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How Can I Get My Cat To Calm Down

How To Help Your Cat Calm Down At Night

How to Get Kittens to Calm Down : Advice on Raising Kittens

Your cat is naturally more high-energy at night, but there are a few parts of their schedule that you can change to help your cat adjust to your sleep patterns.

If your cat seems particularly high energy at night, its because they are not on the same natural sleep schedule as humans. Instead, cats are naturally crepuscular, which is similar to nocturnal except that it means they are likely the most active at twilight and dawn. Because your cats sleep schedule is incompatible with yours, this can lead to nights of them climbing on you in bed and keeping you up. But there are a few parts of your cats schedule you can change to help your cat adjust.

How To Prevent Stress In Cats

A lot of things cause a cats stress. If your pet seems to be nervous and on edge, there are things you can do to reduce its discomfort. The following are some of them:

Dont rush changes

If youre moving to a new home or having sudden changes in the household, its best to condition your cat even before the big day. If youre moving, try to expose your cat more outdoors. You can also bring the kitty into the new house several times before the big move.

As much as possible, perform big changes slowly. This way, your kitty wont get overwhelmed and stressed in the process. Sure, sudden changes are stressful for us, but our cats will also have it rough.

Introduce new pets slowly

Are you welcoming a new pet at home? If so, you should introduce it to your cat slowly. Never place the new kitten or pup in front of your resident feline right away. Its best to isolate the newcomer and slowly introduce its scent to your older cat. From there, your cat will recognize and welcome the presence of another animal in the house.

Be patient and dont rush things. Forcing your cat to welcome a new pet may only lead to anxiety and chronic stress.

Training is necessary

Cats also need the training to become well-rounded pets. While they are not as smart as dogs, training, and setting the limits will help a lot. This will also prevent your cat from getting confused and being stressed eventually.

During training, stay patient, and never punish your cat if errors occur.

Why Is My Cat Stressed

There are many reasons as to why your cat could be stressed. Firstly, they could be genetically predisposed to stress, something which is impossible to foresee.

Secondly, they could be feeling overwhelmed about their environment which could make them nervous. Even if your cat is generally independent, they will still like to have their routine and habits. A sudden change in their daily routine could leave them feeling anxious.

The arrival of a child or another animal in the family, in particular another cat with which they must now share their territory among other things with, can also upset them.

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Why Is Your Cat Jumpy And Nervous

Some cats handle stressful situations with ease and can quickly revert to their calm, happy-go-lucky ways. But for other cats, issues may linger, and it can take some time before they learn to trust again.

Stressed-out cat symptoms include being easily startled or hiding for no apparent reason, being extra vigilant and on guard, losing interest in playing, or displaying other unwanted behaviors. If you’re introducing your cat to a new home or environment, he may be fearful. A cat might overreact to a “trigger,” like destructively scratching to get away when hearing thunder.

For some cats, all it takes is a relatively small trigger. A friendly cat that’s startled while walking outside on a harness might hiss and scratch until he’s calmed down. A cat stressed from moving to a new home or introduction of a new pet might meow excessively or even scratch and spray to express his nervousness. Whether the trigger is big or small, try these techniques to help calm him down.

When Do Cats Calm Down: Final Thoughts


Kittens need plenty of exercise and playtime to grow into well-adjusted cats. How you handle your kittens energy will determine how well they respond to training and discipline. Keep your kittens mind active with lots of toys and playtime, and give your kitten the love they need to be calm and sweet-tempered with everyone in the house.By following these tips, you can help to keep your kitten calm and well-behaved. Remember that it takes time and patience, but your kitten will learn the rules and become a loving and well-behaved with consistency.

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Take Your Cat For A Walk

Taking your hyper kitten for a walk is another great way of draining their energy during the day and providing it with an enriched life. While cats arent as athletic as dogs, most of them enjoy going outside, seeing or smelling things, and even rolling around in the grass. Walking also prevents cat obesity as it allows your cat to get some exercise and calm down.

You can take your pet to protected cat parks such as Shambala Preserve and Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden or cat-friendly beaches like Asilomar and Seacliff State Beaches.

However avoid leaving your cat outside alone, especially when its not used to strolling on its own because other animals can fight your cat and even injure it.

Guide On How To Calm A Hyper Kitten Down

Theres nothing better than the joy of a new kitten, but sometimes those little balls of fluff can get crazy! If your new kitten is bouncing off the walls , our experts at PrettyLitter are here to provide some helpful tips on how to calm a kitten down.

