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Why Is My Cat Drinking So Much Water

My Cat Is Drinking A Lot Of Water And Meowing Excessively

Is It Bad If My Cat Drinks A Lot Of Water?

If your cat is drinking excessively and meowing, it could mean they have hyperthyroidism. This condition can cause cats to be more vocal while becoming more frantic and sometimes on edge.

This can mean they are more active at times they wouldn’t usually be, and sometimes means they’re very loud too. Of course, sometimes theyre being more vocal because they feel more hungry and want to be fed, but the vocalizing can also be at random.

Investigation Of The Cause Of Increased Thirst In Cats

If you notice your cat drinking an abnormally large amount of water, it may be time to bring them to the veterinarian.

To pinpoint the precise cause of increased thirst, a logical series of investigations may need to be carried out by your veterinarian.

These include:

  • Detailed history taking, noting any other aspects of the cats habits that may have changed, such as loss of appetite, change in type of cat food, change of supply of water .
  • Physical examination: some causes of increased thirst may be obvious to a veterinarian by simply examining your cat . Blood pressure measurement may also be suggested.
  • Urine tests: you may be able to collect a urine sample from a litter box using a special litter substrate provided by your veterinarian. If you cannot do this, your veterinarian may be able to collect a urine sample directly from your cat using a technique called cystocentesis.
  • Blood tests: analysis of blood cells and internal biochemistry provides useful information about the internal metabolism of your cat.
  • Diagnostic imaging: x-rays and ultrasound will often provide further detailed information about possible causes of increased thirst.
  • The completion of these types of tests usually provides sufficient information to make a precise diagnosis of the cause of your cats increased thirst.

    Always Associate Water With Positive Reinforcements

    If you have a younger cat, this is a perfect opportunity.

    Use this time to make your cat more used to being around water. Cats arent instinctually averse to water. They dislike it because they dont like the texture of something they cannot control.

    Giving your cat water and allowing them to play with water while using treats and positive words will allow them to associate it with a positive moment, thus eliminating the need to stay away from it.

    I recently published guides to address two more problems kittens not drinking water& can cats drink Gatoradethat might help you to deal with the common issues of felines.

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    Online Vet & Emergency Fund

    There are several possible reasons why your cat may be drinking a lot of water. With this, it would help if you have easy access to certified veterinarians so that you can consult with them about your cats condition whenever you feel like asking something.

    A great option is Petcubes Online Vet service which features a 24/7 online chat that allows you to consult with a team of certified veterinarians anytime and anywhere. Think of the service as a friend that you can talk to about anything regarding your pet.

    Whether its in the wee hours or during the day, you can depend on Online Vet to provide you with quality veterinary services.

    Another great service by Petcube is the Pet Emergency Fund which gives you coverage of $3000 for ALL your pets at a fraction of the cost. Well never know when our pet may be in need of medical help, and with Pet Emergency Fund, we have the assurance of funds to treat whatever condition.

    How Much Water Is In Cat Food

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    How much water is in food depends on which format you give. Dry food kibbles are actually 5 to 10% water, while wet foods whether loaf or stew are nearer 80% water. Thats why cats who are eating wet foods may rarely be seen at their water bowl, as most of their needs are being met from their dinner. Kitties who dine on kibbles are likely to drink noticeably more.

    If you have recently changed the feline menu from wet to dry food, you can expect to see more forays to that bowl to compensate.

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    Medial Issues That May Cause Your Cat To Drink More

    There are several health problems that can make your cat drink more than usual. These can include:

    • Kidney disease: this is most common in older cats but can also affect younger cats. This issue is caused by kidneys that are no longer functioning as normal. This leads to increased urination and causes the cat to become thirstier than normal. Treatment involves management of the progression of this disease. Treatment may include a kidney-safe diet, antacids, treatment of high blood pressure and other issues.
    • Hyperthyroidism: this is caused by the thyroid gland, which begins producing too much thyroid hormone. This condition is most common in cats that are in their middle years or older. Treatment involves giving the cat oral medicines or radioactive iodine treatments.
    • UTI : is usually caused by a bacterial infection of the bladder and/or other parts of the urinary tract. These are common in cats of all ages, though it does tend females more than male cats. A UTI is usually treated with a round of antibiotics, though a cat may require subcutaneous injections of fluid under the skin if shes become dehydrated.

    So, if your fur baby is showing signs of any of these medical conditions, along with drinking more water than normal, then its definitely time to call the vet.

