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Fancy Feast Cat Food Pouches

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FANCY FEAST Creamy Collection Variety Pack Grain-Free Wet …

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Fancy Feast Broths Chicken Collection Adult Wet Cat Food …

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How Much Does Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food Cost

Many of Purinas product lines are very affordable for the average pet owner and Fancy Feast is no different.

They offer a wide variety of products spread over four product lines, so it is possible to find something affordable for just about everyone.

In terms of the recipes weve reviewed here, the most expensive product is the broth food topper.

That is to be expected, however, because it is sold in a smaller package. The canned food recipe we reviewed is affordably priced at $0.28 per ounce and the dry food costs under $2.00 per pound.

To give you a better idea how Purina Fancy Feast stacks up against other cat food brands, here is a quick chart to show you some average prices:


What Do Customers Think Of Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food

With over 100 different products to choose from, customers love the variety Fancy Feast has to offer.

Many of their products carry a 4-star review or higher on Chewy, though some customers are concerned about the quality of the ingredients. Generally speaking, however, products are received very well which is surprising considering the low overall quality of the brand.

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Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food

Nourish your cat companion with a culinary-inspired meal by Purina Fancy Feast. Every entree is 100% complete and balanced for adult cats and crafted with real poultry or seafood to satisfy your kittys cravings. While she enjoys the irresistible flavor, aroma and tender texture, youll love knowing that shes getting the vitamins and minerals she needs to support her nose-to-tail well-being.

Purina Fancy Feast Broths Supplemental Pouches

Fancy Feast Dry Beef + Salmon + Cheese Dry Cat Food Pouch ...

This Fancy Feast selection from Purina comes in easy-to-open pouches and in silky or creamy broth varieties. Some are made for adult cats, while some are specifically for seniors 7 years and above. If youre concerned about giving your cats sumptuous supplemental meals without fillers or by-products, then Classic Broths is the one for your felines.

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Gourmet Perle Mixed Selection Cat Food Mega Packs

Images are for illustration purposes only. Packaging may change from time to time and images on our website may or may not be updated.

Size / Type:

  • Special OfferChef’s Collection In Gravy » 96 x 85g Pouches£28.08
  • Special OfferCountry Medley In Jelly » 96 x 85g Pouches£28.08
  • Special OfferOcean Delicacies in Gravy » 96 x 85g Pouches£28.08

Selection of 3 products from


Estimated dispatch within 4 to 10 working days.

Promotion Ends: 26/04/2022

Estimated dispatch within 4 to 10 working days.

Promotion Ends: 26/04/2022

Estimated dispatch within 4 to 10 working days.

Promotion Ends: 26/04/2022

  • 100% complete and balanced nutritional pet food for adult cats
  • A tempting variety of flavours to tempt your cat’s taste buds
  • Served in 85g pouches to keep every meal fresh and convenient
  • Packed with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your adult cat healthy
  • No added artificial colourants, flavourings, preservatives

Preparation and Usage

For an average adult cat , feed 3 to 4 pouches per day in at least 2 separate meals. The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your cat at a lean, healthy body weight. Serve at room temperature. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available.


Please store these pouch unopened in a cool, dry place. Best before date, Batch code: see on side of box

Where Is Fancy Feast Made

Fancy Feast grew in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s after it was marketed as a luxury gourmet foods for kitties.

The majority of Fancy Feast products are made right here in America. Certain product lines, including Fancy Feast Flaked Fish & Shrimp, Fancy Feast Broths, and Fancy Feast Purely, are made in Thailand, but these are still manufactured in facilities owned by the company.

One other good piece of news:

As far as we’ve been able to determine, Fancy Feast has never been recalled! That said, Fancy Feast is owned by Purina, which has had multiple recall incidents in the past.

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Easy Homemade Cat Gravy

Once youve mastered our base recipe, you can start experimenting! If you are looking for something a bit more delectable for your sweet kitty, learn how to make cat gravy with these 6 nutritional recipes!

Once you have prepared the base recipe, please resist the temptation of giving the cat any bone. Please never give your cat a cooked bone!

Nutrition Cats Need And The Taste And Textures They Love

Wet cat food unboxing || Whiskas, smart heart, fancy feast pouch unboxing|| #catfood #whiskas #pouch

Fancy Feast wet cat food delivers nutrition, taste and texture for an irresistible meal thats nutritious, delicious and satisfying. Its 100% complete and balanced with recognizable ingredients and comes in a variety of textures and paw-licking flavors. Open a can and make mealtime un-fur-gettable!


These culinary-inspired meals are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality ingredients. They are so good, even finicky felines love them!


Each protein-rich recipe is 100% complete and balanced for adult cats and features real meat, poultry or seafood to fuel your feline.


Whether your kitty prefers finely ground grain-free pates or tender cuts in gravy, there are plenty of textures to make every meal special.


Each serving has an irresistible flavor and aroma from real ingredients cats love. Open a can and watch your cat run to her dish every time!

