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Alley Cat Allies Charity Rating

Charity Spotlight: Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies files lawsuit against Spencer County shelter

Alley Cat Allies neuters and vaccinates stray cats, then releases them into managed colonies.

MainStreet is on a mission to find the charitable organizations most worthy of your donations. We focus on their effectiveness and the amount of money they budget for actual good deeds, as opposed to that which goes to overhead.

This week we’re looking at Alley Cat Allies.

In a perfect world, no animal would be a stray and every cat would be safe and pampered in a warm, loving home. In reality, there are many feral cats that need someone to speak on their behalf. Thats where Alley Cat Allies comes in.

Who they are and what they do: Based in Bethesda, Md., Alley Cat Allies was founded in 1990 by two women who felt that stray and feral cats needs were not being met by the animal control pound and shelter system.

We provide information, literature and videos to the millions of Americans caring for stray and feral cats, says Elizabeth Parowski, communications manager for Alley Cat Allies. We also advocate for government and public oversight of animal shelters and pounds, by pushing for mandatory record keeping and reporting of animal intake and disposition numbers.

Alley Cat Allies Mission

Alley Cat Allies is an organization dedicated to the health and safety of cats, both pets and strays. They strive to create various programs to help improve the lives of cats in communities across the world. The team prides themselves on being a major advocate for cats and describe themselves as a champion for the humane treatment of all cats.

The organization has three major initiatives to help improve the lives of cats and their caregivers: reforming public policies, protecting cats in shelters, and changing attitudes about cats. They strive to achieve these goals with a team of cat experts, organizers, attorneys, researchers, and almost 650,000 supporters around the world.

How Can You Best Support These Charities

After youve made your decision, its time for you to decide on how youd like to help the charities youve chosen. Check how you can help each charity runs specific programs that have unique aims. Find out what the aim of such programs is and whether they are right for you.

Here are a few ways you can help your chosen charity:

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History Of Alley Cat Allies

The history of Alley Cat Allies began in 1990 when founder Becky Robinson and a friend discovered an alley that was home to over 50 feral cats. Determined to help, Robinson and other cat caregivers were able to humanely gather the cats to have them neutered before returning them to their homes.

This fateful encounter opened Robinsons mind to the everyday struggle of cats around the world. It wasnt long before she was bombarded with requests for help with similar situations. Frustrated by the lack of resources and information, Robinson was inspired to create the Alley Cat Allies.

During their 26 years of operation, Alley Cat Allies has created various programs aimed to enhance the lives of cats. The organization fights for the rights of cats while funding necessary research to improve their health and wellness. With their hard work, the organization has been able to change the lives of millions of cats and their caregivers.

Petco Love: Creating A Better World For Animals And The People Who Love Them

Alley Cat Allies

Petco Love, formally known as the Petco Foundation, was set up in 1999 by American pet retailer company Petco, to raise funds and offer support to animal welfare groups across America. The foundation also supports animal-assisted therapy programs, spay and neuter efforts for community cats, and promotes public education in the humane treatment of cats and dogs.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Petco Love holds a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. The charity also boasts a 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator.

Pets change our lives, lets save theirs!

Petco Love

What they do: Petco Love invests funds to support animal welfare organizations that are making a difference in the lives of cats throughout America. The charity also allows rehoming shelters to set up adoption centers in its stores, to increase the number of animals adopted. In addition, the charity runs regular campaigns to raise money for animal welfare issues such as the fight against pet cancer, and their free Petco Love Lost database assists owners in finding their lost pets, using facial recognition software.

What theyve achieved: Since their launch, the charity has invested more than $300 million in over 4000 animal welfare organizations throughout America. They have also rehomed 6.5 million cats and dogs through Petco stores nationwide. Together with Blue Buffalo, Petco has additionally invested $16 million in the fight against pet cancer campaign.

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Why Give To Alley Cat Allies

Your gift to Alley Cat Allies will help all cats be they companion or community cat live healthier, longer lives. Together, well work toward a future where all cats are valued and protected, and no healthy, or treatable cat is killed in a shelter.

Where is the Alley Cat Allies Recovery CenterĀ® located?

If you have been impacted by the recent wildfires in Paradise, California your cat may be waiting for you at the Alley Cat Allies Recovery CenterĀ® located in nearby Marysville, California!

What do we do to help cats in shelters?