    Why Is My Cat Drinking So Much Water Should I Worry

    One of the best ways you can love your feline friend is simply to watch them: watch what normal looks like, watch what they eat, when they drink, how they move, whether they come to you demanding a fuss or keep to themselves. Most of all, note any change. Change may be the warning sign that your cat needs to visit the veterinarians office to be checked over.

    So, what if youve noticed your cat is at the water bowl more often? Or drinking in new places? Have you found yourself refilling the bowl, yet again? To see if there could be a simple explanation, lets start with some facts:

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    Signs Of Dehydration In A Cat

    It can be hard to tell whether your cat is actually dehydrated simply by their water intake. Additionally, most cats do not have detectable dehydration till they are about 5% dehydrated. This basically means that your cat has lost 5% of their body water before you can tell dehydration is present. When cats are 10% dehydrated, they are very ill and most do not survive without intensive care once they reach 12% or more.

    How Will The Causes Of Polydipsia Be Investigated

    Why Do My Cats Drink So Much Of Water.

    Although most cases will be relatively straight forward to diagnose and require minimal testing , unfortunately others potentially can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly.

    Your vet may recommend a series of tests and investigations, starting with:

    • Urinalysis to check how concentrated the urine is and to check for the presence of glucose and signs of infection.
    • Your vet may request that you also perform a 24 hour water intake measurement, , to confirm polydipsia and define the degree of polydipsia.
    • A complete blood count and serum biochemistry to check their liver, kidneys, blood glucose and thyroid levels. More specific blood tests of hormone function may then need to be performed following on from the initial tests.

    After this, the Vets may need to do X-rays and an ultrasound of your pets abdomen to look more closely at their liver, kidneys and adrenal glands, in order to reach a diagnosis.

    The treatment for polydipsia in dogs and cats really depends on the underlying cause. For example

    • in diabetes, your pet would require daily insulin injections.
    • in Cushings disease, your pet would be given daily medication to control the signs.
    • in chronic kidney disease, treatment is aimed at maintaining kidney health and quality of life for as long as possible, by dietary modification, medication and allowing free access to water.

    Please if you have any concerns about your pets drinking habits and never restrict your pets water intake.

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    Signs Your Cat Is Drinking More

    You dont have to measure the liquid in your feline companions water bowl to check how much water shes drinking. Instead, you can watch for these signs:

    • Her bowl needs to be filled more often
    • Drinking from strange places
    • She seems to be going to her water bowl more often

    Keep in mind that if a cats ill, theyre very good at hiding the fact. The reason is because in the wild, any animal that shows weakness can become the target of a predator. For cats, too, if they show weakness, they may even be attacked by cats that are stronger.

    If your cat has something wrong, you may notice these signs that could indicate shes unwell:

    • She starts to sleep a lot or in places she normally doesnt use for sleeping
    • Changes in her behavior: she may become more aggressive, or an active cat may become more lethargic
    • Changes in her appetite: she may eat more or less than normal
    • Signs of sickness such as vomiting, diarrhea, and more

    When you notice any of these or other signs, then its time to call the vet and take your fur baby in for an exam.

    Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water: Vet’s Guide To Excessive Thirst In Cats

    If youve noticed your cat drinking a lot of water recently, read on to find out why

    If you’ve noticed your cat drinking a lot of water, its hard to know whether you need to be concerned or not. After all, just like in people, theres lots of variation in how much cats drink normally.

    Some cats just drink a lot, and you might find they run to the tap when you’re at the sink or spend a while at their bowl or water fountain. However, excessive thirst can be a sign of an underlying health condition for some cats.

    So, how do you know whether your thirsty cat needs a trip to the vet? What illnesses can cause excessive thirst? And what symptoms might you notice?

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    Q: My Cat Drinks A Lot Of Water And Never Stops Eating

    A: Your cat may have hyperthyroidism if they seem to be very thirsty and ravenous all the time. Other signs that they may exhibit include vomiting, weight loss, vocalization, hyperactivity, or changes to their respiratory pattern.

    There are several treatments to manage hyperthyroidism, including medication and surgery. However, in order to confirm the diagnosis, your veterinarian will first need to do several tests.

    How Can I Get My Cat To Drink More

    Why do cats hate water?

    Cats are very fussy about things in general and water is no exception. Male cats especially benefit from drinking sufficient water to help prevent urinary tract disease. Older cats are less inclined to drink water and are subsequently more likely to become dehydrated. They are also likely to have underlying diseases processes requiring a greater fluid intake. Accordingly, you should encourage your cat to drink sufficient water all year round to help prevent disease .