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Rosie’s Farm Adult Mixed Trial Pack

Delivery in 1-3 working days All prices include tax., Additional may apply.See T& Cs

Product description

grain-free complete preserve vital nutrientsTry all flavours in these mixed packs!Rosie’s Farm Adult Mixed Trial Pack at a glance:

  • 70% meat or fish and high-quality offal
  • Complete wet cat food
  • Delicately cooked to preserve nutritional purity
  • Gloriously grain-free and easy to digest
  • Rich in salmon oil for a beautiful coat and supple skin
  • Completely free from soya and lactose
  • No added sugar or artificial flavourings
  • Ideal for adult cats of all breeds and sizes
  • Crafted with care by a family business

Mixed Trial and Saver Packs Mixed Trial Pack 4 x 100g:

  • 1 x Chunky Stew with Chicken
  • 1 x Two Bird Casserole with Turkey & Duck
  • 1 x Farmer’s Hash with Lamb & Chicken
  • 1 x Fisherman’s Medley with Salmon, Chicken & Shrimp

Mixed Trial Pack 16 x 100g:

  • 4 x Chunky Stew with Chicken
  • 4 x Two Bird Casserole with Turkey & Duck
  • 4 x Farmer’s Hash with Lamb & Chicken
  • 4 x Fisherman’s Medley with Salmon, Chicken & Shrimp

Saver Pack 48 x 100g

  • 12 x Chunky Stew with Chicken
  • 12 x Two Bird Casserole with Turkey & Duck
  • 12 x Farmer’s Hash with Lamb & Chicken
  • 12 x Fisherman’s Medley with Salmon, Chicken & Shrimp

grain-free purring all day longPlease note:


Rosie’s Farm Adult Chunky Stew with Chicken:Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: Energy 100g: Rosie’s Farm Adult Two Bird Casserole with Turkey & Duck:Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: Energy 100g: Additives per kg:

Buying Guide For Best Fancy Feast Cat Food

From cozy beds to enticing toys, most cat owners cant resist spoiling their pets. Topping the list of ways to make felines happy is providing food they cant resist. Thats why Fancy Feast cat food has become a fan favorite among cats and their doting owners. But Fancy Feast has more to offer than feline-pleasing flavor. Cat owners will appreciate the variety and nutritional value as much as their pets love eating this gourmet cat cuisine.

Fancy Feast offers both dry and wet cat food in a variety of cat-approved flavors, recipes, and textures. The brand also makes appetizers, sliced filets, and broth-covered delicacies that can be provided to kitties as treats to complement their usual meals. Kitten varieties are also available, so there is a Fancy Feast food for just about any cat, young or old.

With so many delicious cat food options available, it can be confusing choosing a Fancy Feast variety for your beloved pet. Fortunately, BestReviews is here to sort out your options. Learn everything you need to know about Fancy Feast cat food.

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What Kind Of Cat Food Products Do They Offer

Purina Fancy Feast is primarily a canned cat food brand. Though offer only a limited selection of dry cat food products, Fancy Feast does offer a wide variety of wet foods in four different product lines.

The Savory Centers wet food line includes delicate pates with delicious gravy centers, bringing two textures together in a single elegant meal.

The Gourmet Naturals line is carefully crafted for exceptional taste and the Medleys line features expertly prepared, inspired flavor combinations. The Broth Complements line features lickable broths made with tender bites of real seafood with no fillers or by-products.

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Is Fancy Feast Dry Food Good For Cats

In our opinion, Fancy Feast dry foods are not good for cats because it contains a lot of bad ingredients, including meat by-products, fillers, corn, gluten, soybean meal, and artificial flavors.

Sure, eating fancy feast is relatively affordable. But it’s important to remember that if a kitty doesn’t get the right nutrients she needs or is exposed to foods that could trigger allergies, food sensitivities, and other health problems, then as a pet parent you may end up spending more in vet bills.

The Gourmet Natural variety is much better than the non-natural variant, but it still contains some grain ingredients. However, its not all bad for the brands dry foods. Each of these contains enough vitamins and minerals to provide your cats daily needs for an active and healthy lifestyle. Theyre also quite cheap, so a little goes a long way.

Are Fancy Feast Broths Healthy For Cats

If you are looking for cat food that has real meat coupled with tons of essential nutrients, Fancy Feast Broths can provide that, although they aren’t the best choice of broth for cats according to many animal experts.

This is mostly because Fancy Feast broths contain ingredients that may trigger food allergies and other health problems in felines. Problematic ingredients include things like wheat starch, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, carrageenan, and artificial coloring.

These Broths arent meant to be taken as entire meals, only as food toppers. As you may know, cats are obligate carnivores and must eat plenty of protein in order to stay healthy. Fancy Feast broths don’t contain enough protein on their own to support your kitty’s health.

If you choose to feed your kitty Fancy Feast broths, make sure she’s getting plenty of other protein and micronutrients through eating complete and balanced meals that the other cat food lines from Fancy Feast can provide.

