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How To Get A Kitten To Trust You

How Long Does It Take A Kitten To Adjust To New Home

How to Gain the Trust of a Cat

It all depends to be honest

Cats have different personalities

Some cats are quick to adjust to new environment

And other cats may take longer

Their age also plays a part too

Their background can play a part too

If they have had a bad experience then it will take longer for your at to adjust

Normally a new kitten to get used to their surroundings may take up to a week or 2

Some cats may take a month

Its like asking Whats the length of a string?

There is no concrete answer!

The more you interact with your kitty and show your kitty love and affection this could speed up the process!

Common Reasons For Shyness

The first thing you need to understand is why your cat is afraid of being with people.

Although;the reasons can vary, one of the most common ones is if she;didnt have enough socialization as a kitten. If a kitten interacted with few people when she was young, she may end up being shy around people.

Of course its also possible that a cat who met plenty of people while young will be afraid of certain types of people that she;wasnt exposed to;;say, for example,;men or tall people. Other cats will suddenly start showing fearful behavior thanks to;a medical problem. If you think this is the case, see;your veterinarian.

How To Win The Trust Of A Stray Cat

L.C. has experience working with stray cats and managing their health and overall wellness.

Feeding a stray cat is the best way to start gaining its trust.

If there is a stray cat hanging around your home or work, you may want to know what you can do to help. It is important to help the catcontrary to popular belief, cats can not live well on their own outside. They are domesticated animals. If left on their own, they will likely succumb to an early death from disease, starvation, or injury. You can gain a stray cats trust, but by following these five steps and practicing patience, you too can help save a life.

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Create A Manageable Environment For Your Skittish Kitty

You may think it kind to give your cat the;freedom to roam your entire home. However, for the skittish kitty, a large domain can be overwhelming. Cats are territorial, so by giving your cat free reign, youre actually;giving him;a large territory;to police and defend. Moreover, you dont want your furniture, family members, and activities to become terrifying obstacles that stand between your cat and his basic needs.

Instead, comfort your fearful cat by shrinking his world. Choose a;quiet room to temporarily place food and water bowls , the litter box, and toys, where your cat can adjust to its new surroundings. A spare bedroom or other room that isnt heavily trafficked by people;and other animals is best.;If youre gone at work all day and the house is quiet, leave a radio or TV on in Kittys room to get him used to a normal amount of noise.

Part of the;goal is to get your skittish kitty used to being out in the open, so cover potential hiding places. . Leave your cats carrier out and place a soft blanket or old T-shirt inside to create an approved safe spot where Kitty can hide out.

This manageable environment;should reduce disturbances and help your cat explore;more confidently. Its important that your cat can trust that a trip to eat or eliminate wont make him;feel too frightened and exposed.;Each cat is different, but Kitty will probably remain;in this shrunken world for several weeks while you work to build trust and socialize your cat.;

How To Catch Feral Kittens

how to get an abused cat to trust you

There are many incentives to catch a feral kitten. The survival rates of a feral kitten are 80% lower than that of a domesticated cat. This is due to the lack of nutrition as well as the presence of more dangers in the wild. On average, a feral kitten will live to the age of 3 years, whereas a domesticated cat will live on average to 16.;

The younger you catch a feral kitten, the better. The longer a feral kitten stays in the wild, the harder it will be to teach them to become a domesticated cat. Additionally, each day a feral kitten stays out in the wild is another day they are probably experiencing malnutrition.;

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Provide Your Cat With A Cage

Your kitten will feel secure in a crate or cage. The cage or crate provides cat shelter from you and the people she doesn’t trust. Please don’t close the box or cage door and allow your cat to go out whenever she wants.;

Please don’t force your kitten to go out as it will not be useful for the development of trust. Keep in mind that a crate or cage has ample space to sit and stand and place a towel on the cell’s underside to make it comfortable for the kitten.;

What To Do After You Catch A Feral Kitten

After you catch a feral kitten, you should take them to a large room where there is no exits. We recommend somewhere like the garage. Give the kitten its space, and also set out plenty of food and water.;You should show the feral kitten as much love and care as possible, without scaring or frightening them. Also make sure that for the first couple days, you keep the feral kitten completely isolated from other pets if you have them.

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The Fastest Way To A Stray Cat’s Heart Is Through Her Stomach

Stray cats are often hungry cats, so the best first move is to feed the kitty and provide lots of water. Once the cat learns you’re a source for food, she will visit every day. For some very friendly cats, this is enough to gain their trust. But others need more time.

