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Where Is St Kitts Located

Take A Stunning Selfie Atop Timothy Hill

ST. KITTS AND NEVIS – Smallest Country in the western hemisphere

Timothy Hill

The snaking main road that leads from Basseterre and towns in the north of St. Kitts down to the southern tip at Christophe Harbour, winds through hills that owe their beauty and curves to the islands volcanic origins.

The most scenic is Timothy Hill, and cars taking the road south pull off at its peak for a spectacular photo opportunity. On a clear day, the view includes more than just Nevissquint your eyes to the southeast to see the silhouette of St. Johns in the distance.

Shopping In Basseterre St Kitts & Nevis

Excellent shopping is plentiful in St. Kitts, where you will find hand-crafted items including baskets and leather goods. Fabrics or clothing can also be a good buy.

The Port Zante Mall, located at the cruise terminal, has approximately 60 shops, many of which specialize in jewelry and other luxury goods.

Pelican Shopping Mall, located within walking distance of the port, contains approximately 24 stores including some of the Caribbeans major retail outlets.

What Was Elizabeth Iis Family Like

Elizabeth was born to Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and had a younger sister, Princess Margaret. She is also a descendant of Queen Victoria. Elizabeth married her distant cousin Philip Mountbatten and had four children: Prince Charles , Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Her extensive family includes several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Elizabeth II, in full Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, officially Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, , queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from February 6, 1952. In 2015 she surpassed Victoria to become the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

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Economic Citizenship By Investment

St. Kitts allows foreigners to obtain the status of St. Kitts citizen by means of a government sponsored investment programme called Citizenship-by-Investment. Established in 1984, St. Kitts’ citizenship programme is the oldest prevailing economic citizenship programme of this kind in the world. However, while the programme is the oldest in the world, it only catapulted in 2006 when Henley & Partners, a global citizenship advisory firm, became involved in the restructuring of the programme to incorporate donations to the country’s sugar industry.

Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes have been criticised by some researchers due to the risks of corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. According to the official website of St. Kitts’ Citizenship-by-Investment Programme they offer multiple benefits: “When you acquire citizenship under the St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship programme, you and your family enjoy full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent. As citizens of St. Kitts & Nevis, you and your family are issued with passports which allow visa-free travel to more than 140 countries and territories worldwide, including all of the EU. Of course you have the right to take up residence in St. Kitts & Nevis as well as in most of the CARICOM member countries at any time and for any length of time”.

According to Henley & Partners, the requirements are as follows:

Learn Kittian History At Brimstone Hill National Fortress

St. Kitts and Nevis Map / Geography of St. Kitts and Nevis ...

Brimstone Hill National Fortress

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, constructed in the 17th century, is widely regarded as one of the best surviving examples of colonial fortification architecture in the Americas. As a British fort in the 17th and 18th centuries, its chief threat was French forces also in the Caribbean, whom the island fell to for a single year, from 1782-1783.

Typical of a fort, Brimstone Hill sits at one of the highest points on the island, with the most impressive vantage points and breathtaking views all around. The entire site is 38 acres, so even when you have finished touring the fortifications, there is still plenty of open green space for setting up the perfect shot, or just relaxing with a view of the Caribbean Sea.

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Museum Of Nevis History

Museum of Nevis History is a small museum located in a beautiful Georgian-style building in Charleston with a range of historic artifacts, displaying charts and other objects that depict the history of the island. The building, known as Hamilton House, houses the museum on the first floor, while the second floor has the Nevis House of Assembly meeting room. The charming stone building was built in 1680, destroyed in an earthquake in 1840, and restored in 1983. The building is better known as the birthplace of American statesman, soldier, lawyer, first Secretary of the Treasury, and founding father Alexander Hamilton, who was born in 1757. Hamilton lived on St Kitts until the age of nine.

Alexander Hamilton Birthplace, Main Street, Charlestown, St Kitts & Nevis, Phone: +1 869-469-5786

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Climb Aboard The St Kitts Scenic Railway

St. Kitts Scenic Railway

A hot day under the blazing Caribbean sun calls for setting aside time for leisurely exploration, and the St. Kitts Scenic Railway absolutely fits the bill. Climb aboard the double-decker historic railway, which was once crucial to transporting the crops, especially sugarcane, that made St. Kitts a desired colonial outpost.

It is a perfect activity to pair with something more active, such as snorkeling or shopping in town for some of the day, then allowing yourself to relax in the shade of the train while admiring the views of the island.

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About St Kitts And Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis, also known in the countrys constitution as Saint Christopher and Nevis, has been independent since 1983 and forms part of the group of islands known as the Lesser Antilles located some 2,000 km to the southeast of Miami. The Federation comprises two islands: Nevis with an area of some 93.2 km2 and St. Kitts with 168.4 km2.

