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If I Get My Cat Fixed Will It Stop Spraying

Problems With Their Litter Box

How to stop your cat from spraying

Cats are very hygienic animals. We can see this in their extensive self-grooming habits. They extend similar hygiene requirements for their litter box. If feces and urine accumulate too much, the cat will urinate elsewhere. Some cats are more particular than others. Even if it is clean, if the cat’s litter is the wrong type, whether due to texture, odor or materials, they may also spray elsewhere in the home to show their disapproval.

Not only do we need to provide a litter box, but we need to ensure it meets the needs of every cat in the home. You may think it is okay for two cats to share one litter box, but this is not true. Ideally, you should provide three litter boxes for a home with two cats and an additional box for every other cat in the home. This allows the cat privacy and an alternative when one seems unsuitable.

The size of the litter box is also important. Larger cat breeds such as the Maine Coon will not be able to comfortably use a small litter box. As a general rule of thumb, the litter box should be large enough for the cat to enter completely and have enough room to turn around comfortably. Generally, uncovered litter boxes are better, but this will depend on the individual cat.

Spraying Reason #: Medical Issues

If your cat has stopped using the litter box or if he urinates right in front of you, its time to see your veterinarian. A urinary tract infection may be responsible for your cats recent spraying behavior.

Kidney disease may also bring about changed urinary habits, including more frequent urination.

Since cats cant verbalize when theyre in trouble, they may use changed behavior to signal to you that something is wrong.

How Do I Clean The Place My Cat Is Spraying

If your cat has sprayed on curtains or upholstery, then you can use an enzymatic cleaner specifically sold for removing urine stains and odour. Some items may need to be professionally cleaned. You might then want to move these items out of the way while you deal with the issue of your cat spraying. For example, you could remove curtains or secure them above the level of your cat, cover furniture with plastic or use disposable incontinence sheets which will absorb any future spray before it gets to the item underneath.

Just cleaning the area your cat has sprayed may not resolve the problem, and your cat might simply find new areas to spray. As well as cleaning you can also apply a synthetic pheromone such as Feliway®, which your cat will find reassuring. Clean the area with warm water and then some surgical spirit before applying the pheromone.

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What Not To Do

  • Negative reinforcement, like shouting at your cat, wont help the situation and will probably make things worse because your cat will end up feeling more stressed.

  • Deterrent sprays can also make your cat nervous and increase their stress. And even if the spray deters them from marking that particular spot, they will probably just go off and find a new place to mark.

Although having a cat thats spraying in the house can be pretty frustrating, try not to take it personally! Your cat isnt mad at you theyre just letting you know that theyre either feeling threatened or insecure. If you and your vet have ruled out an underlying medical problem and youve tried some of the DIY solutions above and youre still not having much luck solving the problem, heading back to your vet or to a board-certified veterinary behaviorist truly is your best bet. And doing so sooner, rather than later, is a good idea. Not only can they help guide you with some other, more specific suggestions for your cat and home, they can also prescribe medications that have been shown to help spraying cats.

When To Have Your Cat Neutered

If I Get My Cat Fixed Will It Stop Spraying

Most cats , can be neutered from 4 months old. Neutering at this age has many benefits, especially for female cats, however, its always important to discuss the decision with your vet because exact timings should be based on a number of different factors, including:

  • Weight: The risk of anaesthetic can be slightly higher in small kittens, so your vet may recommend waiting until your cat is a certain weight before they are neutered. Its also important they are healthy shape because overweight cats have a higher anaesthetic risk and more chance of complications during surgery.
  • Other health conditions: if your cat is suffering from another health condition it may change their ideal neutering time.

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Is It Morally Right To Deny A Cat The Joys Of Motherhood/fatherhood

Mating behaviour in cats is purely a biological hormonal response. They aren’t aware that this will lead to a litter of kittens from a females perspective and tom cats do not get involved with parenting the litter anyway. It is a myth that a cat should be allowed to have one litter.

However, cats do enjoy the freedom of being able to go outside and play being neutered allows them to do this, giving them freedom from the biological need to mate and the risk of contracting infectious diseases. Read more in the neutering section of our website.

Cats don’t need ‘just one litter’ before being spayed photo by Susan Dobbs

Spraying Reason #: Your Cat Isnt Neutered

Male cats that arent neutered have a strong desire to spray or mark their territory. If you can neuter your cat before hes five months old, most of the time you can prevent the behavior from developing in the first place.