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Fancy Feast Classic Broths

The Classic line of Fancy Feasts Broths Collection features a silken broth that allows pure meaty goodness to come to the fore of every bite and lick.

This particular variety offers cats and kittens a taste of the sea in this yummy blend of three flavorful seafood.


  • Real fish broth, tuna, shrimp, and whitefish as the first few ingredients
  • Has a variety of seafood flavors for discerning feline palates
  • Perfectly complements any well-balanced meal
  • Packed with ample protein and vitamins
  • Contains less than 1% carbohydrates


  • The price can be expensive for a small pouch of meal supplement

Also available in Wild Salmon and Vegetables, Tuna, Anchovies & Whitefish, and Tuna & Vegetables flavors.

Gourmet Perle Chef’s Collection

Fancy Feast Purely Natural Filets Cat Food

The cats favourite

55Cat food in gravy Verified Purchase

Very good value for money. This is one of the few places I can get cat food in gravy. My cat won’t eat cat food in jelly.

Customer recommends this product

Verified Purchase

It was proving difficult to get a regular supply of the Country Medley selection my cat prefers from the supermarket. A quick Google search led me to Viovet and I’m impressed with the choices available and the speed of delivery.

Customer recommends this product

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Where Can You Buy Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food

Easily one of the most well-known brands of cat food, Purina Fancy Feast products can be found just about anywhere.

In addition to being sold in major pet store chains like Petco and PetSmart, Fancy Feast is also sold at big box stores like Target and Walmart.

If you prefer to shop online, look for Fancy Feast at the online stores for any of these retailers or at and Chewy.

You should also be able to find Fancy Feast products in local and regional pet stores as well as some grocery store chains.

Fancy Feast Creamy Broths

The Creamy Broths line brings the rich creamy taste of milk to tender pieces of real fish, chicken, or veggies.

This particular wild salmon and whitefish flavor gives your hungry felines a rich source of protein along with a luxe taste to any meal you decide to put it on as a topper.


  • Real fish broth, salmon, and whitefish are the first few ingredients
  • Loaded with morsels of real salmon and whitefish
  • Great as food toppers for meals
  • Packed with minerals, vitamins, and a moisture content of 92%
  • Contains very low sodium content


  • Contains dairy and sugar, which dont agree with some cats

Also available in Tuna, Chicken & Whitefish and Chicken & Vegetables flavors.

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Fancy Feast Adult Dry Cat Food

Fancy Feast seems to be better known for making wet canned foods. However, they do offer dry food varieties, too. This adult dry food comes in two labels: Gourmet and Gourmet Naturals.

Both of these have a variety of flavor options, including filet mignon with shrimp and seafood ocean fish, salmon and garden greens and chicken and turkey. Theyre also relatively inexpensive, which may be appealing to some cat parents with a tight pet food budget.

Is Fancy Feast Wet Canned Food Good For Cats

Fancy Feast Classic Broths with Wild Salmon &  Vegetables ...

Perhaps the main strike against these Fancy Feast products is that they only contain plenty of undesirable ingredients. Things like wheat, corn, soy, and meat by-products may trigger food sensitivities in kitties. But all of them also offer complete nutrition in the form of added vitamins and minerals.

Most of the Classic Paté flavors contain fish even when the label says Chicken & Liver flavor, but it contains real meat and absolutely no grains at all. The Gravy Lovers has wheat gluten added in, but it is also low in calories, which is good for kitties on a diet.

If your cat doesnt do well with all of these undesirable ingredients, then its best to stay away from these canned wet foods from Fancy Feast. But if your cat is only allergic to only one of those ingredients here, just check the labels carefully and your feline should do well with his Fancy Feast diet.

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Overview Of The Purina Fancy Feast Brand

The Purina brands history began with William H. Danforth who partnered with William Andrews and George Robinson to found the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company.

The company name changed to Ralston Purina in 1902 and the first pet nutrition and care center was opened at Purina Farms in 1926.

In 1956, Purina Dog Chow became the first pet food made with extrusion and Cat Chow was released 7 years later. In 1986, Ralston sold the animal feed portion of the business to focus on cat and dog food, releasing their groundbreaking 14-year study on dog nutrition the next year.

In 2001, Ralston Purina combined with Nestles Friskies Petcare Company to create Nestle Purina Petcare. Friskies Petcare Company was originally the result of a merger between Friskies and Nestle in 1985, following the 1982 release of Fancy Feast originally by the Carnation Company.

Though Fancy Feast has changed hands a few times, it now belongs to the second-largest global pet food company and the largest pet food company in the United States.

Today, the Fancy Feast brand offers a wide variety of canned food products including pates, savory meats in gravy, grain-free options, and all-natural recipes.

Choose from over 100 different products, many of which are sold in variety packs for your convenience.

Fancy Feast cat foods feature numerous different proteins including staples like chicken and beef as well as seafood options like salmon, tuna, and whitefish.


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