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Big Cat Travel Insurance Reviews

Is Pet Insurance Tax

Travel Gnomes: Taking our cats around the world

Unfortunately, pet insurance is not tax-deductible in the vast majority of cases. The only exception may be if you rely on a guide dog or service animal for a disability. According to the IRS, the costs of feeding and caring for a legitimate service animal fall under tax-deductible expenses, which might include an insurance policy that helps pay for veterinary expenses. This rule does not apply to emotional support animals.

Really Exceptional Support And Service

I recently became injured while skiing in Canada. This was the first time I’ve ever had to use medical insurance overseas, and the team were incredibly attentive, supportive, and seemed to truly care about me and my recovery first and foremost. They never hesitated to discuss whatever options would be the best for my care, rather than just trying to find an option that would be the cheapest for them to cover.All my expenses were discussed in a helpful manner, and there were no issues at all getting my medical costs covered. I felt like I was in great hands and would not hesitate to recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you to Matt, my claims advisor, who was excellent.

Choosing The Right Cover For You

The cover you choose depends on a wide range of personal circumstances and the prices offered. Some will see the benefit of going through the longer, more intrusive Full Medical Underwriting process as it gives greater clarity on what will and what will not be covered before you buy.

Others prefer the convenience of the Moratorium process when buying and accept that theres a possibility that when they make a claim it might be turned down if their medical history shows it was or is related to a condition that existed prior to buying the policy.

Note that when you buy online, several insurers only offer Moratorium underwriting. This is because the Full Medical Underwriting process requires in-depth discussion about your medical history, which is best done over the phone or through dedicated forms. If you are looking for Full Medical Underwriting, its worth calling insurers directly to get a clear picture of what a bespoke policy would look like for you.

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List Of Automatically Coveredmedical Conditions That Do Notneed To Be Declared

Acne, ADHD, Allergic reaction provided that you have not needed hospital treatment for this in the last 2 years, Allergic rhinitis,Arthritis , Asthma ,Blindness or partial sightedness, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cataracts, Chicken pox – if completely resolved, Common cold or flu, Cuts and abrasionsthat are not self-inflicted and require no further treatment, Cystitis – provided there is no on-going treatment, Deafness, Diabetes , Diarrhoea and vomiting – if completely resolved, Eczema, Enlarged prostate – benign only, Essential tremor,Glaucoma, Gout, Haemorrhoids, Hay fever, Ligament or tendon injury – provided you are not currently being treated, Macular degeneration,Menopause, Migraine – provided there are no on-going investigations, Nasal polyps, PMT, RSI, Sinusitis – provided there is no on-going treatment,Skin or wound infections that have completely resolved with no current treatment, Tinnitus, Underactive Thyroid , Urticaria,Varicose veins in the legs.

Organizations Working To End Ownership Of Exotic Pets

Best Trekking Insurance with no altitude limits

What organizations are working to end exotic pet ownership? The Humane Society of the United States has launched a comprehensive Stopping the Wildlife Trade Campaign. They report that not only is the global exotic animal trade a $10 billion a year business, but also that of the 5,000 to 7,000 tigers currently living in the United States, only 400 can be found in accredited zoos.

The Association of Zoos & Aquariums has a similar campaign: the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance. The organization explains that:

The Wildlife Trafficking Alliance is a coalition of more than 70 leading companies, non-profit organizations, and AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums working together to reduce the purchase and sale of illegal wildlife and wildlife products.

Public zoos and aquariums and environmentally-focused companies coming together represent an essential partnership to keep exotic pet ownership in the sphere of public debate. Together, they can bring a national voice to an issue that is affecting every state across the country.

Perhaps the most infamous of the NGOs working to end exotic pet ownership in the United States is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, commonly known as PETA. For those concerned about the exotic animal trade, PETA pleads:

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Rental Car Protection Insurance

Available as an add-on optional coverage to a Single Trip plan or package, Rental Car coverage is perfect for Canadian residents and visitors to Canada. Protect your rental vehicle against damage or loss whether youâre travelling in the next province or abroad.


Physical damage to a leased/rented automobile

Loss of a leased/rented automobile

Towing, salvage, fire department charges, custom duties, and reasonable loss of use

Looking for more than just Rental Car Insurance? Our All Inclusive Holiday Package or Non-Medical Package may do the trick!

Why take Rental Car Insurance along for the ride?

Jack drove a rental car to his family reunion. Along the way, he stopped for dinner, parking the car in a pay lot across the street. After dinner, Jack returned to find the back bumper dented and a taillight broken. He reported the damage to the local police, who told him there was little they could do. Jack found a local rental agency, who gave him another vehicle, and Jack continued on his way. When he got home, he received a bill for repairing the damaged vehicle.

Our travel insurance covered: $4,516

Looking for travel insurance coverage?

Choose your province to find your local insurance professional.

Choose a travel insurance partner in your area to get an online quote.

Click here to start a new search.

