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Instinct Kitten Food Feeding Guide

What Does Weaning A Kitten Mean

Freeze-dried raw kitten food reviews – Jess Caticles

Weaning refers to the process when kittens begin to gradually eat solid food other than their mothers milk.Usually, the process begins when a kitten is about 4 weeks old and expected to be completed by 8 to 10 weeks. In the case of orphaned or hand-fed kittens, weaning may start a bit earlier between 3-4 weeks. As cat owners, we should make the transition to our kittens as easy as possible.

Instinct Raw Inspired Kibble Chicken 45 Lb/2 Kg Pet Mania Pakistan

  • Farm-raised rabbit is the first ingredient packed with animal protein for strong, lean muscles
  • 80% real animal ingredients and nutritious oils 20% vegetables, fruits and other wholesome ingredients 0% grain
  • Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors or preservatives
  • Guaranteed levels of live, natural probiotics, natural Omegas and antioxidants for digestive health, healthy skin & coat, and immune health
  • The only kibble with the pure, real nutrition of raw on every piece
  • Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world

Hills Science Diet Dry Indoor Kitten Cat Food

Hills Science Diet Indoor Kitten dry food is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of kittens with an indoor lifestyle so they get the best start in life. This cat food is made with natural ingredients and uses DHA from fish oil to support brain health and eye development. There are also balanced minerals to promote strong teeth and bones, while natural fibers promote healthy digestion for your young cat, and an easier litter box clean-up for you! In this chicken and rice recipe, chicken is the number one ingredient, ensuring your kitten gets all the protein they need for energy to grow.

With only natural ingredients and no chicken by-product meals, this formula contains vitamin C and E antioxidants that are proven to help with your cats immune system. This food is made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust.

Key Features:

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Healthy Kitten Growth Rate

A general rule of thumb in kittens is that they typically gain about 1 pound per month.

Often, a kittens weight is about 1 pound at 1 month , 2 pounds at 2 months , and so on until about 4-5 months.

Kittens do most of their growing within the first year and then stabilize from there. Many of the growth plates of the bones in the kitten skeleton close by about one year old.

At this time, after much of the growth is finished, your vet will typically switch your kitten to an adult diet.

Is A Raw Diet For Dogs Cheaper

Buy Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Gravy Wet Cat Food Pouches Online ...

Because of its fresh ingredients, raw dog food can be a high-value and more expensive treat for your pup. But, there are some ways that it can be a cheaper way of feeding.

  • Feed one raw meal a day instead of two For a raw diet, one meal can be enough to provide the nutrients your dog needs.
  • Use Raw as a Tasty, High-Value Treat Feeding your pup a tasty with a high-value meal would be the best treat for them.
  • Make Raw an Occasional Meal According to Steve Brown, a canine nutritionist, author, and consultant, one raw meal per week could be a great help to improve your canines health.
  • Buy in Bulk Storing a bulk of raw food in the freezer would help you save money, even gas.
  • Spend Money on Great Food, Not in Veterinary Bills If you choose the fresh and safe way of feeding your dog, your money spent on it will be worth it.

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Has Instinct Cat Food Been Recalled

Yes, Instinct Cat Food has had four recalls one in 2010, one in 2012, and two in 2015.

The 2010 recall was due to potential Salmonella contamination of several chicken recipes. The 2012 recall was voluntary and included several lines of dog food. Finally, the 2015 recalls were caused by potential contaminations with plastic and Salmonella.

Is Instinct Cat Food Worth It

Yes, Natures Variety Instinct Cat Food is worth it. Their ingredients are clearly aimed at promoting healthy skin with omega fatty acids, a healthy digestive system with the addition of crude fiber, and the use of animal proteins as some of the first ingredients in the formula.

Some of their higher-end products, however, may be out of reach for some cat owners, and in such cases, it is better to opt for other, more affordable high-quality cat food options.

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Instinct Raw Signature Frozen Bites

The brands Raw Signature cat food line features Natures Variety Instincts most distinct recipes. The recipes here are all natural and carefully crafted in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The line is further divided into two sublines: Raw Signature Bites and Raw Signature Medallions. The bites feature small cuts a bit similar to kibbles, while the medallions feature food cut into bigger, round-sized shapes.

Raw Signature offers cats the most protein yet. Recipes here are made up of 95% protein and only 5% for vegetables and fruits. For this review, were focusing on the Raw Signature Bites in Rabbit.

Its first five ingredients are rabbit , pork liver, pork heart, ground pork bone, and pork fat.

Despite the high meat to veggies ratio, the protein content is at a lower level than that of the Raw Meals recipe. At 15%, it presents a more balanced nutrition for cats who dont need as much protein as others.