Were making it possible to keep food banks for animals stocked. For people who cant afford to feed their cats, or even find food in local stores, these food banks are a lifeline. Alley Cat Allies works with shelters to implement life-saving programs for all cats.

Where can I get help with spaying and neutering my Cat?

Top 50 Pet Charities Of 2020

With the new year, comes a paw-some set of new charities. Check out our top Charities for 2020! Top 50 Pet Charities of 2020. This year we want to recognize 50 outstanding pet charities for their work in helping to improve the lives of cats, dogs, and other animals, along with their human caretakers. All animal charities are deserving of praise, of course, but these 50 charities have been recommended by our fans and customers and are ones we feel deserve special recognition for their contributions to the lives of pets & pet owners.

93.98 Shows the Charity Navigator Overall Score & Rating out of 100, if the charity has been ranked by Charity Navigator.

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Best Animal Rescue Charities

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Petsmart Charities: Strengthening Communities By Supporting Pets And Those Who Love Them

Alley Cat Allies

PetSmart Charities was founded in 1994 by Jim and Janice Dougherty who also founded the PetSmart retail brand, within which they chose to never sell cats and dogs in any of their stores. Today, PetSmart Charities work to save the lives of homeless pets, as well as to increase the availability of spay and neuter services in local communities.

Their impact and transparency ratings: PetSmart Charities holds the Silver Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, as well as a 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator which they have held since 2004.

Big Hearts, Local Impact.

PetSmart Charities

What they do: PetSmart Charities is now the leading funder of animal welfare in North America and works with nearly 4000 non-profit organizations and government bodies to improve the lives of cats, dogs, and other companion animals across America and Canada. The charities adoption grants help local animal shelters connect animals in need with more loving families by providing in-store adoptions and by holding special events to promote responsible pet ownership.

Ways to contribute: You can donate directly to PetSmart Charities via their website or you can adopt an animal through their website or by visiting one of their stores.

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Following All Proper Policies & Procedures

Furthermore, and despite what the article may infer, Wilcox said, we followed all proper board policies and procedures, and all appropriate actions were taken to make the purchases. As per our policy, these investments were approved by the investment committee, which is made up of three board members.

We received counsel from outside experts about the purchases. The total growth and net earnings have been excellent, also as ANIMALS 24-7 had already learned from independent published sources.

So what was Gunther chiefly concerned about?

Helping Our Pets Everyday

  • Location: Upland, California
  • Founded: 1999

Mission: Formed by the desire to save lives, and as advocates for all canine and feline animals, guided in the spirit of being the caretakers of Gods creatures, stewards to young people through example and leadership, entrusted with educating the public on spaying and neutering, empowered through volunteer dedication, and committed in our mission to make a difference.

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Best Friends Animal Society: No

The Best Friends Animal Society was originally set up in 1984 by a group of 31 individuals, with the mission to create a sanctuary for homeless and abused animals in Utah. Since then, the charity has become a flagship organization for the no-kill movement which aims to end the senseless killing of cats and dogs in shelters across the country. Their Trap-Neuter-Return program has resulted in the sterilization and vaccination of thousands of feral and stray cats throughout America, reducing the impact on shelters.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Best Friends Animal Society holds the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar which is the highest level that can be achieved by a charity. They also have a 100% rating for transparency and accountability, and a 2-star rating from Charity Navigator due to the money they invest into their fundraising programs.

Save them all.

Best Friends Animal Society

What they do: The Best Friends Animal Society now cares for over 1600 animals, making it the largest sanctuary for companion animals in the country. They have also expanded their network to include over 3,300 shelters, spay/neuter organizations, and welfare groups in all 50 states and are actively working towards ensuring that the entire country is a No-Kill zone by 2025. They are doing this by providing innovative training programs for shelters, promoting the use of TNR programs for feral cat populations, and by acting as an online resource hub for local communities.

What Does Alley Cat Allies Do

Alley Cat Allies

Is Alley Cat Rescue the same as Alley Cat Allies?

What does morals of an alley cat mean?

alley cat. A promiscuous woman also, a person of loose morals. For example, Shes constantly picking up men in barsa real alley cat. This idiom transfers a stray cat that frequents alleys in search of food to a woman of easy virtue, especially a prostitute seeking customers. [

Is Aspca a reputable charity?

Good. This charitys score is 83.36, earning it a 3-Star rating. Donors can Give with Confidence to this charity.