First, well understand why kittens are so hyper in the first place, then we will provide some tips on creating the healthiest environment for them. Finally, well share some of our favorite tips to get the most out of playtime together.

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My Veterinarian Says I Should Put My Cat In A Carrier For Travel Why

Veterinarians recommend the use of a carrier for travel because it is the safest and most secure way to transport animals. Once you arrive at your veterinarians office, your cat who is in a secure carrier will be safe from being bothered by other curious pets and will feel less vulnerable. A cat that is being held in your arms and becomes frightened may respond by leaping out of your arms, potentially injuring you in the process, and putting your cat at risk for injury or escape.

How To Calm Cat Anxiety And Stress: Symptoms And Relief


Cats are usually independent creatures, so their day-to-day life should not change overly even if your routine changes for example, because you stop or start working from home. However, some cats might feel stressed by changes in routine, so its important to know the signs of a distressed cat and how you can help them.

When circumstances in your home change, it is important to stick to normal routines with your cat as much as possible and be aware that a change in your behaviour can have an impact on them.

Animal behaviourist Inga MacKellar shares her advice:

Inga also tells us the signs to look out for if your cat is feeling anxious, and how you can help them. Here are some tips on using your body language and surroundings to ease your pet’s distress.

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Understanding Your Cats Behavior

You probably already know that your cat is most comfortable with the familiar, and needs time to adjust to things, people, or places that are unfamiliar. When you bring your cat to visit the veterinarian, it is often difficult for her because the carrier, car, and the veterinary hospital are usually unfamiliar places and experiences.

Here are a few tips from our feline veterinarians:

  • Respect your cats need for time to become familiar with new situations, people, and places.
  • Leave the cat carrier out and open in your home so your cat can become familiar with it.
  • Consider taking your cat on short trips in the car so she can become familiar with it and hopefully learn that a car visit does not mean you are taking her to the veterinarians office.
  • Give your cat rewards to encourage positive behavior. For example, if your cat is sitting calmly in or near a carrier, give her a treat.
  • Your cat perceives the world through her senses. Weve broken down ways to help keep your cat calm corresponding to the way your cat experiences her environment.

    Final Thoughts How To Calm Down A Cat

    Every cat will eventually demonstrate signs of stress, anxiety, or hyperactivity. But, many strategies are available to help combat these episodes.

    Most importantly, creating a peaceful environment and providing a safe space for your cat will tremendously help with reducing your cats stress and anxiety level. Overall, making sure your cat feels comfortable and safe is the key to ensuring your cats health and mood!

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    How To Calm A Cat In The Car

    It is indeed a fact that car rides can pressurize the cats. one must train their kitties right from the beginning to avoid distress during a car ride. Whether it is a quick drive to the vet or an extended vacation, untrained cats hate to travel and create a fuss.

    It is important for the cat to feel safe in a carrier. To get the cat used to a car ride, one can leave the cat carrier out in the house and let the cat get comfortable with the carrier. Once the cat is used to a carrier, one can take them out for short trips to train them to travel in a car. One must make sure there is good airflow, and the ride will be much better if the cat is provided with its toys, towels, and calming cat treats.

    Mimic Their Hunting Instincts

    Calming an aggressive cat

    Learning how to play with your cat effectively makes all the difference between a hyperactive cat and a cat who is satisfied and tuckered out. The best way to play with your cat is to mimic their natural hunting instincts.

    Rather than move a wand toy wildly around and hope your cat will chase it, build up the anticipation by slowly dragging it or moving it around and trying to time their pounce. If you imagine a cat hunting in real life, they are going to spot a wounded bird or mouse and stalk it until its the perfect moment to make their move. Simulate this struggle by moving the toy around the corner, under a blanket, or with rustling noises. Youll quickly get your cats attention and once theyre in the hunt, theres no stopping them!

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    How To Calm An Aggressive Cat

    People must acknowledge the basic fact that pets do not react aggressively to anyone or anything unless they feel threatened. A cat may come off aggressive when it defends or protects its territory or possessions. Aggression is not only the result of dominance but also of fear. Both are considered extremely dangerous.

    One of the best ways to calm aggressive cats is to give them plenty of space and ample hiding spots where they can relax and calm down. Leaving them undisturbed can calm them down promptly. Patience and understanding will help to calm an aggressive kitten. Once the situation gets better, take the cat to an animal behaviourist and train him properly.