Helps with digestion issues. Pet parents with cats whove had to deal with digestive issues and who have lost weight because of it, have found the rabbit formula to be perfect for their kitties. This recipe has helped restore their cats appetite back and helped them regain weight. The raw diet has also fixed most of the problems with digestion.


The nutrient content is perfectly balanced. Even with the high meat to veggie ratio, the protein and fat levels seem to be about right.

How Much Should I Feed My Kitten

Instinct Raw Dog Food | Chewy

We advise feeding your kitten 5% to 6% of their current body weight per day until they are fully grown.

Once your kitten is fully grown, we recommend feeding 2% to 3% of their ideal body weight per day.

Weigh your kitten regularly to ensure you are increasing the food amount in line with their growth.

As a guide, use our Food Calculator which you can find on our product pages.

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog

Variable factors like lifestyle, appetite and temperament can all impact on a pets eventual weight, which is why there is no substitute for knowing your pet.

We recommend that a healthy dog should have a natural waist and that you should be able to feel, but not see, their ribcage.

As a rule of paw, an adult dog should eat around 2% to 3% of its ideal body weight per day. For example, a dog weighing 10kg should eat 200g to 300g of Natural Instinct raw pet food per day.

As a guide, use our Food Calculator which you can find on our product pages.

Kittens Need Different Food From Adult Cats

As kittens are growing rapidly, and their digestive and immune systems are developing slowly, they have very specific nutritional needs that are different from adult cats. In particular, kittens need a diet with a higher energy and protein content, plus immune-boosting nutrients and the right balance of vitamins and minerals.

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Our Picks For Adult Wet Cat Food:

Fresh pet food is a relatively new trend in which whole meats, vegetables, essential vitamins, and minerals are combined, then frozen to maintain freshness. Some fresh pet foods are available via fuss-free subscription and delivery services and others are available in the freezer section of pet stores.

While fresh cat food is pricier than dry or canned foods, the difference between them is clear. In fresh foods, the whole ingredients are visible with the naked eye and have a consistency that rivals a home-cooked meal.

There are several fresh cat food companies that meet AAFCO standards, but only two have a full-time veterinary nutritionist on staff: Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs. According to our experts, this is an essential quality to look for when choosing a food for your pet.

Understanding Cat Food Labels

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These are the main parts of a pet food label you should understand:

AAFCO Statement

Cat food should include an AAFCO statement that states the recipe was:

  • Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for kittens, adults, seniors or gestating/lactating cats. This means the company tested the food’s nutrient profile and compared it to the minimum nutritional values established by AAFCO.
  • Underwent animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures to substantiate that it provides complete and balanced nutrition.
  • Provides complete and balanced nutrition for a specific life stage and its nutritional adequacy is comparable to a product which has been substantiated using AAFCO feeding tests.

However, do note that AAFCO doesn’t test food, so it can’t fully guarantee its safety and adequacy. Manufacturers are responsible for running lab tests or feeding trials to ensure their products meet AAFCO standards.

Ingredient list

The AAFCO requires companies to list ingredients in decreasing order by weight. Animal ingredients, like chicken or tuna, are often the first because they have the highest moisture content, making them the heaviest. These are usually followed by plant ingredients like corn, peas or potatoes, which help kibbles maintain their shape and add caloric content. The rest are minor ingredients that supply minerals and vitamins.

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How Much Should I Feed My Puppy

Following on from our Weaning Paste, at about 8 weeks of age puppies will need approximately 5% to 6% of their body weight per day until they are fully grown, spread across 3-4 meals a day.

Once your puppy is fully grown, we recommend feeding 2% to 3% of their ideal body weight per day. This should be reduced gradually.

Weigh your puppy regularly to ensure you are feeding the correct amounts.

As a guide, use our Food Calculator which you can find on our product pages.

Why We Recommend Instinct Longevity Freeze Dried Chicken Bites Kitten Food:

  • Tailored for growing kittens
  • 93% cage-free chicken, organs and bone and 7% GMO-free veggies, fruits and wholesome ingredients
  • Great for growing healthy muscles, a healthy heart and eyes and a strong immune system
  • Packed with omegas 3/6 for the skin, coat and developing brain power
  • Added probiotics for gut health
  • Grain-free
  • Serve as is or rehydrate with water
  • High moisture content for healthy hydration

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How Much Should I Feed My Cat

As a rough rule of paw we would suggest feeding your adult cat 2% to 3% of its body weight per day.

It is important to weigh your cat regularly and make any necessary adjustments should your cat begin to lose or gain weight.

Many pet shops and most veterinary surgeries provide easy access to electronic scales. Many weight by breed wall charts can be found in veterinary surgeries. These charts provide useful indicators as to whether your cat is either in peak condition or has been over-indulged.

As a guide, use our Food Calculator which you can find on our product pages.

