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Instinct Kitten Food Feeding Guide

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food

How to Use Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw’s Feeding Guide Tool

This grain-free food from Blue Buffalo is a recipe with delicious, real chicken as the first ingredient. This dry kitten food features the high-quality ingredients you can feel good about feeding your feline friend without the grains that contain gluten, especially if you suspect they might be intolerant. Alongside the chicken in the food is chicken meal, fish meal and egg, giving your cat the protein they need for energy and there is taurine for heart and eye development and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help develop a shiny skin coat and healthy skin. Blue Freedom food is made with DHA and ARA, to help support your kittens cognitive and retinal development.

Also included, as with the other Blue Buffalo kitten food above, are Blues exclusive LifeSource Bits which give your kitten both antioxidants and minerals that they need to support immune health. Whole peas, sweet potatoes and carrots alongside blueberries and cranberries are present in this food too. There are no by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives in this food, so you can be sure you are feeding your kitten only what they need.

Key Features:

Our Picks For Adult Wet Cat Food:

Fresh pet food is a relatively new trend in which whole meats, vegetables, essential vitamins, and minerals are combined, then frozen to maintain freshness. Some fresh pet foods are available via fuss-free subscription and delivery services and others are available in the freezer section of pet stores.

While fresh cat food is pricier than dry or canned foods, the difference between them is clear. In fresh foods, the whole ingredients are visible with the naked eye and have a consistency that rivals a home-cooked meal.

There are several fresh cat food companies that meet AAFCO standards, but only two have a full-time veterinary nutritionist on staff: Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs. According to our experts, this is an essential quality to look for when choosing a food for your pet.

Is A Raw Diet For Dogs Cheaper

Because of its fresh ingredients, raw dog food can be a high-value and more expensive treat for your pup. But, there are some ways that it can be a cheaper way of feeding.

  • Feed one raw meal a day instead of two For a raw diet, one meal can be enough to provide the nutrients your dog needs.
  • Use Raw as a Tasty, High-Value Treat Feeding your pup a tasty with a high-value meal would be the best treat for them.
  • Make Raw an Occasional Meal According to Steve Brown, a canine nutritionist, author, and consultant, one raw meal per week could be a great help to improve your canine’s health.
  • Buy in Bulk Storing a bulk of raw food in the freezer would help you save money, even gas.
  • Spend Money on Great Food, Not in Veterinary Bills If you choose the fresh and safe way of feeding your dog, your money spent on it will be worth it.

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Instinct Raw Signature Frozen Bites

The brands Raw Signature cat food line features Natures Variety Instincts most distinct recipes. The recipes here are all natural and carefully crafted in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The line is further divided into two sublines: Raw Signature Bites and Raw Signature Medallions. The bites feature small cuts a bit similar to kibbles, while the medallions feature food cut into bigger, round-sized shapes.

Raw Signature offers cats the most protein yet. Recipes here are made up of 95% protein and only 5% for vegetables and fruits. For this review, were focusing on the Raw Signature Bites in Rabbit.

Its first five ingredients are rabbit , pork liver, pork heart, ground pork bone, and pork fat.

Despite the high meat to veggies ratio, the protein content is at a lower level than that of the Raw Meals recipe. At 15%, it presents a more balanced nutrition for cats who dont need as much protein as others.


Helps with digestion issues. Pet parents with cats whove had to deal with digestive issues and who have lost weight because of it, have found the rabbit formula to be perfect for their kitties. This recipe has helped restore their cats appetite back and helped them regain weight. The raw diet has also fixed most of the problems with digestion.


The nutrient content is perfectly balanced. Even with the high meat to veggie ratio, the protein and fat levels seem to be about right.

How Much Should I Feed My Kitten

Buy Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Gravy Wet Cat Food Pouches Online ...

We advise feeding your kitten 5% to 6% of their current body weight per day until they are fully grown.

Once your kitten is fully grown, we recommend feeding 2% to 3% of their ideal body weight per day.

Weigh your kitten regularly to ensure you are increasing the food amount in line with their growth.

As a guide, use our Food Calculator which you can find on our product pages.

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Wellness Chicken Pate Kitten

Protein: 11.0% | Fat: 7.0% | Fiber: 1.0% | Moisture: 78.0%

Wellnesss chicken pate is one of the highest rated kitten foods around. The pleasing pate is easy for kittens to eat and comes in a very tasty chicken flavor. There are plenty of proteins in this wet food to help your kitten grow big and strong. Taurine is included, which is a key ingredient thats essential for heart and eye development.

Wellness pride themselves on producing very natural cat foods, and youll be please to hear that this formula contains nothing artificial. There are high levels of protein and fat to make sure your kitten develops healthy muscles, organs, and bones. Your kitten is sure to have plenty of energy for all the playing and discovering that is so precious during the early months.