    Feed Your Cat Before Bed

    If you are new to owning a cat, it wont be long before you discover that cats frequently go to sleep right after eating. They have an extremely predictable routine of eating a large bowl of food then wandering off to one of their favorite spots to groom themselves for a few minutes before taking a long nap. If you use this to your advantage and feed your cab right before you go to bed, you are practically guaranteeing yourself several hours of peaceful sleep.

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    Leave Toys Out For Your Cat To Play With

    Most cats wake at least twice during the night, and at this point, theyll be ready to start their cycle of hunting, catching, eating, grooming, and sleeping again! If your cat cant find anything interesting to play with because youve put all their toys away, then theyre probably going to come looking for you!

    Leave a few of your cats favorite toys out so they can play with them overnight. You can even get interactive battery-operated toys that are activated by your cats touch.

    The cutest cats deserve the cutest beds! We love the Hepper Instant Ramen Cat Bed because it has an adorable ramen bowl shape and a cozy design with a removable lid.

    At Excited Cats, we’ve admired Hepper for many years, and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

    How Do I Calm A Cat Down 8 Easy Steps

    How Do I Calm Down An Angry Cat?

    Cats may not be as expressive about their emotions as dogs, but that doesnt mean they dont feel all their feelings. Your cat may become scared or agitated in a variety of situations. When this happens, its easy for them to become overwhelmed.

    To ease your mind, its helpful to learn how to calm a cat down ahead of time, so you can help your feline friend relax. In this article, well go over some steps you can take to soothe your cat in stressful situations, whether its a temporary concern like a trip to the vet or a more permanent source of anxiety, like a new baby.

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    Invest In An Automatic Feeder

    If your cat gets hungry in the night and cant find any food, then theyre going to come looking for their human to provide them with snacks.

    Using an automatic feeder is a great way of giving your cat a limited amount of food during the night, without having to get it yourself! Your cat will soon learn to sit and wait for the feeder to dispense their food, rather than coming and waking you up.

    You can also get slow feeders in the shape of little mice. You can fill these with kibble before you go to bed and place them around the house for your cat to sniff out and hunt while youre sleeping.

    How To Calm A Cat At Night

    To get a good nights rest and keep the cats calm, the pet parents must know that cats are crepuscular, which means they are most likely to be active at twilight and dawn. Cats tend to sleep most of the day, and the doctors recommend upping cats playtime in day time instead of playing at night. This may help them to fall asleep at night. Playing with them at the end of the day will ensure they get excess energy out. It is essential to feed them in the evening since hunger could be a reason to keep on meowing at night.

    If it fails to keep the cat calm, one can get a timed feeder to help them out. Dimming the light where they sleep may also get them to sleep throughout the night. Since the cats are molded to behave in this way, one must not change immediately or control their behavior. Instead, one must keep the cat busy with other things to do. If the problem persists, a visit to the vet will help to figure out the reasons behind it and help the cats accordingly.

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    Go Inside A Quiet Room

    Is your kitten afraid and always on edge? Bring it inside a quiet room away from the noise or crowd. Cats can get overstimulated through excessive petting or external elements. Loud sounds, sudden changes in the environment, and strangers can stress a kitten. learn here how to get a cat out of room

    Changing your cats environment will help tone down its nerves. Still, its not enough that you bring your kitten in a quiet room. It would be best if you also did other tips I mentioned here to calm and soothe the cat.

    If your kitten is nervous and you expect fireworks, many guests, and the likes, its best to keep it cozy on a quiet spot.

    Provide Familiar Smells In The Carrier

    When Do Kittens Calm Down? Are They Always Hyper?

    Make sure to add familiar smells inside the carrier for the trip. Provide your cat the basics it needs, such as its favorite bed, water, and food. With familiar smells, your cat is less likely to be stressed out. You can also add other smells and items it likes outside of the carrier to further create a relaxing environment for your cat.

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    How To Calm A Hyper Kitten

    Just like young children, kittens need some guidance about how to behave from time to time. There are many ways to calm down a hyper cat or kitten it depends on what kind of mood your cat is in. You can tell when a cat is relaxed, playful, or aggressive by their facial expressions and body language.No matter what method you choose, always be firm and consistent when dealing with your cat or kitten. Theyll eventually learn that there are certain things they cant get away with. Dont shout at your cat or scold him harshly, even if he tests your patience or makes you angry. Try to remain calm at all times. This will help strengthen your bond, and in time your cat will calm down and learn what is expected of him. Here are some tips on how to calm down a rowdy kitten:


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