isnt something about which you should be concerned.

    If your cat may have been experiencing stress due to something like moving home there are many things that you can do to relieve the stress in your cat.

    It is normal behaviour for kittens to chase their tails. However, if your adult cat, particularly if it is an indoor cat, is chasing its tail this is more likely to be a sign that your cat is lacking stimulation.

    Alternatively, your cat may just be bored. Look at its home environment and see if you can incorporate some more challenges and stimulation for your cat.

    Boredom can be prevented without spending money by looking at activities such as hiding your cats toys or food.

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    Andrews Girl Sandy Needed Surgery To Repair Torn Cruciate Ligaments

    Andrew took Sandy for x-rays after she started limping. It was found that she had a torn cruciate ligament in the left leg and needed surgery. After 6 months’ recovery and loading of the other leg, another knee reconstruction was required. Andrew is grateful that Bow Wow Meow were fantastic and and helpful, and seemed to really care about Sandy.

    Video Answer: A Dog Keeps Biting Her Tail 24/7 To Get Her Owner’s

    Why Do Cats Chase Their Tails? 5 Things You Need to Know I Discerning Cat

    If your dog is compulsively chasing his tail, he can cause serious damage by biting and chewing on it when he finally does catch it.

    Dogs have been known to experience hair loss on their tails due to this kind of behavior and even cause themselves injury.

    It could also mean “I feel insecure,” which is especially true of many dogs when they are in an unknown or new setting or situation.

    7 If the dogs tail is tucked between its legs it often means “I’m frightened!” This meaning may also change in intensity if the dog modifies its tail position.

    Because the tail is connected by muscles and tendons and to his bum, pulling it can cause serious damage If his tail sags, he cannot communicate his message or his scent. If you try to pull or even just touch your dog’s tail, he might become protective and he could either bark or bite.

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    A Cats Favorite Petting And Scratching Spots:

    Cheeks Most cats enjoy a good cheek scratch. A cats cheeks contain scent glands so when you rub them, youre mingling their scent with yours.

    Under the chin One of those out-of-the-way spots on a cats body, the space under a cats chin is a great one for scratching since the cat may have trouble reaching it himself.

    The base of the tail Most though not all cats adore being scratched or petted here. When your cat walks up to you, turns around, and lifts his butt in the air, take the gesture as a compliment.

    The face Cats may like to rub their faces against you. Extend a finger for them to use as a scratcher, or just let the cat pet you for a change.

    The ears Some cats like their ears scratched, rubbed, or gently twisted. A few even go for having a knuckle rubbed against their ears exteriors. If your cat appears to have very itchy ears, ask the vet to take a look at them. Itchiness could signal mites or allergies.

    Also, find out why do cats like their ears rubbed

    A YouTube video called Whats Your Cats Petting Style? suggests there are two kinds of cats 1) the classic feline who loves to be petted with moderation and limits and 2) the party purr who loves to be petted with few limits or rules.


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