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Best Pet Insurance Companies Of 2022

  • Starting price: $99 per year
  • Deductible: $0

While Pet Assure doesnt fall under the standard pet insurance umbrella, its low cost and flexibility make it our top pick for owners of all types of pets.

  • Covers all types of pets

  • No annual limits or deductibles

  • Not subject to waiting periods

  • Pays for pre-existing conditions

  • Limited to in-network veterinarians

  • Covers only 25% of costs

  • Prescriptions not covered

Pet Assure offers plans for a single cat, a single dog, a family plan for up to four animals of any size, and an unlimited plan for all pets in your household. Best of all, theres no waiting period before you can use your coverage. All of Pet Assures plans come with discounted veterinary services, including treatments related to:

  • Accidents
  • Pre-existing conditions

Pet Assure insurance is pretty affordable, plus there is no deductible. You can save some money on your policy if you choose the annual billing option. These are the rates for each insurance plan:

  • Single cat plan: $9.95 per month
  • Single dog plan: $11.95 per month
  • Family plan: $16.95 per month
  • Unlimited plan: $21.95 per month
  • Deductibles: None

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Best For Cruises: Nationwide

  • Some plans have low coverage levels for some incidents

  • Benefit limits are low for trip interruption for any reason

  • Pre-existing conditions may not be covered

Nationwide has been around since 1925 and offers most popular types of insurance including auto, home, and life. They also have an array of travel insurance coverage for individual trips, multi-trips, and cruises.

To protect your single trips, Nationwide offers trip cancelation of up to $10,000 in its Essentials Plan and $30,000 in its Prime Plan. Travelers may also get an annual travel insurance package for just $59 a year to cover delays, medical expenses, medical evacuation, lost luggage, and travel assistance.

Its custom-tailored plans for cruises, however, are what landed it in this category. The Universal Cruise Plan, Choice Cruise Plan, and Luxury Cruise Plan make it easy to pick the right coverage for your individual needs. The cost for a couple on a 10-day cruise to Mexico, for example, was quoted around $200 for both the Universal and Choice plans.

Cruise insurance from Nationwide covers what you worry about most with a cruise. Things like broken down ships and itinerary changes can lead to missed excursions and flights or other costs. For the Universal Cruise plan, Emergency medical expenses are covered up to $75,000 with medical evacuation benefits up to $250,000. After seeing many medical issues on cruise ships, its wise to protect your trip with insurance prepared to help you.

Tips To Save Money With Big Cat Travel Insurance Discount Code Offer

Big Cat Week – Zoo Animals – Tiger Elephant Cobra Rhino Gharial Leopard Gaur 13+

You can hunt for discount codes on many events such as Flash Sale, Occasion like Halloween, Back to School, Christmas, Back Friday, Cyber Monday,which you can get the best discounts. If you buy regularly at a store, do not hesitate to contact us, CouponXoo will support you with an exclusive discount code.

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% Of Pet Owners Have Spent More Money On Their Pets During The Covid

The pet care services industry statistics reveal that the pandemic wasnt that rough on the pet service industry. 70% of pet owners spent more time with their pets during the lockdown and social distancing.

Statistics reveal that 64% of them spent the same amount of money as before the pandemic. However, 21% of pet owners splurged even more on their pets than pre-pandemic.

What Should A Good Winter Sports Policy Include

  • A high level of medical cover Skiing injuries can be very costly to treat, especially if you need to be airlifted to safety. Make sure you have at least £10m cover for emergency medical expenses.
  • A wide range of sports and activities Look for policies that cover every type of activity you think you might partake in, including things like tobogganing and snowmobiling. While not all insurers will include these as standard, some will offer them as an upgrade.
  • Off-piste cover Any part of a slope outside a marked run can be classed as off-piste, even a well-used shortcut between two green runs. Not all insurers will cover off-piste. Those that do may only cover off-piste skiing within certain boundaries or with an instructor, so check the policy wording. Learn more about off-piste skiing cover.
  • Low excesses Saves you from paying out more than you can afford if youre injured on the slopes.
  • High personal liability cover This means the insurance company will pay out if you injure someone and they seek compensation from you. This may be included in your standard travel policy. Look for policies with at least £2m personal liability cover.
  • Equipment cover Many insurers will also replace broken equipment, whether its hired or owned. This includes things like skis, snowboards, and ski clothing.

Weve listed some of the best insurers for winter sports below.

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Best For Seniors: Hth Travel Insurance

HTH Travel Insurance

  • Not the cheapest provider depending on your needs

  • Best plan for seniors requires existing health insurance

  • Lowest policy has a $50,000 maximum benefit per person

HTH Worldwide was founded in 1997. HTH Travel Insurance offers plans with high levels of medical coverage. Thats a big concern for seniors leaving the country, as they could end up in a doctors office or hospital with an expensive bill to follow. HTH Travel Insurance offers up to $1 million in total coverage for medical.

Policies for travelers with existing primary insurance enjoy 100% coverage for typical hospital charges, including surgery, tests, office visits, inpatient hospital stays, and prescription drugs outside of the U.S., among other coverage.