If youve adopted an older cat, you can still get him neutered and most of the time, this will end the spraying behavior.

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Litter Inadequacies May Also Be A Reason For Your Cat To Spray

The issue of proper litter box maintenance should always be addressed when dealing with a spraying cat. Although spraying is not an elimination problem, if there are too few litter boxes in a multi-cat household, a conflict may arise over litter box use, which could contribute to spraying.

So, make sure you have one cat litter box furniture for each cat, plus one extra. This means that if you have two cats, youll need a minimum of three litter boxes. The size and area matter too: The litter box should be bigger than the cat and be placed in a quiet, low-traffic area. Most importantly, keep it clean scoop the litter twice a day and clean the toilets with warm water and unscented soap once a week to reduce the presence of any offending other cat smells.

Problem: Your well-behaved cat doesnt connect with the litter box anymore and has started to leave unpleasant surprises around the house.

How to fix it: Try to change the litter box. For example, if you have changed the mix to a scented one or have placed a liner that makes your pet uncomfortable, she or he may decide to pee outside of the box. So, go back to normal. If you have multiple cats, place litter boxes in low-traffic areas with at least two exit routes the point is to avoid conflict between the cats. Dont forget to keep the box clean and completely replace the litter once a week.

Talk To Your Veterinarian

How to STOP Your Cat Spraying Everywhere: 9 tips for success!

If all else fails, its time to consult your veterinarian. Your vet can run tests to determine whether a physical problem is behind your cats sudden tendency to spray. They may also recommend consulting a cat behavioral specialist, as they can offer suggestions on how to curb unwanted behaviors like spraying.

Dealing with behavioral problems like spraying in the house can be stressful, but there are ways to combat this obnoxious behavior. Just remember that contrary to popular belief, your cat isnt spraying to spite you. In all likelihood, your fur baby is marking their territory, expressing their anxiety, or trying to draw your attention to a medical problem. When in doubt, contact your veterinarian for advice. Once youve eliminated the problem, youll be able to enjoy your cats company minus any lingering odors.

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Is Your Cat Really Spraying

Unless you catch them in the act, you may not be able to tell if your cat is urinating or spraying. When cats urinate, they typically squat down on a flat surface. Theres normally quite a lot of urine present when this happens. On the contrary, when cats spray, they tend to stand upright, lift their tails, and spray a vertical surface like the bottom of your sofa or a wall. Theres typically less urine present, too. If your cat is urinating outside their litter box, give it a thorough clean. Cats are extremely finicky, and they may let you know their box is dirty by urinating where you can see it. If your cat continues to urinate outside their box, try changing the litter, relocating the litter box you should never place litter boxes near food and water bowls and taking them to the vet if their behavior continues. Once youve determined that your cat is really spraying in the house, you can attempt to curb the behavior with the following tips.

Help Reduce Your Cats Stress

Stress can trigger urine spraying in indoor cats. To help your stressed cat, start by identifying and eliminating stressors in your cat’s environment. Any small changes can create stress for your cat, including changing feeding times or moving the litter boxes.

You can also use pheromone sprays such as Feliway sprays and plug-in diffusers, and provide additional hiding places and elevated areas such as cat trees.

Anxiety-reducing supplements such as Zylkene or Purina Calming Care can also help manage your cats stress. If you feel that your cat has severe anxiety and none of these things are helping, ask your vet about anxiety medications.

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Solving The Spraying Riddle

If your cat hasnt been spayed or neutered yet, the first step is to get them fixed. Its also critical to rule out any medical problems with your vet. What looks like spraying might actually be the sign of a urinary tract inflammation or infection, bladder stones, hyperthyroidism, or a host of other common feline medical conditions. Once your cat gets a clean bill of health from the vet, here are some ways to try and trouble-shoot and tackle your cats spraying situation at home:

Sparkling Clean: If theres the even slightest scent of urine left behind, your cat will know, thanks to their 200 million scent receptors. And the smell may encourage them to keep going back to spray the same spot. To thoroughly clean all the areas your cat has marked, use a good enzymatic, bio-based cleaner, like the Natures Miracle ADVANCE Cat Stain & Odor Eliminator. And check out this article for tips about cleaning up pet messes.

Calming Pheromones: After cleaning, plug in some Feliway® multi-cat calming pheromone diffusers around your home. Feliway multi-cat has been shown to help reduce stress-related problems between cats in multi-cat homes and situations.

