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Air Purifier For Cat Box Odor

Can You Put Essential Oils In Cat Litter

Best Air Purifier for Cat Litter: Purrified Air Cat Odor Filter Product Review

Answer: There is such a thing as cat-safe essential oils, and that would mean that, yes, you can add them to your cats litter. Some people consider this to be a good thing, but if youre going to do it, you dont put any oils in there as well.

Its also important to keep in mind that cats are sensitive creatures, and they tend to be more sensitive than people with allergies or other health problems. This means that you have to be careful with the oils that your add in, and you also have to make sure theres no other way for your cat to get at them. If there is an opening, then your cat will go through them and make a mess out of it.

Alen Breathesmart Air Purifier

If you’re looking for an air purifier to take care of a whole apartment or small home, this may be the right one for you. It’s rated to take care of up to 1100 square feet of space. The only drawback is that it only has a HEPA filter, but it may still do an excellent job of cleaning your air.

Quick Specs:

  • Room size: 1100 square feet
  • Air circulation speed: 2 times per hour

One of the other biggest advantages to the Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier is that even on its fastest speed, it’s still virtually silent. So, you can keep it as close to the litter box as you need without scaring away your cat.

What Kinds Of Litter Does Pretty Litter Offer

Pretty Litter currently offers one type of litter a silica crystal litter that comes in very fine, lightweight silica gel crystals.

This cat litter was developed by a team of veterinarians and scientists specifically for cats. It is made of highly absorbent silica gel combined with a proprietary formulation of pH-detectors to help cat owners monitor their cats urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside of the normal range.

Overall Rating 9/10

My one-month supply of Pretty Litter arrived within a week of order and came in a surprisingly small cardboard box. It also included a printed insert that explained how the product worked and provided useful tips for how much litter to pour, how to get my cats used to it, and how to maximize odor control.

The first test of Pretty Litter came when I poured it into my litter box. I found the litter a little less dusty than other crystal cat litters Ive tried, but it still produced a noticeable cloud of dust. I also found it to be a little dusty later on when I was scooping the cat litter, so it definitely isnt a dust-free litter.

In addition to being a little dusty, Pretty Litter did cling to my cats paws a little bit. I found myself having to clean up the area around my cats litter box a few times a week.

After filling litter box, my cats Wessie and Forrest took to the Pretty Litter right away.

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Best Air Purifier For Cat Litter Dust & Litter Box Smell In Large Spaces

If youve got a large space and only want to purchase one air purifier, the Alen 75i is the model youre looking for. Its powerful enough to clean litter dust, cat dander, odd smells, and anything else youve got out in a 1300 sq ft area twice every hour. Alen offers a filter insert designed specifically for pets and heavy odors. There is an ionizer option on the Alen 75i, but it can be switched off to alleviate ozone concerns. The noise levels varies with the air speed, but is acceptably quiet for normal use. This is definitely the best air purifier for cat litter dust and smell!

Other Things You Can Do To Deal With Cat Litter Smell Besides Using Air Purifiers

Purrified Air Filter

As much as air purifiers can get rid of cat litter odor it is no substitute for cleanliness. So you still have to change your cat litter and you cannot put this on hold. If you dont smell anything from your cat litter box because of your new air purifier but your cat now does its downloads outside then its probably time to change your cat litter. In addition or alternative to running your air purifier, you should continue to use other measures to make sure your cat litter box does not smell.

There are many things you can do to keep the air in your house clean when you have cats. Here is a list of 11 alternative measures to get rid of cat litter box smells people have recommended across the internet:

  • Use a litter deodorizer
  • Place activated carbon bags under your litter
  • Use an automatic cat litter box
  • Dont use cheap litter.
  • Pick an Open Location
  • Change Your type of Litter
  • Use a litter liner
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    How Much Is Pretty Litter

    A single 4 lbs. bag of Pretty Litter costs $22 and should last a single cat for 1 month. You can purchase additional bags at a discount of $2 per bag. Two bags of Pretty Litter will cost $40 and three bags will cost $60. All orders come with free shipping and you can customize your delivery schedule.

    Try Changing The Litter

    Having an air purifier is obvious when you have a cat around but to maintain the efficiency of the device, apart from the features it has. Try to get an air purifier for cat litter odor that can remove other pollutants likewise.

    Secondly, try to change the litter that is dust-free or has minimum dust.

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    What Are The Best Ways To Reduce Cat Smells From The Litter Box Dust

  • The First step to eliminating litter box odor is to consistently change the litter. This may seem obvious, but many people will neglect to change the litter on a regular basis because they think that simply cleaning the litter box will be sufficient. Cat litter should be changed at least once a week, if not more, depending on how many cats you have.
  • The second step for eliminating litter box odor is to keep the litter box in a location that offers good ventilation. If the litter box is located in an area that is confined, then the odor will become stagnant and will eventually absorb into the walls and furniture in your home.
  • Another effective method for eliminating cat litter box odor is to use an air purifier. An air purifier has the ability to effectively eliminate many kinds of odors while also cleaning the air in your home of any dust, allergens, mold, or smoke.
  • There are many ways to eliminate cat odor in your home, but in order to maintain an odorless home, it is important to use an air purifier for cat odor. We are confident that you will be pleased after using one of the best air purifiers for cat odor in your home.