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Animal Welfare League Of Montgomery County

  • Location: Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Founded: 2005

Mission: The AWLMC operates and maintains a no-kill cat shelter in Montgomery County, MD. Since 2005 we have completed over 1,000 cat adoptions. Our homey adoption friendly shelter is located in Olde Towne Gaithersburg. We moved into this location in 2011 and modified the interior to have 5 group rooms for the cats and allow space for floor cats to roam throughout the building. We have cat trees at every window and large climbing trees in the central areas. We added an outside storage shed on the property. We utilize all of the building to make the cats in our care safe and comfortable, and to offer potential adopters space to meet the purrfect cat for their household.

Top 17 Best Animal Charities You Can Donate To In 2022

Donors searching for organizations to support will regularly wonder how their donation is being used and whether their gifts really make a difference. When searching for nonprofits to support, donors may ask family and friends, depending on name recognition, or research how donations are used within the organization.

We have created a list of 15 animal charities that include dogs and cats to farm animals, marine mammals, and wildlife. Some of these organizations are large and have been around for decades. Others are newer and made it to the list because of their unique programs or mission.

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Heres What All The Best Charities For Domestic Cats Have In Common

The charities on this list were chosen based on their mission, transparency ratings, and impact on both domestic and feral cats across America and further afield. Many of the chosen charities work with local governments and like-minded organizations to increase the availability of healthcare for cats in local communities, and to improve the way we care for and view homeless cats.

The Top 17 Best Animal Charities In 2022

World’s Best Cat Litter Charity – DC Delivery Day at Alley Cat Allies

The charities listed in this blog are listed based on their impact, programs, and reach across the world. We have also mentioned the Charity Navigator ratings for a lot of them here to help your decision. However, we know and understand that there are a plethora of other animal charities that are doing great work and can very well make it to a list of this kind.

We have also added a bonus resource to this blogto help similar animal charities and nonprofits create a bigger impact in the lives of animals through takeaways from the listed charities and other essential best practices.

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Alley Cat Allies: The Global Engine Of Change For Cats

Alley Cat Allies was founded by Becky Robinson in 1990 after she discovered a colony of feral cats down an ally in Washington D.C. Motivated by what she saw, Becky proceeded to set up a Trap-Neuter-Return program to improve the lives of those cats, which soon led to the development of Alley Cat Allies. The main aim of the charity is to revolutionize our understanding of all cats and eliminate the institutional cruelty of animal control measures, through the use of global campaigns and innovative welfare programs.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Alley Cat Allies holds the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar and boasts a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

To transform and develop communities to protect and improve the lives of cats

Alley Cat Allies

What theyve achieved: Before Alley Cat Allies was formed, Trap-Neuter-Return policies were unheard of in America. However, thanks to the campaigning of this charity, over 650 municipalities have now adopted the procedure which has saved the lives of millions of feral and stray cats across the country. The charity now boasts over 650,000 supporters worldwide, including veterinarians, animal shelters, and animal welfare activists. Together with the Paw Project, Alley Cat Allies successfully advocated for a ban on declawing in New York which was passed in 2020.

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

  • Location: United States
  • Founded: 2001

Mission: To rescue abandoned or displaced dogs and cats from the threat of euthanasia in over-crowded shelters or other at-risk situations and places them for adoption into loving homes. The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation has the noble goal of preventing animals from being euthanized in shelters around the country. To this end, they rescue abandoned and displaced dogs & cats over-crowded shelters where they risk being euthanized, and look for proper and caring homes for the animals. The LDCRF ensures that all of the pets they save are spayed & neutered and fully vaccinated before finding caring homes for the rescued animals.

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Great Animal Organizations Worthy Of Your Donations 2020

Whether youre looking to honor a beloved family member, obtain a last-minute tax deduction for 2019, or you just want to commit an act of kindness, donating to a worthy animal organization is always a wonderful option.

To come up with this years list of 30 great animal organizations worthy of your donations, we scoured the globe for rescues, foundations, and other groups dedicated to improving the lives of all types of animals. We based our search on a variety of factors, including:

  • The organizations mission statement
  • Percentage of donations that go straight to helping animals
  • Positive impact on local communities
  • Overall reach of animals helped
  • The organizations ratings by various third-party charity watchdogs

Animals are unable to speak up for themselves, which is why so many around the world depend on the tireless work of empathetic humans. While we were unable to include every worthy animal organization on this years list, we encourage you to find and support any other animal organization that fits your interests.


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