St. Kitts is 23 miles long and 5 miles across at its widest, encompassing an area of 69 square miles. Nevis, the smaller island, lies to the south and is approximately 7 miles in diameter, covering a total of 36 square miles. The two islands support a population of about 46,000, of whom about 35,000 live on the island of St. Kitts and 11,000 live on the island of Nevis. Both islands are volcanic in origin, with central mountain ranges that dominate the landscape and radiate downward to the coasts. Most flat or moderately sloped land occurs near the coast, and as a result, most urban and agricultural developments and settlements are established in that geographic area.

The country has a pleasant climate, particularly during the cooler months from December to March. Humidity is relatively low, and constant northeast trade winds keep the islands cool.

Learn more about St. Kitts and Nevis by visiting: www.stkittstourism.kn and www.nevisisland.com.

I Statistics And Main Indicators

Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Part I of the Fishery and Aquaculture Country Profile is compiled using the most up-to-date information available from the FAO Country briefs and Statistics programmes at the time of publication. The Country Brief and the FAO Fisheries Statistics provided in Part I may, however, have been prepared at different times, which would explain any inconsistencies.


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St Kitts & Nevis Real Estate

Search our St Kitts & Nevis real estate listings and discover the finest property for sale in St Kitts & Nevis – Home to the world’s longest running Citizenship by Investment program and a selection of property for sale tucked away in the lush hills and set along idyllic beaches and golf courses….

World Directory Of Minorities And Indigenous Peoples

Cite as Minority Rights Group International, World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples – St Kitts and Nevis, 2007, available at: https://www.refworld.org/docid/4954ce0ec.html
In October 2015, MRG revised its World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples. For the most part, overview texts were not themselves updated, but the previous ‘Current state of minorities and indigenous peoples’ rubric was replaced throughout with links to the relevant minority-specific reports, and a ‘Resources’ section was added. Refworld entries have been updated accordingly.
Disclaimer This is not a UNHCR publication. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. Any views expressed are solely those of the author or publisher and do not necessarily reflect those of UNHCR, the United Nations or its Member States.


St Kitts, together with Nevis constitute a two-island nation located in the eastern Caribbean Sea about 2,100 kilometres southeast of Miami in the USA. The area of the country is about 267 square kilometres.



Main languages: English, Creole

Main religions: Christianity

The majority of the population of St Kitts and Nevis is of African descent. Most of the rest are European-African or East Indian.



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Snorkel A Secluded Cove Near Frigate Bay

Frigate Bay

One of the best things to do in St. Kitts is to see the beauty that lies below the waves. The energetic beach of Frigate Bay may draw crowds with its popular beach bar shacks and cool, blue waters, but taking a boat just a little bit out beyond the surf means having a quiet, calm cove to yourself and sealife to welcome you.

Look for vibrant corals and the fish who call them home, plus the pointy antennae of lobsters hiding out among the rocks at the bottom. After a snorkeling adventure, nearby beach shacks offer menus of BBQ favorites and the freshest catch of the day.

Getting Around Basseterre St Kitts & Nevis

Six Questions People Ask Kittitians Living Abroad

Travel to the city proper can be done on foot, however, there are always taxis waiting by the port. They can be hired for a single trip or an entire day.

The public busses , can be flagged down anywhere and you dont need to be at a specific stop to request getting off. EC dollars are preferred, and having dollar coins on you will make the trip simpler. Most trips will cost 2-3 EC dollars depending on the distance travelled.

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St Kitts And Nevis Country Profile

The former British colony of St Kitts and Nevis is inhabited mostly by the descendants of West African slaves.

Its beaches, scenery and a warm, sunny climate are a great tourist attraction. It is also vulnerable to hurricanes.

The islands of St Kitts – also known as St Christopher – and Nevis have been in an uneasy federation since independence from Britain in 1983, with some politicians in Nevis saying the federal government in St Kitts – home to a majority of the population – had ignored the needs of Nevisians.

But a referendum on secession held in Nevis in 1998 failed to gain the two-thirds majority needed to break away.

Tourism, offshore finance and service industries are important sources of income – more so since a centuries-old but loss-making sugar industry was wound down in 2005 with the loss of hundreds of jobs.

Follow In The Footsteps Of Alexander Hamilton

This historic Nisbet Plantation estate on Nevis, once owned by Fanny Nisbet, who married Admiral Horatio Nelson in the late 1700s, has become an all-in-one destination for experiencing a sample of the best of Nevis when youre short on time. In addition to 30 acres of tropical, green grounds and a preserved spread of more than 30 guest cottages, the property is also home to a fantastic beach and full-service spa.

Beach near Nisbet Plantation

Nisbet was a contemporary of Alexander Hamilton, who was born on Nevis in either 1755 or 1757. Though he lived rough on Nevis and was only on the island for a short period of his youth, the island today claims him as a son and celebrates the success of the Broadway musical that tells his life story. The building where he was born is now called Hamilton House and is currently used as a museum and gathering site for meetings of the Nevis House of Assembly.