    We also suggest checking out the best air fresheners for cat urine and litter box odor. Using an air purifier for cat odor in tandem with an air freshener will provide great results. The air purifier will eliminate the VOCs that produce odor while the ait freshener will provide a great smell to the room.

    Add Carbon Litter Box Liners: Do They Work

    How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell: Purrified Air Litter Box Air Filter Unboxing

    Another suggestion you will find for getting rid of the odors in your home related to using a litter box is adding carbon litter box liners. These are sticks that you place into your cats waste and absorb the smells and help keep them trapped and away from the air in your home. They can be removed and replaced when they get full.

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    Best Air Purifier For Cat Litter Odor

    If you have cats, then you undeniably require the best air purifier for cat litter odor. It is because you may experience the awful smell of cat litter. Firstly, this awful scent can stick to your clothing. Likewise, the odors even can ruin your bedsheets. So, you must try using an air purifier for cat litter odor.

    In addition, cat litter boxes are the worst-smelling things on the planet. Likewise, the best air purifier odor eliminator can erase total odor. But, you can minimize the smells with the help of an air purifier. Above all, your intention of erasing odor is enough to do it.

    Meanwhile, cats are familiar with their smelly feline habits. After that, they produce tons of odors. Truly, that odor can convert to unbearable at times. Fortunately, you may grab the best air purifier for ferret odor. Therefore, this content will lead you to the best machines to erase cat odor.

    Replacement Of Parts And Filters:

    Well, every device has a certain time. After that, the best air purifier for litter box smell may work. In this case, the users have to replace all those things. Actually, ALEN FLEX Air Purifier is the best one in this matter.

    Here, the authority should come with proper ways. Above all, the filters must be available in the market. Consequently, you may keep your device active and handy. After that, other parts should grab a placement as well.

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    Works Great On Kitchen Odors

    I plugged the unit into an outlet in my kitchen after I had reheated some split pea soup, which has a pretty strong smell. Im funny about cooking smells I love them before and while I eat, but I want them gone as soon as I finish. I cant stand lingering odors. By the time I finished my bowl of soup, the kitchen no longer smelled like soup!

    Overall Is Pretty Litter Cat Litter A Good Choice

    Best Air Purifier for Litter box Odor

    In testing Pretty Litter with my own two cats, I found it lived up to its promises pretty well. Not only did it offer strong odor control, but the color-changing health monitoring system performed predictably in my experiment. When I was finished, my subscription was easy to cancel.

    I did find that one bag of Pretty Litter didnt last a full 30 days, but I was using it in a multi-cat household.

    The crystal litter did a great job of absorbing liquid and it made solids easy to scoop, so I am confident in saying that one bag would probably last a full month in a single-cat household.

    Overall, Pretty Litter is a pricey product, but the health monitoring system makes it worth it. If budget is your primary concern, however, you might be better off with a cheaper crystal cat litter.

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    Why Do Litter Boxes Smell

    We love our cats. We like to cuddle with them, and we spend a lot of time and money to make sure they have the best possible life. But there is one thing that can drive a wedge between you and your cat: the litter box. Why do they smell? The answer lies in decomposition.

    There are two main ways an air purifier can cut down on litter box smells: eliminating airborne particles and cutting down on decomposition.

    Airborne particles come from the dust in your cat litter box. Pet litter odors get trapped in these particles, causing them to linger long after cleaning the litter box.

    Choose A Fast Efficient Air Purifier

    Speed and efficiency are important, particularly if you suffer from cat allergies. An efficient air purifier can clean an entire room at least six times every hour.

    Most air purifiers are rated for specific room sizes and some sellers state the products CADR . This value gives you an idea of how well the purifier will clean the rooms in your house. The CADR is the number of cubic feet the air purifier cleans every minute. This number varies based on which speed setting you use and which pollutants are present.

    Units certified by the will release specific CADR numbers for dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen. Unfortunately for us, the testing process doesnt involve cat hair or dander, but the standard AHAM testing is enough to help us evaluate the purifiers efficiency and how it compares to others.

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    Alen Fit50 Air Purifier

    Key Features:

    • Unit Dimension: 10 x 16.26 x 22.44 Inches
    • Coverage Capacity: 900 Square Feet

    More Features: Quiet Air Flow Long Filter Life Large Rooms Coverage Air Cleaner for Allergens Adequate CADR Rate Compact and Mighty Three Color Indication High Air Circulation Sleek Design

    Well, I can bet that youve heard about the kitty litter air purifier. Firstly, you may even be keen to grab one. But, something is holding you back. Likewise, you are afraid of strange and strange-looking things. Above all, your air purifier is going to do the best thing for you and your family.