Start by leaving a strong-smelling cat food, like one with tuna, outside where you’ve seen the cat. Try to put the food out at the same time every day, and watch from a distance to see if she eats it. You may need to watch through a window from inside your home at first.

If it’s;cold outside, consider keeping the cat’s food and water in a;Thermo-Kitty Cafe;that keeps the food and water from freezing. If you need something that holds more water, consider the;K&H CleanFlow Filtered Water Bowl for Cats, which can come with a 90-ounce reservoir. Make sure you place the bowl in a fully enclosed area to protect it from the elements. When it’s hot in the summer, a;Coolin’ Bowl;is a good option.

Why Are Cats Shy Or Fearful

#2 How to earn the trust of a stray or feral cat

Shy or fearful behavior is most often caused by negative associations made in early life. If a cat doesnt interact with people often or experiences abuse or trauma, later, he or she may be afraid to trust;human caretakers and become a skittish kitty.;Other shy or fearful cats may be that way simply because theyre genetically predisposed to higher levels of arousal. For these cats, it will take a long time to calm down and learn to trust new environments and people;.

Here are some common reasons why cats exhibit fearful behavior. Remember: no one reason is necessarily the only reason your cat is scared.

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Fine Lines Of Feline Distinction

Not all cats who act shy are shy. Sometimes theyre feral.

Its important to note the difference between a shy cat and a feral cat, notes Dr. Karen Becker, DVM. Feral cats are either born wild or have adapted to feral life after being lost or abandoned.

Some ferals do become indoor pets, but by and large, their instincts drive them to avoid human interaction, she says.

Other factors to consider:

  • A cat who has been abused will act differently than a shy cat. The cats I have come across that were abused or neglected got aggressive instead, says Susan Graham, who works with several rescue organizations.
  • Cats who appear shy at shelters arent necessarily shy by nature. The experience of being in a shelter can make the most outgoing kitty temporarily wary and fearful, Dr. Becker observes.

Spend At Least A Few Minutes Every Day With Your New Feral Cat Friend

When they become comfortable with pets and ear scratches, you can start to attempt to pick them up. Just be careful as their claws are probably equivalent to daggers and do not get bit.

Once you have a new friend , do your best to get your new cat into a carrier using lots of treats. From there, its off to the vet for a wellness check-up, preventative care, and a spay or neuter! Whether the cat will be in your home or outside. Here you can find a spay/neuter clinic near you.

If you are looking to keep this cat in your home and you have other cats in the house, it is important to keep them separate for a few weeks to ensure the new kitty is free of parasites and viruses and is up to date on vaccinations. Want to just help the feral cats in your area? Visit Tips On Caring For Feral Cats;for more information.

For tips on how to transition an outdoor cat to an indoor cat, check out this article here on

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Dont Force Physical Contact

Your cat will come to you when she feels safe. This can be encouraged with food once the cat is more comfortable. Put a bit of the special baby food on your finger and have them lick it off. This initiates contact and allows the cat to have positive associations with you. To begin petting, extend a closed fist while you look away, and let the cat come to you and initiate any contact she feels comfortable with. Semi-feral cats take a lot of coaxing and letting them approach you will build trust.

Consider A Second Kitten

How to Get a Cat to Trust You

Another idea would be to find another kitten or cat to join the family so that he has someone to play with and become more social. Sometimes cats, interacting with other cats, become more friendly. Maybe they see the other cats interact better with humans. He can become more confident, as well. This is a thing I have tried with my own kitty. The second kitten made him more social and affectionate.

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New Kitten Is Scared And Hiding

If youre a first time cat parent and you just got a kitten

Problem is your new kitten is scared and hiding

So you dont know what to do

You want to cuddle your kitten and bond with him but hes just hiding and is pretty much scared of you

Or you try to go near your kitten and he just runs away from you;

Not to worry because in this article youre going to learn how you can get your scared kitten to come out of hiding and not be scared

Youll discover how you can create a special bond that will be ever lasting and create a unique beautiful relationship

Sound good?

And when you adopt them at first it is very exciting

They are so full of energy

Trust me, you will have fun as Im a cat parent myself

The kitten age are the best

So your kitten is home

Only problem is

Your kitty is hiding and just dont want to come out

Theyre scared of you and wont come near you

Dont worry

This is normal and nothing to be scared about

With time they will become a cuddly cat!

Its natural for your kitten to be scared

Lets look at the reasons why

Page Content

Move Closer And Talk To The Cat

While you may feel silly doing it, talking to the cat is important. Talk to the animal quietly and calmly, without approaching. You may want to do this while sitting at a distance from the cat or while he or she is eating.