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Agreements Which Impact On Financial Relationships

Double Taxation Relief Treaty 1994

At a CARICOM Meeting, representative of St. Kitts and Nevis, Kennedy Simmons signed The Double Taxation Relief Treaty 1994 on 6 July 1994.

The representatives of seven CARICOM countries signed similar agreements at Sherbourne Conference Centre, St. Michael, Barbados. The countries whose representatives signed the treaties in Barbados were: Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago. This treaty covered taxes, residence, tax jurisdictions, capital gains, business profits, interest, dividends, royalties and other areas.


On 30 June 2014, St. Kitts and Nevis signed a Model 1 agreement with the United States of America in relation to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act . At 28 April 2016, the status of the agreement went to “In Force”.

Saint Kitts and Nevis contains two terrestrial ecoregions: Leeward Islands moist forests and Leeward Islands dry forests. The country had a 2019 Forest Landscape Integrity Index mean score of 4.55/10, ranking it 121st globally out of 172 countries.

Hike To The Summit Of Mount Liamuiga

Arriving at the port of Basseterre in the two island country of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Mount Liamuiga

The beautiful, rolling hills and sulfur bedrock of St. Kitts is owed to its volcanic origins, and Mount Liamuiga is an important, surviving piece of that tumultuous history. Although it is dormant, the volcano is home to a crater lake and all kinds of life that call its lush forest covering home.

Liamuiga, which means fertile land, is a prime destination for avid hikers who will find the trails lined with local flora, tangled vines, rare tropical flowers, and plenty of wildlife. Dont be surprised if you catch vervet monkeys peering down at you from the tree canopythis is their home.

Reaching the summit at 3,000 feet takes about three hours of ascent, so pack plenty of water and snacks, wear sturdy shoes and sun protection, and plan to spend at least half a day earning the experience of seeing the island from its highest point. Mount Liamuiga, one of the best places to hike in the Caribbean, is also the tallest peak in the British Leeward Islands.

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History Of Saint Kitts And Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis have one of the longest written histories in the Caribbean, both islands being among Spain’s and England’s first colonies in the archipelago. Despite being only two miles apart and quite diminutive in size, Saint Kitts and Nevis were widely recognized as being separate entities with distinct identities until they were forcibly united in the late 19th century.

Where Is Saint Kitts Nevis

Saint Kitts And Nevis are the capital of the country and also the countrys largest island is the city of Basseterre and is located on Saint Kitts. The majority of the countrys population lives in bassetere.

The official language of Saint Kitts And Nevis is English. Other than English, local languages are also spoken in the country. Saint Kitts And Nevis most of the people of the country believe in Christianity. The countrys currency is East Caribbean dollars.

Lastly, Saint Kitts And Nevis land have a tropical climate. It is suitable for every season of the year to visit the country. Saint Kitts And Nevis do not require a visa for trips not exceeding 90 days. There are direct flights from the United States to Saint Kitts And Nevis. Or transfer via New York, London or Miami is provided.

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Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Brimstone Hill Fortress is a complex of fortifications located on Brimstone Hill that includes Fort George Citadel with the Fort George Museum, the Eastern Place of Arms, and the Western Place of Arms. The national park that has been created to protect the complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All these wonderfully preserved fortifications and buildings can be accessed by climbing a very steep path with a series of steps and ramps. The fortress was designed by British military engineers, and is a testimony to their engineering skills. It was built and maintained by African slaves, so it is also a testimony to their endurance and strength.

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Us Relations With Saint Kitts And Nevis

St.Kitts Rodent Recovery Day 1 ~ If Only Squirrels Could ...

Bilateral Relations Fact Sheet

More information about Saint Kitts and Nevis is available on the Saint Kitts and Nevis Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.


The United States established diplomatic relations with Saint Kitts and Nevis in 1983 following its independence from the United Kingdom. Relations between the United States and Saint Kitts and Nevis have historically been friendly. The United States seeks to assist Saint Kitts and Nevis develop economically and to strengthen democracy in its parliamentary form of government.

U.S. Assistance to Saint Kitts and Nevis

U.S. assistance to Saint Kitts and Nevis is primarily channeled through multilateral agencies such as the World Bank and the Caribbean Development Bank, and through the U.S. Agency for International Development office in Bridgetown, Barbados. Saint Kitts and Nevis also benefits from U.S. military exercises and civic action projects, including through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative.

Bilateral Economic Relations

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a beneficiary of the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative , which grants duty-free entry into the United States for many goods. The CBI aims to facilitate the economic development and export diversification of the Caribbean Basin economies. Saint Kitts and Nevis is a member of the Caribbean Community and Common Market .

Bilateral Representation

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