    In fact, it is not strange at all. Secondly, its a smart appliance that will bring the cat litter air filter. You know what ALEN FIT50 Air Purifier can be handy for anyone. Likewise, it can filter out more than 99.99% of the dust. In addition, it can air up to 50,000 square feet of your living area.

    Moreover, ALEN FIT50 Air Purifier is a stylish and designer air purifier. After that, you can set it in any part of the house. Meanwhile, the main highlight of this purifier is that it rinses carbon dioxide and pet dander. Therefore, it is an ionic air purifier that adds advanced technology.


    • You will see and grab that this cat air purifier has stored huge weight in its body construction.

    How Do You Filter The Smell Of Cat Litter

    Will an Air Purifier Help with Cat Litter Box Smells?

    The answer is a whole lot easier than you might think. All you do is plug in your air cleaning device: Dyson Pure Cool Link, and watch it do its job. This purifying air purifier can remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from your air, which means its perfect for filtering out dust and other allergens that make their way into your home from all sorts of places, including your furry friends litter box. It also has a HEPA filter that works to remove allergens like pet dander and pollen from your home, too!

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    Type Two: Active Purifiers

    Active purifiers dont just filter the air, they sanitize it. They destroy airborne bacteria, viruses, germs, and spores. If youre worried about airborne particles making you sick, this is the type of air purifier you want, but remember that it wont do much for cat hair.

    There are several types of active purifiers. Lets learn more about each.

    How To Reduce The Pet And Litter Box Smell

    One way to cut down on this is to use an air purifier that utilizes HEAP filtration. These filters trap particles as small as 0.3 microns, so you wont have to worry about those pesky pet litter odors getting away from you!

    The second way is by reducing decomposition in your home. Reducing decomposition can do with an air purifier that utilizes an activated carbon filter or a UV light. Activated carbon filters

    According to research and contrary to popular opinion, cat litter box odor can make a litter box unattractive for cats to get rid of this several options are available on the market. As domesticated pets usually behave similarly, it can be the reason for the unexpected littering behavior of your pet. Protein breakdown leads to odorant molecules, and human sweat is also an example.

    Aviano AV890

    Check Price

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    Germ Guardian True Hepa Filter Air Purifier

    Key Features:

    • Unit Dimension: 6.2 x 10 x 21.4 Inches
    • Coverage Capacity: 288 Square Feet

    More Features: Germ Erase UV Light Sanitizer 4-in-1 Air Cleanser Mold Remover Whisper Quite Advanced Technology Industry Standard Premium Material Two Years Warranty Charcoal Filter

    Now, the time is to grab the best air purifier for cat litter odor. Consequently, this Germ Guardian air purifier is a great gizmo. Above all, it usually runs against dust and illnesses. But, they are not the only ones. In addition, it rinses the bad odors from the rooms.

    However, a litter box smell air purifier can assist you. Firstly, you can grab something that suits your budget. Likewise, it can work till days for better air quality. After that, the room will have the pure condition to breathe and live. Meanwhile, it is really compact and apt to use.

    In other words, the facility of this cat air purifier is huge in number. Truly, this model stores charcoal filters. Therefore, your home will store healthy and fresh air to breathe. In this way, this machine has come to protect your health. Therefore, this air machine is a must for your room.


    • Unit Dimension: 8.78 x 8.78 x 12.2 Inches
    • Coverage Capacity: 104 Square Feet

    More Features: Timer Adjustment High Efficacy Handy Dimension Carbon Filter Vortex Technology Smart Applications Purified Sensors Odor and Dust Detector Layers Module Strainers Apt CADR


    • Unit Dimension: 8.24 x 10.02 x 16 Inches
    • Coverage Capacity: 142 Square Feet


    Rabbit Air Biogs 20 Ultra Quiet Hepa Air Purifier

    VentiFresh: cat Litter Odor Eliminator, Smart air Cleaner for Containe ...

    Since 2013, the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 air purifier has won three major awards for its design. Its also Energy Star certified and stands out as the best air purifier for cat litter odor due to its highly efficient 4-stage purification system.

    The first stage includes filtration of the larger particles by a permanent and washable pre-filter. Secondly, the HEPA filter takes over and captures allergens further down to 0.3 microns at a 99.97% efficiency rate.

    Besides, the charcoal-based, high-grade activated carbon helps to effectively reduce all household odors while the negative ions consistently keep indoor air fresh.

    Further, the BioGS SPA-625A air purifier runs twice per hour on high setting and is suitable for medium rooms up to 625 sq. ft. The device runs at five different speeds.

    Lastly, the air purifier is ultra-quiet with noise levels ranging between 22.8 on low setting and 50.4 decibels on the highest setting.


    • Has an award-winning design that blends easily in any setup
    • Over 99.9% air purification efficiency with HEPA filter


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