As the cat realizes that you are not a threat, it will get more comfortable with you being closerso try to take fewer steps back with each feeding.

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How Do You Get A Scared Kitten To Trust You And Love You

2 words

All cats are different and have different personalities

Some cats are quick to adjust to new homes

Whereas other may take some time

Patience is very important

Dont just expect your kitten to be all playful and running around straight away

Especially if they are hiding and scared

Heres some steps to follow to get your kitty to love you and trust you

When you get your kitten make sure they stay in one room

You dont want to overwhelm your furbaby

Keeping your kitten in one room will make it easier for him to get comfortable and used to their surroundings

It also gives them privacy and undisturbed

Make sure they have all their necessitates like food bowl, litter box and some toys too

Slowly But Surely

Dont try to rush things with your kitten

Thatll just make things worse

Take your time

Give your kitten space and time

I know you want your kitten to be your friend and all playful straight away

But remember patience is key here

Spend Time With Your Kitten;

Since you are feeding your kitten

He knows that you are feeding him so stay in the room with him

Keep a distance and dont force yourself

Maybe you can read a book in the same room

Just be in their company and let him get used to your presence

Dont spend too much time

But do this regularly throughout the day

Talk To Your Kitten;

When your kitten starts to become more comfortable and youll know when they are

Start to talk to your baby

In a soft and casual tone

Tell your kitty how much you love him

Let me tell you,

Let The Stray Cat Make The First Move

How to Gain Your Cats Trust! Cat Behaviour 101

Let your stray cat approach you first. This may take days or even weeks. Don’t try to walk up and pet him. Give him a chance to rub against your leg cautiously. Speak soothingly to him. You can try extending your hand slowly and gently, but don’t try to pet him. Let him approach and sniff your hand. He may sniff your hand and then rub it with his head, which is an invitation for a gentle pet.

Remember, a stray cat that trusts you one day may not have the same level of trust the next.2;Sometimes his outdoor adventures will leave him stressed and a little less friendly. Don’t be discouraged if you sometimes feel like you’ve regressed. With time and patience, your stray cat will come to trust you and want pets consistently. You might even start giving him access to your home from time to time if your bond has grown. At some point, you may want to take him to the vet for a checkup and vaccinations.

It’s a beautiful thing when you finally gain the trust of a stray cat. Some cats have had a hard time in life, and, for whatever reason, they end up homeless. By winning a stray cat’s trust and providing some essentials for him, you could make a huge impact on his life. And you’ll gain a lovable feline companion as well.

1. Elliott, Pippa. “How to Earn the Trust of a Stray Cat.” WikiHow, 12 November 2020,;.

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Food Is Common Ground

Cats love food, not only when they are hungry either! They will eat at any time of the day and enjoy treats as well. What you want to do is place their food or treats close by where you will spend most of your time in the home. If you work at home in an office room, put it in there. Dont acknowledge them when they are eating. Carry on doing what you do! They may stop eating or even run if you move to quickly so be careful.

Once they are comfortable eating and you are able to move around freely without them running or acting scared, place treats close by to you. This may take a number of times but eventually, the cat will come to you and eat the treats. Again, dont startle it or move suddenly. Dont even pet it. Allow it to do its own thing.

  • Food is a good way to earn trust

Your Cat Is New To You

  • You were so excited to have a new furry friend in your home, but to your dismay, Kitty;seems terrified by her;new surroundings. A few days or;weeks later, and Kitty shows few;signs of settling in. While it could be a number of things, if your cat came to you off the street , rule out that she didnt get separated from her original owner and isnt trying to shout, This is not my house!;Check city and shelter pages online and have a vet check for a microchip;to see if an owner can be identified.
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    Provide A Few Nests He Can Use

    Ok, I have spoiled my kitty rotten. However, it was a good idea. I have bought him a sort of house cat, or a kitty city or something like that. I bought it the first week I got him. I remember I spent 4h figuring out how to build it.

    It provided many balls hanging, 3 levels of heights, cushions to sleep on at different levels, and many enclosures where he could hide and sleep if he wanted. Corners provided several scratching posts.

    Useless to say, he liked it a lot, he was already sleeping inside the enclosures, jumping all over, and he learned to use scratching posts instead of my furniture. It was his space, and I respected it. He started to feel more comfortable and safe since he could now find more than one place to hide.

    Even a few boxes can be provided if one cant buy a full structure for the kitten. Cats like boxes and could use them to hide and sleep in eat for a while.

    Treat Your Cat!


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