    Some suggestions to increase your cats water intake:

    • Cats like fresh water the same as we do and prefer water changed daily.
    • Purchasing a pet water fountain can provide constant fresh water and some mental stimulation for your feline friend.
    • Plastic bowls can make water taste funny to cats and often swapping to a glass, ceramic or stainless steel bowl can make it more attractive.
    • Changing their diet to include some wet food .
    • In the warmer months, ice cubes help to both cool the water and provide a source of entertainment.

    A thirsty cat could be an unwell cat, so it is vitally important that you contact your veterinary health care team to discuss any concerns that you have.

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    When To Visit Your Vet

    If youve noticed a change in your cats drinking behavior, consider whether there are any reasons why they might be drinking more, like warmer weather or a change in food.

    If theyre well, its also worth keeping an eye on their thirst for a few days to see if it settles and monitoring them for other symptoms. If your cat is unwell, has been drinking more for more than a day or two, or has any other symptoms, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

    My Cat Is Drinking A Lot Of Water And Is Always Hungry

    If your cat seems extra thirsty and is always hungry, they might have hyperthyroidism. You might also notice symptoms like vomiting, weight loss, vocalization, hyperactivity, or changes in their breathing.

    Hyperthyroidism can be treated in various ways, including medication and surgery. Still, first, your veterinarian will need to do some tests to confirm the diagnosis.

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    My Cat Isn’t Drinking

    Staying hydrated is important for the overall health and well-being of your cat. Typically, animals will drink when they are thirsty, and the amount of water needed to stay hydrated varies from animal to animal. So although it may seem to you as though your cat hasn’t been drinking much water, they may be perfectly hydrated.

    Cats are known to drink small amounts of water each time as that is all they require.

    Cats don’t require as much water per kilogram as some larger animals do, meaning that your cat may not need to drink as much water as you think.

    Having your cat on a canned or fresh food diet also provides them with added water, while cats that mainly eat a dry food diet will need more water on a daily basis to ensure they keep hydrated. For every ounce of dry food, cats typically drink about 1 ounce of water, whereas cats eating wet foods will drink considerably less because much of their hydration comes from their food.

    While your cat needing less water compared to other animals is true, there might still be situations that your cat isn’t drinking enough. If you notice that your cat isn’t drinking any water then it’s time to look into why. There may be an underlying health condition, the water may not be fresh enough or the location of the bowl could all be potential reasons why your cat isn’t drinking enough.

    How To Help A Cat Who Is Drinking Too Much Water

    Why is my cat so thirsty?

    The first thing you should do is try to identify the cause of your cats increased thirst. For example, if they are drinking a lot of water and gaining weight then it could be from eating too much good quality food but this may not be the case if theyre urinating more often or developing urinary problems.

    If youre still unsure about whats going on, or your cat is exhibiting any other symptoms, such as vomiting, lethargy, or diarrhea, then take them to the vet.If youre feeding a dry food diet, be sure to always provide fresh water in a bowl or dish. You may also wish to try adding a bit of canned tuna to your diet as its high in fat and will help reduce thirst.

    Cats are not good at processing salt so try to avoid adding any extra salt to their food. Adding canned pumpkin or apple sauce could help too.Put a non-stick pan filled with about 1 inch of water on the stove top and turn the heat to low. Make sure that the cat has access to this.

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    Why Is My Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water Suddenly 6 Possible Reasons

    Cats, due to their nature and small size, dont drink large amounts of water. The typical, healthy house cat will drink about 5 ounces of water daily, just over half a cup. Many cats drink less water, however, depending on their diet. For example, a cat thats fed wet kibble will drink less water since there is more of it in their food. The reverse is true, also. A cat eating dry food will drink more water every day.

    What happens if your cat drinks substantially more water, enough for you to stand up and take notice? Thats what well discuss below while we look at six possible reasons for your cats increased thirst.

    Kidney Or Liver Failure

    If a cat goes into kidney failure or liver failure, they will likely start drinking more water to make up for the lack of functionality from these important organs. Kidney and liver failure are typically eventually fatal, but these conditions can be managed for some time with the help of a veterinarian.

    If your cat is suffering from any type of organ failure, or if you suspect that they might be, take your cat to the vet right away. The sooner you figure out a plan of action, the better off your pet will be.

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