Wellness brand cat wet foods are designed to promote 5 signs of wellness. Those 5 signs are energy, immunity, skin and coat, teeth and gums, and digestive health. We recommend this brilliant kitten food to owners who prefer to stick to as natural a formula as possible. Wellness Complete Health kitten food review.

Wet & Canned Kitten Food

Wet kitten food is a popular choice. For most owners, a combination of both dry and canned foods is the ideal outcome. Its often advisable to lead with wet foods as the primary meal and leave kibble around 24/7 to be sure the kitten can eat whenever it feels a little hungry.

Wet food typically works out to be slightly more expensive per meal than dry foods, so a balance of both can work best for your cat and your wallet. Dont be alarmed that the values listed for calories, protein, and fat are significantly lower than those found in dry foods. The reason behind this is that these foods are made up of far more moisture. To compare nutrient analysis, youll need to convert both values to their dry-matter equivalents.

Feeding a cat two cans of the best wet cat food could be the nutritional equivalent of half a cup of dry food portioning is everything.

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How Much Should You Feed Your 4

At this stage, kittens still need about twice as many calories per pound than adult cats. Refer to the feeding guidelines on your kittens food to determine how much to give him per pound of bodyweight.

Kittens in this age group need around 60-65 calories per pound of body weight per day. For example, a 5-pound kitten should consume about 325 calories per day.

Can I Add Rice To My Dog’s Raw Food

Natural Instinct Raw Dog & Cat Food

Many raw feeders do not include foods like rice even oats in their dog’s meal. But, it’s up to the owners and dogs’ preference if they feed rice together with raw dog food.

Raw feeding with rice is not inadequate because the only thing that matters is the quality of the food your dog can acquire.

However, most feeders do not recommend rice because it’s rich in carbohydrates which will be converted to sugar. This sugar is usually the cause of some cancers in dogs. So, reducing rice would also reduce health risks.

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Instinct Original Kitten Grain


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  • Cage-free chicken is the first ingredient – high animal protein to support the energy needed for growth and play
  • 81% real animal ingredients and nutritious oils 19% vegetables, fruits and other wholesome ingredients 0% grain
  • Made without – grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors or preservatives
  • Tailored Nutrition – Balanced mix of poultry, fish & meat for healthy exposure to proteins + natural DHA from chicken eggs for brain & eye development
  • Guaranteed levels of live, natural probiotics, natural Omegas and antioxidants for digestive health, healthy skin & soft fur, and immune health

Chicken Turkey Meal Menhaden Fish Meal Peas Chicken Fat Egg Product Chicken Meal White Fish Meal Tapioca Natural Flavor Lamb Meal Dried Tomato Pomace Carrots Apples Cranberries Montmorillonite Clay Vitamins Choline Chloride Minerals Potassium Chloride Salt Taurine Freeze Dried Chicken Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Pumpkinseeds Freeze Dried Chicken Heart Dried Bacillus coagulans Fermentation Product Rosemary Extract.

Is Homemade Raw Food For Your Dog Safe

I cannot say whether or not the BARF dog food will be beneficial for your dog. So, If you’re considering switching your pup to a raw diet, be sure to consult your veterinarian or a canine nutritionist.

And if the expert that you consult recommends the raw food diet for your pet, they will also help you create a customized dietary plan that will meet your dog’s specific nutritional needs.

They will be able to explain the best protein choices for your pup and tell you how to create the best raw puppy food recipes on your own.

It’s also likely that they will recommend adding supplements or a multi-vitamin to the recipes to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

However, they will evaluate your pooch and discuss the proper amounts of nutrients that your dog’s diet should include.

For beginners, this information about raw dog food is different for every dog, depending on its breed and many other variables.

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The Best Organic Cat Food

In order for a cat food to be certified organic, it must meet USDA guidelines for organic human-grade foods, which includes at least 95% organic ingredients. These organic foods tend to be more expensive than regular pet food because the ingredients are sourced from the competitive human food market.

While the idea of organic cat food may be appealing, Tufts University’s Cummings Veterinary Medical Center says there is no good evidence that an organic diet has more health benefits than one made with conventionally produced ingredients.

It is true that organic cat foods may contain fewer pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and GMOs, but often the difference is negligible. Ultimately, feeding a cat an organic diet is a personal choice, not a nutritional one.

About Natures Variety Instinct

Instinct Small Breed Grain

Natures Variety began as a small pet food manufacturer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Its now owned by Agrilomen, a Barcelona-based firm. Agrolimen also owns Affinity Petcare, a leading European pet food supplier and holds 50% stake in Mogiana, a Brazilian pet food company.