Environmental Enrichment:Keeping your cat active physically and mentally will help increase their well-being and reduce their stress level. Training, interactive toys, food puzzles, and plenty of vertical perches and quiet places to hide will help keep them busy and content.

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Reacting To Neighborhood Cats

If I Get My Cat Fixed Will He Stop Spraying

Inside cats sometimes spray around doors and windows when they see or smell unfamiliar cats hanging out around their homes. They spray to mark territories and because they cant reach the intruders to chase them away or engage with them. Often, the unwelcome visitors leave their own calling cards, which the resident felines smell.

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Stop Your Cat From Spraying In The House With These 6 Tips

You love your frisky feline companion, and you treat them like a member of the family. But one thing you dont love? Coming home to the pungent odor of cat urine and unsightly splashes on your furniture, walls, and doors. Have you ever found yourself asking, Why is my female cat spraying all of a sudden? Were here to help you unravel the mystery, so you can put down the scrub brush and spend more time playing with your cat rather than scolding them. Lets find out the answers to important questions like When do male cats start spraying? And, most importantly, How can I make it stop?

Why Do Female Cats Spray

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While it is more commonly known that male cats spray, some female cats may also practice this unwanted behavior. No cat owner likes it when their cat sprays but this behavior is often displayed because a cat is trying to say something. Knowing why your female feline may be spraying and what you can do about it can help ease some stress and frustration for both you and your cat.

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Other Reasons For House Soiling

It is important to remember that not all house soiling incidents are urine spraying. Cats may also soil in the house for other reasons, including:

  • Stress or anxiety
  • Feline Idiopathic Cystitis inflammation in the bladder that can be caused by stress
  • Other illnesses
  • Issues with the litter box

In these cases, the urine is not sprayed onto an upright surface or object but rather deposited onto a flat surface such as the floor or a table. Cats will also squat, rather than stand, when passing the urine.

Treating Urine Marking Caused By Conflict In A Multi

How To Stop A Cat From Spraying – Guaranteed!

The first step in fixing any elimination problem is to rule out medical problems. Although there is no medical problem that contributes specifically to urine marking, physical problems can create increased anxiety in a cat, which can contribute to marking. Once your veterinarian has determined that your cat doesnt have a medical condition or issue, consider the following guidelines:

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When Should You Get Your Cat Fixed

Spaying and neutering kittens at four months, before they reach sexual maturity, offers the best protection against a number of health risks. However, adult cats can be also be spayed or neutered. If youre unsure about when to get your cat fixed, just ask your vet, they can help you decide when to get your cat spayed or neutered.

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Is There A Medical Cause Of Spraying

Its estimated that approximately 30% of cats will spray urine for medical reasons, rather than behavioural problems.

The most common medical cause of urine spraying is cystitis which is an inflammation of the bladder. This can be caused by bladder stones or infection but there is often no known cause in cats. Theres lots of evidence that cystitis is related to stress in cats, a syndrome known as feline lower urinary tract disease . If left untreated male cats are at risk of urinary blockage. This is where grit or stones obstruct the urethra, or inflammation causes it to go into spasm. If the urethra is blocked the cat cant pass urine, and will quickly become very sick. This is an emergency and needs immediate veterinary intervention.

Some cats may adopt a more upright position to urinate, similar to spraying, due to pain in the hips or spine. This can be due to a previous injury or osteoarthritis developing with age. Other signs may be present such as reduced willingness to jump, sleeping more, and grooming excessively around the affected areas. Joint pain can usually be identified on examination and successfully treated with pain killers.

All cats who suddenly start spraying should initially see a vet to check for an underlying cause.

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Cat Spraying: Why They Do It And Ways To Tackle It

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You notice a wet spot on the side of the sofa, or the drapes, or maybe running down the front door. Hmmm, is that . . . ? Yep, it looks and smells like cat pee. Uh oh. Whats going on? Is your cat trying to tell you something?

Actually, when your cat sprays, they are trying to send you a message! Its usually either, I was here/”this is my home, or Im stressed out.

You see, spraying is all about communication for cats. Its different from fully peeing or pooping outside the litter box which, though could also be due to stress or problems between the pets in your home, is most often related to a problem with your cats litter boxes . And, just to keep things interesting, both spraying and inappropriate elimination can also be brought on by, or worsened by, an underlying medical problem or infection , kidney failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or a host of other problems). This article is going to focus on helping you with a cat thats spraying or marking. Read on to see if that might be your cat, and what you can do about it.


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