Medical evacuation is available up to $500,000, but trip interruption and baggage coverage are pretty light. Most people will choose this plan for medical, not travel, benefits. This policy is available to applicants who are 95 years old or younger.

Insurance is also available for people without existing health coverage. Most seniors in the U.S. are covered by some existing coverage, such as Medicare, but Medicare doesnt work outside of the United States, leaving seniors uninsured when abroad. HTH Travel Insurance provides policies for those without existing medical coverage. The age limit is 74 but there is a 180-day pre-existing condition exclusion.

How To Choose The Best Health Insurance

The Best Five Places In The World To See Big Cats In The ...

People buy health insurance for a variety of reasons and the private medical insurance market is growing in the UK. New products and health insurance companies are emerging, adding to the bewildering array of options. Thankfully, ActiveQuote offers free regulated advice if you have any questions. Theyll help you understand which health insurance policies will suit you best based on your needs. Get in touch with them here.Here are some steps you should take when searching for a health insurance quote:

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How To Get Cheaper Travel Insurance

There are several things you can do to get a cheaper quote for your travel insurance:

  • Add a voluntary excess Agree to pay more out of your pocket in the event of a claim. In exchange, your insurer will likely lower your premiums.
  • Buy cover in plenty of time You might find premiums are cheaper if you buy in advance and youll have more time to shop around.
  • Only buy what you need Dont pay extra to cover things you wont need. For example, if youre going to a beach resort, youre unlikely to require winter sports cover.
  • Get cover that matches the value of your belongings and holiday Avoid taking expensive luggage. Travelling light means you can opt for low cover limits and still be fully protected. The same goes for your holiday: if you spent £2,000 on it, you dont need £10,000 cancellation cover.

When Should I Buy A Policy For My Trip

Many travelers think they can buy insurance anytime before their trip, and assume they will be covered if anything happens that impacts their travel plans. However, the best time to buy a policy depends on the benefits and the type of coverage you are interested in. Although Trip Cancellation policies can be purchased up until the day before they leave, we recommend travelers who want cancellation benefits buy as soon as possible, because only unforeseen events can be covered. Travelers who primarily want medical coverage during their trip should buy anytime prior to the day before they leave, unless they need Pre-Existing Condition coverage. Travelers who are interested in specific time-sensitive benefits, such as Pre-Existing Condition coverage or Cancel For Any Reason, must buy a policy within 14-21 days of making their initial trip deposit.

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Read On To Learn More About:

  • Key policy features of Big Cat travel insurance
  • What types of travel insurance does Big Cat offer?
  • Are there any restrictions with Big Cat travel insurance?
  • How much does travel insurance from Big Cat cost?
  • Does Big Cat provide travel insurance cover for pre-existing conditions?
  • Does Big Cat travel insurance cover over 65s, over 70s and over 80s?
  • Customer reviews of Big Cat travel insurance
  • Expert reviews of Big Cat travel insurance
  • How to make a claim on Big Cat travel insurance

Joint Life Insurance Options

CAT 2021 Safe Colleges | At low CAT percentiles | Profile based Colleges

Life insurance is a crucial piece to any solid financial plan, yet choosing the right policy is a very personal decision that should uniquely reflect your circumstances and needs. Joint life insurance is just one of the many choices that might suit your situation and it comes at a discounted price! In this blog, we will break down what joint life insurance is, and the pros and cons to purchasing one.…Read More

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What Is The Best Travel Insurance Company

Now, lets get to the actual insurance companies. Since there are so many, Ive filtered out the best ones, but divided them into different categories. Depending on how and where you are going to travel to, the priority factors might be different. Make sure you have your adventure planned so choosing the right Insurance company will be a breeze. Here are my top ones:

Insurance Providers That Cover Pregnancy Complications

While AXA rules out routine pregnancy treatment, it may cover medical conditions developed during pregnancy. It also provides a list of conditions that would be covered in its policy documents, including costs for treating ectopic pregnancies, retained placentas and miscarriages requiring immediate surgical treatment.

Similar to AXA, Aviva will cover some pregnancy complications even though it doesnt cover routine treatments. These include ectopic pregnancies, retained placentas and caesarean sections under specific clinical conditions . If you have mental health cover on your policy, Aviva will also cover treatment for postnatal depression.

Vitality states that it does provide cover for pregnancy complications on its core health insurance policy.

These, and other features, can be compared across providers and policy levels using

For more information, read our in-depth article on pregnancy and health insurance.

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% Of Pet Industry Customers Are Millennials

Millennials are the most numerous pet owners, but Baby Boomers arent much behind. Theyre right behind with 29%, while Gen Xers follow with 26%.

Gen Z and Builder generations make up the rest of the pet owners.

So far, pet industry trends have shown that Millennials with pets also tend to use technology to purchase products and services.

The pet industry market research reveals this has helped form a robust market with an abundance of new pet-related business ventures. With this in mind, the pet market should continue to expand in size.


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