Natures Variety continues to operate as an independent company with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company focuses on meat-centric recipes and emphasizes the value of fresh, freeze-dried, and raw ingredients.

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Hills Science Diet Dry Indoor Kitten Cat Food

Hills Science Diet Indoor Kitten dry food is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of kittens with an indoor lifestyle so they get the best start in life. This cat food is made with natural ingredients and uses DHA from fish oil to support brain health and eye development. There are also balanced minerals to promote strong teeth and bones, while natural fibers promote healthy digestion for your young cat, and an easier litter box clean-up for you! In this chicken and rice recipe, chicken is the number one ingredient, ensuring your kitten gets all the protein they need for energy to grow.

With only natural ingredients and no chicken by-product meals, this formula contains vitamin C and E antioxidants that are proven to help with your cats immune system. This food is made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust.

Key Features:

What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Natures Variety Instinct Offer

The Natures Variety Instinct cat food lineup is broken into six lines.

  • Instinct Original includes both dry and wet foods. All of the foods in this line are at least 70% animal ingredients and are made without any grains.
  • Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet foods are geared towards cats with food sensitivities and allergies. Theyre made with one animal protein and a single primary vegetable ingredient. This line includes both wet and dry foods.
  • Instinct Ultimate Protein wet and dry foods are at least 90% animal-derived protein and have up to 3 times more chicken or duck than other natural brands.
  • Instinct Raw Boost is kibble with chunks of freeze-dried raw meat. The line also includes Raw Boost Mixers, which allow you to add those freeze-dried chunks to your kibble of choice.
  • The Instinct Raw line includes one recipe. Its a frozen raw product made primarily from chicken.
  • Raw Signature includes raw frozen bites and medallions made from chicken and rabbit.

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Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Natural Kitten Pate

Another product from Blue Buffalo, this natural kitten food is a canned cat food and comes in the form of a pate. There is high-quality protein from real chicken, chicken liver and chicken broth to support healthy muscle development, plus DHA from fish oil to support cognitive development. Also present are eggs as well as rice, carrots and sweet potatoes that give your cat all the carbs they need. The cranberries provide essential antioxidants and the food is enhanced with vitamins and minerals to provide a well-rounded diet.

With a smooth texture and gravy taste, this food will be very palatable to your cat and also give them the moisture they need. There are no chicken or poultry by-product meals, no corn, no wheat or soy and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Key Features:

Why Does My Kitten Need Special Food

Purina One True Instinct Cat Food Review – Dont Feed Stray Cats!

Kittens need different food to adult cats simply because they are at a different life stage. Kittens are constantly growing. They are born weighing only a few ounces but in a few months weigh more than triple their birth weight. This means they are using a lot of energy and, of course, their food needs to be the source of this energy.

Your kitten will also need special food because of the nutrition they need. Not only does this also relate to their energy, but it also relates to their developing bodies that arent quite up to handling adult food yet. They have more of a fragile immune system than adult cats, just as human babies have a weaker immune system than adults. They also have smaller teeth which can make chewing on harder, tough things more difficult. This is why purchasing a kitten food for your young furry friend is so important.

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Things To Consider When Buying Kitten Food

As we have mentioned above, there are things kittens need in their diet more than adult cats do. We have laid these out below and the reasons why they are so important.

High Calorie Content

Kittens need more calories simply because they need more energy. Just like human toddlers and young children, your kitten may be bouncing off the walls with energy, wanting to play with everything and running everywhere. Half the calories they consume will go into this type of energy, ensuring they can play with toys and explore their new environment.

The other half of the calories they consume will go into their physical development. Kittens are obviously still growing and need energy for this. The calories they consume will help them build healthy muscles, organs and tissue, which continue to develop as they get older. This development involves a lot of chemical process which takes a lot of energy. This is why they need to have a high calorie content food.

High Animal Protein Content

Some pet owners like to give their cats protein from plants and this is fine too, but there should still be a good amount of animal-based protein in your kitten food. This is because, although plants do contain animo acids, they do not contain all the amino acids needed by cats to develop properly.

Are You Giving Them Enough?

Low Carbohydrates

Has Natures Variety Instinct Cat Food Been Recalled

Natures Variety appears to have been recalled four times since its creation in 2002.

In 2015, Natures Variety recalled several varieties of chicken-based food after FDA testing revealed that the food was contaminated with salmonella. Earlier that year, the company issued a recall due to pieces of plastic in their food.

In 2012, the company recalled four sizes of kibble for dogs after learning that the food had an off-odor smell before its expiration date. Natures Variety said the food wasnt contaminated, but voluntarily withdrew the food to ensure a top-notch experience.

Back in 2010, the company issued a recall of chicken-based raw food due to potential salmonella contamination.

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