How To Select A High

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Cat Food Product Review And How To Feed

It may take some initial time and energy in determining which food is right for your kitten, but your efforts will be rewarded in a healthy, happy, beautiful kitten.

The best way to find the healthiest kitten food is to compare foods, choose a few possible options, and then talk with your veterinarian about which of those is best for your kitten. Consider the protein source in the food and pick a diet that does not contain a lot of filler ingredients.

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How Much To Feed A Kitten

Kittens are growing rapidly at this young age and eat a lot of food compared to adult cats. We want to provide their bodies with everything necessary for growth, but we also want to develop healthy long-term eating habits.

Feeding guidelines are variable by kitten. However, most often, using the feeding directions on the bag or can of food is a good starting place, and then you can adjust as needed for your kitten. Your veterinarian can use metabolic formulas to calculate the number of calories required per day based on your kittens current weight.

We want kittens to come hungry for their meal, but we also dont want them to be feeling so hungry that they devour the entire meal in a few seconds. Often, young kittens may eat ¼ to ½ cup of food at a time.

If your kitten is thin, we may need to increase the caloric requirement per day. If your kitten is gaining too much weight too quickly, we may need to cut back. Your veterinarian will use a tool called a body condition score to assess your kittens weight.

What To Do During The Weaning Process

To begin the weaning process, your kitten should be placed in a separate area away from his or mother for one to two hours a day with his or her own litter box, food and water bowl. Time away offers the opportunity for your kitten to look for another alternative to his or her mothers milk.

Once youve allocated a separate area, your kittens feeding schedule should be something like this:

  • Weeks 4-5 Mix wet food with a kitten milk formula until it forms a gruel so its easy for your kitten to drink. If your kitten isnt taking any interest with the new food, supplement with a formula that gives them enough calories.
  • Week 5-6 Reduce the amount of kitten milk formula that you mix with the kitten wet food gradually until your kitten is able to eat solid food.
  • Weeks 8-10 The weaning process should already be finished, and your kitten should be able to completely eat solid food by then.

Make sure not to suddenly separate your kitten from his or her mother as this may cause a negative impact on your kittens health and socialization skills. Kittens learn to eat, play, and use a litter box by watching their mother. So whenever possible, your kitten should be with his or her mother during the weaning period for them to develop these skills.

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About Natures Variety Instinct

Natures Variety began as a small pet food manufacturer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Its now owned by Agrilomen, a Barcelona-based firm. Agrolimen also owns Affinity Petcare, a leading European pet food supplier and holds 50% stake in Mogiana, a Brazilian pet food company.

Natures Variety continues to operate as an independent company with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company focuses on meat-centric recipes and emphasizes the value of fresh, freeze-dried, and raw ingredients.

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Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula Kitten Food

Instinct Pet Food Feeding Guide

In the Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula food, real chicken is the number one ingredient. This high protein ingredient helps your kitten to build strong muscles and gives them the energy they need to play and explore. Wholesome grains included in this food are also a great source of energy for your cat, and help to provide essential nutrients. DHA, a nutrient found in mothers milk, is present for vision and brain development and an antioxidant rich blend of vitamins E and A help to build a strong immune system.

Omega-6 fatty acids support a healthy skin and coat too, and accents of real vegetables from carrots and peas ensure your kitten gets all the nutrients they need. With no filler ingredients, you can be sure that every ingredient included in this food has a purpose and is aiding your cats development. The crunchy kibble pieces also help to reduce plaque buildup and whiten teeth as your kitten chews.

Key Features:

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Caloric Density And Feeding Guidelines

4,456 kcal/kg, 557 kcal/cup

For kittens, lots of calories are a must. It might seem that a kitten so small should require less, but kittens grow at a rapid rate and require more fat and protein than adult cats during this stage. At 557 kcal/cup, its very calorie-dense, which is excellent.

Feeding guidelines for kitten food change quickly and are subject to formulation changes. They also depend entirely on the kittens weight and activity level, so its best to treat these as a rough guide. You can find the current recommendations here on the manufacturers product page.

Can I Feed My Puppy Bones And Treats

We have a great range of treats, perfect for puppies! Our Beef Jerky is a popular choice for training, as are our yummy Lamb Lites. You will find further details of our all our Treats & Bones here.

We do not recommend introducing our small or large play bones to puppies until they have all their adult teeth.

Ensure that your puppy has been fed Natural Instinct for a month before introducing a recreational bone into their diet.

Always follow the three Ss when feeding bones.

  • Supervise– ensure that your puppy is always supervised.
  • – in multi pet households ensure that pets are separated to avoid conflict.
  • Size– You may initially have to teach your puppy to eat bones. Start with a bone larger than the size of your pets head to ensure it cant be swallowed whole.
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